Inouv 24, 228: What Is Love

What Is Love
Summary: Roslin appeals an important question to her mother
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Roslin Laetitia 
Royal Apartments
This sitting room is large and airy, with large windows overlooking the sea. The floors are a burnished oaken hard wood, with small place rugs accenting various parts of the room. The walls have been paintd a gentle blue green, with a tapestry depicting each of the major areas of the kingdom on display. Wall sconces and taper candles have been placed strategically around the room. The furniture is all dark hardwood and marble stone, with dark forest green velvet cushions and gold accents.
Beneath the windows, there is a sitting area, with a small green rug beneath a cozy, well cushioned bench for two and a small sidetable. Potted plants have been placed to get the best benefit of the windows' light and give a small air of privacy to the window seat. In the center of the room, there is a larger sitting area with two comfy armchairs, a large couch and even a rocking chair. A central table has been set up to hold snacks or cards, as required. Against one wall, a stately buffet and hutch contains crystal drinkware as well as some of the best alcohols that money can buy. One corner contains a small library, several shelves with books by a small desk and chair and the opposite corner has several musical instruments and sheet music, by a stand and a couple chairs. There are several doors, leading to a variety of locations, including the Royal Dining Room and out to the hall.
Inouv 24, 228

The Queen and new babe, Laela, have both bathed, the ladies having helped the Queen with wrapping the small child for the evening as she herself was helped into her gown for the evening, a soft white gown, simple and thick for the cold winter night, while Callem goes over things in his office before he takes the rest of the evening off to spend with babe and Queen.
When Roslin decides to come calling the Queen is sat in a comfortable rocking chair, feet bare, fire blazing to heat up the rooms, child against her bared breast feeding as the Queen hums softly, stroking the childs back as she holds her to her chest, eyes closed, simply enjoying the bonding time.

"Mother?" Roslin says as she is shown in, moving to curtsy respectfully before the queen. Even in private, Roslin it seems has made a habit of at least showing her respect before even private conversations. She herself is dressed for the evening - a simple heavy gown of deep purple and stitched in gold, with long dagged sleeves. Her red hair is down in waves, and she looks much younger like this. "May I sit with you awhile, mother?" She asks. There is something on her mind, it is clear, but for the moment Roslin simply tries to be cordial and social.

Laetitia opens her eyes, a soft smile soothing across her lips, "Of course my love, please, sit." A chair is nearby, as are several, the fire blazing merrilly as the Queen sits near it, the sound of suckling the only real other sound in the room, most of her ladies having been dismissed for the night, guards ever watchful, "What plays on your mind, my love? Speak your mind, you know I am here to listen."

Roslin nods a little as she moves to sit, smoothing out her skirts and sitting tall. How many years did she not sit quite tall enough with her mother, only to be chastized until she learned to do it properly. Now, naturally, it is habit. "Logen's wife … I have been meditating on it. Her death will likely change many things. An alliance can once more be sought through his hand, now. I wonder … if you and father had any plans for him. Or yet for me. I … think that I shall not be a Jaddan Queen, or father … he would have told me by now."

"Oh, don't you worry my love, now that the …woman is gone." She refuses to say her name, "And that bastard child of hers, I've plans plenty for your brother." As for the Jadda bit the Queen will chuckle softly, "Dare I say, it is likely for the best my dear. We're positioning for Duke Ronan to hopefully marry that Princess Nima, so you haven't to worry about …harems and …nakedness everywhere for yourself. We will find you someone else, my love."

"I daresay so." At the mention of Ronan, Roslin glances down and there is something in her cheeks. A flush. "So you believe he shall marry the Kundari Princess, Mother? Despite the troubles between his duchy and their realm? It shall be difficult, I daresay, for a man in a difficult position just now. I cannot say I grieve much for his wife - however, he stands to lose his entire house if his marriage is not a fruitful one that his people accept. And …." Roslin sighs a little, shaking her head. "I wished to ask you about Logen's wife. And how she came to be so."

"Your father has approached him with our wishes, and he is to give us his decision in time." The Queen murmurs, a moment taken to unlatch the sleeping child from her breast, cradling Laela in her arm as she pulls up her gown with her free hand, slowly rising up with the sleeping child to move to Roslin to offer her the sleeping child with the same soft smile, "I anticipate he will say yes, she's an exotic woman. And delightful, from what I hear - And this may help heal the rift, or so is /my/ hope." Murmured as she bends over with the child who sleeps oh so cutely, all bundled with a wee knitted had atop her head, "How she came to be his wife? Well, we all know that story."

"Know. But I do not understand." Roslin sits up to accept the child, and a few moments are spent cooing the little thing - for a while all other things are lost. "I hope her hair turns blonde like yours and father's. It is the prettiest that way, I think." She notes, rocking the babe in her arms. She looks up at her mother then, looking disconcerned. She continues to speak. "But … well, why, mother? What is it that passed between them that was so strong it made them forget all other vows in their lives? What … thought or feeling does such things?"

"Oh I hope so too-" Lae will murmur, soothing her hand down the childs head before she moves to a jug of wine to pour herself some, taking a slow sip as she wanders back, settling down in the chair beside Roslin, eyebrows raising up with a laugh, "Oh, well. I'm afraid it was the sex." The Queen says plainly, "That seemed to be that whores way of digging her claws in, and you heard the rumors and what the maids found …" Said with some displeasure, the Queen quite competent when it comes to speaking of such things, she has no shame, "Breasts, vaginas …our beautiful flesh, is our power, my dear, when men refuse to hear our words. Some women know how to use it to their advantage, as the whore did, to snag that which is not theirs. That will not happen again." Said firmly, the Queen leaning back into her seat with delight, more wine drank, "Sex is quite powerful, the emotions it arouses in the body. How do you think I keep your father to me? Often and in places he does not expect, to delight and keep me in his mind always. So he does not grow tired of me."

"Mother!" Roslin chides, doing everything but covering the little baby's ears. She seems shocked and flushed at all of the … words her mother employs for this story. "I…" She doesn't even seem to know w hat to say to all of that, so for some time she says nothing. "I refuse to believe that your tie with father is anything beyond chivilric dedication and love. I cannot believe that it is in any way associated with the … vile, disgusting evils that tore Logen away from his duties." She shakes her head, letting out a little haughty huff of air. "I only ask because … well, I am sure I do not know why I ask." Except those arms. She keeps thinking about those arms.
At that, Roslin's maid, standing by the door, pointly clears her throat. For whatever reason, Roslin seems to keep a maid with a bit of sass to her around. It causes Roslin to glare. "Oh very well," she says, with a soft sigh. "I ask because … well I do not want you to think I am asking for any inappropriate reason, mother. But I … I have had some thoughts. Some thoughts that were most unbecomming a lady. All of which I would never act upon, and will promptly confess to Blessed Luna during our next encounter. But … thoughts."

Laetitia laughs brightly, her bottom lip tucked between her teeth, a moment taken to smile at Roslin and her discomfort, "Well, that as well." A soft chuckle, "My dear, you are in the company of women. You will have to learn one day that when in our midst that these are the things we do discuss." A fond look as she sits back, "With the closest of my ladies, needling away at fabric, discussing that which does not exist within the realm aside from in whispered corners." Listening further to Roslin she will near sputter into her drink, "Oh my word, Roslin, do please keep chaste, I can't-" Oh, no, she won't say it. Her wine glass lifts up and waves her hand in the air, banishing all thoughts, "Mmmm- whomever he is, feel free to allow your mind to wander but I will beat him to within an inch of his life if so much as a caress occured -" Oh, now she's up in arms, quickly draining her wine and gesturing for another to be brought, "With my own hands, at that."

"Mother," Roslin says, once again almost sounding as though she is chastizing. "Please." Now she sounds quite up-tight again. "I should sooner cut off my own hand than do to this family what Logen and, to an extent, even Caillin has done. I am no fool. I shall never - NEVER - betray you in such a way." She sighs, looking down at the baby. "The thoughts only made me wonder, mother. That is all. About the nature of these things. Why they are so potent. What brings them about. How they may go away." The maid, once more, coughs. Roslin sighs again.
"Besides, you know I should never have such thoughts for the type of man who would ever move against them, even if I would. All that has ever passed between us is a lamentation - a word, Mother. Expressing that he could not ever attempt to tempt you and father to allow him to seek my hand in matrimony - which I agreed with. We both said that it was entirely out of the question, and would never be spoken of again." She sighs a little, looking apologetically to Laetitia. "But … I came to speak with you on this matter because … I don't know. I wished to tell someone this. It is something I could never tell anyone else in the world but my Mother. Not even my Queen, but certainly my mother." The maid now seems satisfied that all is out in the open.

Laetitia's hands lift up, one glass raising too, "Can you blame me?" Said as she rises up out of the seat to begin a walk around the large room, "The same words from your brother and sister, and look where they are." Oh, she's quite colored now, a blush up in her cheeks, just flustered, "Oh my dear- it's love you are feeling, first love, there will be many more." Striding back to settle back in her seat, trying to be a good mum but oh, she wants to go strangle a man for doing this to her daughter, "I am glad you confided in me, so I will …put away the Queen …and simply …be your mother." Oh. A deep breath, her eyes closing as she lets go of one mask and allows her true face to show, "Please …tell me he's handsome and not one of the serving boys."

"Love? Oh mother, the things you say." Roslin tsks a little, rocking the baby gently as she shakes her head. "Love is what Caillin and Logen have - or had, I daresay. It seems … the Gods have punished both of them for their foolishness in it. No, love is an evil, destructive thing. I am sure that is not what I feel." Roslin is a savy courtly girl … but still a girl, niave in many ways. "I admire him," she clarifies. "And I was … touched to know that he shared the opinion of me. He is very handsome, I think, mother. But … different. I have seen handsome men before and never much cared for them. They never seemed different than unhandsome men, save that they were prettier to look at. But his handsomeness seems somehow more … potent, I suppose. He has very large …." Roslin considers for a moment and shakes her head. "No, I suppose I ought not give too much away of him. He would, I think, not want it known that he made his confession to me regarding matrimony. But I shall say he is no servant, he is a wealthy landed noble of our lands. And I have never once been anything but appropriate. Nor has he - you may interrogate all of my maids if you wish. Every one - we have never even danced together. I promise you and father that I shall never, ever betray you." She seems rather adament on that point, getting flushed as she makes her promise. Her maid, in the meantime, stands back and looks very much like she does not wish to be interrogated.

"No, what your brother Logen had with his was lust - I doubt love existed in a true sense between those two and it would not surprise me had his wife laid with the staff as well." Said flippantly, the Queen shaking her head, blonde locks traipsing about her head gently, still slightly damp from her bath with the babe, "I will not tell your father, I swear it. But love comes in many forms, my love. Caillin ..her has …frenetic …needy love. A need to be loved by all and it swallows her. Its ..different than the love your father and I share. And that you will hopefully share with your future husband. What you feel for this noble …is not uncommon. Enjoy the feeling. Hopefully there will be more to come for you."

Roslin nods attentively as she listens, frowning a little at her mother's words about Logen's wife - not the words themselves, but the truth within them. "Thank you, Mother." Roslin says with a sigh of relief. "I feel better knowing that it does not seem that I walk the same trecherous path as Logen and Caillin did. I had feared that … through my thoughts I was somehow failing you. And thank you … for not telling Father. Not now, anyway. Perhaps in time, when all of this has faded away and become hardly a memory I would not mind him knowing. But I think that he would think less of me. I worried that you might too, but … well I had to speak to someone. And I knew, as I always do, that you would not lead me astray."

Tching softly the Queen will rise up, moving to Roslin to take the small child from her arms, cradling the baby to her chest as she moves to the bassinet beside the large bed, setting the child down, "You could not disappoint your father or I, Roslin, and he would not be disappointed in you that you feel the blush of love now." Said as she soothes a hand over the babies face, leaning down to kiss a soft fat cheek, a moment taken to adore the child, "He would feel as I feel now, terrible for you that you must live in a castle and see a man that you can not be with because of your position and duties." Softly said, the Queen leaning back up and making her way back to Roslin, smoothing a hand to her hair gently, "It is not easy being a royal, my love. It can be a lonely path."

"I have said as much to Logen, during our many fights," Roslin confesses, leaning her head against her mother's shoulder as the woman pets her a little. "What sort of sister - of Princess - would I be not to live up to what I have spoken? Do not worry for me so, Mother. I shall be alright. In truth, despite the man, I would not change my life in any way. I am blessed by the Gods to have great opportunities to do great things to help my people. And I intend to. No man, I think, is worth that." She sits there a moment in quiet contemplation with her mother before slowly lifting her head. "I'll let you sleep now, Mother."

Laetitia turns her head to kiss her daughters forehead, pressing her cheek atop the top of her head as she holds her, nodding her head, "You are meant for glorious things, Roslin, never forget that. You are meant to be a Queen. And to rule your people with the right-headedness I know you to have, and the heart I know that resides within you. You will be /glorious/. No man, no matter how handsome or lovely, should keep you from your destiny." Releasing her daughter as her head lifts from her shoulder, the Queen will smile softly at the girl, love in her pale green eyes, "You sleep as well, Roslin."

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