4th Thedor 229: Why Is That Rat Here?

Why Is That Rat Here?
Summary: A trio of Haraveans discuss the arrival of Ari
OOC Date: 04/Jan/2014
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Aldren Rorey Eoin 
Greenshire Suite - Darfield Castle
The main room for the apartments for the Greenshire family is very large but cozy and smells of herbs and flowers. The stone walls have been washed with paint; they are a soft sun-kissed yellow. On the stone floor woven rugs have been placed instead of rushes for the comfort of those staying there. In this room there is a long walnut bench; its back has been carved to show a farming scene. The bench also has comfortable cushions covered in a woven fabric with four ground colors: white, light blue, yellow-green, and pink, each print including red roses and blue flowers. It makes a lovely focal point for the room as it is sitting in front of the fire place at a comfortable distance, allowing room for more chairs near the fire. The large stone fireplace is flanked by two comfortable wooden chairs. The cushions of the chairs have been covered in a heavy light blue fabric. Before one of the chairs there is a small foot stool. Above the fireplace hang two bearded axes. They have an elaborate silver inlay, thus showing the status of the owner. The fireplace itself has an oak mantel that is heavily carved with a likeness in favor to each of the gods and goddesses of light. Sitting on the mantel are two silver candelabras holding bees wax candles. Near the fireplace in the corner there is a spinning wheel and small loom. On the opposite side of the room near the two large windows overlooking the courtyard is a long oak table. Set around the table are matching heavy wood chairs. On the table there are two more silver candelabras. At each of the windows there are window boxes filled with herbs and flowers. On the wall near the table there is a large shield with the coat of arms of the Count's family and two ornate yew longbows inlaid with silver and gold rest beside it.
4th Thedor 229

Aldren comes into the suite now, all hot and bothered it would seem. "Bastard!" He says loudly. Straightaway to the table he will go and pour a large drink for himself. After it is swallowed he sees Caedmon emerging from Eoin's room. They just nod to each other though as the voice seems a busy man at the moment. After a second the Count turns but the man is out the door. A curious look comes about him now his brow furls. Walking to his couisins door he rapps on it loudly. Turning back to Rorey he says, "Can you believe it? The man steals our sister and they give him a room in a castle. As if to reward the man."

Barging into the Suite, Rorey is about to spew all sorts of vile remarks about the *snake* in the Game Room, but Caedmon's presence changes her mind… and then, there he goes, zoom! Out the door. All's the better, because this young Haravean woman is seething! As Aldren tells her exactly his significance, Rorey looks all but apoplectic, almost spitting her tea, "WHAT?" Immediately she sets her tea on a table and heads toward the door… but damn it, the guards stop her, and she glowers at them, then whirls and fumes, "I can't believe the audacity of that pompous, self-righteous, smiling son of a bitch!"

Eoin is tempted, so very tempted, to tell whomever is knocking to go away, only in slightly less polite terms. He hears Aldren's voice though and stops himself. Taking a deep swig of his drink he pushes himself up from the chair and calls "one moment," while he pours himself another and then heads out into the suite proper. "Cousin, cousin," he offers to Aldren and Rorey, looking both tired and annoyed at life in general, "I take it with the speed with which you followed me that that oik is still breathing?"

Aldren is agressively drinking his own wine and at his sisters little Greenshire mouth he just nods. Now he will dismiss any guards that may have been around and turn to his couisin, "Aye. He does. It seems you two have met. I, no doubt can guess where. Tell me. What was Caedmon doing here?" His words a bit edgy. He turns to make sure they are alone now save Rorey.

Rorey dismisses all the servants and tells them not to come back until Rosie summons them, if at all tonight. Rorey paces up and down the middle of the carpet, sipping her now-cold tea until it is finished; she nods to her cousin, "Cousin. And yes… although now I wish I'd trusted my gut instinct. WHY is that rat here? And what are we going to do about it?" Caedmon's presence was, too, an oddity.

"Caedmon was here to let me know why we find ourselves sharing a roof with him, and yes, we have met, briefly," Eoin replies, moving to take a seat by the fire where he can nurse his drink in physical comfort at least. "It turns out, that the other captain who sailed with me to bring Wenna and Caedmon back has likely gone and done something very stupid afterwards. I don't know the details yet but I hope to before the council meeting tomorrow, or at the council meeting perhaps, for I doubt there'll be much before it on the agenda."

Aldren looks to his sister when she speaks up. "Relax, Lady." His says to his sister. A little look given to her to stay her nerves. Turning back to Eoin he listens and watches as the man sits. He is a pcaer though so he begins to do that slowly and will say, "That Aleksy fellow? I met him the other morn. He did not seem the overly clever sort. He told me all of his plan to pose as a whaler and scout them. He confessed quite a bit actually." He ponders that shaking his head and will sip again, attempting to take solace in his drink. "I can guess how his plans went though, what with our sudden new arrival." He hsakes his head at that. "I take it you have not seen the captain then." He glances to Rorey now and says, "Get rid of her." In regards to Rosie. Hopefully the girl knows whats good for her and gets gone. His pacing quickening now as he does his roundabouts.

One jerk of her head and Rosie is scurrying out the door. For herself, Rorey fixes herself some mulled wine, then flops onto the sofa nearest the fireplace, with a huff. She tries to wrap her mind around what her brother has just mentioned to Eoin, and finds herself wishing she could be a fly on the wall at tomorrow's King's Council meeting. Blast it all.

Eoin eyes Aldren as the count speaks, then takes a long drink. "I wish, cousin," he then starts tiredly, "that you'd told me of it then so as I might have had chance to stop him." Using his free hand to rub his forehead a moment he then leans back into the chair and shakes his head. "It would seem that the good Captain has caused some incident, and I beleive him to be the 'spy' that was made reference too." A shrug, "like I said though, I do not yet have the full details, but the Crown Prince will be speaking with him, the Captain that is, in detail."

The count watches as the girl leaves and nods to his sister. Nothing to wild going about and it seems old news anyways so he just continues. "What? The man made it sound like something endorsed by the king. I made him aware of you and your station as he did not seem to realise it at first. But he seemed well aware of hierarchy and such. You are the Lord Admiral. Why would I have any reason to think I'd information you did not? Perhaps these council meetings are more needed. It seems communication is lacking at best." He shrugs now, "I am sorry though. I thought you worked closely with the man. But yes, I agree. That must be this spy he mentioned. Damned fool." Aldren bites his lip now and stops with his pacing for a moment.

Rorey drums her fingers together on the side of her wineglass, before sipping it again. As she listens, the little gears in her head turn and turn, piecing all these little things together. It still doesn't speak as to *why* the particular man who'd been far too nice was here… but… Bah. She'd find out soon enough, no doubt. Tomorrow was the King's Council.

"If the King endorsed his little trip, then he has told no one else so, or so it would seem," Eoin replies. "Certainly myself and Caedmon were not aware, nor from what I hear of his reaction was Prince Tyrel." All of which, in his mind atleast, adds up to a big fat, no royal approval. "A plan to use him to go see what ships they had was discussed, briefly, over a few drinks on the voyage back to Morbin. Thankfully though, Caedmon was with me and can vouch for the fact that no such orders were given and that the resultant decision of said discussion was that we'd present the idea to either the King or Prince Tyrel and get their thoughts. Sadly, Captain Aleksy appears to have had other ideas and come foul of those ships of teh Isles. Caedmon is expecting trouble from it, and since he was returned by our new friend yesterday, I suspect he is right."

"So he simply took it upon himself? Again, what a fool." Yes, obviously Aldren does agree with the thoughts of his couisin, "Well, if he was returned by this Avi… one could certainly draw the conclusion that he has shit in all of our beds. I had thought any man with a ship of that size, and a noble as well, would need your leave to sail anywhere into foreign territories. Especially with it being so close to Lanniveerian coasts….what an ass." He shakes his head some more and finishes his wine. "This will be quite interesting tomorrow." He smirks at Rorey now briefly and sits beside her.

Rorey can almost *feel* her brother's smirk, and glances at him, wondering what he's up to. She smirks right back, and leans into him a bit, sipping at her tasty mulled wine. It was having the intended effect: relaxing her away from that… dastardly dastard, from earlier. Hmph. In the quiet, she hears the birds in her bedroom twittering, more softly than they would have been chattering before, settling down now that it's night-time, full dark.

Eoin shakes his head slowly, "he's been trading for a while now, there was nothing unusual about him taking his ship out." At the use of that particular spot of language he glances rapidly across to Rorey, then remembers her outbreak from earlier and just takes a sip of his drink. "I had another issue I was hoping to raise tomorrow, but sadly, I fear it may now be somewhat overshadowed." Draining the rest of his drink he sets the glass to one side the pushes himself to his feet. "I suppose, I should go and see what I can find out. If the Prince has spoken with him yet then there might be news to be had."

Aldren throws and arm around his sister when she leans in gives a little squeeze. Sipping his wine he will stand when his couisin does and say, "Good luck. Perhaps I will see what I can learn as well. No doubt sharing information would seem a good idea from herre on out. Surely it would have been a good idea before this Captain went and muddied the waters." He nods to his couisin now, "You can tell me of this other matter if we talk again before tomorrow evening."

"Good-night, Cousin. Don't stay up too late. Big day tomorrow," Rorey smiles at her dear cousin Eoin, and lets her brother stand up, leaning forward a bit. Oh what an interesting conversation *this* has been… although a lot of it goes over her head, to be honest, some of it does make a little sense. She makes a little yawn of her own.

"You'll hear anything I do," Eoin replies, given as the Count is on the Council as well and all that. "Be careful with what you say around the Ambassador though," he warns, fully knowing that he needn't, but doing so anyway. Then, a nod to Rorey and a brief, "and good night to you cousin, I shall try not to I promise." With nothing more ot add he then turns and heads out to see what he can dig up.

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