29th of Alasair, 229 2E: When Cousins Fight

When Cousins Fight
Summary: It gets lively down the docks sometimes, especially when nobles are pissed off at each other.
OOC Date: 15/Sep/2014
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Darfield Docks - City of Stormvale
At the edge of the water, a fair sized port has been built up over years. There are berths for ships, from larger schooners to small fishing vessels. There is a large pier that stretches out into the water, built for even larger ships there may be or for when the port is extraordinarily busy. The pier is large enough for four or five to walk abreast, a feat of ingenuity that might have borrowed from Weston experience. Around the dock, the ground is rocky with only a few hardy weeds daring to poke their heads up. The smell of salt from the ocean permeates the air here.
29th of Alasair, 229 2E

Eoin has had one of those days. Back and forth between the castle, the docks and the manor for hours means he's tired and irritable. Right now he's heading down to the docks, from the manor, cloak hood up over his face in an effort to avoid interactions with as many people as possible.

Aldren too, as far as the hood and least amount of interaction as possible at least. He has plain pants on but his cloak is a bit finely tailored. Though a new addition is with him, a cane. He hobbles along now from the direction of Kincaid street. Seemingly towards the sea road it seems. A keen observer would catch the shadow of a ranger upon his heels back in the crowd a bit. But he is not near and most folks would not pick up on it.

Eoin is, it turns out, not far beind his cousin. Spotting the ranger first he notes the man's presence but pushes on to the hooded figure of the Count. Once he's close enough to be within speaking range he shifts his hood back with one hand as he calls out, "Aldren! A moment." Accelerating so he can get just infront of the other he turns to face him. Clear now of the hood hat had covered it his expression suggestions that he might be just a tiny bit annoyed about something, an impression thats likely solidified as he balls his fist and swings it solidly at Aldren's face.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Eoin=melee Vs Aldren=defense
< Eoin: Good Success Aldren: Good Success
< Net Result: Aldren wins - Marginal Victory

Perhaps Aldren noticed the look on his face, or his fist, either way he manages to step back quickly enough to avoid the sailors fist. "You lousy fuck." He mumbles as he favors one leg. The ranger rushes forward but the Count holds up his cane stopping the man. "Stay back." He says. Shunning the finely crafted ornate wooden object he cracks his neck. "You can explain yerself' in a moment." His rougher Granarian speech comes out now as he snarls and rushes forward aiming to end any chance his cousin has of producing any heirs with a foot raised high towards the groin.

Aldren spends 1 luck points on I AM A CHEATER!!!!.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Aldren=melee+50 Vs Eoin=defense
< Aldren: Great Success Eoin: Great Success
< Net Result: Aldren wins - Marginal Victory

Eoin swears, loudly, as his punch goes wide. Seems he's picked up some colourful language while at see and now believes the docks need an education in it. He's focused enough on Aldren that the rnager is entirely forgotten about as he all but bellows back, "me? I'm hardly the one who needs to explain themselves! Tell me Your Excellency, which of us is it that is exploiting those worst affected by this war in order to line their own pockets?" He possibly should have stopped after 'explain themselves', as his prolonged rant means he doesn't quite fully get out of the way of that kick. It's not going to do any serious damage, but there's a definite wince as it hits. No more blows come form him, not just yet, but he does point a finger rather accusatorially in Aldren's face, "I thought you a better man than this Cousin, I really did. Tell me, do you still plan to lower the tariffs on leaf so you can get high while those defending our border with Laniveer starve?!"

Victoria is the ranger that was in the back, since she is definitely no man, but she will allow the gents to fight their own battles, her skills not meant for things such as catfights. Plus it's amusing to see what will happen. She will step alongside the ranger that was stopped, leaning in to murmur something, stark blue eyes taking in the scene. She'll step in when it gets serious.

The Count looks incredulously to the man. "I take my Stewards advice on this!" He is shouting too so all of Stormvale can get in on the inner workings. "Trade price fluctuates every year. I can not help we had a bad season. The price goes up for all! As for Leaf I've no idea what you are talking about. We barely even trade any of it. How would I control the price on a Skyy Forrest good?!?!" He seems fairly confused by the whole thing. "I promise it is not my pockets being lined. Once our own County takes it's winter stores the entire realm might starve. The price will drive itself up if not taxed fairly from the beginning." He spits at the ground by his cousins feet now. "And do not pretend to harbor some great love for Lakeshire all of a sudden. We both know what it is there you seek to defend. And it is not the border." He throws back at him.

Eoin thrusts his finger in Aldren's face once more, he's certainly upclose and personal, but right now he doesn't seem like he's about to immediately swing again. "How you change your tune Cousin!" he spits back. "You talked of taking the Duke's coin and of lowering the import on leaf, you said so infront of myself and you said so infront of the Lord Voice. Or had you forgotten that?" The insinutation at the end has a marked effect though, and he takes a step forward until he's practically toe-to-toe with Aldren. His voice lowers, and he replies through tightly gritted teeth, "I've been defending the boarder for months now, or had you forgotten that too? If Lakeshire falls how long do you think it'll take until the Lani reach us here? How long before they start battling in the Lake? How long cousin? I defend Lakeshire because defending Lakeshire defends the Kingdom. They're the front line and you promised them aid. Do you reneg on that promise now? Will you continue weaken them as the Lani assaults have done? Are you truely honourless enough to stab the front line in the back while it's struggling to right itself?" He forces himself to stop there, knowing full well that if he continues words will be said that can not be taken back.

Victoria doesn't seem to worried, she's actually surprised they haven't dragged out the gloves yet and begun slapping each other in earnest. She will step forwards, hands no where near her weapons, hands coming up to press to either mans shoulder to grip firmly, fingertips squeezing down as the tall woman curves a rather dour smile, "My Lords, as entertaining as this is, you are both out in the open and there hundreds of eyes and ears trained on you both at the moment. I suggest you take this to your ship, my Lord Admiral and into your cabin to suss this out."

"I did not promise anything." And if he did his not so daft to admit such a thing with onlookers beginning to encircle them. "I merley said it would not be the worse thing if the price were lowered. What I spoke of was allowing the Skyy Forrest Tarrifs to remain unchanged as a /dowry/ for my sister. Such things as marriage do not come cheaply." He is scowling now as Eoin is in his face with that finger. " Lord Shepard struck those deals. And they have been being honored as far as I am aware. But the upcoming harvest is lacking. The burden must be shouldered by all. If I thought Lakeshire a poor Duchy I would rest it somewhere else. Do not forget Weston is on the front as well. They too will pay, That is the way of things. As I said, if not properly taxed Bastards such as the Lead coin company will swallow it up and the price will be thrice what it is when people truly start starving." Or at least that is his story. Sticking to it, ya' know? He looks To Vic now with his mouth hard lined but says naught.

Dandy walks down the docks from his house, headed for his ship at the end of the Peir. Its been soeme time since he set foot on the Darkstar.. two days at most, wanting to make sure his crew's not dismantled the ship in his absense. He spots Victoria and the two nobles and arches a brow at the confrontation that seems to be going on. He recognizes both men and tilts his hat to avoid looking over at Aldrens' direction as having a bad experience with the noble a time back.

"You might want to make sure you're Steward knows that then," Eoin replies in response to the comments about the promised aid, "for it would seem that cmmunication is lacking somwhere onthat score and I would hate to think you dishonoured our House and County on a misunderstanding." So far he's not acknowledged Victoria's presense, nor words, at all bar a faint grimace as she clamped her hand on his shoulder, but now he turns to her, voice low and without half of the venom aimed at Aldren. Straightening his shoulders a little he replies at a more conversational volume, that shouldn't travel even half as far, "the Grace is a gift from the king, to be used to defend his kingdom. Those who act to weaken it, through either greed or malice, are not welcome on her deck." He doens't look to Aldren at that, he figures they're both bright enough to work out who he's talking to, but instead turns away and starts to walk.

Victoria's blue eyes narrow a bit, though with mostly distilled humor, dimples in her smile perking up, "Well, it's your ship, my Lord, and unless the King himself says that a conversation must occur upon it, that is your prerogative." Then a look to Aldren as she releases her grip on Eoin, not about to stop him from walking away, instead focusing on the man who pays her, "Perhaps it's in your wisdom, Lord Haravean, to strike up a meeting of the minds on things that have become clouded."

"Instead, make sure the Duchess knows it. Then in turn, you will know it as they have been receiving aid from the orchards of Ashenfell for some months now." At the last part he snarls. "Yes, why don't you put to sea and keep on with the defending." He turns as well now and leans down to pick up his cane as a nasty sweat breaks upon his brow. When he stands again he turns to Victoria, "I think not. My cousin knows litle of such things. I have been at this for years, only now is it becoming clouded for some reason. It makes little difference to me though. Come. I need a drink." Wiping that moisture away now he shrugs and begins to head back down the street, his limp still apparent.

Dandy continues on his way doing his best to avoid the agruing nobles. His eyes casting a quick glance over to the trio… now duo.. as Its seems Lord Eoin is moving away from Alren. Dandy adjust course to avoid running into the irritated nobleman, but is able to catch a look at Victoria someone he's not sen in a long while. Dandy stares for abit as realizes just how her eyes have changed and nearly runs into a post that supports the docks. "damn it. " as Dandy slows and moves around the post on his way to the Darkstar.

Victoria grunts softly, keeping her thoughts as she follows along with the limping man, crooking a finger over her shoulder to draw the other ranger to follow them both, her cloak fettering in the wind that cruises over the area, tall boots firmly stepping to the ground, "Of course, Lord Haravean. A drink."

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