Sess 39, 229: Will You Marry My Daddy?

Will You Marry My Daddy?
Summary: Elly pops the question! Towards the end of the evening, after the Coronation.
OOC Date: 26/March/2014 (OOC)
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Ball Room
Huge pillars of golden marble ring this room, silent guardians of the ballroom. Golden light spills over the pillars and onto the floor, shed by the huge chandelier which is suspended from the high ceiling. The floor is cool, pale golden marble, save for the large rose set in the center. Formed of a mosaic of rose marble and crystal, it shimmers gently. On the balconies above, huge arcs of rose silks have been draped expertly, bows tied at their crests. The same sort of drapery hangs above the wall of glass that forms the northern edge of the ballroom. Looking out, you notice that the ballroom is set flush with the great sea, the glass wall giving you an unparalleled view of the landscape across the sea.
Sess 39, 229

"You are most welcome, Eldan." Doing the same, dropping the title when she speaks to Eldan. Excusing herself from Emma and Eldan and Cai, Nima moves towards the table, taking two of the plates, one for Eldan and one for Elly and she begins filling them, glancing curiously to the Lady who continues to watch her. Just guessing at what Eldan likes, she places a few things on the plate for him, but with more confidence does she fill Elly's. Watching her the past several days has given her further insight to the likes and dislikes of the small girl.

Benedict will only smiles though hoping she isn't upset though she doesn't seem to be, he does see the blush on her face. "There is a desert from the Isle's that I found in the marketplace here the other day, if you'd want to try it?" he will ask her curiously. "That helps though now I can know what to pack for a lunch." he says grabbing a couple items himself.

Moira picks at her food, until the plate is cleared. And, while normally not overly fond of things that are excesively sweet, prefering something a bit lighter, teh advent of a plate of Ray's pastries does make her face light up a bit more. But, still and all, the day's festivities have been mentally taxing. She's happy to be here, giving a smile and a nod towards Aldren and Bren, but seems more than happy to sit and talking with any of the ladies sitting near her.

Brendolyn looks to Victoria and smiles when she arrives then as Emma leaves Bren gives her long look but says nothing. Her cheeks color somewhat when she realizes she's been staring at Nima and walks toward the refreshments, "Pardon, Your Highness, we have not met, I am Lady Brendolyn Haravaen," she says, offering a graceful curtsy. "I am pleased to finally make your acquaintence."

"You have our thanks, master, and we will visit soon," Caedmon assures before bowing once more and turning from the table to survey the room. He spots Aldren easily, and approaches the count. Bowing again, he greets, "I am glad that all of you could attend the coronation." Then he adds, "Countess, lady, If you do not mind, I need a moment to speak with the count." Then he steps closer to Aldren and lowers his voice to murmur something to the man.

Laine wants to escape but doesn't feel that he can. So once Ronan has left him with a ton more to think on he finds a dark corner and broods for a time. He has no idea how he is going to pull all of this off without ending up following his predecessor to the chopping block.

Eldan smiles at Nima as she heads off and gives a wave to Emma, "Have fun… but not too much fun…" Well she has guards… and a maid. They will keep an eye on her. He then turns back to his smallest charge, watching her spin in circles until she is dizzy, falls down, then gets back up to do it again. Elly's giggles bring a smile to Eldan's face that seems to be permanent. He is definitely looking better and breathing better than he was previously.

The Count nods to Victoria. "Good of you to be about." He watches now as his sister simply departs his company to go and talk with the foreign princess. Clear dissapointment and frusteration on his face. He shakes his head. When Caedmon arrives he listens to the man and he face takes a bit of a frown. "Wonderful he mumbles sarcastically but does offer a smile after a moment. "Very well." Turning back to Victoria he says, "You will mmost likely become a bit busier." Over his shoulder he checks for his wife. There she is. Another entranced by the bakers delights.

Victoria's brow tugs down - so much for a night off. She will slip thumbs into her belt, hands at her hips, frowning as she looks between Caedmon and Aldren, "What is it? Where do you need me?" Already preparing to leave and so what she needs to do.

Brienne is not upset at all. In fact at the suggestion, she finds she likes the idea. "The market? Perhaps we could go there as well another time." Her maid/guard catches up with her and Felicity remains within earshot as the two speak. Her other guard remains at the door, ever the vigilant watchman. Finishing her plate, Brienne allows him to lead wherever he would like to go to eat. "A lunch? That does sound like fun."

Her expression clears as Brendolyn introduces herself and Nima cannot help but to smile and rather warmly at that. "My lady, it is indeed a pleasure to finally make your acquaintance." Taking interested in the Lady, she bows her head politely. "Altair was here briefly, but had to leave and send a missive home to father.. something he had received from our father needed an immediate answer, I believe." Giving her a somewhat knowing smile. Glancing towards Eldan and Elly now, she smiles and indicates them with one of her plates. "Would you like to accompany me over? I should take them their plates. I can introduce you, if you have not met them as of yet. Wonderful people."

"Of course that would be excellent." Benedict will look to the other as she speaks of the market. He will turn back as the chaparone catches up and will get a nod from him at least. "I just thought that an outside lunch goes with the kite flying as well does wide open spaces with some grass." he will ponder where best this should be. He will glance towards where some have begun dancing though he will find a nice bench with enough space to sit and keep the distance to allow the maid and guard not to be upset "Care to sit a moment?"

Brendolyn brightens somewhat at the warm welcome from Nima and she nods about Altair, "I do hope all is well," she says of their business at home. Whatever that may be. She looks toward Eldan and Elly when the Princess does and catches sight of her brother, "I will join you in a moment if that is alright? I need to speak to my brother," she explains.

Aldren will flash looks over at Bre as s he mixes it up with the princess. Frowning and biting the inside of his cheek. "Huh?" He says now as he is snapped out of it by Victoria. "Oh, nothing in particular. But with my new posistion I will have need of you. And Renden is not much use for duties of a more…/sociable/ nature." He turns to her more properly now and says, "Don't you have a drink? This is a celebration. With the Riogan commanders life having been forfeit I am sure the guards are in their most attentive state." Looking back to where Moira is seated after. Just to make sure. One can never be too sure and this city and the castle more specifically has turned him into a most paranoid man for the most part.

Caedmon nods to Victoria after Aldren speaks. "Enjoy the celebration now. You'll find enough duty soon," he advises both of them. "Now, if you will excuse me, I already have matters to attend as a result of tonight's announcements from the king." He bows and slips discretely into the crowd. Soon, he has slipped out of the room before the dancing can begin.

"All is well, he does wish he could have remained longer." Offering the reassurance. "Oh of course, My Lady." Nima once more dips her head as Brendolyn excuses herself to speak with her own brother. With both plates in hand, she approaches Eldan and offers him his, holding Elly's still. "Here we are."

Brendolyn smiles at Nima and nods her head then wanders back to Aldren smiling with a plate of goodies in her hand. "Sorry about that, Aldren, I'd been meaning to meet her," she says to him. "Is something amiss?" she asks him, giving him an appraising look as she picks up a little treat to nibble.

Eldan takes the offered plate, a smile offered in return, "Thank you Nima. I appreciate it." He looks to his daughter, who is still spinning, "Elly… come eat." Elly stops in mid spin and staggers a moment before adjusting the crown on her head and heading over to her father and Nima. She pauses when she reaches them, tilting her head to the side and regarding Nima a moment, "You know Princess Nima, you'd make a good mommy." She pauses again, before blue eyes go a little wide and with all the subtlety of a five year old she continues, "You know Princess Nima, since you ain't engaged no more and Papa ain't married, maybe you could marry him and be my Mommy." Well Elly thinks it is a fantastic idea. And she is proud she came up with it all by herself. Cai closes his eyes, resisting the urge to break out into laughter, especially from the look of shock on Eldan's face at what just came out of his daughter. Some little treat is halfway to Eldan's open mouth when he paused to just stare at his daughter. He now understands Laine's shock.

Felicity returns the nod to Benedict and quietly returns to her place taking care of the Lady. Brienne smiles, agreeing immediately. "I think so too! A kite, a picnic, a visit to the market. Perhaps if the water is warm enough, we could go on the swim." At the offer, she slips onto the bench. "Thank you, My Lord."

When Elly joins, Nima gracefully takes a seat so that she can assist Elly in eating her food, holding the plate for the little girl. When Elly has different ideas, Nima widens her eyes, her upbringing just barely keeping her mouth from gaping at the idea. Suddenly… the Jadda trip comes to mind and the illness Eldan had suffered, the dreams during his fever.. and so many other times, the meeting in the chocola shop, the courtyard. Speechless, she swallows hard to look from Elly to Eldan, almost afraid to see what his reaction is. The stunned surprise proves it had never crossed his mind, at least to her.. and she blushes, averting her gaze from Cai and his reaction. After a long moment, Nima finds an effrontery she had never knew she had as she looks down at Elly and smiles widely. "You know, Princess Elly, if it would make you a Princess for life, then I agree." Merriment in her eyes as she once more lifts them to Eldan.

A grimace will sweep over Victoria's face as she listens to Aldren, sociable duties? "If you think I'm going to be put into a dress, you are out of your mind. You'll get the old goat into one before myself." Quickly murmured though she'll lift a hand up and wave it lightly, "Given we may be moving ..leaving for the war front, I have other company I'd prefer to seek out tonight, Count Aldren, if you would give me leave to do so."

Benedict sits down lightly beside the other though he will allow the proper space of course, before he will try some of the food he has gathered while he listens finishing it so he can smile in return liking the ideas so far. "I would enjoy that very much. It sounds like an entire summer in the span of a day or two" he says to the ideas grinning and chuckling. "I should thank you My Lady, for your company as well."

Eldan blinks at Nima's response, "I'm a Baron though…." No it never crossed his mind. He doesn't feel like he is high enough in the social pecking order. He did get named Chancellor, which still flabbergasts him by the way, but Nima is a Princess. At least Eldan doesn't mention the chair, but he is thinking about it. Elly simply claps her hand and hugs Nima, "I really want you to be my Momma." She looks at Eldan, "She took real good care of me Papa and she loves us lots." Elly… Mobrin's newest matchmaker mogul. Eldan is definitely not looking forward to her teenage years. He may not survive it. Eldan looks to Nima, "I… Are you sure?" Cause yes… why would Nima want him?

When Bre approaches Aldren says, "Hymm. Very good. You are becoming quite the little dignatairy." Surely when she returns to see the books he had purchased for her to accompany another gift she can start her grueling research that will be demanded. Along with her pig sewing of course. To her question he answers, "Amiss? No, why do you ask?" Turning to Victoria he says. "Excuse me? I will put you in a dress and trade your sword for knitting needles." He sounds dead serious too. For about two seconds before he cracks a grin. "Do not worry. Simply scouting of a more…urban nature. I will not send you out to meet with dignatairies and such." He shakes his head with a chuckle, "You may dress however you see fit. But go. Be gone and enjoy yourself. Surely the city will be a lively place tonight." He nods to her and turns back to Brendolyn. "I think I will take my leave as well." Looking now to make sure Moira is still seated where she was he prepares for his depature.

Brendolyn smirks a little at Aldren's comment then she looks to the books and up at him again, "You just had a funny look on your face.." she says somewhat absently. Her brows wrinkle and she tilts her head, "Why all the books?" she asks him then she smiles at Victoria and looks around, "Lively indeed, I am to meet the Baron in a moment, see you later, Aldren," she says, then once he leaves, she'll head toward Nima and her little cupid.

Victoria's eyes do narrow slightly, the Huntresses jaw tightening as she semi-glares at Aldren until he, ah - good. The glare will let up and she will nod her head with more relief, "Good. Because if you expected it, I'd have just send Renden in my place and let him play gussy up." Smirking a little she'll nod to Brendolyn, "Lady Brendolyn, Count Aldren, enjoy your evenings." Greetings done with she will turn and stride off, heading straight for the doors leading out, her other weapons gathered at the castle doors, woman free to continue on out and to the city itself beyond.

Brienne likewise begins eating the food she had given to her plate, sampling the bits of goodies, enjoying all of the different morsels. "It does. Perhaps we could spread it out some and do different things on different days? Or find some other fun to fill the other days." She blushes as Ben offers a thanks to her. "You are most welcome, but I am rather enjoying myself."

Aldren goes over to his wife now, a few words murmured and she chuckles at him. Standing she places herr arm in his and they exit the ballroom.

"A Baron? Yes, I know.." Nima says gently, her expression not altering from that same one where the merriment is in her eyes. Perhaps she is rather enjoying the way he seems to only be half accepting it and half denying it. When Elly hugs her, she tenderly takes the girl into her arms as well. "I do love you lots. So very lots." She tells Elly, brushing her lips over the girls forehead. With her eyes shining with certainty, she lifts them to meet Eldan's again. "I am sure."

Ray of course bows to Emmas enjoyment of his offerings, honored as he has been all night with the sudden change and accolades. He rather blocks this out with keeping up the steady rhythm of handing out the pastries. The evening mostly consists of this, and making sure everyone enjoys his work.

Brendolyn sorta blinks at Aldren and laughs a little, "I guess he can tell me about the books some other time.." she says then she's smiling as she approaches Nima and Eldan and little Elly. She curtsies gracefully and then upon rising looks to Elly first, "Aren't you adorable," she says to her, then politely waits.

Eldan opens his mouth to say something more, then closes it his jaw clicking shut. He's trying to decide if he somehow developed an infection and is delerious. He has to be. If only his first wife could give Nima some pointers she'd tell her that this is vintage Eldan. Finally he seems to be a little less floored as he remembers his words, "We'd have to speak to the King?" Okay it comes out more of a question then a statement. He shakes his head and looks at Nima, "Really? Me… Really?" The man never threw his hat into the ring because he never expected to be taken seriously and now he is… and wow. He breaks out of his daze when Brendolyn approaches and he slips into full Baron mode, giving her a nod, "Good eve My Lady. I am Baron Eldan Mowbray." Right now Aldren could walk up to him and he'd introduce himself again… Elly looks pleased as punch and she turns a bright smile on Brendolyn, dropping into a curtsey, "I'm a Princess… Princess Nima said I am gonna be one forever cause she's gonna be my Momma." Well trust Elly to spread the word before anything becomes even remotely close to official. Elly just has it all wrapped up in her little mind. It will happen. She has no doubt.

It's a little while since the Lord and Lady had sat down to sit and eat their food and talk a bit more watch those around them. Benedict will stand after this time though and accept the plate from the other before he will offer his hand to assist her up before she may take his arm proper once more. He will place the plates in the reserved area. "Perhaps there is still time for that trip." he says speaking of the beach as they'd spoken of. He will wait for her response before he will walk with the other leaving the Throne Room to head on this walk.

"Are you.." Nima hesitates, seeing the continued reaction, looking at Cai, at Elly.. concerned. Finally, he speaks and she smiles again. "We could speak with the king, of course." Her voice soft, her tone warm. The really me question makes her blush and duck her head rather shyly.. "I.. was going to say the same. I have no idea what I might have done to deserve you and Elly.. and the rest of your family, whom I have already always considered family, but whatever it was, I feel blessed." Surely he knew how much he had to offer? As Brendolyn returns, she meets her with a welcoming smile. When introductions are taken care of, she gently tips the tiara on Elly's head askew, playing with her just to watch her straighten it again. "I hope so, Elly. I would adore nothing more."

Timing. Apparently Brendolyn's is not stellar and she smiles at the little one then nods to Eldan, "It is an honor to meet you, I am acquainted with your Emma," she says to him. She looks to Elly again, "You will be a lovely little Princess," she says with a sage nod. "I think Princesses get all the cookies they want," she says with a conspiratorial wink. "Ladies, however, are often given gruelling study schedules by their brother.." and she looks to Nima. "So much so that I may scarcely see the light of day, except for when I go to the field to practice my bow, which is almost always in the morning time." Slick, Bren. Smiiiile. "I had not heard.." and she looks between Nima and Eldan, "But congratulations just the same," she says, somewhat hesitant but hey, the little Princess has deemed it to happen, therefore, it must.

Eldan smiles at Nima, a slight blush creeping over his cheeks, which just has Cai again trying not to laugh at his employer. Cai gives Nima an encouraging nod as Eldan speaks again, "We are blessed to have you Nima… Hopefully your brothers won't kill me now." He thinks Altair likes him, but then that was before his daughter proposed for him to Altair's sister… or whatever just happened. Eldan looks to Elly and then back at Nima, "You do realize if you take this on that one day she will be a teenager." Frightening thought. Eldan seems to relax anyway. Maybe this could happen, "Well My Lady, it is nice to meet you… and you could not have heard as it was very sudden… and just occurred." And now Eldan has to set some wheels in motion. He has to petition the new king and talk to Nima's brother, and perhaps her father… at least through missives. As Eldan starts thinking of everything he has to do, Elly smiles brightly at Brendolyn, "I like cookies." She does straighten her tiara and manages to resist the urge to give Nima a scowl, "My brothers don't make me do stuff but sometimes I make them do stuff for me. You should try that with brothers. You gots to tell them what to do." Of course Elly may find that harder when she is Brendolyn's age.

Catching the words about the morning time practice, Nima conveniently stores that away for a later time. "I learned archery at a younger age and I am going to be teaching Elly also, if her father does not mind too terribly." Casting a look to Eldan just then, having never got the opportunity to ask his permission. Hearing the words from Eldan though, she smiles with contentment. "Thank you for saying so, and my brother adores you, you have nothing to worry about." The thought of Elly being a teenager, Nima pretends to have second thoughts, but the amusement in her eyes belies the worry she fakes. "Oh dear.. I believe since she will be a princess, she will be quite a lovely teenager." Though Elly with her full charm turned on was a force to be reckoned with, and Nima knew that for sure.

Brendolyn smiles at Eldan, "Ah, well then, this is wonderful news, I am doubly honored, to be one of the first to hear and give you my well wishes." She looks to Elly then has to laugh softly, "Indeed, Little Princess, they tend to listen less as you get older, I'm not sure why.." she muses. She knows full well why. She and Aldren fight as fiercly as they love, she knows just how to question him that sets him off and, well, that's siblings for you, especially when there are no parents. "Sometimes we must do as they wish because it is our place to do so, and honorable to our House, the older you get the more that matters, unfortunately," she says in answer to her own ponderance. She smiles at Nima, "I think I shall leave you all to bask in your recent happiness, I should be getting back to my family. My best wishes to you and yours," she says, nodding to Nima and then Eldan. She pauses and then looks to Nima, "Perhaps you would like to bring her to practice.. I can show her my stag horns," she says with a nod. Yes, a lady with stag horns, she killed a nice buck. Preen! "Goodnight," she says finally and once given leave will do so.

Eldan chuckles softly, "I do not mind… especially given the King's pronouncement." If the commoners are to be armed then Eldan will have no issue with his girls learning a skill or two. "I should let Emma know. Maybe one of the Haravean ladies can show her a thing or two." They all seem to be handy with a bow after all. Eldan shrugs slightly, "We shall see. I will definitely speak with your brother at the earliest chance I can get." He nods to Brendolyn as she heads out, "Good night to you My Lady." Eldan just shakes his head, perhaps he should warn his boys that Elly has been talking to the Haravean ladies. His sons may want to run in fear when she gets older. Elly waves to Brendolyn and then moves to place herself in her father's lap, curling up. She has had a long day. Eldan looks down at his daughter, "I have not been officially released from the Infirmary. I don't suppose you would mind keeping her a bit longer?" He knows Nima loves his daughter. Of course Eldan can't think how anyone wouldn't.

Nima also bids farewell to the Lady, a smile playing on her lips. "My brother Altair is interested in the Lady Brendolyn." The words are almost abstract, offhand. "I think the Kincaid Lord your Emma is being courted by would like nothing more than teaching her. He seems quite smitten by her." As he mentions speaking with her brother, she offers a shy nod. "I would like if you would, Eldan." Always she had considered his family her family, since she had met them. Watching Elly, Nima smiles tenderly. "I would be glad to take her. I have been spoiling her I fear, by camping in her room with her in the evenings. It helps her take her mind off your absence." Indeed Nima adores Elly and since they are in the castle, the Infirmary is also there, she rises and reaches for Elly. "I should take her home now so she can get some rest. Come here, love, and we can go home." Home.. she had not realized she had said it.

Elly lifts her arms up and allows Nima to take her. Eldan smiles brightly at the exchange, "Well if all works out then she will be yours in due time." Well shared anyway. Eldan isn't one of those who would say Elly was his daughter and his alone. He just never thought he could really give Elly a mother. Now maybe he can. "Yes, Lord Kincaid has already spoken to me about courting Emma and I have given permission for him to do so. We shall see where it goes, but there is a chance that I will soon be negotiating the marriage of one of my babies." At least he has Elly. He reaches out to rub Elly's back, "You spoil her right now as much as you want." Later Nima might have to discipline her, though Elly is a good kid, "I should get to bed as well. Sleep well." He and Cai need to get back to the Infirmary before Wenna sends out a search party.

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