Sess 17, 229:Welcome to the fold

Princess Draventa goes to speak with Priestess Luna on her Dream. She gets more than she bargained for.

Welcome to the fold
Summary: Princess Draventa goes to speak with Priestess Luna on her Dream. She gets more than she bargained for.
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Draventa Luna 
Temple of The Light
The temple surrounding you shows brightly it's demeanor; painted primarily in bright whites, light blues and yellows, with superimposed clouds and a chandelier reminiscent of the sun itself, this is a glorious show of the morning in its full bursting splendor. Fading red around the west edge, the hilltops are painted rather ingeniously around the entire scene.

Three archways lead off; one of them the double-door that leads to the street. All around the large chamber are places of worship and offering for the Eight. Each God or Goddess has an alcove with a finely wrought statue and a carved altar. Upon the altars one may set up candles and the leaving of offerings. Places are arranged before each for kneeling and the center of the chamber has pews for listening to sermons.

Alcoves line the right and left walls of the large room. Each of these confessionals can be closed off with a heavy white curtain bearing the symbol of the Eight in large gold embroidery.

Sess 17 229

While the nobility are out and about, gossiping about the latest wedding, the upcoming weddings, their own desires for weddings, and perhaps even the etymology of the word 'wedding,' the clergy are busy seeing to the needs of the populace and pilgrims who have come to see the location that holds the new holy relics. Luna finishes advises a pair of young women — girls, really — who leave blushing as they offer their formal farewells. The white-haired priestess seems a bit tired, but her smile never wanes, nor does her demeanor chill to the seemingly never-ending parade of people.

Draventa's been in the Temple for a while, showing away get guards and hand maids. The maids are still with in eye sight, but are at least not down the woman's throat for the moment. She's dressed simple, and if one where to look, she actually has paint on the sleeve on her dress. She's started up, several times to speak to Luna, but then changes her mind and goes back to her silent vigil.

Although it seems Luna has not noticed the quiet noblewoman, the falsehood of that appearance makes itself known. Slowly, she has positioned herself near Draventa, all the while speaking to others. When she is right by the princess, the priestess turns without warning and intones, "Light shine upon you, Princess." Her pressed palms and warm smile shift to include the handmaiden in equal measure.

Crude. Found out. Drav needs to learn to blend better! The princess smiles up at the priestess and stands, greeting her back properly, "Light shine upon you as well, Priestess Luna." There's nerves there, behind that smile. Her eyes are almost haunted. "It seems a busy day today." So busy Drav could just come back tomorrow(Oh! Why did she even come here?!?)

Luna's knowing smile shifts on one side until it rather resembles her signature smirk. "All days are busy when one serves the Light, Your Highness." Barely waiting a beat, she adds, "Yet you did not nearly rise half a dozen times while looking my way to speak of banalities. Do you wish to make confession or is this another sort of conversation?"

Draventa swallows, "I…It's not…confession…." her hands got white knuckled on themselves. "Can…can we speak?" Not out here, she means. Private. Her eyes dart towards her maids and then back to Luna. A small change in subject. I have sketches and the composition for the painting for the Temple, if you choose to have me do it." She'll motion to Alice, the younger maid to hand her her sketchbook.

Her smile softening and eyes gaining a hint of amusement, the priestess nods and motions toward the line of confessionals to her right. As she leads the way, Luna notes, "I would be most interested in seeing them, Your Highness. Undoubtedly, they will be magnificent of their own accord."

Alice hands the sketchbook over, it doesn't seem that Draventa will go without the book. Perhaps it's a safety net. Once the book is in her hand, the princess will follow Luna. She'll nod, but not say anything till they're in the confessional, away from anyone else. She'll turn and there's honest fear in her eyes, "Priestess Luna…I don't' know what to do!" There's a lip tremble and Draventa is hugging her sketchbook to her chest. "I…I had a dream, but…I think it was more than that." She waits to see if Luna just kicks her out for begin a drama bomb, or wants to hear more.

After pulling closed the heavy white curtain with the golden eight-pointed star emblazoned upon it, Luna motions for Draventa to sit in the singular chair present in the small space. As is proper, the priestess remains standing, listening to the young woman in need. Mention of a dream wipes all merriment from her face. In a serious tone, she softly asks, "What occurred in this dream? Give over every detail you can remember."

Draventa takes a deep breath and nods. She'll try to go slow, so she doesn't miss anything, "I was walking along path, it was cold and dark. There was black snow covering the ground. The cold was so harsh…it went into my bones." She'll pull her sketchbook away from her chest and start to open up the book, "There were bodies in the snow….frozen and twisted. Half eaten….devoured." Her pages turn till she gets to a sketch of exactly that. Bodies frozen, reaching out, in agony. "There was a voice that whispered to me, telling me to stay on the path."

Luna nods slowly once, silently encouraging Draventa to go on. She dares not do more than breathe while her expression remains open as she listens to the scene. Her eyes focus upon the sketch, then shift back to the young woman's face. They unfocus slightly, an indication the priestess is envisioning the dream.

"It got even colder, and I heard the voice of a child…begging for help. That she was hungry." Drav looks down, slightly ashamed, "I was scared, so I called back, telling the child to come to me. I felt if I stepped off the path, I would end up frozen in the black snow."Her brow crinkles, "The child then laughed at me…and there was blood that pooled on the ground around me. the warmth make me feel sick, juxtaposed next to the cold like that." Her hands tighten on her sketchbook, "I could feel the first voice, next to me suddenly. Telling me to think of the light, to think of stars in my hands."

Not once does Luna give any indication she is giving this tale anything but the utmost gravity. Her brow furrows gently in concentration and, perhaps, a touch of confusion as this new twist presents itself. Quietly, pensively, she asks, "What happened next?"

Draventa takes a shaky breath, know this next part gets worse. "Something grabbed me, from the snow. It grabbed my leg and wouldn't let go. The…voice from the snow laughed and told me that the one trying to get me to reach for the light was tricking me. That I would feel pain." She'll swallow, finally looking up at Luna, "I'm not afraid of pain. It was an evil voice, so I did what the other asked, I prayed and reached for a star….And one came to me."

Something flickers in Luna's gaze when the description of something from below grabbing Draventa's leg is spoken. Her lips tighten and she swallows, nodding as she takes slow, deliberate breaths. Her silence is invitation for the other woman to continue.

Draventa's obviously upset, even recounting the dream. Luna's silence is making her more nervous. Maybe she shouldn't have said anything. "The…light , when it touched the thing holding me…it caused it pain, make it let go. Like it was begin burned. It felt…pure." She'll lick her lips before continuing, "When the light touched, the snow turned white. And then the voice told me to call upon the light when I needed it…Everything faded then." Drav stops, as that's the end of the dream and looks up tensely at the priestess. She's always been told to not tell anyone anything about dreams , or her visions, so admitting this feels wrong. The image of her father tossing her paintings into the fire, yelling at her that she'd be burned as a whitch still haunt her.

It may not help that an exceedingly long time passes in silence, during which the priestess remains pensive. Unfortunately for Draventa, Luna also remains in front of the curtain, effectively blocking any escape without physically moving the pure-haired woman out of the way. Perhaps she has become a statue. But no, her chest rises and falls with each breath.

At great length, her throaty voice pierces the heavy silence. "Precious few have the ability to live through so direct a contact with the gods. Fewer still have the strength of mind to admit it is not merely a figment of their imagination. There are many who would be quick to declare a person gifted with exceptional talents by the Divine witches. But that is false, for they are another matter entirely." Finally, she looks directly at Draventa. "Those like us must always follow the directions given to us by the Eight, but we must also be careful." With a smirk, she notes dryly, "Welcome to the fold, child. "

Shit. no no. She's not gifted! Ah…no….The princess looks ready to bolt. She wanted the woman to tell her it was a dream, and that she should pray and it would stop! The sketchbook is closed quickly, and brought to her chest again, almost like a shield. "I…No…it wasn't…" She can't even bring herself to say it though, something in her bones tells her that that much of what Luna says is true. "I don't know what direction I'm supposed to go." Welcome to the fold? Is she to join the Temple?

Luna cants her head slightly. "Continue on as you have been, my dear. You may see or experience things during your waking hours that most others do not. Try not to be afraid of them. It is simply your gift… awakening. My ears shall ever be open to you when you need them. When the Eight wish you to make specific action, you will be made aware." Her smirk returns as a self-deprecating chuckle escapes. "Trust me."

Draventa looks away, her cheeks turning pink. "I….Ever since the snake bites,when I was little…I've always seen things. I saw Rustles Isle broke into four….right before my father was found. Pirates had pulled him into four pieces." Waking dreams she knows how to deal with, it's the ones that happen when she's sleeping….those are new. A soft, shaky sigh, "The wedding in in less than two weeks, I will go through with it then. If you think that is what the Light wishes." Not that she had much choice, but if the Light wishes it, it's an easier pill to swallow.

A white eyebrow slowly arches. "Take care not to twist your visions to suit your desires, dear girl. Short of direct instruction you are certain comes from the Eight directly, I would highly recommend you wed your intended. You may be of greater use to the Light in that new position." After taking a moment to study the princess, she asks, "Have none of your concerns regarding your groom be put to rest?" Likely, she already knows the answer.

Draventa looks down, she knows. She knows. She's just been seeing thing so much lastly, she thought maybe the Gods were trying to tell her something. Her heart is pounding, is she to be use to everyone? She'll gulp another deep breath, "Some have…He…he bounces back and forth so much, he makes my head hurt." She'll frown, finally looking up, "He now says he cares for me, has implied love, but… I try to talk to him, and he gets mad. He wants me to desire him, has said he'll not touch me without me telling him to." Her cheeks flush, "That he wants me to make every move." She's clearly uncomfortable with that. "I don't know how to do that. And he does things, with out thinking! I fear to tell him anything, he threatens to hurt people if they upset me."

Luna sighs softly, nodding in commiseration. "It sounds as though he has been made aware he frightens you, and so has gone to the extreme of not wishing to initiate anything for fear of pushing you further away." With a cluck of her tongue, she notes, "Yet women want a man who is not afraid to be a man, do they not? I have heard there is a greater sense of being desired and cherished when one's husband…" Blinking as she realizes she may be frightening the girl more, she finishes tamely, "Leads." A slight clearing of her throat ensues. "He is unpredictable and passionate to a fault, but I imagine he may simply be at a loss as to what you wish of him. If you desire the ability to tell him of a frustrating person without having to fear for that person's well-being, tell him. If you desire him, tell him that as well. I know it is anathema to all a noblewoman is taught, but your Prince does not seem to respond well to your subtle cues. Not yet, at least."

Draventa kinda wish they could go back to talking about the crippling terror of getting god dreams than this. "I think he has, but now he…it's…i don't' know what he wants me to do. He has experience, but expects me to know." She'll reposition the sketchbook, still holding it up, "I didn't dislike when he kissed me, but…I don't know what happens then. How to get to the point he wants." Drav knows how babies are made, in theory, but….yikes, how do couples do from pressing lips to that?!? She'll nod, but the shake her head, "But it's not just with that…He…" She actually lowers her voice, almost liekt hat she's going to admit is worse than the dream, "He sent out an invitation to the Stwearts as an olive branch. Without telling his father or brother. I told him he had to tell them, but…why would he do such a thing?" Visions of slaughtered wedding guest keep passing over drag's eyes, her imagination, but just as likely to come to pass if the Stewarts show up unknown.

Luna makes a dismissive gesture. "Tell him how you feel when the time comes and ask for his guidance. I imagine your body will let you know." There is a wry note on her voice just then, but it disappears as she addresses the more pressing matter. "It may be a misguided attempt at diplomacy. He may fear his father would overrule him in this matter, as well they might. However, there would be good reason to do so, or to at least post extra guards, if the invitation were allowed to stand. What did he say to your urging? "

Draventa sighs, biting her lip, "He…he's so scared of scaring me now…It's just…uncomfortable." Her body? Her body is in flight mode. She just wants to run. "It is. Logen…he wants to help, to fix things. I don't think the Stewarts will come, but I did help Elisen when he was poisoned. He could feel obliged." She doesn't think so, but what a horrible mess it will be! "I fear the King or Prince Tyrel may use this to capture anyone coming, if they chose. I don't wish my wedding to start with a betrayal. No matter by who." She'll puff her cheeks, letting the breath leave slowly, "He wrote his father, but I don't know what he said, or how it will be handled. He was upset she I told him it wasn't a good idea." technically he broke the law….committed treason, but Drav won't bring that up….yet.

"Did you tell him your concerns regarding potential capture of the guests?" Luna gives no indication one way or the other of her personal stance on that issue. "If he told his father, there is naught more for you to do. Worry will only tear at your mind without purpose."

Draventa nods, "I did. I think that is why he wrote his father." the princess's shoulders slump some, she does feel torn in her brain. "Should I speak to the King? or write the Stewarts?" Asking them to not come, that is. The young woman just looks tired, she has so much happening to her.

"You could speak with His Majesty about the wedding in general and, during the course of the conversation, ask his opinion of that matter." A roundabout way if ever there was one. "With his own impending wedding, he may not give the issue his full attention. The Crown Prince may be more of a concern in that regard. However, I am not omniscient."

Draventa nods, she's already been trying to find the King, but he's been hard to track down. "I fear that if any Laniveers show, it could be blood. I would like nothing better than for my wedding to help bring peace, but…I fear that Pricne Tyrel is too upset to allow that." She'll let out a shaky breath, "If…If I can get Logen to come, would you speak to both of us on the wedding? I think he may do him good to have someone else to talk to, with me."

Luna nods at the valid points of concern, her lips pursing gently. The question is answered without a moment's hesitation. "Of course, it would be a honor."

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