8th Sess, 229: You Stayed Overnight?

You Stayed Overnight?
Summary: Elisabeth and Eoin disagree over her actions of the previous night.
OOC Date: 22/Feb/2014
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Mowbray Manor - Grounds - City of Stormvale
This villa style home is set behind iron gates and flowered hedges, with a well manicured lawn leading to the main house. The house has two stories with cream colored walls and terra cotta colored ceiling tiles. Columns around the house hold up a covered balcony that circles the entire home. Behind the house is a lush garden with wide, even paths and a circular fountain. The shutters on the house match the terra cotta color of the roof. There is also a small stable with paddock set up behind the house for the family's horse collection. On the opposite side of the estate is a smaller building which likely houses the family serving staff and grounds keeper.
8th Sess, 229 2E

Elisabeth left the tournament with Kieryn last night, supporting him and borrowing the Haravean carriage to take Kieryn home. A note would have been left that she would be staying the night at the Mobrin manor in the guest room so she look after the Captain who was ill. Her maid had stayed with her over night, but did come over for a change of clothes for the night when it was clear Elisabeth was not going anywhere. Though it might be only a cold, no doubt her own illness when she was younger has instilled a certain fear into her. By now she would be up and mixing some teas for Keiryn for when he would wake.

Eoin hadn't been at the tournament, people clanking around in plate harness trying to hit each other with swords does nothing for him. It ight be good practice for the knights and such, but it's so divorced from the hand to hand fighting he experiences that he just doesn't see the appeal. It had at least, given him the opportunity to catch up with some of his ever present work and then even have an early night. As such, he'd missed the messages about his sister and had only found out about Kieryn's sickness once he'd headed to the docks. Needing words with his fellow he'd turned round and headed back to town once more, not looking entirely surprised to see Elisabeth's guards present when he finally makes it to the manor. Gaining enterance quicly enough the servants simply usher him straight through to where his sister can be found.

Elisabeth is found in the kitchen dealing with the making of some teas. As her brother is ushered into the room she looks up to him, looking fairly tired. Perhaps some sleep was had, but not much. "Good morning brother. I am sorry I did not come home last night, I hope you got the message." She says and moves over to him for a quick hug, but no kiss this time just in case. "I know they would have fetched me if he made a turn, but I could not bring myself to leave."

Eoin is faintly wary of entering the kitchen of another family's home, they're very much the domain of the cook and he's known a few fiercesom ones of them in his time. Still, either the servants don't mind this noble encrouchment into their territory, or they're being very good at hiding it, so he returns the hug and leans forward to kiss her forehead only to find that she's already moved away. "I got no message," he confesses, "but then I was away early this morning." Then something clicks in his head and he queries, "you stayed overnight?" One eyebrow is raised questioningly at that, and he glances back to her guards and maid a moment, "if word on that gets out.."

"I stayed in the guest room with the maid on the trundle bed beside me and my guard outside my room." Elisabeth assures him before giving a little sigh. "I was going to leave but I could not bring myself to do so with him sick upstairs. He was told by the healer it was but the cold and he should have stayed of bed instead of attending the tournament, but if something were to happen…I have enough skill to treat him and enough knowledge to know when to call in a healer." She says and nods to the mugs of tea with an infusion of herbs in them.

Eoin nods once as the exact arrangements are explained, but adds anyway, "I know there would be nothing untowards Beth, but you are not yet betrothed, let alone wed. You must think of your reputation." Hoping that the chastisement is enough he then eyes the teas briefly and asks, "how is he? I came here to talk to him but if my time would be better spent by returning later then I can leave you to it."

Elisabeth is usually the most agreeable of the Haravean girls, the one who follows the rules of etiquette to the letter, but it seems in this she is standing up. "Today he is my patient, not my suitor or hopeful betrothed and yet he is those as well. I will not let him get sicker for the sake of my reputation. If anyone wishes to challenge it, then they can talk to the staff of both our houses." She says before sighing, "He is still asleep and I prefer he rests when he does wake. I can tell him you stopped by or if more urgent, pass to him a message for you?"

Eoin does not look entirely happy with that response and just shakes his head slightly. "You're no fool Beth," he starts, "so don't speak like one. You say there was a healer here? That is good, but if you were staying so should they have, if only for your sake rather than his." Noting that his annoyance is starting to show in his voice he stops there for a moment and takes a couple of calming breaths before shaking his head once more. "It can wait, have word sent when he is able. Until then I'll leave you be, but expect my sawbones shortly to oversee things, at least as far as the outside world is concerned."

Elisabeth drops her gaze at his words and nods, "If he is fine when he awakes, I will return home. The healer he saw earlier in the day, but he nearly fainted at the tourney." Clearly she was worried enough to override her sense. "I will be home for lunch, I promise."

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