Zauri Island
Koh Chang
Koh Chang as Duchy of Zauri Island
Region: Duchy of Zauri Island
Kingdom: Tanara
Rulers: Aberdeen
Wealth: Stable
Population: 20000
Language: Daereni (Common) Dashiïn (rare nowadays)
Religion: Light
Demonym: Zauri/Zauries
Primary Revenue: Hides/Clothing, Spices, Coffee and rice
Cultural Niche: Toughskinned, jungle life
Weakness: Too high population/small island
Fortification: Four different ones
Specialization: Infantry and sailors
Knights: Few
Soldiers: Several, mostly sailors or hunters


A place that has a lot of thick growing trees and rain. The combination, along with waterfalls and muddy waters and the similar allowing for crocodiles to live, among other things. Mostly lizards though. While having these conditions they have found ways to live and grow making the island overpopulated.

The standards of sewing, the arts, cooking, and running a house are taught but Reshin women also learn how to fight with a small blade and defend themselves. While their manner of dress is exotic with bright colors, beading, airy fabrics, and sandals, they have a deep reverence for purity and what might be considered an art form in that they don't actually reveal the body but merely leave the most scant hint of what lies beneath those gauzy layers and delicate beads. They have no hard winter and thus no need for heavy wools and furs and though their footwear is clasped at the ankle and called a sandal, the toes are closed and the heel cupped, leaving only the middle part of the foot exposed, usually beneath intricately woven leather and sparkling beads or shells. The men dress in loose linen tunics and pants, their footwear free of buckles and more sturdy. They often wear wide sashes or belts with just enough room for a dagger or long knife to be secured. The province boasts three of the main ports on the island, each controlled by a different Noble family: Tubua'i, Ai'alona, and Odo'un. It is also the launching place for The Trials, where all Sea Rangers must prove themselves ending with an inter-coastal run in some of the most treacherous passages the sea can offer, only the most worthy survive.

Their living conditions differ depending on where you live, from treehouses to beach bungalows.

Having three main ports and a capital city in the center of the island, which has rather good view of the edges of the islands and the waters. Due to the thick jungle like atmosphere the view of the island itself is limited.

The capital is known as Shazak Tiakan. (Hanging City in Dashïn). Usually only called Shazak in common tongue.

Among the three ports the oldest is Tendril Cove, ruled by house Odo'un. The place named so due it's shape being similar to a plant's tendrils, spiral almost.

The second oldest being Arch Bay, ruled by house Ai'Alona. The entirety of the port being based around a rock arch that stretches down into the water. Having most trades and communication with the outside world for it being the easiest to get to.

The youngest, yet most successful judging by age and size, is Port Haven. The hardest of the ports to get to, having to manuever into an area that is a bit secluded. Though being one of the few places with very little animals it has started to become a bit of a tourist spot. Even having a waterfall and cliffs just behind the port itself.

The language of Dashïn is, while rare today, still taught to those wishing. Though only in Shazak Tiakan.

Among the dangerous animals the most dangerous one isn't crocodiles. They do take most lives of the animals, but mostly due to quantity.
The dangerous one being the Zauri dragon(based on komodo dragon). Though they are not a large threat as they live in a contained area of the island with only a few escapees once in awhile. They are more or less bred and nurtured for. Holding a place in their religious thoughts. Though there are some that are honoured by wearing the skin of a komodo dragon, mainly the house of Reshin. There are three people involved in this. Two main being head of house Reshin and the highest ranked priest, the elder priest, of the island. While the heir get to sit in and offer his own advice. But mostly sitting to learn and understand the importance of this. While the priests have no apprentice sitting in, due to them learning this as part of being a priest there.


A lot of the Zauri people have been there for as far as they can remember, through the generations. Some being true natives of the area while others came from the other islands, some perhaps even from Daeren. Some of the first notes of settlers had the impression of hell inside paradise. Meaning the middle area was true hell due to the many crocodiles and dangerous animals, such as poisonous frogs and different kinds of lizards. Both large and small.

The capital of the island is hard to determine when it was settled as it was one of the native cities, built in the center of the islan upon the trees. To keep away from most of the dangerous animals.


The culture of the Zauri island focuses a lot around their habitat. The dangerous things causing them to have to adopt what some would say to be a more savage culture, where even the women learn to defend themselves and wield knives. Especially as a lot of them do need to help with gathering herbs and the similar while the men hunt they do need to be able to handle themselves. At some places where they need to get to difficult spots to gather they are also quite strong and some women quite muscular, such as Port Haven with coffee.
The things with the lizards do make them also look like savages.

All things considered they are still a reasonable folk, skillful crafters and knows beauty. Despite how savage they seem they do have creams and treatments. Even what some would call spa can be found in Port Haven, as it is a tourist spot. That along with the coffee helping them well though.


All places have their own different fruits and so forth depending on the area. Even jewelry. The ports also having pearls.

Shazak — Hides and clothing. Controlled by the main house, Reshin. The clothing being mainly leather made out of crocodile skin and similar. Which is sent out to the ports. They also have a lot of meat, mainly from the crocs. Most of their supplies that are sent onwards goes to Arch Bay due to the fact that it is the largest and easiest to access, and therefore easier to get visitors.

Tendril Cove — Rice and meat. Having some other kinds of meat as this is one of the few areas with less jungle and a larger sandy beach. The main source of food supplies on the island.

Arch Bay — Spices. Gain a lot from trading as well. Most going to them to send it onwards anywhere else.

Port Haven — Having the rare find of coffee gives them quite a bit of revenue. Also with it's fantastic, yet hard to get to, location it has become quite the tourist spot. Both for people from other places as well as the islanders themselves.


They follow the Light yet they do also have their own gods and beliefs. Such as an old Lizard god. Who they keep in a form even in the Light, due to his importance. His underlings being the so called Zauri dragons (based on Komodo dragons). Every head of house on Zauri need to know about the Lizard god.

The skin of the Zauri dragon is believed to give special properties and are therefore offered to those deemed worthy. The head of house Reshin is always offered to wear this, so is the elder priest. Having proving himself through his learning and dedication to the Light.
This being such a large part that all priests learn this and every heir of house Reshin do as well. Though the heir mostly learning about the Lizard God mostly with little about the true importance of Zauri dragons.


Patak the gifted — One of the oldest legends of the island. A man said to have lived and fought alongside the Zauri dragons.


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