30th Thedor, 229: We Can Show No Weakness

We Can Show No Weakness
Summary: The nautical implications of Jadda's allaince with Lanniver are discussed.
OOC Date: 30/Jan/2014
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Tyrel Eoin 
Marshal's Office - Darfield Castle
This is the Office of the Military Advisor to the King. The first thing you see upon entering is the huge table which occupies the center of the room. Near the door, there is also a smaller desk. On the north wall is a map of the Kingdom. To the east, a door leads out onto a balcony. You can see through the glass in the door that night has fallen. In the southern wall there is a fireplace, currently containing a large fire which lights and warms the room. Above the fireplace is a large mural of the Arms of the King's Army. In the southwest corner, there is a small wooden door. Along the east wall is a large bookcase.
30th Thedor, 229

As the war season continues to develop and more and more troop movements are reported the Marshal's Office has become a hub of activity. Messengers bring missives in hourly as raven's arrive from around the kingdom with various reports. Scribes and code masters work to write, encrypt, decrypt and transcribe missives.
Tyrel is studying the grand map reviewing the northern border of Weston. He is dressed in his decorative plate with the Tabard atop it. His helm is on a holder on his desk.

Freshly returned from the pre-season recce along the coast, Eoin finds himself with a couple of matters to discuss with the Crown Prince in his Lord Marshall hat and so, upon hearing htat Tyrel is in his office, makes his way there. Upon entering he apparoaches the map and offers a formal bow as etiquitte requires, then starts with "Your Royal Highness, I trust I do not intrude at a bad time?"

Tyrel looks over to Eoin raising his hand in response to the bow, "Be at your ease, Lord Eoin, and should you ever intrude at a bad time I trust that it will be a needful intrusion. Were your travels fruitful?"

Eoin keeps his formal report short, starting with a single short nod to Tyrel. "All seems well along the coast and while I have no doubt that that will change in teh coming months, for now I found no sign of anything amiss bar the usual issues relating to the weather and such." Taking a moment to eye the grand map he scans over the terraine covered then turns back to the Kilgour, "if you have a few mometns though I was wanting to discuss the defense of our western coast given the new threat from Jadda."

Tyrel turns his attention to the west of the map, "Certainly, Admiral." He gestures towards the map. "To my knowledge we currently have a small buffer area provided by the Kundari, and the defense of our waters is assisted by the Skingaard who wish to maintain their trade routes. The Kundari are known to have recently captured several ships to bolster their own defenses but Jadda may be receiving support from Laniveer. The negotiations with the Kundari are ongoing but we expect them to remain neutral if not ally themselves with us."
Tyrel looks back towards Eoin, "That is mostly a political analysis, of course, what would your insights be into the more practical portion?"

Eoin nods at the comment of the Kundari providing a buffer, then again at the mention of Skingaard, it's good to have such things confirmed from teh top as it were. "Very good. I'd like to keep a portion of the leveed ships from Houses Ruxton, Kincaid and Haravean on that coast though, to provide an organised responce force to co-ordinate and lead the house fleets should action occur. Captains who know the currents and winds. If the situation with Jadda and Skingaard remain as you say then it needed by a full half, but a strong showing would no go amiss in preventing ourselves from leaving an open flank."

Tyrel nods, "With Jadda, I agree, we can show no weakness. While I believe Laniveer would raid I do not believe they would cause wanton distruction. The warriors of Jadda, however, would likely set fire to anything they could not carry away. If talks go well with Kundari I should like to move our ships forward to protect their coast and encourage the merchant vessels to assist us by scheduling their trips so that they act as patrols for us as well. You should speak with Lords Aldren and Aidan regarding their trade in polite fashion, as our ships must be on the water as well if it is reasonable to do so you might offer them some space in our holds as they travel for the courtesy of the escort. It would allow our ships to run in pairs without occupying two of our warships."

With the general plan passed as sound Eoin adds, "there's a Captain in service to House Ruxton who knows those waters well that I'll be approaching to lead that fleet. I've sailed with him before and found him both keen to serve and competant in his seamanship." The idea of trying to get Aldren and Aidan to agree to something together clearly does not fill him with much joy, but he nods once more, "and of course, a Ruxton in charge should keep things simpler in terms of potential flashpoints. I will speak with both Duke and Count though, and see what can be arranged."

Tyrel smiles, "I'm sure they will both find ways to make the matter profitable to themselves, Admiral, so long as the seaways remain safe and clear for trade I've no objection to their managing their treasuries well. While it is a tired old ploy if you allow one to think the other has seen some profit in it they will both go to great lengths to find ways to make it gainful." He nods at the suggestion, "So long as he is a man of tact I'll trust to the recommendation. The commander of that area will need to deal with our Lords as well as Kundari and Skingaard ships and we cannot afford a man who forgets how to treat allies."

Eoin takes one long slow inhale, then exhales equally slowly before nodding. He'll see what he can do. Looking back to the map though he taps a holding just on the Westron side of the Morbin/Kundari border. "I believe his family's lands are here so he'll know the Kundari better than most I'll wager, and any Captain who sails that coasts knows a little at least of the Skingaard. Captain Mowbray will do the King proud, I have no doubt on that."

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