Sess 8, 229: Worries and Prayers

Worries and Prayers
Summary: Ruthgar, who is still unconscious after he collapsed on the tourney field, is examined and a diagnosis given - sort of.
OOC Date: Backscened on 25/02/2014 (OOC)
Related: Happens shortly after The Kincaid Tournament Joust and before Awakening.
Ruthgar Robben Solara Aemy Griffin 
The Ruxton tent by the Tourney Field, City of Stormvale
Two beds with battered patients, two worried Ruxton ladies, a healer.
8th day of Sess, 229

Things have gotten quiet outside of the Ruxton tent, as the final tilts have come to an end, and the spectators already start to filter out from the area. Inside the tent are two battered Ruxtons. The Ruxton heir Robben has a broken leg apparently, while his younger brother got unhorsed, and belatedly collapsed after winning another round by points. Ruthgar lies on a bed of sorts, still unconscious. His armor has been removed, and now a middle aged man stands by his side, the healer who has just arrived, frowning as he scratches his beard. "Hmmmm…"

Placed on the next bed from the one Ruthgar is on, Robben is sitting up as much as he can, given his leg. His attention is on his brother, and his expression is worried. "What happened?" he asks, before looking to the healer now. "What's wrong with him?"

Solara would have come in with her brother, Ruthgar, having left Robben to Aemy's tender care. She looks at the healer, with a frown on her face, but then looks over at Robben. "Ruthgar collapsed," she answers honestly. Not like she has more details from where she was in the stands. But she does at least have that much.

Having been watching, then ran back.. Aemy nods solemnly, standing between the bed of her husband and her brother in law. "He did," she says softly, agreeing with Solara. "He had dismounted, I think.. and then he just collapsed." Robben is coherent, so she moves to stand beside Ruthgar, smoothing a few locks of his hair off his forehead, her breathing labored. Both, hurt so badly, one after the other. She looks up at Solara and offers a worried smile. "How are you holding up?"

The healer's brows furrow as he leans forward, pulling one of Ruthgar's eye lids open - all gently of course. The knight stirs a little, a low noise escapes him as his hand moves to push that of the healer away. "…leave me alone…" A mutter, almost inaudible. His face twists for a moment into a grimace, then relaxes, as the young baron slips off again, into unconsciousness. The healer's gaze has lingered on his patient all of this time. It is when he turns now, that her offers those assembled a worried smile. "He collapsed,… after being unhorsed?" Again the beard is scratched, pensively, as Master Griffin's eyes shift from Robben to Solara, who at least offered some information. "Did he fall on his head?"

When Aemy's fingers brush those locks off his forehead, Ruthgar starts to stir again, looking annoyed at first before a hint of a smile seems to pass over the pale face, but only momentarily. Soon enough his features relax again, and he lies still.

"Dismounted?", Master Griffin inquires. "Had there been an incident before?" His eyes lingering on Aemy now.

Robben nods a little as he hears that. Looking a bit unsure of what to say or do, he's unable to hold back a brief grin as he sees that there's at least some movement. Nodding again as he listens, looking from Solara to Aemy to the Healer to Ruthgar and then back again between the others now.

"He was unhorsed previously," Solara says. "But he got up, appeared more or less unhurt. It did not seem as though he fell on his head, though I was up in the stands." She watches, letting him do his work, though there is a somewhat neutral cast to her face. She glances at Aemy, and then Ruthgar, moving closer in to both her brothers. For now, staying out of the way of the healer. "I am okay," she tells Aemy. "Honest. We can stay strong, I should think."

Her fingers still as Ruthgar stirs. Despite the annoyed look, which was sooo Ruthgar when he was around her that she was used to it, Aemy remains there but looks back to Robben to see if he had seen his brother move, seeing by the grin that he had. The brief hint of his smile is noticed shortly after and her own breath comes easier. He was reacting, so she gently cups his face. "Ruthgar.. come back to us," she urges, not interrupting when Solara replies, focusing instead on Ruthgar. "You hear that?" She cajoles. "Solara says you are strong, you have to prove her right." The smile that crosses her lips is shared with both Robben and Solara then. "I have always admired the relationship the three of you have."

The healer scratches his beard some more, pensively, a slightly bewildered glance is shot in Robben's direction when he senses some amusement there. "Unhorsed." The word leaves Master Griffin's mouth with some finality. And then: "On his head." He taps his chin lightly, his gaze lingering on Solara. "This may just be some sort of concussion,… or some graver injury." His voice losing a few registers in pitch.

The patient meanwhile moves a little beneath Aemy's touch, his forehead wrinkling, then relaxing as he hears her voice calling his name. His breath seems to slow down again, having picked up a touch before. Even though he lies there on the bed, perfectly still, his eyes will open suddenly just a touch, his gaze directed nowhere in particular, and there is no sign he really notices what is going on about him.

Nodding a little as he listens at the moment, Robben looks to the healer again now. "When will you know the difference?" he asks, before he shifts a bit on his own bed, to get himself closer to where his brother lies. "Ruthgar. You have to wake up. I… we… we all need you with us in the times to come. Please…" Going silent again as he lets out another breath. "You have to." Those words repeated a bit more firmly now.

Even though there are reactions to her, Aemy realizes he does not really comprehend who she is. She looks back at Robben as he speaks, but the worry in her eyes intensifies from what the healer had said. "He is going to be fine," she tells the healer firmly, an almost adamant expression on her face.

Master Griffin will turn his attention towards Robben, when he asks him that question. "That depends… There could be a tiny fissure of the skull…" His gaze flits for a second towards the patient. "Although I did not find any indication of that when I examined him. Has there… been any fluid coming out of his nose, perchance?" The healer's gaze flits from Robben towards the two women. "Also…" he turns again towards the unconscious baron. "Some odd reaction to the light of his eyes, a difference in the irises, could hint, that we are dealing with… more serious damage here. Ah…" A delighted smile appears on the healer's face as he grabs a lantern and holds it as close as possible to those half opened eyes. "Hmm… No sign of that, so far. So… yes, it could be a passing phenomenon, my lady." The latter remark directed at Aemy. "However… a concussion, at least. He may be unwell later… /if/ he wakes up. He may feel sick, he may have to throw up. Take precautions to have some bowl at the ready…"

"He will wake up!" Robben's reply as he hears the healer's words is more or less at a low growl, before he looks to Aemy and Solara, and back to Ruthgar. "You hear that, little brother? You will wake up! I'm not allowing you not to!" That's a good enough reason, right?

Aemy withdraws her hand from Ruthgar, her attention was doing him little right now.. hearing how upset her husband was, she turns and quietly offers him her hand. "He will wake up," she tells him with quiet confidence. "You just need to rest yourself, I will be here, I'll stay by his side while you both rest. Someone has to watch him and I cannot do that while you are so upset." She attempts to meet his eyes, trying to keep hers as calm as possible. "Please, let me be there for him.. please do not be upset, he will be fine." Vowing it to be so. Surely if she says it enough it will be true?

The healer inclines his head. "Very well, I've informed you about the perils. If anything odd should happen - like one of those symptoms I mentioned, pray send for me. I will be at the Infirmary, and if I am not available, I am sure Baroness Wenna has arranged for another healer to be present to answer your request." A weary sigh leaves the healer's lips as he moves towards the exit of the tent. Before he leaves, he will pause once more, shooting those that remain a glance over his shoulder. "Whether he will be fine,… will be for the Gods and Godesses to decide. A prayer might have a soothing effect, if not on him, then on you." A weary smile is offered, and Master Griffin is gone.

Ruthgar inhales, forehead wrinkling again, air leaves his nose and his head rolls on its side. Still breathing. But for how long?

Robben pauses for a few moments and takes the hand his wife offers, squeezing it a little now. Taking a few deep breaths, he nods a little, not bothering to hold back the tears in his eyes now. "I'm just so worried," he says, words barely above a whisper. "I really…" Trailing off again, as he nods a little bit now. "He will wake up," he agrees with Aemy, as he slumps a bit back now. "He has to…" Going silent again now, one hand wiping at his eyes.

Aemy presses her lips to her husband's forehead, wishing to comfort him, though realizing he could possible inconsolable. "Please, you need rest.." She gently wipes his tears with her thumb, the same sadness in her eyes, though she does not allow hers to spill over. "Stay strong," she whispers before releasing his hand and turning towards the departing healer. "If there is any change, you will be the first I send for. Thank you, kindly, for your concern for him." At the mention of the prayer, she knows he is right and she takes Ruthgar's hand and kneels beside his bed, holding his hand to her chest as she bows her head and closes her eyes to pray for him.

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