Sess 2, 229: When Reason Fails

When Reason Fails
Summary: After speaking with her brother, Nylie speaks with Aidan who takes the news about as well as expected, and a visit is thusly paid to Caedmon
OOC Date: 16/2/2014 (OOC)
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Royal Suites Four
The Sitting room to of Nylie's personal suites
It is day 2 of the month of Sess, 229 2E

It had made for a long day, arriving back in Darfield and seeking up her brother. Nylie had been nervous to speak with him, but insistent that she speak to him at once. To that end, it had not been difficult for Caedmon had actually been at the docks to greet her. A promise had been given to Aidan to send him word once they had finsihed talking and that word had finally come to him, invitation to come if he wished. If found about the castle, the messenger would simply lead him along to the Lady's quarters. He had been to the section of the castle before, as they were amongst the Royal suites near those council rooms and the King's own rooms. The guards expecting him allow him to pass into the room after opening the door. A pair exists within to stand watch over the visit, and there is a maid present, set over yonder working on a bit of embroidery. The sitting room does have an array of instruments upon the one side, harp, harpsichord, mandolin, flute…and dulcimer. Had he even know that she played so many differing things? A set of chairs rest before the fireplace, and there are doors that lead to the royal dining hall, the personal one for the royal family and then another that would seem to lead to her private chambers. Nylie herself is pacing before the fireplace.

Aidan had only tempted fate once the letter had come to him to seek as much. He was anxious over the news being sent to the brother simply for the fact that Aidan had not gone to him and had actually gone above and beyond him yet again, for the second time in as many months. He had taken little rest from the departure and remained restless for the day and the lull in between having to wait - not that there wasn't a good many things needed to be seen too, it was otherwise impossible to make decisions when he was so distracted. Thus, he was relieved when the summons had come and marched confidently through the castle walls up to the suits, his own guards marching alongside and behind him. Upon entry into the Lady's suite, he cannot help but be surprised at the show of many instruments, even if it shouldn't be a surprise. He makes the according gestures upon entry, "My Lady Nylie, I come as per your request." And propriety is quickly addressed, not at all even striding forward to seek a kiss to the cheek or anything beyond an unsettled smile from afar, observing the pacing going on before the fire.

Nylie had managed to freshen up since arriving, wearing yet one of her usual drresses, the turn to a simplness in fashion. Her hair again let loose with small comb to keep it from her face. There is a tiredness about her, the day had been difficult, and to have taken it up with so little sleep form the night prior. Blasted thunder. Even if she oft played the dulcimer in the salon, occasionally the harpischord in her more public opperances, Nylie was an accomplished and varied musician. Her maid does make note of his entrance. Though surely that Nylie does look up and smile to see him is more of note. Pleaed to see him, yet there is some measure of apprehension, concern that exists. There are a few steps taken, before she gives a curtsy in proper fashion,"Duke Aidan, thank you for coming." A few more steps taken to greet him, her hands seeking to take his as she might often do with her brother, a mild squeeze given. "Please, come and sit with me. There are things to speak upon, my brother did not take the news…well." From the expression that comes, that is a vast understatement. "Would you care for something to drink?" Nylie making the offer as she would seek to guide them to the chairs before the fireplace.

Aidan registers the fact of guards and proper maidens, knowing no doubt there many be one or two placed by Caedmon himself for all measure of things that had taken place. It is likely he is sensitive to her moods and the apprehension thick in the air uneases him like the coming of a storm would unease her. He allows his hands to be taken, offering a slight measure of a squeeze back though he would better like to have swept her into his arms. Such is propriety when it comes to unwed nobility. "Of course, I have not been able to rest knowing this task you took upon yourself," his lips ease into a frown as the admission comes with her words after, taking seat with her to watch with some concern over her expression. "I would have what you are having, if anything my Lady. Though my delight would be wine, for it seems that there may be need of something stronger than Chocola at the moment." He waits for a moment before he asks, "Tell me my Lady, what has happened?"

A flicker in her expresion would likely show that her preference would have been to be swpt up, but with the guards, and so soon after talking with her brother, there was a promise for vigalance, she dare not give into anything more that the hint of familiarty in taking up his hands. Her skirt are smoothed as she takes her seat,"Wine then, I was going for some of the ice wine. I can have another vintage brought if you do not care for it." It would be a cherry ice wine that is brought if he asks for nothing different. There is a sweetness to it that tends to exist within such styles of wine and often more to sipping after dinner than to have with. A small breathe is drawn, she had gone over how to broach the matter, but there as no good way and she did not seek to dance about in words. "When I told him the news, he flew into a raging fury and sought to wash his hands of me and everything. For he thought it no more then some political scheme. Nor does he have any trust for you, he think you would only seek to seduce me to your bed, and that in time shall turn to daliances with others and turn me aside some passing fancy. "

The stellar opinion her brother seems to have of him is allowed to sink in a moment as the wine i broguth and served, a nod going ot her maid before the woman returns to her little place…over there. the couple watched, though casual conversation not likely to be truly over heard. "It took some..doing." Understatement. "But I was able to calm my brother, and get him to agree to take time to see there is not reason to doubt you as he does. To see as I have seen in my time with you. He did invite us to accompany he and Wenna to the spring festival in Greenshire," there is a faint smile and Nylie does continue before Aidan need have to great a worry upon that,"though I noted the tournament would not allow us that, nor my promise to play with Elisabeth. As he does have worry over me and wishes to only seem e protected and happy, I would wish to give him the chance to better know you. For he and his thoughts do mean much to me, he is my only true family that I have left to count upon," direct blood family. "Mother…" Nylie just shakes her head. Her mother just not a good area to venture into at the moment.

"Ice wine then," as he said, he would drink as she was having to ensure that neither glass nor bottle had been poisoned as a way to eliminate the threat of a Kincaidian and Kilgouran wedding, let alone the Kincaidian succession to worry of now that Hadrian was such in a manner of unpredictability. For now, wine was just a matter of political pause and used to space the words needed to be said. So much is at stake here, when he falls into silence, allowing her to begin the wind of such news and how poorly it was received. Not that it does surprise him to hear of Caedmon's own opinions, allowing Nylie to speak of passing fancies before Aidan scowls markedly at it, "Fancies my Lady? Should I tell him that there were no passing fancies for three years since my good lady wife's passing? That what I have with you is nothing sort of a godly miracle." He is risen to anger, though it is tight and held in his chest, more sardonic for the way his name has been smeared so, "I would think this a laugh considering the source, that his own wife's brother is quite a fancier of daliances himself, considering his affair with my niece before he was wedded." That soured dislike for the Haravean's grown deeper with the news of the Lake skirmish, nailed down to be so accused of being easily turned, "Fanciful… My lady, he knows me not but from what the Haravean's have told him. This is the very reason I went above his head to ask the King, of your hand… For your brother's mind, I'm afraid, is no longer… unbaised as the Voice of the Kingdom should be."
Here he stands, rising with a lingering squeeze to her hands, grasping at this ill news and the ill favour gained for it, walking toward the hearth mantle where he lays an arm above and looks into the fire, brooding eyes capturing the flicker of flame within them. The ask then for him to attend the festival has him chuckle, "I would not miss the Tournament I sponsored for some silly Greenshire festival." Indeed, the bitterness was going to be hard to put aside, though he does look over his shoulder as Nylie admits to noting the importance of Caedmon in her life, "I spoke to the Duke Crawford of you, my Lady. I told him as I will tell you and all that would hear it. If your name was not Kilgour, I would still be here. I would have still written you the song of what I see in you." He frowns and moves back toward Nylie, leaning a hand on both of the arm chairs she sits in, "I will be your family Nylie. Together we can make our -own- family. You will not have to suffer being just an outside party to it, privy only to what they wish for you, to what only happiness they tell you that you may have. For it seems to me, in this, your brother only wants you to be happy only if he is happy." He pushes back and takes a pace across the floor, "I know I have slighted your brother, but he has given me cause not to trust him as well. And truthfully, my Lady," he stands "I doubt I ever will." A beat, "Yet, I am not marrying him. I am not loving him. I am loving you." His eyes over his shoulder at that, pivoting, wanting that wine and looking for it just then.

"I know not whom has lead him to think such, only that he has spoken of it. yet I would not be surprised if it were the Count Aldren at the source, for I know well how you and he do not get along. More I know he had wish to see Lord Eoin and I matched in time." Was Aidan even away of how much interest Nylie had actually attacked recently? Nylie gives a small nod,"I know he does not, that is why I sought to get him to see that, to give chance to know you…to see how we are together, that my name is not what has attracted you. " There is a oft sigh,"Aye, I am seeing that, though do you truly think in this matter, of hi own sister, he would be truly unbiased? He ha been frustrated for month for the attention that has come to me, and having little power to do anything over it, he knows it is up to Callem. But it does not change his desire to see me protected."

Her eye follow him as he stands, a return squeeze before he walks over to the hearth. "I would know you would not miss it, and explain this to him." Her eyebrows rise a little to hear that he spoke to the Duke Crawford about her. A soft smile coming to hear thoe words, a thing she herself knew already,"I know of that, Aidan. I have never doubted." Her head tilts to look to him better as he comes to lean upon her chair, his hands upon the arm rests. "I know that, and yet wih for it. Look forward to the day that we will be family." Her gaze watching as he takes that pace. A quiet sigh to hear of an equal distrust in turn. "I would not ask you to trust him, any more than I ask it of him to trut you. But as I have asked of him to trust in me, I will ask of you. To give him the time to see the truth of what I know, what you have just spoken. I know you wished to announce during the tournament, but I would ask delay for when he is returned and can be a part of it. " There is a small catch of a breathe to aactually hear the lat of his words. "I do love you, Aidan…and wih for nothing more then to marry you."

"And why is Lord Eoin's match not being seen as political and forced? For that would add a further member of the Kilgour House to the Haravean's, would it not? This is a very one sided ploy against me I should think, to earn unfairly the call for this as a political arrangement when others would see you as their pawn to play." His fingers were tightening at his side, eyes showing a hint of malice as he looked back toward the flame, "Oh how I would take a sword to any who would see you as such," he is riled up, his passions awoken, "The moment you said yes to me, My Lady, you are mine to protect and any slight against me is one to you and visa versa. Thus you should be aware that I will defend your honour to my very grave." His tone was louder some how, as it grew with that infamous hardness, though not anger, just, provoked. "I am very much biased, but at least I -admit- it…" He scowls and follows, "Though my own daughter, I am giving to a Greenshire Lord. If I can see beyond my biases my lady, so too can your brother."
This is good for her to see, how his other side can be, for surely each man as it in him to become the stern personage of his title and nobility forced upon him by society. So here it is too, that he becomes the Duke of Lakeshire within her presence, not yet totally assured that his own fire has been reduced and brought to smolder. "He tempts my anger Lady Nylie, to ask me to leave what has been so planned in advance to show him how much I care for you… Would he do the same? I doubt it very much. And it shows he is bought and paid for by Haravean's to have him march to their little fanciful festival when all the other Houses will be present to march to Tourney." He chuckles again, sardonically, as if there wasn't some keen desire to go face the man this moment. "I should not have let you seek him out," he turns his gaze to Nylie, "He has put you through a trial, tested your resolve, to what… anger me? Perhaps he has succeed if only because he has exhausted you with this tormented choice. What a brother he is…" he goes to Nylie and knees before her, "I -will- be the better man my Lady. For your happiness." He shakes his head, eyes lifting up at the ask to keep the announcement held back, "I will not my Lady, for I am happier than if I were on the moon itself and surrounded by the Eight, that I would delight in screaming it to the world of my betrothal to you. He is being selfish and has no justification for it. For if he wishes to fancy himself off while the rest of the world sits in Darfield, then it is his loss and he -doesn't- show his goodly sister the respect she deserves." Then he puts his head against the gathering of her hands, closing his eyes as he struggles to conquer the immediate rumbles of ire caused by Caedmon.

There is a soft sigh, before Nylie murmurs,"BEcause he is seen as family already, Count Aldren near calls me sister…..they have seen how Lord Eoin and I get along. Yet I know it would have potential of the same politics are our own, or if any of the other arrangements had come to be. " Especially either of the Princes. Nylie does draw a slow breathe, no she is not going to mention how her brother asked her to be so vigalent about her honor. "I know he can….he…just was emotional and he knew not all that had passed between us to lead to this." He had been near as clueless, only hints form guard report and those could never contain the full truth of a matter.

It was good for her to see, but it was not entirely bad either, to have heard such things form him. To know he had taken such duty to heart at the simple yes from her to allow him to court her, to agree to marry him. The reaction on par in some way with her own brother's…just perhaps not quite near as scary. Caedmon had been scary! "He has not asked for the tournament to be cancelled," really she knows not what he was thinking at that invitation," and his wife is Haravean, Count Aldren's twin, they have long spoken of going to the fetivals." Nylie sighs with a small shake of her head, it had been draining, the talk with her brother. "He needed to be told, I would not have him hear from rumor or gossip. " Her eyes having fallen to her hand as they rested in her lap. She was tired, of that there was no doubt. But they rise back up as he comes to knee before her, her smokey eyes awhirl with emotions to have the two men who meant the most to her to be at such odds. It would be a true test of her to try to some how bring them to at leat tolerate one another. A quiet sigh slips as his head settles against her hands, one slipping to gently brush throug his hair before faintly tracing along the ide of his face. A brief hint of wonderment to do such a thing, yet it was meant in comfort. Pay no mind to the tender control she had of her fingers, all those years of playing. "I jut wih him to be a part of it, and he has not asked for the delay…it was of my thought to try and include him. For.." there is a slight breathe, a hestation,"it is possible that Callem shall leave it to him to see the details of a contract properly done. And I should wish him to see how happy you do make me, my Aidan, that you would love me. That your intentions are true, that he worries without cause for his sister. I want him to see what I have seen, and do see."

Aidan rises, with a stoic measure of expression on his face, after everything, speaking with an eerie calmness, "Then I shall go see your brother, this instance…"

Private Residence - Darfield Castle
The main room for the apartment is very large but cozy and smells of herbs and flowers. The stone walls have been washed with paint; they are a soft pale blue. On the stone floor woven rugs have been placed instead of rushes for the comfort of those staying there. By the door hooks have been placed to hold the owners cloaks, scarves and even a cane. In this room you see a long bench near the fire that is of walnut and the back of the bench has been carved to show an ocean scene with a ship sailing. The bench also has comfortable cushions that covered in a woven fabric with the following colors: white, light blue, dark blue. Wall sconces of silver hang on the wall to provide illumination for the room. Opposite of the bench there is a large stone fireplace that is flanked by two comfortable tall wooden chairs. Before one of the chairs there is a small foot stool. The cushions of the chairs have been covered in a heavy light blue fabric. Above the fireplace, hangs a wood carving of a ship at sea. The fireplace itself has an oak mantel that is heavily carved with a ships sailing on rough waters. On the mantel is a model of a wooden sailing ship that look like exact replicas and silver candelabras holding bees wax candles, last but not least there is a large conch shell.

Near the fireplace in the corner there is a spinning wheel and small loom.

On the opposite side of the room across from the windows is a long oak table. Set around the table are matching heavy wood chairs. On the table there are two more silver candelabras. At each of the windows there are window boxes filled with herbs and flowers.

Along the wall there are two doors leading to other rooms. The doors are spread apart and between them is a wooden bookcase. In the book case there are rare scrolls and books on various subjects.

It is day 2 of the month of Sess, 229 2E

Now that the sun has set and dinner has passed, Caedmon and Wenna heve begun to relax for the evening. The table is clear. A few candles are burning in their holders on the wall, but most have been extinguished. A cheery fire burns in the hearth to ward off the chill that remains, even though spring has begun to show its first glimmers outside. Crutches sit not far from where Wenna is curled up on the well cushioned bench/sofa that sits in front of the fire. Her long hair falls in a single heavy thick braid over her shoulder and she is dressed in a cream colored linen undergown and mauve wool surcoat that is plain in every way but its color and weave. She is nestled against pillows. Her eyes are at half-mast as she basks in the warmth of the fire. Caedmon is emerging from the kitchen, carrying a tray with two clay cups and a bread board. On the bread board is a dark loaf that appears to be gingerbread. "Now for dessert," he announces on his way across the room. Before he can arrive, the guard outside knocks on the door and he looks toward the entrance. "We might have visitors, love, but don't bestir yourself. Visitors coming here at this hour take their chances." He chuckles.

There's a bit of noise going on outside the Voice's door, which may be unusual for this hour of night. The sounds come muffled and break when one of Caedmon's guards comes in and short on his heels is the Duke of Lakeshire, not waiting proper for the guard to ask permission to allow the man to enter, willing the second guard to spear him through or some such thing if that was deemed necessary. Nylie was with him as well, albeit taken aback most like by the directness of the Kincaid. The first guard does turn with some measure of placing the shaft of a spear against his shoulder to restrain him a step, at least until the Voice and his wife can adjust to the sudden intrusion. Aidan speaks over the fuss of the Guards, "Baron Caedmon, Baroness Wenna," and he'll put his best face forward to show them a respectful gesture to their station, looking back for Lady Nylie to join him as the guard takes some small uncertain step back, "Forgive me for this unusual intrusion to the sanctity of your family suites at this hour. Yet I insisit, for the matter is most pressing and I would not allow the Lady Nylie to suffer the indignity of worry and lose sleep this night for what she has spoken to you of." He nods to the guard and will not move from the entry way of the room, showing his intent not to harm any within, not that the guard goes too far away from him.

The sister of the Voice was indeed with the Duke Kinciad that came calling at such an hour, a pair of Kilgour guard with her, her maid as was proper. They perhaps looking more taken back then the woman herself. Nylie was more worried and rather worn looking. It had been a sleepless night at sea, with the thunderstorm that had tracked with them til morning and then the emotionally charged and draining talks that had followed. Nylie hesitates as she steps into the doorway. Not even quite sure what words to possible offer in the moment, she only bows her head towards her brother and good-sister.

"They are lucky we are not in bed and are dressed, they do not need to see that much of our skin." Wenna says with some humor though she does sigh. She is not about to stir until she hears Aidan's voice and she takes a deep breath and slowly lets it out as she reaches for the crutches. She uses them to rise from where she is seated. She does not bother to close the surcoat as the undergown's material is thick enough to hide her form from the eyes of others. "Forgive me for not giving you a proper greeting, but please keep your voice down or you will awaken our signer, I just got her to bed again, and I will be cross if you wake her. " Her voice is quiet but firm. She offers a bow of her head to him and then her gaze goes to Nylie and she nods her head.

"Please both of you come in and be seated and do not shout across the room. Would you like some mulled cider there is also ginger bread?" She offers them in a gracious manner.

Caedmon nods to the zealous guards at the door. "We weren't expecting visitors but it is well enough," he grants tiredly to the guards. "Allow them to pass." When he hears the soft clatter of the crutches, he sets the tray on the table, and moves to offer a supporting arm to his wife. He studies Nylie for a moment, and inclines his head to her, "Good evening, sweet sister," he greets her. Then, he returns his attention to Aidan. "Your grace," he begins, shifting to a more formal, careful tone. "If the matter is most pressing, and it pertains to the betrothal, would you not do better by consulting his majesty? He is the head of the house. Any … difficulties would be his to resolve."

For the Duke of Lakeshire to break formalities completely is something completely unfounded, at least in current history. His jaw remains stiff and his eyes while they do quickly see to Wenna's invitation, averts back to the person of his current interest. He does move in, granting the Lady Nylie leave to do so first with a gesture to help sweep him back into the routine of properity and therefore maintain his temper. "Thank you, for I know this visit is most unexpected and surely you have no need to grant it-" and yet he's stepping in further, a light hand following behind Nylie to encourage her within. His tone is controlled though the intensity is clear, if only due to the circumstances behind it. For Caedmon direct he responds, "It would seem that it is not a difficulty that His Majesty can resolve, since you yourself, are indeed the reason for it." He nods to the offer but graciously denies them both, "I would not trouble you long Baronness and did not mean to put you out." A bit of a look back to Caedmon, "You caused a great upset to Lady Nylie and I would not have her brother enraged at her own choice in happiness. So, I am here to address any concerns you may have, for indeed, we're to be brothers." And oh how that comes out of his mouth so smoothly.

Nylie yet wore the same clothing as her brother had seen her in earlier, she was just more…tired. "Good evening, dear brother," come her soft greeting in return. A small nod going to Wenna to acknowledge the matter of keeping quiet so not to wake little Gwen. There had been a hitn of hestitation in accepting the offer to step in further, to have a seat but then Aidan is moving forward and making way for her to do such a thing, and thus Nylie does move towards the offered seats. A soft reponse coming to the offer of mulled cider and ginger bread,"No thank you. Please do enjoy of it yourself." Truthfully, Nylie needs more a bottle of brandy to curl up with and days to sleep. A soft breathe simply drawn when the matter is laid out, it was not a thing Callem could sort and by alrights it seemed beyond her to sort out as well.

Leaving Caedmon's embrace when she notices Adian's tight jaw and tightly controlled anger, Wenna moves a step back. Moss green eyes cast a look over towards the nursery. She moves quickly as she can to go and close the door as a low canine growl can be heard. When the door is shut she moves to stand next to Caedmon. e. She says nothing at the moment; instead she leans on her crutches and waits for a moment or two before she speaks. "I will wait until later to partake Lady Nylie. But your Grace, barging in here like this and demanding and accusing is not the way to start a conversation. First of all one thing that you should learn is never interfere with what happens between siblings and never try to play one against the other. Let us try this again, with a different tone. Perhaps Voice, I would like to speak with you about a few things that have come to light."

She then looks back to Nylie. "Lady Nylie, I am not certain what was said between you and your brother, but I would have hoped that you to could have found resolution as to what vexed you both, between yourselves before you this happened."
Long distance to Aidan: Nylie smiles. Of course you do.

When Wenna moves to close the door, and then positions herself behind him, Caedmon draws a slow breath. He shakes his head slightly and glances to Wenna. "When I left my sister's chambers, I thought that we had agreed that his majesty, as head of our house, should decide whether and how to conduct this betrothal," he answers in a level tone. He shifts his focus from Wenna to Aidan. "My sister and I discussed my concerns as a family matter," he confirms. "You are not my family and you are not my liege. I therefore need not answer to you until his majesty directs otherwise. If you have questions, I suggest that you address them to his majesty."

"Speak not to me about nevers Baroness, for such things do not exist when a man has come to behold something in life that gives him renewed sense of self. To see such a treasure of his heart wounded by those she holds dearest, strikes me as most important to seek resolution, nay, demand it, regardless of who it is and what ties they have," his tone is solid baritone, but the passion behind it can be heard. His gaze does snap toward Nylie as he says as much, noting her exhaustion, making him suddenly frown, "Lady Nylie, I will escort you back to your rooms, until such a time I can speak with your brother alone, when he is better prepared and there are less distractions."
He looks over at Caedmon directly, "Here," he moves and fishes something from his pocket to leave on the table, where it wobbles thus, "Give it back to me if only you think there can be a bridge to gap the distance and differences between us, for I do not wish to speak to you of betrothal arrangements but of acceptance, family and… if trust can be found to have a place between us. For there would be no justice in splitting our Houses further by this discord, when I would be so happy to live with Lady Nylie by my side." He takes a deep breath, anger no where to be found, "And note, that is the last thing my father gave to me, so I do not do this lightly… Do know, for my Lady, I would set aside fortune, titles, wealth and most easily my -life- … For life ceases to exist if I cannot spend it with her." The item, his lucky charm, the black Knight piece of his father's, the Lakeshire 'fate' piece if you so will it. It causes him a matter of instant upset at not having it in pocket. That's easy enough to see. The fate of future familiar bonds lies within that simple item. Then, with a steady breath, he turns then and offers an arm to Nylie, "Perhaps we shall share a glass of tea my Lady." She will know of the tea he speaks of, for it is the same she offered him when he was ill of insomina. "Good night-" he says shortly to the two and will help Nylie from the room to her own - under escort of guards, of course.

A soft breathe is drawn before Nylie addreses Wenna,"Baroness Wenna, I have tried, but the point of the matter is the vexation is that my brother and Duke Aidan do not seem to exactly get along, a point that causes issue to me with Callem having allowed me to have say to whom I will marry as he so allowed my brother. My brother has concerns and worries about the man I have chosen, ones I cannot myself wash away, a thing that causes me pain and worry, for I would not wish for the two men to be ad odds for they are two people that mean much to me and care so for me that it stirs them to such emotions in their desire to see me protected and happy. And thus it becomes more an issue between my brother and my future husband that must be worked out between them, for my words alone are not enough." While the woman would yet try all the same for having come, the fact of the matter is she is pale, worn and tired, exhausted both phyically and emotionally. And while she nods to Aidan as his offer,"I think I would need such, Aidan." But it would perhaps seem not as dire need of that tea in that moment for she wavers some upon her feet. A thing that one of her guards that has long been with her seems more than clued into as he is soon at her side, to offer support least she end up crumbling to the ground. None to soon either, for even as a hand had thought to take Aidan's offered arm it is soon falling away as she collapses into the guard. The man simply scooping her up, a thing it seems he has not done for the first time sadly for how easily he manage it. Giving a sharp nod of his head as he states,"I shall see her returned to her room." Nylie's maid already at the guard' side as the man simply turns on his heels to do just that and see the woman returned to her quarters.

"You are courting and are not married, she is still of house Kilgour and do not forget that, you have no right to order her about as she is still of this house, do I make myself clear your Grace." Wenna points out to the Duke in a gentle but firm manner. "As for distractions, you have not shown any courtesy in fact you barged in here like you owned the castle." There is a flash of light in her green eyes. "Lady Nylie, you have much to learn about your brother and much to learn about how to work out disagreements. For now this discord is of your own making, but it is one that can be soothed over." She stands there leaning against her crutches. She shakes her head at the two of them.

"If you would set aside your fortune, titles, and life for her, then you should not waste your time here," Caedmon urges. "And take your trinket with you. It seems to be of value to you, and while setting aside your fortune, you should not overlook such a valuable treasure." Then he nods to Wenna before he adds, "My wife is correct. Until you have won my sister's hand, she is a Kilgour, and, like me, not your vassal. Tread carefully. Good night."

For all that Wenna says, it earns no response from the Duke, for why should there be in a man's world? He denies her the privilege of earning any clarity from him or acknowledgement of such words. Though as for the trinket and the measure if it being returned, he simply nods and takes it back. "You are mistaken, for she is not a prize to be won, good Voice but she has already accepted a life with me as my wife. There is no game in this but what you make of it." A small measure of remiss as he shakes his head, "I shall deal strictly with the Head of your Household, the good King, and forgive me for wasting such efforts to assure the Lady Nylie that her future would not go entirely without her brother's blessings," a deep bow is made then, as he pockets the chess piece and turns at once to see Nylie taken care of, considering she had near fainted and was scooped up in the arms of a guard. His concern grows at once for it and following at a measured pace.

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