Nar 23, 229: Will the Caged Bird Sing?

Will the Caged Bird Sing?
Summary: The Queen of Laniveer has more conversations with her two little Mobrin Birds..
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Mobrin Suite - Castle Meade
Directly through the arch shaped door is the bedroom of a royal a large four post canopy bed keep in an ivory, green and gold colored theme. Curtains surround the bed for when the occupant is asleep. A couple of large armoire's are pushed back against the stone wall and there's another fireplace in this room, the tapestry depicting Laniveer views. Twin windows frame a balcony that looks out over the back of the castle and to the Great Sea. A small table contains a wash basin and two identical tables grace each side of the bed with candles and other such items.
Nar 23, 229 2E

It's late, turning to dusk and Logen has already started pushing himself. His guards are outside and he's already doing push ups. He's still running a fever but he's not putting pressure on his leg so it's making the movements more difficult. The guards will let the queen know that the priest left the room in the morning and mentioned that Logen needs to stay hydrated in bed since the fever's not yet broken, yet here he is - pushing himself.

The guards let the queen into the room, her gaze first going to the bed, the empty bed, before going to the floor where the man is doing push ups. "I am not completely familiar with all of Mobrin's customs, but I am sure this does not classify as resting in either of our countries." Ophelie says with her hands clasped before her. "I compared you to my son the other day and indeed you do seem much like a child with little regard for your health." She states before settling in a seat near the door ever so casually.

Logen keeps quiet a few moments before he carefully pushes himself up to the bed and sits in front of her. "Quite the opposite, your highness. If I lie in bed without moving my muscles, I can develop muscle atrophy which will cause issues far worse than a fever." He grins warmly to her. "I take care of my self in the long term as well as the short term." He slides back in the bed, still not having put pressure on his leg.

Kierne arrives from the Mobrin Suite.
Kierne has arrived.

Ophelie watches the young man move back into bed. She has taken a seat in the chair by the door. "So will not resting. Let your body heal and perhaps I shall see that you get some crutches to move around the castle, but right now…I think you are not ready." She tilts her head slightly, "You are still planning to escape? And to where? You spoke of a Brother who wished you dead and my people have little love of Mobrin at present."

Logen frowns at her. "My body is not healing fast enough. It's frustrating." He covers his legs in the blanket and listens to her question. "I don't know. I have no place to go to but being a prisoner is not ideal. While you treat your guests well, I will never deny that, I'm still in a cage." He lowers his eyes to his hands. "I fly from one cage to another with the only freedom being the flight between."

"Perhaps we can come to an understanding where a cage may not be neccessary, but that involves a level a trust between us that we have yet to develop." Ophelie responds with a tap of her fingers on the arm of her chair as she watches Logen, "I could be your friend or enemy and I make quite a formidable Enemy, but I think it would benefit us both to be friends."

Logen watches her and sighs quietly. "Here is the issue, a betrayer can never be trusted…even if it's a gift of friendship. If someone betrays something as close as family, would they not more easily betray another not of their blood?" He leans forward. "Trust I can build based off respect and honesty. I cannot and will not betray my family." He states that resolutely. "If being a head on a pike is what my brother requires, I will lay down my life for such."

Kierne paces outside the bedroom, a slow amble from one side of the suite to the other, foot after foot with a subtle sway of his shoulders. In his hands, a sheaf of papers bound at the top, and he's worrying at his lower lip with the tip of one canine tooth as he flips through the pages, tracing the shapes drawn there with the tip of his pinky finger.

"Surely there are other ways we may help one another then by betraying our families?" Ophelie comments to the young man with a tilt of her head to the man. "You seem far too happy to die for your family. I wonder how truthful your words of their disdain for you truely is."

Logen grins and shakes his head. "I wish it was not true. My brother has very little emotion, either he has use for you or he doesn't. He cannot control me so he has no use for me. I went in hiding to the front lines to fight for my home. He sent out a ranger to bring me back and she called me a coward, pathetic, all words that tear down a fighter. I went home and I was put in my room until he had time to speak to me. Two weeks I was in my room." He leans forward. "When he called me to him, he said for punishment… fighting on the front lines in full armor and gear showing who I was. He said one general is more important than a soldier. That is accurate but you put your general with a target on his back and your general dies. He did just that. Tell me where there is kindness there?" He lifts his eyes. "My baby sister, who I love dearly, wrote me a letter. In short it said 'I'm having a baby, my husband is amazing, I want to get back to work, we do not talk enough, I don't approve of you, I have harsh thoughts of you, I applaud Tyrel for ordering you to make a company to bring glory to our family, I hope I end up proud of you.' Which hey, in itself sounds…not horrible. Keep in mind though, all my attempts at family have ended horribly. My first wife died giving birth to my daughter. My second wife screamed rape each time I got close to her so I never did…then she blamed me for not being close. So rubbing in a happy family is hurtful. I hope I end up proud of you… vote of confidence. Why not just I am proud of you? She is like Tyrel. Emotionless unless there is a purpose." He seems tired. "The only one that cared anything for me was my dad and you killed him. So tell me, why should I trust the people that killed the one family member that I loved more than anything and believed in me?"

There is a guise of a sympathetic face as Ophelie listens to Logen speak of his family and wives. "It is not an easy life you have led Prince. To have lost a wife and child and the love of your family. Perhaps you will find such here that you have lost in Mobrin." She cants her head at the last words and shakes her head, "It was not we who killed your father. We may have rejoiced in it, but only in a hope this war would end with his death. Yet our shores continue to be attacked and villages who can sore defend themselves from attacks." The pacing draws her attention and she becons the Knight to come in. "In war people die, such is the nature of the beast. When an arrow is loosed where it lands is not always in control of hte Archer."

Kierne edges in when beckoned, not having wanted to enter unbidden, since the conversation between Prince and Queen generally falls into that None Of His Business category that he doesn't have enough of the spy in him to disrespect. Probably something his Uncle should have trained into him ahead of time. Oh, well. He flips the sheaf of paper shut and nods quietly to those within, catching just the tail end of the Queen's comment. "Unless, y'know, he's a really good archer." The context of the metaphor might put some meaning behind that comment, but, as Kiki himself wasn't sure of it, it was really just kind of… a thing to say. "I've, uh, re-worked the proof I read back home," he adds, looking down to his parcel. "There wasn't a copy of it in your library, but you had all the data I needed to recreate it."

The Prince frowns and shakes his head. "Rejoicing over someone's death is disgusting." He almost spits it. "I would not rejoice over anyone's death, even an enemy. The lived, people loved them, they had family, ambition, goals, memories… instantly put out like a flame. No one deserves death. Those who rejoice over it, disgust me." He looks away from her and frowns. "There are two sides to war. My father was only one side, your husband is the other. We are attacked just as much as your country is. Neither are innocent in this war and neither are right." He pulls away from her. "You've now put into my mind officially… I do not want to gain anything from a place that cheers when someone's heart stops while they are defending their family." He shakes his head. "A bad archer doesn't know where his arrow lands. A skilled archer will always know."

"Young man, you have little experience in war to think that people will not rejoice in the death of their enemy. I have heard of the cries of joy from those of Mobrin when they kill our soldiers as well. They rejoice for one more battle one, one less battle to fight and the death of an enemy who caused much grief. I dare say neither of us thinks of our enemies as fathers and brothers and sons in the heat of battle when worrying about our own fathers and brothers and sons." Ophelie rises from her seat, "You have set your morals quite high above all else. I thought that was the realm of King and queens. In times of war most archers are men pulled from the fields who fire en masse towards the target in a distant field. Beyond…the enemy, they may never know the name or face of the man they hit. It is not personal." She glances to Kierne, "You might want to educate your Prince."

Logen frowns at the Queen. "I do not rejoice in the lives I take. I mourn." He's very serious about this. "I said someone rejoicing over another's death disgusts me. I did not just say your country. There are men and women in my country that disgust me." He turns to glare at her. "I enjoy learning, your majesty. Perhaps you should learn about the man you are trying to become friends with before you insult him." He turns his eyes to Kierne. "Dear, knight, did I ever mention that all archers know their targets? Don't answer that as the Queen very well knows what I said." He shakes his head. "Twist and misunderstand my words all you want. You are just proving no better than the ones trying to kill me."

Kierne lowers both hands, holding the sheaf of papers in front of his stomach while listening to Logen's repudiation of his Laniveeri hospitality. He tries his best to keep his face impassive, but he can't help hearing Logen drive a nail into his own coffin lid, here. He looks to the Queen when she addresses him, "On, uh… the morality of war? Or the eclipse?" Innocent enough, willing to accomodate.

There's a knock at the door and then a whisper between guards. After a glance, it's just openly asked by one of the guards, "The Princess Draventa Moniwid wishes to know if she may enter." She's not visible, waiting outside.

Ophelie glances back to Logen, "We will speak later when you are better disposed." She looks up to the guard as the princess is announced and draws a smile to her lips. "She has right to enter, please she is protected in his presence." She glances to Kierne and smiles at his …innocence. "I am sure you know what I mean. I trust you wish him to live." With those words she leaves the room.

There is a glance to the packet in Kierne's hand, "See me later Knight and we will discuss further on our matters of mutual Interest." The Queen says before leaving.

Logen shakes his head and lifts the pillow to throw it at the queen but puts the pillow right back where it was. "He doesn't care if I live or die." He grumbles quietly to her. "Sometimes, your majesty, even fighters have a conscience." Then he hears of the Princess and he tenses. He covers his leg and fixes his shirt. He's fine, nothing happening. Then his eyes narrow at what the keep says.

Kierne has buried himself in work on this eclipse, don't mind him if it's the only thing on his mind. When he's taken himself away from the work his mind goes nowhere good. He nods almost gratefully when the Queen at least acknowledges the work he'd tried to present, then looks back to the Prince at his accusation, drawing his lips into a tight line to keep himself from saying anything stupid.

The guards hesitate, but then nod the door open for the poison princess to enter. She's dress in a pale green dress, something light feeling with delicate flower embroidery. Her hair is braided, partially covering the scar n her head. She's accompanied by her hand maid and guards, but the stay in the background. Pale eyes scan the room, a small nod to Keirne but she focuses on the Prince. A tiny tilt to her head as she studies him, trying to determine if he's ok. "I…I'm sorry to intrude. I just…I wanted to make sure everyone was alright…" A small glance to Kierne, taking in the papers he's fumbling with.

The queen has left..

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