Duchy of Weston
Dubrovnik as Duchy of Weston
Region: Duchy of Weston
Kingdom: Mobrin
Rulers: Ruxton
Wealth: High
Population: 1.3 Million
Language: Daereni (Common)
Religion: The Light
Demonym: West
Primary Revenue: Seafood, Trade
Cultural Niche: Modern, technological
Weakness: Expansive
Fortification: Ruxton Hall
Specialization: Heavy Infantry, Naval
Knights: 5,000 Heavy Cavalry(including knights), 2,000 Light Cavalry, 400 Siege Specialists(weapon crew and sappers), 10,000 Navy
Soldiers: 16,000 Heavy Infantry, 300 Rangers, 3,500 Archers, 2,000 Crossbowen, 300 Mounted Archers


The people of Weston have a great history. The capital city of Weston, located on the shore of the part of the Silver Sea known as the Bay of Plenty, is one of the largest cities in the world. Weston is known for their cultural and scientific contributions. The Duchy of Weston is also known for having some of the better seamen in the world. The shipping lanes of The Great Sea are timid and mild compared to the Silver Sea. The port of Weston is constantly filled with huge vessels, shipping product from Mobrin to Jadda, and to The Hills, as well as one of the larger navy ports in the northwestern parts of Mobrin.

The silver sea - vast storms, dolphins, whales, sharks, coral, and pirates! Rocky coasts and rocky outcroppings can be the end of a ship in the blink of an eye. The black forest, where rare black walnut wood can be harvested, and various poisons are known to exist, including the poison in the shell of the black walnut. Outside of the City of Weston, there are many well-maintained farms. The main ingredient in the city's diet is fish, although due to the city's position as a trade hub, the diet in general is a bit varied.

As a result of a diverse culture and population, the City of Weston has made many cultural and scientific advancements. In the city there are many temples, to various gods and even foreign religions. There are also many theatres in the city, for singing and dramatic performances. In the bazaar, there are many shops which sell that latest fashions from all over Daeren.


During the reign of the Manghem Dynasty, the Province of Weston was ruled by the Ruxton House, making it one of the few surviving houses to survive the collapse. When the Empire collapsed, Lord Josyph Ruxton III was the current ruler. He survived in Weston, the largest city in the world at that time. His Heavy Infantry annihilated every rebel force that attempted to operate within his borders. When the Duke of Darfield rose to power, he held on to his own by bending the knee and swearing loyalty to the Grand Duke of Darfield, and later to the Kingdom of Mobrin.

In the years since the collapse of the Empire, many city-states have rose up on the islands off the west coast of Mobrin, as well as several pirate strongholds. As a result, trade flourished, but so did pillaging on the high seas. Thus, the Ruxton family built a navy that could rival their infantry. Most of the vessels that serve in the Royal Fleet have been provided by the Ruxton House and the Duchy of Weston.


Weston makes their income through their massive trade networks, being a center hub in the world of commerce. They also have silver mines in the Bald Mountains to the south of the Duchy, making their wealth massive. One of the main hubs of commerce, although the goods itself never get physically exchanged under their roof, is Barrow's Tearoom, which is a two-story building where merchants usually gather to enjoy some fine food and drink, while negotiating their deals.


Most of the native population of Weston follows The Light, but due to its diverse population, the city has many shrines and temples to other gods from around Daeren, and even some of the locals following those religions is not unheard of either.


The Black Deer: In the Black Forest of Weston, there's reports of a creature. A huge deer, fur jet black, aside from the white tail. Throughout the years, there have been a few reported sightings, but although they have tried, no hunters have ever managed to catch one.
The Phantom Ship: According to legend, in the late fall of the year 114 2E, a ship left the docks of Weston, carrying cargo and passengers. When they got into a very bad storm, one of the crewmen was determined to be a worshipper of Inouv, and was thrown overboard. With his last breath, the crewman cursed the ship, the captain and the crew, asking that they would sail the seas until the end of time, never finding peace. Since then, many sightings of this ship has been reported, most of them out on the Silver Sea. Unfortunately, many of those ships have met their fate shortly after, leading to the nautical belief that seeing that particular ship is a sign of impending doom.


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