Sess 34, 229: Walk and Take Stock

Walk and Take Stock
Summary: A post-operative Kierne becomes ambulatory, is escorted by the Lady Lis.
OOC Date: 19/03/2014
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The infirmary!
Sess 34, 229

Hey, look who has legs! It's Kierne, who, clad in a simple cream-colored tunic that reaches just below his knees, is not only showing the wiry, lightly haired lower halves of said appendages, but is also using them, getting up off of his back and shuffling barefooted in a circuit of the infirmary, gaining strength as he goes. He's been given the use of a cane, in case he feels the need to support himself, but he's not doing much but holding it.

Elisabeth has spent much of the past few days in the infirmary either at her brother's side or in the still room helping the healers make more medications for the abundance of patients. She is coming out of the still room with another tray of potions that are set upon a table to distribute out. Her gaze scans the room, first to her brother Eoin, then to Eldan, her soon to be brother in law. A breath before she looks around at the other patients and sees Kierne shuffling about the room. "Should you be up Kierne?" She asks as she comes over to where he is shuffling.

"I'm good," Kierne even smiles at Lis, even if his face is just a little pale, his hair somewhat oily with all the sweating he's been doing. "They're pretty sure my insides aren't going to come tumbling out, but, y'know, we have to find out for sure, sometime," he tells her, words jocular even if his voice is rather flat and serious. "How's the Admiral faring?" he worries a look over in Lis' brother's direction.

Elisabeth walks along with Kierne for now in case he should stumble during his walk. She has mostly avoided dealing with wounds and bandages, so busy she has been in the still room. "Well that is good to hear." She says with a tight smile before she looks over to her brother. "The head wound is still worrisome, but he is getting better every day. I am quite worried for Baron Mowbray…" She says of the man who took a multitude of chest wounds.

Kierne comes to walk alongside the Lady Lis— no one could accuse them of impropriety in front of so very many chaperones. He doesn't stumble, either, taking his stroll slowly and steadily. "I'm glad to hear, about your brother. I tried patching his wounds when he fell," he shakes his head, "I'd never seen a skull so badly battered before. I could only pack his other wounds, I was afraid to touch the rest, lest I unintentionally kill him myself."

Elisabeth pauses as he speaks of being there when her brother fell and his description of the moment. "I have heard only tidbits here and there of what happened. Rumours and conjecture mostly." She starts as she looks over the squire, "What happened that day?" She asks softly as finally she starts to walk again, though she looks a touch pale herself. "Your fast actions likely saved his life Kierne, I thank you."

"I can barely fathom a thing of it," Kierne shakes his head. "It was like, one minute I'm standing attendance at a feast, and the next I'm wading through about an inch and a half of fleshly slurry on the floor while these madmen cackle and cut people open with axes. They were so strong," he looks over at a blank area of wall, as if looking through it, then looks back to Lis. "He was there and I was there, anyone would have done the same. But if I have done you a service, my Lady, I will take it as enough thanks simply to have had occasion to do so."

Elisabeth listens quietly, drawing quite pale at the description as she looks about the room at all the injured people. She was spared seeing the blood and gore, having arrived while everyone was neatly bandaged. "Was it the Laniveer or pirates?" She asks of the two evils in the world she knows as she finally looks back to Kierne.

"They neglected to introduce themselves," Kierne replies. "Though I doubt a pirate crew would go on a suicide mission without any profit to be had from it. This was a directed attack upon the royalty; a keen political blow to sow confusion and disarray. I would be surprised to find out it was not of Laniveer," he reasons.

Elisabeth nods to Kierne's response as she looks about the room. "Royalty dead, many fighters injured or dead." She gives a little shake of her head, "The others? Tyrel, Logen and Roslin? Are they alright?" She asks having been so focused on her brother these last few days she has not had chance to check in about anyone else.

"I haven't seen much of anyone besides my Lord Knight and my Auntie N, honestly," Kierne replies. "The Lady Duchess I'd have heard if she'd been hurt. Logen was…" he shakes his head. "… brutally assaulted. I tried to fight alongside him for a time, but I got separated from him in the melee."

"Logen as well? And the princess? Draventa…" Elisabeth asks almost reluctantly having come to know the pair during their courting as an escort. The words draw her to pause and take a steadying breath. "For so many of the royals to be attacked…it must have been the Laniveers.." She continues with a shake of her head.

"Yes, she, too," Kierne reports quite grimly. "They showed no discrimination. Guard, servant, man, woman, child. All fell before them as they went." There's a bit of the thousand-yard stare about him as he recounts it, walking about on numbly shuffling feet beside the Lady.

Lothar finally pries his eyes open as he looks around the infirmiry and just pipes in because he's just waking up and is on pain medications, "There was a trail of bodies from the gate to the feast their goal was to kill everybody…"

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