14 Alisair, 229 E: What Kind of Man Are You

What Kind if Man Are You?
Summary: After her blow up on the beach with Baron Huntingdon, Nerissa decides to beat a practice dummy to a pulp, only to be interrupted by the Baron himself who offers her a live man to beat on, instead.
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14 Alisair, 229 E

A couple hours after Nerissa stormed off from the beach, her maid can be found, sitting on a bench and looking quite winded. She holds a cloak in her hands, not even watching her mistress. The guard stand at attention, making sure he's nearby, but not actually watching directly as the 'young man' in the hood and leather jerkin beats at a practice dummy with two wasters, one of a long dagger length, and the other a short sword length. The strikes are a combination of beginner's fury lashing out, with a few solid cuts of decent form punctuating the flurry of blows.

Brennart has taken the time to calm himself down get changed into his training gear and head out to the training grounds… He's got his bastardsword sized waster and spotting the beginner's fury and walks over towards the young "man", "Care to hit a target that moves a bit more? Keep in mind that I will be fighting back."

The guard lifts a hand in warning as Brennart approaches and makes his offer as he's become of aware of how his charge's temper has changed in the past few months. Hopefully it's enough to put the Baron on his guard as his voice in her ears serves as oil on a fire. She spins, and without hesitating she launches her attack on the person that she's been imagining the dummy to be.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Nerissa=blades Vs Brennart=defense-1
< Nerissa: Success Brennart: Good Success
< Net Result: Brennart wins - Solid Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Brennart=blades Vs Nerissa=defense
< Brennart: Good Success Nerissa: Failure
< Net Result: Brennart wins - Solid Victory

Brennart goes immediately onto the defensive at first parrying away her angry strikes. After a bit of parrying and getting his footing down he strikes her blades down and goes onto the offensive.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Nerissa=throwing Vs Brennart=Defense
< Nerissa: Failure Brennart: Success
< Net Result: Brennart wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Nerissa=Throwing Vs Brennart=Defense
< Nerissa: Good Success Brennart: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Her grip isn't as tight as it should be on the blades when she turns, and she finds one spinning from her grasp. Without missing a beat she steps back from engagement and dives to pick it up. She turns and throws it at Brennart, missing by a mile. With an unintelligible scream of frustration at the world, she throws the second blade at him, which is on target, but blocked. With her hands now empty, she holds her arms out wide. "Just go ahead… go ahead prove how much better you are than me. That's what men do, isn't it!" she shrieks at him.

Brennart lowers his blade now, "You want me to treat you as an equal then act like one." He points over at the weapons that she flung away, "Pick those back up and back into your guard stance. Otherwise if you want to act like a spoiled young lady stand there and throw a fit. Of course I'm better than you with blades I've been studying them almost my entire life! You want a competition you can win lets go try archery. Or herbalism, or sailing I'm sure you had a chance to learn how to sail a boat. I was bred and trained to be a damn knight. Warfare is all I know."

Her arms still flung out, Nerissa freezes at his first words, then stumbles back as if she's been physically hit. "It isn't bad enough, now you have to mock me on top of everything else?" under the hood, the eyes go wide. "You mock me with the idea that you, or any other man, would ever consider thinking about a woman as an equal?" Her arms drop to her sides, and though she does go to pick up the blades, it is not to attack. "I had underestimated your cruelty, Sir Kitty Smasher."

Brennart just shakes his head, "What is wrong with you woman. Do you think I offered to teach you how to fight with blades because I didn't think you had the ability to equal me with blades? I watched you when we fought that cougar." He uses his waster to become a cane of sort for him to lean on slightly, "As far as being an equal you understand that I have to be wed correct? Do you know why I'm not yet? It's because I've yet to find a woman who was more than a vapid idiot who worries only about the damn fashion of the week and how to set the table for feast. I want one who can go out to tour the lands and be able to shoot a rabid animal, or understands how to treat a horse. I can hire servants and cooks to worry about a feast but I won't settle for somebody who's a waste of time and space." And on that note he flicks his wrist up to bring his waster up under his arm and turns to head off the training fields.

The wasters she picked up hit the ground, slip from the numb fingers. "What kind of man are you?" Nerissa asks, stunned. "Men aren't… they're not supposed to… they don't…" she keeps trying to find the words to express her dumbfounded state of mind that any man would look for the kind of woman she was told she's not supposed to be.

Brennart glances back as he hears her speak and it's not sounding like a raging inferno, "One who doesn't want eye candy for a future bride…" He points at the wasters on the ground, "Pick 'em up you'll need to keep practicing if you want to get better. Don't get me wrong though, you also clean up into a beautiful woman, so you're the best of both worlds when you're not angry and bitter."

Nerissa looks down as if surprised to see the wasters on the ground again, and then stoops down to pick them up. "If you'd been tossed aside and made an object of ridicule at the whim of a man's pe-" she breaks off, her cheeks now flaming red with embarrassment at her almost complete loss of propriety. She tosses her head as she straightens, "you'd have little faith in the words of men, too."

Brennart shrugs, "You dealt with a few men who hurt you. I've heard the rumors about your old betrothed. Don't know how much of it is true so I don't place that much stock in rumors… But you're not being chased for your title because a vapid little creature wants to move herself up in the world. So no men aren't perfect but neither are women."

The wasters are lifted slightly to her guard, Nerissa still isn't sure he's playing for real, but she's not going to be caught completely off guard just in case he is serious. "So, don't get bethrothed to her. /You/ have that choice," she reminds him. Her eyes flinch narrower for a moment, but she doesn't attack.

Brennart turns and raises his sword into his guard position, "I do have that choice and it's more creatures than just one. And if you notice I'm not betrothed yet. So far there's only two women that I've met in the court that I'd consider. Although one I think would rather just kill me than ever settle down with a man."

"She's smart," Nerissa replies, before pressing an attack. "I've seen precious little to recommend settling down with a man as a good thing." There's a dark look that flits across her face, "if I survive this hunt to settle down." It's that thought of self preservation that launches her into a more all out attack. She needs to learn to better her chances of living, and equality is secondary to that goal of staying alive.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Nerissa=blades Vs Brennart=defense
< Nerissa: Good Success Brennart: Success
< Net Result: Nerissa wins - Marginal Victory

Brennart chuckles, "You'll survive the hunt just to spite all the men who think you couldn't." And then the attack comes in looks like she's calmed down a bit again because her speed and agility seems to help her just slide through his defenses and getting a couple good whaps in… "See I told you that you have the talent to be good with the blades just have to hone the skill." And then he goes into an attack trying to overpower her defenses but pulling any blows before they'd injure and aiming for areas that can be easily covered by garments.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Brennart=blades Vs Nerissa=defense
< Brennart: Great Success Nerissa: Success
< Net Result: Brennart wins - Solid Victory

"If only spite was all I needed." His blade is already against her when she pushes it away with her own. Nerissa knows that he got her, but that isn't going to stop her. She backs off, one eye narrowing as she reviews what just happened in her mind, then she advances once more. Only a nod acknowledges that he's spoken, she's not going to words anymore as she continues.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Nerissa=Defense Vs Brennart=Blades
< Nerissa: Success Brennart: Failure
< Net Result: Nerissa wins - Marginal Victory

Brennart chuckles as he starts to attack again. "Attitude can often spell the difference between victory and…" Oh crap, his hands musta been sweaty or something because the sword slips out of his grip when it hits her defenses, "Crap."

There's a momentary blink of blue eyes when the sword drops to the dirt. She leans her weight back on her rear foot and lowers her sword to let him pick up his own. When he reaches down, though, with a quick pivot on her front foot she brings her other booted foot to plant firmly on the flat of the wooden blade, keeping it to the ground. She brings her waster over to lay it along the side of his cheek and just barely under the curve of his jaw. "Do you yeild, Sir Huntingdon?" In her eyes, underneath the wary shield is a bit of the humor that was hers before men became her enemy.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Brennart=body-1 Vs Nerissa=body
< Brennart: Failure Nerissa: Success
< Net Result: Nerissa wins - Marginal Victory

Brennart shakes his head as he pulls on the sword and then looks up at the woman then back at the sword and then his arm then the woman and blinks… "I ahh…" He looks over at the guards then back at the woman, "Yeah I yield… But I just have to see something." Then he stands up and just bodily picks her up before setting her down, "Okay I just had to make sure that you weren't wearing weights or something…"

Nerissa raises one eyebrow as Brennart tries to yank the sword from under her foot, she knows how to set herself and is pleased to see that even though her foot wobbles slightly to one side, he is unable to fully lift it. When he yields, she gives him an honest grin and steps back, only to squeak in surprise when he lifts her and puts her down again. Once again, he's struck her speechless, this time with his boldness, although she gives a shake of her head to her guard for him to relax back into his vigilant position.

Brennart chuckles and just shakes his head, "I can't believe I wasn't able to budge you… I've moved larger men easier than you…"

Her composure returns as her feet are on the ground again, and Nerissa nods. "Well, Ranger Theron did teach me quite a bit about leverage and such things… when he was teaching me how to build a shelter or fire if I was caught in the woods." She pauses, watching him pick up the sword, her eyes intent. "I can sail, yes. I can also swim. Herbology is more of Cordelia's province. Assana is the better tracker, but I'm the better hunter. I accept any challenge to an archery contest and I have impeccable taste for feasting."

Brennart chuckles, "I can dance… I've had to learn to run a household, command troops in battle, and well there's always the horses kept me away from the water a bit."

"That is one thing that isn't Ranger Theron's teaching. The horses. He can ride… now. Because when I travel he goes with me." She lifts her wasters once more, although, with the adrenaline from her anger wearing off, she's starting to tire.

Brennart nods, "That’s usually part of that noble upbringing… So continue practicing or are you all tuckered out from a little training?" He reaches down to pick his blade back up, using it to help himself stretch a bit more to keep his muscles from tightening up, "And I would ask a favor of you… Survive this hunt."

Nerissa considers, giving her neck a swivel. "I did spend some time hacking away at the dummy before I was provided a live dummy to try my hand at," she glances across the yard and narrows her eyes as she notes some newcomers arriving. Stiffening her spine, she beckons to Chassidy lowering her wasters and putting them together to wrap them when her maid hands over the wool. She looks up when he asks his favor, and raises an eyebrow. "If you promise not to noise it about that I granted a man a favor, it would be my pleasure grant such a favor." She swirls her cloak over her shoulders to further hide her questionable attire. "Do I have to wear your scarf or some such?"

Brennart blinks, "I didn't ask for you to wear my favor just wanted for you to stay alive… Now if you wanted to give me your favor I may be inclined to not throw it away immediately…" He grins as he shrugs, "You're pretty well hidden but I suggest that you walk a bit further away from your guard and hand maiden just to keep the attention away from you."

The hood almost hides Nerissa's slight smirk at his literal reply. "It was a joke, my lord." However, the light of teasing further retreats behind the wall, and she simply nods to his advice, half turning to give them both a look that makes the suggestion an order.

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