45th Thedor 229 : When Realizations Come to Late

When Realizations Come to Late
Summary: Nylie and Eoin have a talk of the future and what will be and cannot be
OOC Date: 14/2/2014 (OOC)
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Eoin Nylie 
Trueborn Bailey Gardens - Sutherland
Well above the barbican, this is a wide sloping bailey manicured into lovely gardens. It is surrounded by a thick crenelated wall with room for men to run and shoot from the top and interspersed with five stone towers to protect it. Outside the bailey walls, on most sides, are steep cliffs that fall down the side of the mountain. A huge oak tree adorns the bailey with a fresh water well and and reflecting pool. A cobbled drive leads up to the inner gate. Many paths meander through the sloping gardens with benches, smaller flowering and fruit trees, roses, arbors, flowers and knotwork herb beds. There is even a swing hung below the oak.

The keep itself is set higher up at the top of the mountain above the bailey. Those who wish to enter must pass through one last major gate flanked by towers.

It is day 45 of the month of Thedor, 229 2E

The long awaited wedding had come and gone, finally. Many were taking the day to recover from the celebration and the servants about the keep had done well to get things back into order. There was always gossip and chatter after such events, such as how lovely the bride looked, the present that had been given out, how the King had given escort to Princess Nima to the event and how Duke Kinciad had done similar for the Lady Kilgour. The Lady herself had spent much of the reception playing as often occured, a few dances given out to those who ventured to ask and there had been time spent with the King as well. Though for now, she had taken to a walk within the gardens that had held the very celebration, lingering on around the small pond that was there away from the final clean up being done. A pair of maids not far away with a pair of guards as well, it seeming the woman was 'better' watched on this trip then when in Darfield.

With troubling news from the west Eoin is up in the castle wards in the hope of words with his sister, but finding her indisposed he is now back down into town to try and find his cousin the Count. It's not until he passes the reflecting pool that he spots the Kilgour party and breaks his stride to head in that direction instead. He may be tired and concerned, but that doesn't mean he's going to pass up the opportunity for a social conversation rather than a business one. Especially not with someone who's ocmpany he actually enjoys.

It is perhaps a movement of one of her guards that Nylie notices first, but her gaze follows to where they look and her gaze is soon upon Eoin, a sight that causes an easy smile to come. She did enjoy his company, there had always just been something comfortable in being about him. And that he found humor in snowmen and leaping fish styled along the beach certainly didn't help. A gentle bow of her head was offered to him,"Lord Eoin, I was not certain I would have chance to see you before the return trip was to be started."

Eoin returns Nylie's smile with one of her own and, once he's close enough, a slight bow of his head. "Lady Nylie, I trust the day finds you well?" Coming to a halt he slips his hands around his belt and barely resists the urge to glance towards the docks as she mentions the return trip. "The logistics of just that are on of the things that I must sort today," he starts, "there might be a need to send ships west but that I must discuss with Captain Mowbray, and like as not a few others as well. Possibly even try and get my Cousin and Duke Kincaid to agree on something." Now there's a task fit to give anyone a headache at the best of times. "I am glad to have found you here though, for as of yet I do not know in which direction I will be sailing."

"Aye, it does find me so. It has been relaxing in truth, with the events behind there seems rush to things. And packing is not difficult at all." Especially since she is well practiced at it, and well her maids as well. Nylie gives a slight nod,"I am certain you will see to our safe return, no matter which direction you come to sail." There is a mild shake of her head at mention of the pair but there is an offer made,"If you would aid in that endevour, I would offer what help I can…especially since it would be for the best of our Kingdom. I have some experience in handling…negotiations as it were."

"I am glad to hear that," Eoin starts, "although I fear yself that relaxing won't come until I have the wind at my back again. It is no offence to the Duke, or his hospitality, but I would rather be away from here and back to more important matters. Which ever direction they happen to be in." He pauses there though, as if aware that he's potentially said something wrong, and dips his head slightly in apology, "I'm sorry, I mispoke. I know your cousin's marriage is important for both your house and the Kingdom as a whole, I just…" he gets a little lost for words there and attmepts to ake up for it by vaguely gesticulating with one hand before giving up and sticking with the simple, "forgive me." Then, moving swift on, he offers a faintly relieved look at the offer she makes and replies, "for now, until more is know, I think the best any of us can do is try to keep heads clear and minds focused. Reactions made in anger on rumour alone will do more halm than good."

Nylie inclines her head with a faint smile,"I understand what you mean, there is not need to apologize, my lord. It is important but there are many important things that must be seen to, none that should be neglected and in lingering here there is the feeling that other important matters are not given the attention they need. For yourself, you attention is turned more to the safety of the Kingdom and what threats the seas might bring. And every moment left here, waiting for the merriment to pass, is a moment that could have been spent considering the options, better securing the defenses, amongst many other things. " Nylie nods in agreement to his words that come next,"I would agree. It is best to keep a clear head, to discover the facts of a situation before allowing reaction to come, rumors are oft wrong and need further investigation. And to act in anger…we cannot take back the damage done."

Eoin looks perhaps faintly relieved to have not caused major offence, then asks, "my Lady, I have been on my feet for most of he day, and expect to continue o far a while yet. Would you mind awefully if we sat?" There are several benches in sight and he tilts his head every so slightly towards the closest. As for the rest of what she says though he nods slowly, "I agree entirely. I hope the good feeling of the past few days will help keep tempers in check, but I am sadly not able to find myself willing to rely on that to be the case, escpecially once the return to Darfield is underway."

Nylie blinks a moment before she gives a quick shake of her head,"No, of course, I should not mind." Easily turning to drift towards the bench he had indicated, her 'watchers' keeping an eye upon her with the change. A hand smoothing her skirts out once the bench is reached and she settles, eyes turning up to him when he moves to join her. "I should imagine, a few days at best. Some no doubt, never truly were put aside, only checked out of respect for the bride and groom, their Houses. With more departing at once, it will likely be best to ensure certain groupings upon the ships are avoided. Though I know there are those who travel differently, such as Count Aldren and his plans to go to Greenshire."

Eoin takes his own seat on the bench at a distance that should cause no conern for the watchers. He kicks his feet out the stretch his legs but his hands are kept very much to himself. "I think, perhaps, that my Cousins plans there might be a blessing, he will be in place to deal with whatever might be occuring swiftly and hopefully thus end it. Captain Mowbray has charge of the leevied fleet in those waters and I am hoping that he will be already making moves to do what needs done." Once more though he pauses, then dips his head momentarilly, before glancing back with a faint smile. "I fear I must beg your forgiveness once more though my Lady. Here we sit on a day like this, readying to return to the cold and the snow, and all I can do is laiden your ears with burdens. Tell me, have you liked it here?"

"I believe he was planning to see to finalizing some things though had wish to speak with you on a matter," Nylie noting in way of explaination,"I saw him for a brief time this morning." A small nod comes on the matter of his Cousin,"Hopefully so, he does usually seem to have his mind about him and being close will be able to see things resolved as needed. That and I do know he has long wished to return to Greenshire, as have many who have spent much of the winter in Darfield." Nylie smiles softly,"You are forgiven as always, even if forgivenness is not needed. I should not mind to listen, I know it is not often easy to find someone who can. Though, aye, I have enjoyed the time here. The turn of spring has been a thing enjoyed, while I do not mind the snow, I do miss the warm weather. I do admit, I look forward to returning to Darfield, if only so I might have chance to speek to my brother if he has not already set to Greenshire himself."

"That is good to know," Eoin replies with a faint nod, "I will have to try and track him down as well. I expect he will have everything in hand though." There's another nod at the mention of Aldren but it's then the weather he chooses to actually comment on. "Yes, your Darfield winters are quiet something for the uninitiated. I am afraid that I must confess to having enjoyed the sun on my back this past week or so and to looking forward to a time when it is once more a daily occurance." Even though that will bring war on a larger scale. "I am afraid I am not versed in your brother's schedule," he admits with a faint shrug, "nor was I aware he was planning on travelling this spring. Although he had said he would try to make the autumn festival, along with Wenna." Finally he offers a faint smile to her as she mentions listening, "aye, it can be hard sometimes, but I would rather not have our conversations consist entirely of it when there is so much else that could be discussed. Your playing for example. Will you and my sister be entering the bardic contest and if so together or separate? I think I like the idea of the former, although I must confess that that may be inpart so I won't have to feel guilty about not being able to offer the both of you my fullest support."

A soft chuckles comes from Nylie,"My Darfield winters? I am not sure I would call them, or Darfield mine exactly. The wayward travels of mine have not made it so there is much of a place that is mine exactly." She does nod to agree,"I shall enjoy to see more of the sun, after the two years in Aberdeen, the winter was a bit rough. Especially to have returned just in time for it." There is a faint nod,"I had thought to see him here, but I am guessing that business kept him from coming. But when we had last spoke, he said that he and Wenna were to travel to Greenshire, something about wishing to catch the spring fetival as well it sounded like. " Nylie smiles,"We have planned to join together, so you will not have need to worry about supporting one over the other. Though with everything this past week, we have not quite settled upon which piece we shall perform for it. Hopefully we can decide upon that as we travel back or soon after." There is a pause, a hesitation as Nylie looks down to her hands as they lay folded in her lap before looking up again to Eoin,"I do not know if you are aware or not, of the designs of your sister, more so Count Aldren, where it concerns us and their observations that we seem to not mind each other's company."

"Your family's then," Eoin replies with a smile, "Darfield is their seat after all. Aberdeen I have not seen extensively, but I have heard many a tale, some from more reliable sources than others of course." Sailors tales mostly, so nt to be trusted as far as they can be thrown, but entertaining in their own way. "I am glad you find your talents match so well, and assuming I sail northwards tomorrow, I look forward greatly to your performance. Do you know though, if the Dutchess," and by extension, his sister, "is planning on returning to Darfield so soon?" Noting the pause he frowns faintly, and is about to enquire of the reason when the question is answered before he can ask it. Expression serious a moment he nods slowly, "in part at least I think. I noted Beth's intention that time back in Darfield when she invited you to play an dme to listen, Aldren I heard make an off hand reference I think, I am afraid I can not remember the full details. I noted your," he pauses a moment as he tries to find the right word, then settles on "discomfort though, and asked them both to cease." Concern and perhaps a spot of worry crosses his features as he asks, "have they not? Have they upset you?"

"I think you would not mind it, with being an island Kingdom, sailing and the sea is very much part of their lives and culture. I should think it would suit you in many ways." Nylie gives a small nod,"We do seem to perform well together, it helps she seems to enjoy to sing, it allows a compliment of instrument and voice to occur. And aye, I believe there was plan to return soon as Duke Ronan had spoken of competing in the tournament. I do not know if there was to be delay and arrival in time for what events he wished for. But I know he and Duke Kinciad are also close, so Duke Ronan may also have wish to support his uncle."

There is a small smile to Eoin before Nylie says,"They both spoke directly to me on the topic and what they would wish to see happen, Wenna as well. It sounds as if perhaps they were more…forward with me…than you on the matter. They have, least I believe so." Wenna is always an unknown there really. "Though, no, it was not so much that they upset me, certainly not Elisabeth, I do not think she meant anything that morning truly. It was just a reminder, as…" Nylie draws a small breathe before going on," well they were not the only ones trying to match me around and plan. It was just a touch of a reminder of the frustrations over it all, and being at Court so long."

Eoin nods to the remarks about Aberdeen, and those about the Kincaids' upcoming tournements, but it's clear that now his main focus is on the other thread of conversation. Shifting a little so his body is angled more towards her so he can face her without straining his neck he listens in silence as she explains, then considers for a few moments. Looking to her for a moment he dips his head once more, "I apologise then, my lady, for the actions of my family in causing you that discomfort." Then, looking back up to her once more, "I hope then, that my pervious words have settled the matter, but should that not be the case, please, keep me informed. I confess that I enjoy your company and wish you to be happy, but if you end up being bothered then I will have words where they are needed."

"Thank you for the apology, and it is accepted, but please know, I have never thought their actions or….meddling..was at your wishes. And it is ever more clear that it was perhaps at times against them." Nylie shifts a touch as well to face him more as they talk upon this topic,"I admit that I have long enjoyed your company as well and have valued the time we have spent together. I enjoy that our conversations may go as they will without true worry. I have found myself to be comfortable about you, it is not something I find happens often." Nylie draws a small breathe,"I believe the matter shall be settled, though not to their liking. As someone has spoken to Callem about me and he has given them his consent for the details to be pursued, an announcment to be made once they have been finalized." As is the way of those things. "Admittedly, I find myself a little…" there are just so many words that would really fit, and she pauses trying to find the right one,"…dazed and off balanced. I admit..I had hoped to speak to you about the words had with them, I just had not thought there would be this as well. But I should rather speak of it then have you hear of rumors and gossip." There is a measure of concern in her expression.

Nodding briefly to the comments about Aldren and Elisabeth, Eoin is then caught entirely off guard by the news that comes next. Speachless would be a good word for it, for it takes him a good few moments before he can pull his thoughts into any kind of reational order again. He's almost srpings to his feet and starts to pace, but that at least he does manage to keep under control. Still looking perhaps faintly lost he looks back to her and states awkwardly. "I.. thank you, My Lady.. for telling me. You are right, I do not think I would have liked to have heard through such means." He stops again there, mind clearly racing in circles, "forgive me, if this is forward, but I fear you have just proven to me something which I have perhaps been slow to realise, but," he looks her dead in the eye, "is that what you want? I mean, if it's a political match I know your brother has vowed.." and there he stops once more. He just doesn't have the words.

The concern lingers on in Nylie's expression as she watches him, he had come to mean something in her life, the short span that perhaps it had been. But she does wait for him to speak, giving him time to process what she has said. Her hands unclasp briefly, one drifting and just briefly touching to his as she watches on as his mind races about what thoughts may have come for him. "It will be viewed as political, of that I have no doubt." There is a slight hesitation, but Nylie does match his gaze,"I believe I will find happiness that I have long not had within it." Something more exists in her eyes for a moment as she keeps that gaze with him, something unspoken. Though his other words cause a faint flicker of surprise, perhaps not for what they are, but that he says them, for she says softly,"I know what my brother has vowed. He does not know of this." There was reason she needed to speak to her brother, to catch him soon.

Eoin is steadying himself more as time goes on, but it's still taking a while for him to process just what is being said, and possibly more importantly, not said. A deep breath or two helps, thats for certain, and then he asks again, quietly but with the beginnings of some purpose, "is it what you want?" He offers a hand, for one of her's if she'll accept it. "Please, if it is then tell me now and I will accept it but if not, if you do not like him, if you do not wish to be wed at all, if there is another.." no, he can't quite finish that one either, but he hopes his meaning is clear.

Even if her eyes perhaps leave the steady gaze that had been held, Nylie's gaze does not stray from him. There a few breathe of her own being taken, she had not figured it would be easy. The offered hand is taken, her's slowly slipping into it. "It is what I want, Callem has only consented because I agreed to the request." Her eyes drop to look at their hands a moment before she continues, speaking softly,"It was a thing unexpected. But I wish for it now that it has happened. Though, I think if it had not…" her voice trails off as her eyes look back to him. A small squeeze of her hand given. "I do value our time together, Eoin."

With the answer given, Eoin struggles for a few moments to keep her gaze before eventually dropping it to save what's left of his composure. A faint nod is given, to acknowledge the squeeze of her hand, then he gives one back in return before finally trusting himself to look back up. "In that case then, I wish you all the happiness the Gods can provide." The words are hard for him it's clear, and he squeezes her hand back before he starts to push himself to his feet. "Thank you, once again, for telling me. I fear though, that there are many things I should be doing before we sail." Mostly being somewhere else that is.

There is a soft,"Thank you," when his wish for happines comes. Nylie returning that final squeeze he had given to her hand before he had taken to rising, their hands falling away. Rising moments later herself,"Aye, of course, I should be returning to see to what details need to be taken care of before the return. If I would not see you before we set sail, be safe and may the Gods watch over you, my Lord." A small bow of her head made as he departs. Though likely to stay where she is until he has gone.

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