Wanted and Closed Apps

Welcome to Tales of Daren and welcome to our wanted page. To start we ask that if you are looking for a readymade character log into the game as a guest and take a look at our +roster and speak with staff. If you are looking for a character that is more tailored made then you need to look no further. In the following page you will see what Houses are currently looking for members. These Houses are located in both Laniveer and Mobrin.

We are not accepting any new applications for new Houses in Mobrin, instead we ask that you please look through the existing Houses to see what is needed. Houses for Laniveer are a different story. If you are thinking of applying for a new House for that area of the grid we ask that you speak with staff first and Eldwin and Ophelia.

Please note the following:

  • Anyone may app a noble person or commoner.
  • Royal applications are not being accepted.
  • Foreign applications are not being accepted. (Laniveer and Mobrin only)

We are always in need of commoners, guildmasters, sailors, working gals, soldiers, Knights, Ladies, Lords and all manner of folk! For more specific character look at the table.

Medieval Occupation ideas


Alt Policy: Do not make more than you can keep active, please. You also may not have more than one noble character per land. This means you may not have two noble characters from Laniveer but you may have one from Laniveer and one from Mobrin.

There is a 2 week waiting period between alts.

Commoner crafters Seamstress or tailor, hairdressers (for elaborate lady's hairdos), musical instrument maker, blacksmith, armorer or weaponsmith, leather worker, jeweler, glass blower, carpenter, cobbler, stone mason, fishermen, prostitutes (may be ICly persecuted), shipwrights, etc.

Knights! - wanted for most houses.

Nobles to fill less active Noble Houses - House Ruxton especially! But also, female cousins for House Crawford, possibly others. House Leask could also use some people Check Noble Houses page for more info.

Also, check +roster in game for ready made/approved characters looking for a player.



Ophelie's younger Sisters (35-48 years old, Mae, Elva,Elvina) or her nieces nephews (oldest 28)

Also wanted Nobles of Laniveer, Siblings, Cousins, Aunts, uncles etc (Non Royal) of Ophelie and Eldwin, Knights, Guards, House staff, Priests and Priestesses, Craftsmen, etc

Please be aware that apping to Laniveer will have IC consequences as they are at war with Mobrin.

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