Thedor 30, 229: Welcome to the Family

Welcome to the Family
Summary: Princess Roslin and Princess Draventa sit down to talk about the disaster that has been the Moniwid/Kilgour betrothal so far.
OOC Date: 31 January 2014
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Draventa Roslin 
Roslin's Rooms
In a state of being packed.
30 Thedor 229

Roslin Kilgour, being the sister of Logen Kilgour and well-known for not getting along with him, decided that even so it might be prudent to send a note of invitation to the Princess Draventa, and to invite her to tea. The note was simple, cordial, and welcoming. That too is how the Princess appears at the appointed time. Her rooms are actually one rather large room, split down the center with heavy, floor-to-ceiling velvet purple curtains, which are drawn today to hide the view of her sleeping area. Instead, what is visible is a fireplace with comfy chairs around it, a table and chairs by the shuttered window, a shelf of books, scrolls, and other items, a side-table with wine and other items laid out on it. The room is decorated with tapestries of old Mobrin folktales. The Princess herself is dressed in a simple gown of half-mourning violet, a wrap dress with long, dagged sleeves. The gown is hemmed in gold thread and has a high neck. Upon her head sits a gold tiarra among her crown of red braids, and she wears a gold eight-pointed star around her throat.

The table is laid out for tea, and Roslin is standing by one of the tapestries, admiring it with a cup in her hand while she waits for her guest to arrive. Guards at the door will announce the Princess, and then show her in.

Princess Draventa enters, leavign her 3 gurads and the chaparones at the door. She’s in a rather pretty, but simple dress. It’s made for winter, so the heavy fabiric seems to make the fragil princess look even smaller. There’s embrodery along the trim of the dress, if one were to look, it’s of snakes. Her hair is piled up on her head, but there’s locks that are eutehr escaping on their own, or by design. It’s chaotic, but pretty. Drav looks slightly nervous, but will smile qhen the guards let her in. Her steps are small, but steady. “Thank you for havign me, Princess Roslin.” Her island accent is thick.

“Thank you for coming, Princess Draventa,” Roslin says, handing off her teacup to the maid and facing the Moniwid Princess fully. The redhead lowers herself into a respectful curtsy for the other Princess.

“In truth, I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to see you. But since Mother’s passing, things have been …” she glances away for a moment. “Well, I have not quite been up to seeing too many people. I apologize for that. But please,” she gestures to the tea laid out nearby. “Come and sit with me awhile. And allow me to congratulate you on your betrothal. I am so very excited to call you sister soon.”

Draventa returns the bow and will walk over to the table. A small, soft smile appears on her lips, but it’s sad. She’ll nod, “I understand. Your mother was an amazing woman. I admire that you are able to see anyone, even now. I fear I would still be grieving.” The princess sits, carefully and will look up to Roslin, “Thank you.” It’s hard to tell what emotion in in her pale eyes, but there’s a conflict she’s trying to cover up, “I have heard that should go to you as well. I hope we can become close.” And she does, having someone to call sister would be nice.

“Times unfortunately dictate that we cannot tend to our wounds too long, nor linger in our sadness. There is war upon this country, and while my Mother was never meant to be one of the casualties, there will be many more. Life will never go on unless we can force ourselves to go on when the opportunity presents itself.” The maid comes over and pours the tea once Roslin sits, settled comfortably across from Draventa with her hands on her lap and her back straight.

The other Princess may notice a few unusual things about the room, now that she’s had time to look about. Some trunks piled against the wall, for example. And the shelf looks a bit more bare than it should be.

“Thank you,” she says, in regards to her betrothal. “It was only settled shortly before yours was. I think the wedding shall take place in the next few weeks, in Sutherland. I do hope you will be able to come.” She smiles warmly to the other woman. “The winter does not touch the south so harshly. That is reason enough to vacate court for awhile, I would think.”

The Princess takes note of the blankness on Draventa’s face, and instead of becoming curious or worried, she simply smiles - almost mischeviously. “I daresay it all must be moving very quickly for you. But in truth I’m very happy - this was the match always meant for my brother.” Before he ran off and deflowered a Duke’s sister. “I’m so glad it has come to fruition.”

Draventa nods, although she’d never thought od the Queen as a casuality of the war. That seems, worrisome to her. She can’t keep the look of surprise from her face though when Roslin says that she’s going to get married in a few weeks. That puts hers so much closer! She’ll swallow, nervously, “Of course, I would hate to miss your wedding.”

A forced smile, “I…I was not aware of the match before your mother told me. It’s been rather quick, in my eyes.” Draventa will take a sip of tea, trying t give herself a moment. “I had never thought of myself as a potential match for anyone, before the Temple.”

“Oh, no,” Roslin says with a chuckle as she lifts her own tea to her lips. There’s dried fruits, crackers, cheeses and savory meats laid out for their tea. “I believe mother was taken with you long before your miracle at the temple. As soon as it became clear that Logen was able to marry once again, you were the only one she wanted for the task.” She notices the swallow, the slight pause between words, and she smiles all the wider, setting her teacup down.

“I understand my brother has been a little bit difficult since the match was announced. Have I heard correctly?”

Eyes turned down slightly, Draventa’s cheeks turn a very soft pink. “You mother was always very kind to me.” Drav doesn’t even try to hide the small frown that creases her brow. If the princess truly wishes to discuss this… “He claims it is the drink. And that he is still grieving for his wife and child. …I can understand the grief.” There’s a flicker in her eyes though, a brief spark of a brighter blue, “He believes I can heal him of his memories…of his pain. I can not. No one can do that but himself.”

“He does not grieve for his wife, my dear. The child … perhaps. I cannot say,” Roslin speaks remarkably candidly. Even in her tone, the slight gesture of her head. Everything is candid, open. “He grieves for a time in his life when he could live with very little consequences. A wife like yourself … he shall have to be quite the man in order ot protect and provide for you, as is his duty. That, and the potential for failure, scares him a great deal.” She sips her own tea again, thoughtfully.

“I do not envy your position, Your Highness,” Roslin says, continuing to be open and honest in her conversation. “My brother will not be an easy husband. If you had dreams of a man who would care for you and keep the worries of life from you … that is not to be. You will be kept busy with him, especially for the first few years. And there will be frustrations, and trials, and sometimes he will be full of nonsense.” Roslin frowns a little, apologetically.

“But you will see reward for your work. You will have the family around you to support you - we shall always support you and protect you if you feel you need it. You will have to be strong, but in that strength he will find affection and happiness, and so too shall you I hope.”

Frowning, Drav works her jaw a moment. “He said he loved her.” that’s all she can say on that. She has nothign to compare it to. Roslin’s words to not bring her comfort, “I do not know if he will be able to do the things his duties will require of him. And I do not know that I will be able to make him. I will do my best, but…”She trails off, but if he threatens her, how is she supposed to control him? She’ll sit up a touch straighter and nod. It does her no good to speak of feeling sorry for herself. Completely changing the subject, sort of, “Are you packing already?” Drav’s eyes go to the chests and empty book cases.

“And your best is all any of us can do in life or in marriages. You in yours just as I will in mine. I just … I don’t wish for you to have any illusions on this marriage. Not for how difficult it will be for you, nor for you to believe that it will always be so. These times are trying for my brother. But with your help, he will get better. And as much as you may desire it, my help. And Tyrel’s help. And Father’s. You are not simply marrying my brother, Your Highness. You are joining our family. And just because you are not related to me by blood does not mean I wish you to fear calling me sister or seeking my assistance if I at all may give it. You have a home here - but you shall always too have a home in Sutherland, when I am Duchess. That is all I mean to say.”

Roslin sits back a little with a nod, glancing over to the trunks. “Yes,” she says, unable to contain a little smile. “His Grace has decided that we should tour Sutherland prior to the wedding, that I may meet the people and learn a bit of the land before I am made a Crawford. We shall leave a week or two ahead of the wedding date, and have those members of court who wish to join us there do so ahead of the day. We shall have a few ships to ferry guests down along the coast.” She can’t help but smirk a little at that. “I daresay some will get quite seasick at the prospect, but not you, as I understand it. You are rather fond of the sea, are you not? It stands to reason, given your homeland. I think there might be quite a few sights in Sutherland that may be inspiring to your work.”

Draventa smoothes her skirt, she knows. She knows this isn’t ideal, some fairy tale. Logen flat out said there would be no love, no happiness or children. She’ll smile, again forced, “Your family has already made me feel welcome. Thank you…perhaps I will be able to visit you in Sutherland.” Draventa thinks on how she has so little here. Not that there will be much distance from her suite to Logen’s. Her smile turns a bit more honest, “I have not been on a ship for many weeks. I think this is the longest I have ever gone.” Drav knows very little of Sutherland. “Duke Aidan has offered me to come visit his lands as well…I think I may be busy painting all the kingdom. Perhaps that will unify us, a series to show the beauty of all of our homes.”

“I for one should very much like to see that,” Roslin says. She knows Logen has sworn there will be no children, but that would not be appropriate to bring up here. She has her own plans on how to handle that. “Such a lovely collection. I spent quite some time in Lakeshire, you know. Studying trade and economics. It’s so very lovely, and His Grace is a gentlemen of the highest order. I think of him as an uncle - and so he shall be, he is uncle to my intended.”

Roslin tilts her head a little to look over the girl again. “We shall have you on a ship very soon, then. I do hope you will enjoy that. You and all of the Aberdeens here, I think. For my own part I’ve very little experience on a ship. Only a few times in my life in open sea, though I sailed quite a bit in Lakeshire on the great lake.” She sips her tea once more and looks over Draventa. “Please believe me when I say it will get easier and it will get better. I do promise you that. I do not wish you to dispair just because Logen is not in a fair state, just now. By the time of your wedding I think much more will be settled more agreeably.”

“I was told there is a Lily Lake, that I should paint. Both he and your mother told me.” Draventa smiles softly again, not wishing to bring up sad memories. “Duke Aidan was very nice to me…” Her brows come together in a slightly confused frown, “Although I think he may have be offering more in hopes of a match between me and his son….”

The island princess nods, not making eye contact. She’ll nod and play polite, but she doesn't have the stomach to outright lie and say she thinks it’s going to get better, She thinks he’s going to cycle. From flipping tables to needing someone to speak for him. It’s not boding well for a happy relationship. But, it is what she’s been given, and is what the ambassador sold her for. “I’m sure it will, Princess Roslin.”

“Good,” Roslin says, settling on the issue for now. “And yes, Lily Lake wll be quite the thing. Mother was from Lakeshire, she had some great affinity for it. Rightfully so. But I hope you shall find something in Sutherland worthy of your brush too. The Pine mountains, perhaps. Or the gardens. His Grace has told me a bit about the gardens of Trueborn Keep. He says they are on the slopes of the cliff, and says there are no views of the ocean that can compare. Perhaps that will strike your fancy.”

She smiles a bit wider, thinking about Duke Aidan. “He is eager to find a match for his son, who is another … unique young man. A good friend of mine though, I adore his son as much as I adore the Duke himself.”

Drav smiles, “I’d like to see that. My home’s view of the sea is breathtaking. If something can cmpre, I’d like to test it.” She’ll chuckle, “I am sure I will find something to paint. …Is there something you’d like, perhaps for your wedding gift?”

Nodding, and wondering if she dodged a worse arrow with the Duke’s son. “I like Duke Aidan a lot. I’m sure his son is just as nice as he is.”

Roslin blinks in surprise. “A wedding gift? Why, what a lovely offer,” She says, pausing for a moment of thoughtful musing. “May I ask … do you draw from memory? I would … very much like a small portrait of my mother to hang in my private salon here in Darfield, at least, if not at Trueborn Keep once it is rebuilt. I know it might be difficult to do but … if you could manage it, I would be ever so grateful.” She speaks softly, and very earnestly.

“I ought to ask, Your Highness. As you have no doubt heard, His Grace and I will be traveling to tour Sutherland a few days earlier than the rest of the party. My Lady In Waiting, Elisabeth Haravean, will be joining us, along with a few others. If you seek to escape Darfield for a little while sooner than the wedding, I would be honored if you would sail with us.” She smiles at that.

Hadrian Kincaid is no further mentioned.

A warm smile spreads on Draventa’s face. “I have already started one. I would be proud to give it to you.” Without thinking if it would be proper or not, Draventa reaches across the table and will give Roslin’s hand a gentle squeeze, if allowed.

Considering the offer, the island princess nods, “I would like that very much…I will have to make sure there is nothing pressing, but it sounds so very lovely. Not that Darfield isn’t nice, but I am not used to the…confinement.” Drav used to be able to grab a hand maid and just …go.Even in her crippled state!

At the touch of flesh on flesh, Roslin seems to lose it for a moment. She lets out a little sound - a sad wimper - and tears fill her eyes. She looks down and away, using her other hand to cover it and wipe the tears away. “Forgive me, Your Highness. It is … all so very sudden, to have her not here. I do very much appreciate your kindness. Thank you. My mother was very fond of you.” The Princess laughs a little. “Why she would sing your praises at all times. I must confess I was jealous, once or twice.” She says the last with a little smile.

“I am sure you must speak to the Princess Emerit about it, but I know these past days have been a bit difficult for you. It will be something of a quiet trip, but if it would see you a bit more pleased in your situation to know your future home a little better … I would be glad for it.”

“Oh…No! there’s not forgiveness needed!” Draventa lets her hand stay on Roslin’s hand a moment longer, “When my father died…I was a mess. It’s too soon for anyone to assume you’d stop grieving.” She’ll give her a sympathetic smile, “I adored your mother. But she loved you, all of her children, so fiercely…I admit, I was jealous of that.” Drav’s mother is not the warmest of woman.

“I would like a quiet trip. Something to rest the mind.”

“I know,” Roslin admits, sniffling back the tears and keeping herself from truly falling apart. “I know that my mother loved me, and my family, very much. But we let her down, toward the end. There were so many difficulties. I just … I wish it had all been different. I wish I could step back before my father went to Jadda, and live in those moments - even in the ones where Logen and I were arguing at our worst. I wish that above all things, but I know enouhg not to ask it of the Gods. For they may answer, and it all may become worse.”

She nods to a servant, then, who brings over some cups and fills them with wine. Forget the tea, now. “It will be a quiet trip, I daresay. The group now is small. Myself and His Grace, my Lady Elisabeth, the Grand Admiral and his captain, and my cousin hopefully, the Lady Nylie Kilgour. But we shall be touring the south, and selecting a location to hold the wedding. His Grace also wishes I should know all of Sutherland as well as I can, including the major exports - horses, timber, gold and gems - that I may manage such businesses in his absense. So we shall be seeing all of those in their glory. It might, at least, be interesting. But if nothing else, it will be warmer.”

Draventa looks down, and will sigh softly, her mind momentarily going back to her father. “You must honor her memory, love more, harder, now. Let those that are still here know. She will know if you do.” At the mention of the gods, the frail princess sighs, she’s at a lose anymore as to what they could possible do.

Happy with the wine change she’ll smile softly to the servant in thanks. She’ll even reach a hand to pick up a piece of cheese to snack on. “Warmer is all you had to say to sell me on the idea.” She’ll chuckle softly, “I know a small amount about pearls, but not gems. And I fear I’ve never actually been on a horse. My cousin, Prince Cayden, promised to teach me.”

Roslin nods a little, taking her own sip of wine and enjoying it in solitude for a moment. Then she opens her eyes, composure having come over her by now, and continues their conversation.

“Much warmer. Why his Grace has even informed me that some of the men might even go diving, and swimming while we are there. I do not know if you partake in either, though I imagine that you might, given where you are from.” She sips her wine again, smiling at last. “Prince Cayden. A wonderful man, I am most impressed with him. I am sure in Sutherland you shall experience your first horse, at least. There’s very little getting around them, there. It’s where the best in the world are bred. And Gods be Good, your health seems so well improved that I do not doubt you will take to it like a fish to water.”

draventa smiles, “I can swim some. But I never dove, as much as I wanted to. The closest i ever came was my brother Estevan would jump with me in his arms.” She’ll laugh at the memory. It was ridiculous. “I’d like to learn horses. I like animals, generally.” SHe’ll purse her lips, in thought. “I wil have to find someone to take care of Sir Nibbler while I am gone…I do not think you’d like me to bring him? He’s a snake.” She’ll tilt her head, it’s not a judging look, she’s just waiting to see the answer. A soft nod, and a happy smile, “I may not get out of the water, once I am in. perhaps I will turn into a mermaid?”

“It would make for a lovely legend for Sutherland. The foreign Princess who stepped into the waters and who still remains, somewhere. Sailors claim to see her from time to time, swimming freely thorugh the waves.” Roslin grins at the idea.

“Although I think perhaps your snake might not desire to come. For no other reason than sailors are extremely superstitious, as I understand it. Taking women on board will be bad enough, but snakes too? I do not know how well it will go over. But we shall see you safely to a horse, and no doubt His Grace will see you well instructed, as well.”

Chuckling at the idea, “If I decide to never emerge from the sea, I will try to do it in Sutherland, so you may have the Legend. Perhaps i can swim between there and Rustle’s Isle?” Whata pretty thought!

Draventa nods, “Our Sailors do not hold to such notions, but I know it is common…I can ask one of my cousins, perhaps.” Cassius with a snake is a funny thought. “I would like that, very much, to learn to ride. but only if it will not take up too much time.”

Roslin shakes her head. “Like anything else, my dear, it will only take as much time as you desire it to.” She smiles reassuringly. “I’m afraid I must see to my packing. We only have a few days. And if you are to come with us, you shall have to do the same.” She slowly begins to rise to see Draventa out.

“But if you need any help, do not hesistate to let me know. I will make sure that anything you need is seen to. We’ll be leaving in the morning in three days. I’ll be sure to have your servants be made aware of all the details.”

Draventa nods, and will start to stand, “I shall talk to the Ambassador and send word if there is something that will stop me from coming. thank you, your highness.” Drav actually looks excited for the trip.

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