29 Inuov , 228: What Would Such Efforts Gain Us?

What Would Such Efforts Gain Us?
Summary: The Marshall and the Admiral clash over how best to react to the latest news of the missing Baron and Baroness.
OOC Date: 18/Dec/2013
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Tyrel Eoin 
Throne Room - Darfield Castle
The feature of the Throne Room of Darfield Castle that draws most eyes immediately is the magnificent throne, raised on a dais at the far end of the room. The Kilgour Family coat of arms, passed down from father to son through the centuries, occupies a place of honor above the royal throne. A rug of purple softens the path across the white marble floor, swirling patterns picked out in glinting silver thread. To each side of the rug, stand tall silver vases of Stargazer Lilies and Irises, their heady scent drifting through the air. The cool marble walls have been draped with mingling swathes of purple and silver silk, with touches of white for smooth contrast. Set about the room, tall silver candelabras hold long purple tapers, their soft glow gleaming on the rug and silks. On the balcony above, more swathes of purple and silver silk have been draped, shimmering with a scattering of silver glitter. More glitter is dusted across the marble floor, and over the soft petals of the flowers.
29 Inuov , 228

Tyrel is seated in a chair a tier down from the throne itself. He looks regal and composed but the creases in his clothing show that he has been at this for some time. A number of representatives of civil and military interests have come to speak to the Crown Prince.
Tyrel wears light leathers sewn with mail and a silken doublet of purple and silver. His hair is held down by a fine crown and his sword rests across his knees.

Eoin has hotfooted it down from the Haravean suite once Aldren had shared his news, as such, the Lord Admiral is not in what one might consider court finery, but nor is he slumming it either. Striding purposefully into the throne room he brings himself up at the appropriate distance from where the Crown Prince sits and offers a deep bow, and hand going to his chest as is customary. "Your Royal Highness," he then states, having had chance to steady his breathing from the quick trip down here, then he cuts straight to the chase, "we can sail the tide, there are enough hours yet for teh required preperations. Navigation will be tricky once we get close to the Isle due to the days of darkness, but conversely it will also enable us to approach without being spotted. What ships can not recall their crews and make ready this evening can follow in the morn."

Tyrel looks over at Eoin, he studies him for a few moments then says, "I imagine you could, but what would such efforts gain us?"
Tyrel rises from his chair and tugs at his attire as he gives Eoin time to expound. He walks to the sideboard and picks up a fresh bottle of wine. He breaks the wax then works the cork loose and takes a drink directly from the bottle. He reseats himself bottle in hand.

To say that that is not quite the reaction Eoin had been expecting would be somewhat of an understatement. He mistakes those few moments of study as ones of contemplating the logistics of his plan, and is a bit taken aback by the question that is then posed. Surprise and confusion both register before he replies quickly "why, the return of the Voice and his wife Your Highness." He just about manages to mention Wenna by way of her new Kilgour link, rather than 'my cousin' which perhaps doesn't carry the same level of weight when it's affairs of state that are at hand.

Tyrel says, "The Baron and Baroness have already secured their return, or so it has been reported to me, and while I should very much like to raze their islands to rubble I will wait until word has been received from the Baron that he requires such measures be taken or we do not receive word back from him at all." He takes another sip of the wine then says, "Go and fetch a bottle of wine." He indicates the bottles he just selected one from, "Drink a mouthful, then provide me with the reasons why you should not take the ships to the Finger Isles."

Eoin listens silently, albeit somewhat impatiently, to Tyrel's response. While he can sort of see the angle he's coming from, he looks far from convinced for now. A quick glance is taken in the direction of the wine, but he gives a faint shake of his head, "thank you, for your kind hospitality Your Highness, but I am well enough watered." That and he doesn't want to be sailing while intoxicated, not in the darkness. "You must forgive me," he then starts, only just taking enough time to formulate his response in a fitting manner, "but what reason do we have to rust this ship that has miraculusly appeared? I'm informed that the note is in the good Baron's hand, but would have to agree with the assessment that the words are not his. Sending ships is the only way to find the truth of the matter." He pauses briefly there, then decides to finish off anyway, however abrupt it may sound. "The word misunderstanding was used Your Highness, a misunderstanding that leaves four of the Roiga dead on our own soil, with at least one taken by lethal posion on a bolt of a kind used by pirates. Tell me, please, what other course of action we have?"

Tyrel says, "That was not a request or hospitality, go and have a mouthful of wine then provide the reasons why those ships should not sail." He takes another drink from his bottle, "I wish to hear that the man that is entrusted with the ships understands their importance." He sets the bottle down then rests his eblows on the arms of his chair, he presses his fingertips together steepling his fingers as he watches Eoin.

Eoin is not up to the stage of setting his jaw yet, but he doesn't look particularly happy at the instruction. He does it though, picking an bottle that is largely unremarkable bar it's relative low strength. A mouthful is taken, then the bottle is replaced before he moves back to where he had previously stood. "I understad their importance Your Highness, never fear that," he starts, "with the Lanniver navy unbroken our own waters need protecting more than ever and there are patrol squadrons out keeping what eye then can in these conditions. This is not however, the weather for a large maritime assault. Their admiral will know that as well as I. Small raids perhaps, but moving a number of the ships we have at dock will do nothing or embolden those." He's keeping his voice calm, reasoned and balanced as he says all that, but as he moves backonto the subject of the Isles then hints of his previous passion start ot slip through once more. "The reasons not to sail are simple. We lack the courage to stand up and say 'no, that is not acceptable', we lack the strength to make out point, or we simply do not believe that the Baron and Baroness are worth the effort. Personally Your Highness, I do not believe either of those three."

Tyrel says, "You have left out a considerable number of reasons, Lord Eoin. Let us start with that the letter from the Baron did not include instruction that he required such action be taken and that he indicates he is negotiating to our benefit. Let us follow with that the information regarding the location of the Baron comes from the same man who delivered that letter and waits to take four of our finest to the company of the Baron. You wish to doubt the authenticity of only that information which would prevent you from sailing but assume the location he gave was truthful." Tyrel takes another drink then continues, "Additionally the patrols you have set, without emptying the harbor, left gap enough for the Baron and Baroness to be abducted by ship and carried away, potentially to the Finger Isles. If we have spare ships in harbor they should be set to strengthening the demonstrably weak patrols. I think it also reasonable to assume that if the Baron and Baroness were held on the Finger Isles they would anticipate a retaliation and call in their ships and lie in wait. Which means you would be leading our ships into a trap. Lastly if the Baron and Baroness are held in the Finger Isles and you manage to win your way into their harbor you would need to lay seige to a fortification for some time without endagering them or causing those that hold them to simply execute them. If I require reason from you again and you provide me a thinly veiled attempt to goad me and insult me I will dismiss you from the military, I will excuse you of it this time as it is your family at stake but I recommend you take that bottle, go and finish it and when your head clears rethink your position."

"We have spare in the harbour Your Highness," Eoin replies, working overtime to keep any hint of the irritation that always accompanies being lectured on naval tactics by landsmen out of his voice, "because communicating with a ship ir remarkably difficult once she has sailed. Those ships that are fast and light patrol while the rest sit ready to respond. If I send them all out then it might takes days, or even weeks to reassemble them into a fleet, and I doubt that any opposing ships would do us the kindness to wait." If it was Lorcan he was speaking with, he'd have added more given the pair have butted heads over similar issues before, but given it's the Crown Prince he leaves it there, simple and informative. Or so he hopes at least. As for the rest? He has to grudgingly admit that there are a few good points in there, but from the set of his jaw it's apparent that there are some other bits he'd quite like to challenge too, probably more of the latter. In fact, but the time the suggestion of taken the bottle is voice he's nigh-on scowling. Whatever choice words are runiing through his head though, all he says is, "Very good then Your Highness, I will however, prepare the fastest ship I can spare to track them once they depart again. The dark days will be to our advantage in that at least."

Tyrel considers for a few moments, "Send the fastest ship we have to accompany that which sales with the message. Do it openly. If they are earnest then it will be a simple manner of joining them on their way to the finger isles, if they are false then our ship should have little difficulty running back to us once it becomes obvious they do not make for the finge isles. I will not be seen to be skulking about after them. That ship can also serve to return the Baron and Baroness to us if things go better than could be hoped for."

Eoin also takes a moment to consider, but with the conversation now being firmly back in the realm of doing, rather than not doing, his jaw relaxes a little. "My concern with sending one ship openly Your Highness," he states, very businesslike and matter-of-fact, "is that if they do prove false, and we have good reason to believe they might, then all they needs do is meet with another or sail elsehwere and our's will be forced to return. We'd loose our one lead back. Send one openly and one running behind, with it's lanterns doused, so we have defense against such basic a deception." Tyrel's final comment is greeted with a questioning eyebrow though and he seeks clarification by asking, "better than could be hoped for?" He's hoping that it's just meant as a remark about the likelyhood of the ship being true, and not that he's missed some other twist in this tale.

Tyrel nods, "Aye, Lord Eoin, it is almost foolhardy to hope that the Baron and Baroness will be returned without difficulty. So I have set my hopes on their return after some negotiation that secures their safety." He takes a moment to consider the potential ruses then says, "You may send a second ship. See that the first which will travel openly has a speed to match that which the message will travel on but is outfitted in such a manner that the Baron and Baroness can return upon it in comfort and safety. The second can be the fleeter type."

Eoin replies at first with only a brief upnod as he mentially processes the new instructions and compares the requirements with available ships. It's only a moment or two though before he responds properly. "I know a vessel that will suit well enough for the former" he states, nodding slowly as things come together in his head, "and a couple of options for the later." Straightening himself once more into a more formal stance he finishes with, "with your leave then Your Highness, I will go see to the preparations."

Tyrel nods, "Of course, Lord Eoin. Be certain you have one of the maids of the household gather some of Wenna's clothing and jewelry to supply the ship. If things should go well I would not wish her ire for failing to bring her such niceities as she requires."

"I will see it done," Eoin confirms with a nod. He's half tempted to make a quip about not wishing Wenna's ire on his worst enemies, but right now, that's certainly not true. Finding himself with nothing further to say he raises his hand to his chest and bows once more, then takes a half pace backwards before turning on his head and striding out with almost the same degree of determination he'd arrived with.

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