39th Sess, 229: Vive le Roi!

Vive le Roi!
Summary: The coronation of King Tyrel
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Throne Room - Darfield Castle
The feature of the Throne Room of Darfield Castle that draws most eyes immediately is the magnificent throne, raised on a dais at the far end of the room. The Kilgour Family coat of arms, passed down from father to son through the centuries, occupies a place of honor above the royal throne.
A rug of purple softens the path across the white marble floor, swirling patterns picked out in glinting silver thread. To each side of the rug, stand tall silver vases of Stargazer Lilies and Irises, their heady scent drifting through the air. The cool marble walls have been draped with mingling swathes of purple and silver silk, with touches of white for smooth contrast. Set about the room, tall silver candelabras hold long purple tapers, their soft glow gleaming on the rug and silks. On the balcony above, more swathes of purple and silver silk have been draped, shimmering with a scattering of silver glitter. More glitter is dusted across the marble floor, and over the soft petals of the flowers.
39th Sess, 229

Ronan has arrived early and confirred with the Voice as to where Caedmon would prefer him - for tonight, the Duke of Sutherland has garbed himself as Rioga as well as Duke, armed and armoured with the intent to deal most seriously with anyone who might intend to interfer in the Coronation. The Crawford has a keen eye for his few fellow Rioga and unless Tyrel himself should give orders otherwise, is taking his cues from Caedmon as to how things will proceed this evening. Therefor Ronan stands to one side of the Throne room up near the front but along the wall rather than taking a seat. If his squire is about, Kierne better have washed behind his ears and dressed his best for things do not get more official than this occation tonight.

As people people file in, the Crown Prince is standing on the dais, facing the audience gallery. His feet are placed shoulder width apart, and by all outwardly appearances he is calm, collected, regal even. Those who are more astute would notice subtle shifts in his legs as he stands, maybe because of a subconscious manifestation of nerves or perhaps merely to stay comfortable as he stands. He is dressed in his normal finery, yet a simple band of black cloth circles his left bicep. If any should try to catch his eye, no outward acknowledgement is given.

With the rest of the remaining Kilgour family present, Ciarrah is dressed in the silver and purple colors of the royal house. She is quietly standing, awaiting the time her husband would be named King, fighting her own inner nerves at the insinuations of that. Her fingers are laced together to still the telling signs of her current state of being and she watches her husband, quietly offering all the strength she can muster to him.

House Forrester is represented by Lady Nimue alone, her brothers off attending to business of the most serious which leaves her to deal with matters of a social nature on her own. With her ladies and guards present, they've found a place to sit at one side, allowing for Nimue to remain out of the majority of the crowd that'll undoubtedly be present.

Wearing the best of his Kincaid colors and wearing a set of leather armor decored in such colors as well enters Lord Hadrian Kincaid with Lady Emma on his arm. He makes his way to the sit where most of his family will be seating. He escorts her by the arm as he looks over at her, "I am pleased to have you on my arm for this." He turns towards a row of chairs and motions for her to head down first and he'll join her in follow. Or it might be an excuse for Hadrian to look at her rear. Who knows with him.

Valarius is part of the commoner horde allow in … or maybe he was allowed in because he's got those fancy white robes of the clergy, trimmed in crimson for the main god he follows, with a belt of gold tied around his waist. A Priest but not specifically with the ordeal happening this afternoon. His hands are clasped together so the arms of the robes hold them and he is in fact, standing near the back.

Kierne has washed, and polished his squirely armor back into some state of presentability, the Lily of Lakeshire flourishing on his shoulderpiece. He's even clean-shaven, for once, and someone looks to have combed his hair. It must be a special occasion or something. As ceremonial and perfunctory as the armor is, he's as ready as his Lord Knight to face troubles should they arise, a grim cast to his features, his eyes intense under his sleepy-looking lids, scouring the room over and over again, on alert.

Probably looking at her rear. She's dressed quite beautifully for the upcoming coronation, in a gorgeous gown of deep green which highlights her creamy flesh and makes her eyes pop. The dress has a square neckline which pushes up her little ladies, though beneath that she has on a silk lace lined chemise to keep her mostly modest. The waist of the dress is tight with a bodice lined with creamy white lace, skirts dropping down to hit the floor. The sleeves are long and dagged, and she cuts quite the figure. Her hair is curled back and slightly pulled into a braid, a gold net cap woven into the curls at the back of her head, a pair of simple earrings worn and no other jewelry. Emma will smile faintly as she releases his arm to head down the row of chairs, her gown really not affording much of a view of her backside lest one enjoys a backside swathed in many layers. Smiling broadly she will find her seat and settle down, arranging skirts about her, glancing over to watch Hadrian with bright green-blue eyes, waiting for him to settle beside her.
You paged Ronan with 'I also have alog going, so hopefully we should be okay'

After settling his wife in a seat in the back of the room, near the door so that she can leave quickly if some medical need arises, Caedmon strolls toward the front of the room, stopping greet nobles and commoners alike along the way. Once he comes to the grand dais. The massive, polished throne waits there, with the crown of state sitting on a cushion in the empty seat. Flanking the throne are smaller, ordinary seats. an Enlightened priest is sitting in the seat to the right of the throne. Caedmon ascends the steps and settles in the seat on the left while he surveys the crowd and awaits the arrival of the Crown Prince who soon will be King of Mobrin.

Having arrived upon the arm of the Duke of Lakeshire, Nylie was dressed in silks of purple and silver, the colors of House Kilgour. He hair was done perfectly so, and a black arm band was worn upon one arm. Being but a cousin of no particular rank or position, Nylie moves to sit within that row that blends the last of family with those members of Council. Moving to take a seat, allowing her betrothed to join her.

Helping Eoin into the throne room and to the place he is supposed to sit Kieryn glances around and notices his sister and Hadrian, he makes sure that Emma's guards and maid are with them. Just to be sure so he doesn't have to report things to Eldan. Once he has made sure that Eoin has made it into his seat, Kieryn finds a seat of his own.

A vassal of House Forrester, Lady Brienne Rivermist is standing somewhere near the back, before the commoners but after the council members. She takes note of the more familiar faces, offering a warm smile to Lady Nimue, though she does not break the silence in the room. Her own attire is a modest dress that is peach in color, the cut and design nothing spectacular, but serviceable. Her eyes move between the Crown Prince and soon to be king and the Voice of the King who is to perform the ceremony.

Lady Senga Kincaid arrives on the arm of her husband, Lord Arlen Kincaid attired in house colors respectively but with a look to those family already present. With a ready nod in greeting, she moves to join those who are either part or will be part of their family in due time.

Entering the throne room the Count and Countess are the embodiment of regal livery. Aldren with blazing white breeches, brown boots that have certainly never been worn before this occasion and a hunter green doublet. He is freshly shaven as well and with his chin up and wide steps he approaches his appropriate place with his Lady wife.

One does manage to catch the Crown Prince's eye. He looks at his wife, and the love in his eyes is unmistakable. A slight smile tugs at his lips, but is quickly banished by the rigors of royal demeanor. He continues to observe people as they file in, and clasps his hands behind his back as he waits for the ceremony to start. As Caedmon walks up the dais, he turns to face the throne.

Aidan is wearing black with only a hint of silver trim left on the tunic and cloak. From boot tip to collar, black seems to dominate the attire, with a lakeshire lily emblazoned above his heart. The man offers a quiet look to Nylie as they assert themselves toward the front but not necessarily the immediate front, some where that the council members collide with the family members. He nods to her and allows her to take a seat first before he does as well, rather stoic about the whole thing. His eyes travel up toward the front, taking stock of whose where, with a slight look back over his shoulder to see who else is shuffling in.

Hadrian moves to sit next to his Emma. They had left her committee at the back of the room of course since they couldn't all sit in his lap. Though he wished Emma could. Hadrian offer a nod to those here, weither they catch it or not. He turns and notices his father and then a nod is given to him and to Nylie also. Hadrian was looking way better then he had days ago and color had even be returned to his features. There was stilla slight discomfort in his stomach but it was not something to hold him down or back. He looks over to his Emma and leans over, "Thank you for coming with me to this."

Laine enters the throne room, dressed in normal clothing. It has been a long time since anyone has seen him out of uniform. The man looks a little twitchy, occassionally pulling at the sleeves of his shirt as a nervous habit. He takes a place in the darkest corner of the room he can find and simply hopes that he will be ignored. He's not sure why he was summoned to attend, and out of uniform, but he doesn't think anything good will come of the summons. He is dressed in the best clothing he owns, but it pales in comparison to the finery others are draped in.

Eldan is here, likely under protest from the infirmary. He is propped up in his chair and has agreed to take it very easy and try not to get worked up. Eldan is dressed in his best finery, as is Cai who stands behind him. At least Cai has a chair nearby in case he needs to sit. His bouts of dizziness are becoming less frequent, but they still happen. Eldan and Cai take up residence towards the back of the room, just in case either needs to leave for health reasons.

That one look.. Ciarrah catches it and it both warms and settles her all at once. Calmer now, she allows her hands free from the self imposed grip on each other and lowers them to her side. The look of pride in her demeanor as she watches him taking his place is unmistakable, the look of love and devotion in her eyes, only for him alone to see. Her own smile echoes his though remains even after he has to look away.

Eoin still hasa bandage round his head, but it's fresh and clean, much like everything else he wears. Clean shaven and hair a neat as it can be given the circumstances he wears a haravean green tunic edged in silver and gold and while he's still decidedly unsteady on his feet he does make it to the designated council seating area thanks to Kieryn's aid. Knowing there's a potential for himnot being able to last the entire ceremony he deliberately takes a seat at the edge so as to cause as minimal a disturbance as possible should the worst happen.

Victoria is dressed as she usually is these days, in leathers of black which are tight and fitted, a blouse of white worn beneath her light leather jacket with brass buttons and a short collar. Her hair is braided back showing off the shaved out right side of her head and a set of scars which includes a long jagged snag down her cheek and half an ear which looks partially ..melted. It's a good look. She's in the back, near the doors, sword at her hip, hand on it's pommel, keeping a wary eye out as she comes with the Haravean Family. But not to party. She's part of the security.

Wenna sits quietly, and she is dressed in a gown of silk colored amethyst and silver. Her hair has been intricately braided and bound up in a silver and amethyst studded net. The fabric of her gown is of a fine weave and is richly dyed. Ornamentation in the form of embroidery done in silver floss graces the scoop of the round neckline of the gown, the hem of the sleeves and there is also a four inch panel of it along the hem of the skirt. The embroidery depicts knot work in the form of intertwining flowering vines. In the center of each of the flowers there is a tiny chip of a yellow sapphire and the petals of the flowers are created by use of dark amethyst gems. The sleeves of the gown are modestly bell-shaped and they show off her silk undergrown that is a deep indigo, no pale blue shade or hue, but deepest indigo of a shade to dark that it holds the barest hint of purple in some of the interwoven threads. She is pale and sweating. Her eyes are slightly sunken, she is focused on the what is happening on the dais.

Moira's hand, resting upon Aldren's is a pale and timorours thing. Perhaps she should have left off mourning; but she could not, not in its entirety. And so, her gown of black with sweeping floor length, draping sleeves of red along with a matching red kirtle and slippers, pairs with her mood. Her hair is left loose and flowing, drawn back faintly at the middle with a red band so that it does not trail the floor. And, as always, the smell of roses wafts in her wake.

"I've never been to a coronation." Emma will relay back to Hadrian in an excited tone, the young Lady practically beside herself. So many new things she's been able to experience since coming here, a ton of bad things, but some good as well, this included, "Such a strange day …a funeral and coronation all in one day." Murmured to the man again, Emma turning in her seat to see whom else is here, spotting her father and raising a hand up to wave at him, others she knows waved at all well before she's calming herself, practically bouncing in her seat, confused with all the emotions today. Almost frenetic.

Kieryn isn't too far away from Eoin, in case he has need of him, plus he is more or less the second in command, at least while Eoin is injured, well of the navy anyway. So it's one of the things he can do to help out the Admiral.

Ronan remains standing near the front but off to the side as he watches everyone filing in. When he sees Kierne, he gives a faint nod to his squire and otherwise his gaze goes to and lingers upon his uncle, Aidan, the Duke of Lakeshire. This only briefly before the Rioga's watch continues, skims over Caedmon and Tyrel, then briefly seeks Roslin who sits with the remaining Kilgour family in the front of the huge chamber. Otherwise Ronan rests his hands lightly on his sword belt and keeps watch. The Duke speaks with no one but he does incline his head to several whom pass. Other Rioga are likewise armed and turned out in their shiny best, especially self conscious after recent events, few as they now are here.

Hadrian nods softly to his Emma. "Neither have I." He states with a soft chuckle and then quietly looks around with her. His eyes notice Lady Brienne and he recalls her from meeting her at Ronan's wedding. He offers a smile and wave towards Emma's brother and father. He then looks around more and then spots Victoria, giving her a bit more of a knowing smile. Memories coming into his head before he looks back ahead towards Tyrel. He had a date to get too and hopes this does not take to long. He leans over to whisper to Emma again, "Maybe we can grab a few things of food and drink to go before we have our walk tonight." He motions towards the table.

There is just a flicker of a faint smile offered to Aidan as he does take the seat beside her before Nylie is offering a simple incline of her head to some of the other Council members and others of her family that might be near. No general chatter forth coming given the occasion, her eyes eventually settling upon her brother and cousin.

Still remaining by herself, other than Felicity, her handmaid that is, Brienne watches all of the nobles gathering together. She sees several familiar faces, one is Hadrian, another is Kierne. The others, she allows herself only a brief glance before she looks back towards the dais, awaiting the crowning moment.

Victoria scours the crowds, watching as nobles ferry in, her gaze finding people here and there, though none she's particularly interested in. Hadrian's smile is greeted with a raise of her brow, which somehow was not burnt off, a blank look otherwise given to him as she continues to look over all the fancily dressed folks and not so fancily dressed folks, watching anyone for suspicious behavior rather than the coronation proceedings themselves.

Aidan looks over at Nylie, reaching over to take her hand in his. There's no need to speak, the look says it all and it is one that will speak for him. His gaze then turns back enough to note where Hadrian is sitting with Lady Emma, emotionless though his face remains as his gaze travels up front, resting on Ronan, happy to see the man dressed and prepared for another attack, for certainly this would be an opportunity. He sighs quietly and just lightly entwines his fingers in Nylie's. There was alot of unspoken words in that sigh, hazel eyes looking toward the soon to be King.

Kierne takes up his post near Ronan, back straight, supressing a burgeoning anxiety as people keep entering, counting them off in his mind as they process inside, those he knows, those he only recognizes, those he doesn't recognize at all. His features remain stoic, the meanwhile, but inside the wheels are turning at a brisk clip.

Emma isn't having any of that. Any food within the castle she will not eat. Not unless she's tasting it for her father despite his protests to such several times. She has perfected the dip into the infirmary and out to taste and see if she dies. No death yet! Shaking her head minutely she will pale slightly, "No." Looking distinctly uncomfortable, her jaw clenched a little as she tries not to panic seeing those food tables, a glance given over her shoulder to her father and Cai, worry there in her eyes. She'll dive bomb her father if she sees even one morsel in his hand. Maybe she will have to partake just to ensure everything is good. And thusly the coronation is ruined for her, turning back around, hands clasped tightly in her lap, breathing measured as her mind swirls with everything that could go wrong here. Today. That has gone wrong thus far in this cursed castle.

Laine's lone eye flits about the room. Last time he was here he at least had a sword at his side. He tugs on his sleeve cuff again before fiddling with the black leather gloves on his hands. He feels practically naked without his uniform on. The anticipation is killing him. He simply hopes most of the dressing down he will receive will be done in private. He wishes he had brought the uniform so he could at least turn it in without fuss. It sucks to get fired in front of everyone. That has to be why he is here. He did fail to save the King. Admittedly so did a great many others, but Laine is always big on shouldering the burden entirely. A black band is worn around Laine's upper arm, his sign of mourning the King.

Eldan gives a smile to Emma when she waves at him. He inclines his head in the direction of Hadrian, if nothing else to let the man know Eldan has his eyes on him… nothing inappropriate. He nods as well to those he knows, including his fellow injured party, Eoin. Any food or drink that comes remotely close to Eldan has to pass through Cai first.

Then there's the Kundari.. the vibrant colors of their house prominent as Nima walks in, the aquamarine of her saree fringed with gold. At her side is her maid Syri and on her other side, a lovely little blonde girl.. Elly. Dressed identical to the Kundari Princess, right down to the gold tiara on her head with matching aquamarine stones. The two find Eldan rather easily and Elly lets go of her hand to rush forward and pounce her father, but has been warned he was ill, so it should be a gentle pouncing. Nima follows behind at a more sedate pace, a smile playing over her lips.

From the back of the room, a servant quietly enters, quickly vetted by a guard, to step to Wenna's side and murmur to her since, when their glance first looked for Caedmon at the front of the room, she is more readily available. And, of course, they're assured that the message will be delivered when it is quite appropriate. Then, ducking out, after a quick check that the room is set and all are comfortable the servant leaves, as quietly as they are able.

Unseen to the crowd, the Crown Prince gives a slightly undignified and impatient look to Caed. The crowd gathered here is not the only ones waiting for the ceremony to start. The crowd does see, however, the uncnscious turning of the simple wedding band that encircles his finger.

Once settled and sure in his eat Eoin casts a brief glance around.He's not really nodding to people, just in case, but family and close friends do get a faint smile if they happento be looking his way. It feels fiantly wierd that the last time he was in here with Tyrel they were having a blazing row,but that was a long time back and now he just faces the dias and waits for the ceremony to begin, looking forward and not into the rows of his fellow council members.

Hadrian sees the look on her face and the issue that he seems to have brought up. He moves a hand to take one of her, stealing it from her lap, "It's alright. We can get something from your own houses kitchen if you perfer. But to let you know, it was not the food but it was the chairs we sat at. You have nothing to worry with my dear sweet Emma." He'll have to distract her of course to keep her eyes off her father and let the poor man eat and be merry here in this time of celebration. Hadrian keeps his gaze on his Emma, "Or simply we'll just have to get you your favorite food during our walk."

Today Cayden Aberdeen's sister becomes Queen of Mobrin. Unfortunately, it's under no circumstances he would have liked. Cayden's own feelings on Callem are now…conflicted, at best, but the man died protecting his sister, and that is a deed he will never be able to properly thank him for. So it's an unusually somber Cayden who stands alone, having eschewed seating for the time being…he spent enough time seated in the infirmary. While he's dressed in some of his best finery, of course in the black, white, and gold of House Aberdeen, it's somewhat marred by the heavy bandages that still cover his left hand. His eyes, for the moment, seem primarily fixed upon the grand stage upon which these proceedings will be held, though occasionally a glance goes out over the crowd, spotting a few familiar faces here and there, but thus far the Prince is a silent sentinel, if an unarmed one (no pun intended).

Nylie gives a look in return to Aidan that allowed words to remain unspoken, her gaze remaining in him for a moment. Only a brief look taken back, mostly keep her gaze forward, that is where most of her family was. The sigh from Aidan causing a gentle squeeze to be given to his hand as her fingers twined with his. Letting their hands settle as they awaited people to finish arriving and settling in, the start of the ceremony.

Valarius looks up toward the dias and particularly noticing his friend up there, all dressed up in squirely attire. There's a smirk on his face but soon enough he gets preoccupied by a child that runs by his feet. A brow lifts as he chuckles quietly, his gaze wandering off to follow along where the wayward child goes. Though he'll remain for now, smiling at those who stand around with him.

As they await the Voice of the King, Ciarrah glances around the room briefly, smiling to those familiar to her, though more reserved at the moment. She notices her brother arrive and lifts a hand in the most brief of gestures, greeting him. Her attention is not held long, however, for Tyrel is too near her for her to give her attention to another for any length of time. The smile she wears hitches up several notches at his gesture of turning his band. Perhaps he was eager to get on with his intentions and first acts as King. She could only guess.

While he may be trying to convince her otherwise, Emma is not so sure. The original poisonings at the celebration for the Prince and Princess before - no. No. And she won't be swayed. Was her hand taken? It's stiff in his, the young Lady feeling her heart pulsing tightly in her chest, her jaw tightly clasped, worried. And with good bloody reason. She can't focus on Hadrians words at all, gaze flickering from person to person in front of them, then the prince. How everyone is so calm she doesn't know. Beginning to tremble a little she will try to remain seated and not force her way past others seated to either side of herself and Hadrian to go to her father and stand watch over him. Hadrians hand will get a death grip on it if he chooses to continue holding hers.

Caedmon remains erect and motionless, with his hands clasped in his lap, while the guests find their places. He inclines his head to each noble, and smiles when he sees is sister arriving on Aidan's arm. He looks toward the back of the room, where Wenna is sitting. His eyes linger on her for a long moment, and he offers her a warm, loving smile. Likewise, he smiles and nods to Aldren and Moira. When he sees Eldon, and then Eoin, his face briefly betrays surprise, but the expression shifts to a look of respect and approval for each of them. After everyone has settled, Caedmon stands and steps to the edge of the dais. "Your highness, your graces, your excellencies, lords, ladies, and honored guests, during this morning of sadness, we bade farewell to our beloved king. Now we have come in the evening to welcome his heir, his royal highness Prince Tyrel, and to witness his ascension to the throne." Looking to Tyrel, he calls, "Your highness, please come forward." At the same time, the priest rises from his chair and lifts the cushion on which the crown of state rests. With slow footsteps, the priest joins Caedmon at the edge of the dais, and they wait.

Ah, the laughter of a child, even at an event that should be joyous, yet is somber and solemn. Moira's eyes glisten with unshed tears as for allthe pomp and circumstance, the joyous crowning of a new monarch would not be held without the passing of the previous one. And again, while that passing is hopefully at the end of a long and prosperous reign, this one is not. When all is said and done, adn while she met Callem only a few tiems, she'd had occaision to more frequently meet his wife; indeed, helped deliver the youngest princess and, for her, both of them will be so greatly missed. But, she clears her face, and assumes what she can hope is a more pleasant mein, for the new King to be.

Nimue turns as something… no, someone catches her eye and she finds herself smiling upon seeing Prince Cayden. If she happens to catch his eye she offers a small, quick smile but then the ceremony begins and she returns her attention to the dais and those upon it.

A man stands by and supports the woman he cherishes and loves. Hadrian feels the grip on his hand with hers and wishes he could read her mind but knowing her to some degree, learning of how she feels towards her father. He leans over to whisper to her, "As you will become my wife some day, I sware it to support you my Emma and protect your family as well. You have all but to ask this of me and I will die to see them protected from harm." He then listens to the annoucement of the voice and notes the crowning was about to begin. Yet he was more worried right now about his Lady. He was whispering so only his Emma would hear, "Beleive in me and see that I will forever stand at your side."

Eldan is distracted from watching Hadrian and Emma by the entrance of Nima and Elly. He gives a bright smile to Nima and extends a hand, offering Elly a place in his lap for the ceremony. His eyes soften as he smiles at Nima, motioning for her to take a seat near him before he turns his attention to the front of the room and the beginnings of the ceremony.

When Caedmon starts speaking Laine's gaze swings towards the front of the room. He stands a bit straighter, again pulling at the cuffs of his sleeve before he finally just crosses his arms over his chest. Hopefully the royalty won't leave him in suspense as to his fate, but then Murphy's law generally works against Laine.

Lowering his hands to his sides, Tyrel walks forward. His steps confident, measured. He stands at his place before the priest and The Voice. Silent as a statue, he awaits the words to be spoken. Perhaps by way of apology for his slip of demeanor, he gives Caedmon a slight smile and an even slighter inclination of his head.

Cayden nods to Nimue when she makes her greeting, and his eyes do travel to the brightly colored Kundari contingent, and particularly the movements of a certain Princess. They linger for bit a moment, his expression firmly neutral, before his attention turns back to the stage as the ceremony begins.

Kierne tenses when he registers someone running in the crowd, not quite going so far as to reach for a blade, but only a step or two removed from same. It's just a child, after all, and he curses himself inwardly while outwardly maintaining a dignified attention worthy of the ceremony in progress. His eyes dart from the child to the white robes V is wearing, and he lets one corner of his mouth break decorum into a twitch of a smile by way of recognition and long-distance greeting before he returns to a harsh, methodical scan of the room.

As Elly settles on her father's lap, Nima moves to take a seat near the Baron, quietly slipping into the chair, her bangled bracelets tinkling softly one against the other. Once seated, she gives Eldan a grateful smile and an unvoiced thank you, though her lips form the words. Her attention also goes to the ceremony at the front of the room and she watches in silence.

Nodding her head Wenna offers a smile to the guard. Her gaze remains on the dais and she whispers a response to the guard. Her eyes meet Caedmon and she offers him a nod of her head too. She then gets a far off look in her eyes as she sits there.

Valarius isn't so formal and certainly doesn't know what it takes to be in a room full of nobles. So, Kierne's smile by twitch, earns a hand raised in the air in greeting and a cheeky grin. Sticks out like a sore thumb when everyone's so quiet of the proceedings ahead.

Emma is distracted, so the voice of Hadrian takes a bit to reach her ears, a breath that was being held exhaled out softly as she realizes she's not breathing, and she's being spoken to. The Coronation is happening though, and she'll turn her head slightly to listen to Hadrians remaining whispered words heard, "I believe in you." She'll murmur back, keeping her gaze forwards, still unsettled.

Aldren places a hand on Moira's when he feels her timid touch. With a look to her and her glistening eyes he gives a reassuring smile before turning to see his sister. Confusion now plain there on his face he frowns and turns back to the proceedings.

Ronan's gaze also has gone to the Princess Nima. The Rioga Duke's gaze lingers upon her only briefly, then moves on, keeping his watch as the ceremony commences. Likely enough Roslin will catch his eye from time to time though most of Ronan's attention is for the ceremony and those filling the throne room, keeping the peace. Will his new King require the Rioga to reswear their fealty of srevice or disband his order?

As Tyrel steps forward, Ciarrah's breath catches.. He always had the ability to do that to her though. Remaining silent and watching as the ceremony continues, oblivious to those around her now.

Victoria knows what it takes to be in a room full of nobles. A ton of booze. A ton of booze. The Rangeress not unsettled by the child running, but she wasn't here for the mass poisoning and ambush, but the council meeting, oh she was there. Just to watch people pile out from the chambers puking. It was glorious. But she will begin moving around the outside edge of the throne room, keeping an eye out, ears keen.

When Tyrel approaches the dais, Caedmon focuses on the crown prince. Although he intends his words primarily for the royal ears, he speaks loudly enough so that all might hear. "Your royal highness, your parents prepared you from your youth so that you might rule in due time. That time has come. The day began with sadness because we have lost our king, but it will end with joy because we have a new king." He nods to the priest who places one hand under the cushion that bears the crown. The Enlightened places his other hand on the crown, and at the same time, Caedmon places his hand on he crown. Together, they lift the golden, bejeweled emblem above the head of the crown prince. "For the honor and glory of Mobrin, and the greater honor and glory of the Eight whom we serve, we now crown you, Tyrel Kilgour, rightful Majesty and King." Together, they settle the crown on Tyrel's head and remove their hands from the crown. Caedmon looks at the assembled crowd and shouts, "Long live the king! Long live Mobrin!"

Joining in the call of the others, Brienne, who is sitting near the back behind the council and before the commoners, lifts her own voice in response. "Long live the king! Long live Mobrin!" Echoing the words of the Voice of the king, though keeping calm for the solemnity of the occasion.

And here we see the crowning of King Hadrian Kincaid….well for a breif moment in his own imagination. He smiles softly to Emma. He didn't like not seeing a smile on her face and he felt powerless to do anything about it. For now, since this important moment was going on, he falls silent and leans back in his chair, watching the new King become that, King. His hand not letting go of his Emma's for now. He wanted her to feel he was there. Hadrian glances to her briefly.

As the crown is lifted, Tyrel lowers his head to make it easier. When he stands, his shoulders straighten. He clasps Caedmon on the shoulder and says in a voice normally loud enough for all to hear, "You have served our father well, and we wish for you to continue to do so." He turns to face the crowd, waiting for a chance to address the assembled crowd.

There is a soft smile that Nylie gives her brother when he looks her way. Though the woman remains quiet aas the ceremony begins, a hint of calmness settling to her features as she takes in Tyrel as he steps forward. Watching as that crown is taken up by her brother and the Enlightened, the new king is crowned. A soft breathe is drawn in that moment, held briefly before it is allowed to slip out, her hand giving Aidan's a slight squeeze in that moment. Though her voice is soon rising after her brother's shout," Long live the king! Long Live Morbin!"

Eldan joins in the cry, and encourages Elly to do the same. Her young voice joining the chorus even as Eldan keeps an arm around her so she doesn't jump on him in the process. That would hurt. Cai is prepared to stick Elly in a great place to keep her corralled, his massive shoulders, should the need arise. For now she seems content to pump a small fist and cry out loudly. Usually she isn't allowed to be loud in these kind of situations. Eldan will be quick to quiet her when the time comes as he is aware Elly won't know when to stop.

Despite Laine's apprehension about his continued fate…. which might include imprisonment and death. He does answer the call, "Long Live the King! Long Live Mobrin!" He is still loyal, which is why he will take any punishment with grace and acceptance. He's just hoping the new King isn't in the mood for bloodshed. One can hope.

Eoin had been expecting a bit more pomp and circumstance. A sermon fromthe Priest perhaps, some music, a grand show. In many ways though this is better and once Caedmon makes that declairation he makes the effort to push himself to his feet in respect of the occasion and lend his voice to the cheer, "Long live the King!"

Emma is startled by the sudden yelling out, but it's only for the new King! Thank the Gods. She will lend her voice, albeit much more softly, to the cries, "Long live the king!" She'll join in, keeping a tight hold of Hadrians hand.

Cayden manages a smile, and claps his right hand against his thigh while calling out (no doubt among many others), "Long live the king! Long live Mobrin!" Obviously…clapping his hands together is kind of out of the question at the moment, and even his right arm moves stiffly, as though there are likely still bandages and perhaps sutures beneath the sleeve of his coat. Still, at least by all outward appearances he is in the proper spirit of the moment. Though the improvised applause is kept brief sot hat the King may speak.

Benedict has been here but perhaps hidden among the crowed or well blending in a bit might work better, he will finally be able to make his way through a bit until he finds a familiar face beside him. "Lady Brienne." he will say with a smile smile though he does turn not wishing to be disrespectful. He will look towards the crowning ceremony and even raise his voice to the health of the new king.

Kieryn joins in with the others in the calls of "Long live the king."

Nimue doesn't yell although those present with her do but while she's quiet there's a smile, her own show of support for the newly crowned and his wife. Another look is given behind her before she leans over to whisper to the younger maiden who has been her constant companion who nods to whatever it is that's said to her.

"Long live the king." Wenna calls out with the others. She then grows quiet again as she continues to watch. Her gaze moves to husband then her brother. Her eyes are at half mast now as she watches.

Moira simply smiles softly to Aldren, then with the others, her voice clear yet tinged with sadnes, even as it is joyous, "Long live the King! Long live Mobrin!"

Brienne is watching and as the crown is settled into place on the new king, the contingent from Kundari Princess also echoes the words given by the Voice of the King. "Long live the King." Though there is a solemn tone in her voice and she looks anywhere but the throne where the previous king had rule. That has her catching sight of the Duke from Sutherland and her gaze lingers there a moment before she offers a polite dip of her head before looking away and catching Cayden now. Another nod is offered to him and she winces when she sees his wounds still. Her attention is once more drawn to the dais.

And there was much rejoicing…..yay. Hadrian yells as well and says, "Long live the new king." And all that stuff. He was glad the kingdom could become unitied now with a new symbol of hope and strength.

Aidan rises from his seat calling out in the hail of chorus, though being sure that he bows his head and puts his hand to his chest. He will stand there, with his hand on his chest, in support of this new King, for all the world to see, as with everyone else who made sure to present themselves at coronation. His gaze does once flicker over toward Nylie, but for the most part, the rising cresendo is enough to make this moment weighted in everyone's minds and hearts.

Nima is watching and as the crown is settled into place on the new king, the contingent from Kundari Princess also echoes the words given by the Voice of the King. "Long live the King." Though there is a solemn tone in her voice and she looks anywhere but the throne where the previous king had rule. That has her catching sight of the Duke from Sutherland and her gaze lingers there a moment before she offers a polite dip of her head before looking away and catching Cayden now. Another nod is offered to him and she winces when she sees his wounds still. Her attention is once more drawn to the dais.

Ronan lifts up his baritone to shout with the others, "Long live the King!" He raises a fist to thrust it up into the air with the chant that spreads through the throne room coming from the throats of the masses.

"Long live the king." It could have been a loud cry - if Senga was inclined to shout like the others. Still, she appears quite positive enough for all that she's a quiet woman at heart and certainly louder than her normal speaking voice.

The former prince and now King of Mobrin raises his hand to request silence, patiently. He looks out about the crowd. His countenance takes on a calm appearance, yet there is a bit of hardness in his eyes.

While most quiet down when the King raises a hand, one small voice continues, "Long live the King!" As Elly is pulled to Eldan's chest she manages to get out one more thing, "Papa, can I have a crown like…." Then Eldan gets a hand over her mouth and whispers in her ear. Elly settles down and Eldan tries not to look too embarrassed by the outburst. Hopefully he can keep Elly calm through the whole ceremony.

Brienne hears the voice even as she was echoing the words of the others. "Long live the king!" It is voiced with enthusiasm and she shares a smile with Benedict, pleased to see him. "He will make a wonderful king." She only watches those at the front a moment before she leans in to speak quietly. "If you would like to return to the beach after, we could."

The shout had been given, Nylie watching her cousin, now King as she stood at Aidan's side. A brief glance towards him at some point, but her attention is given fully towards Tyrel as he motions for silence and seeks to address them, his first as King.

Emma will continue to sit there, gripping Hadrians hand, bottom lip sucked between teeth and bitten down on as she listens to the crowds quiet down, listening then to what the new King has to say.

Victoria stalks her way across the room slowly, having yelled out with the others for the new King and long live and that sort, keeping amber gaze on folks, making her rounds.

Ciarrah had immediately echoed the words of Caedmon, proud to hail her husband, the King and wish him a long life. When he lifts his hand, she falls silent, taking note of the look in his eyes. There was going to be more, much more, she was almost sure of it, and the tender look she wears is exchanged for a reassuring smile given to him.

The young man will nod to the other as she speaks of the new king in agreement. "I belive so as well." Benedict will say before leaning in to listen to the last as she speaks. "I would enjoy that very much." he says matching her speaking volume, at the calls for silence he will turn his attention now though to the newly crowned king to hear what he will say.

Kierne must see V smiling at him, but his own attention is pulled distant from him the priest, nay, rather from the entire proceedings, which it seems to him he sees as though in a dream state, the crowning, the cheering, all incredibly surreal all of a sudden. Who are these people? Why are they shouting? Who's this guy about to speak? It's not amnesia; only a strange form of philosophical detachment that occasionally falls upon him. One would call it ataraxia if it weren't quite so disconcerting. He looks to the crowned figure, waiting to see what he will say, since he seems intent on speaking.

As the clamour dies down, Tyrel speaks, "You all honor us with your presence. While the crown on our head is heavy, heavier still is the burden we bear gladly which is the protection of our Lands, our Homes, and our People." He looks about the crowd, "We only have a few things to say, and we will say them briefly so as to not delay your enjoyment of the wonderful food prepared by Ray, who we hereby declare as the Royal Baker, and is granted our royal seal of approval."

Caedmon bows deeply to Tyrel after the new king removes his hand from the Voice's shoulder. he and the Enlightened have fulfilled their solemn and high duty. Both men quickly step back from Tyrel and settle in their seats again, fixing their own eyes on the new monarch, with some expectation that the audience will do likewise, and listen attentively to the first words of the man who now wears the crown.

Hadrian falls silent now that the new king is about to speak and give his first speech. He had no clue of who this Ray person was but he hopes that the man does a good job at being the royal baker. Free cakes for the king! Jealous. Hadrian turns his attention back towards Emma, worried about her. The fast he got her out of here, the happier he thinks she'd be.

Just in the other rooms as the servants prepare, someone is grabbed, and Rays head pops up, "Wait, what?" He's holding a knife with purple frosting and has to have it explained.

With Tyrel intent on speaking,and indeed sparting to do so, Eoin lowers himself slowly, with great care back into his seat. The mention of the baker brings a faint smile and he makes a mental note tostop by again once the security situation is lessen, but then focuses his attention once more on the dias and what else the King might have to say.

"First, we will be making changes to the council to ensure each House has an equal voice to my ear. While most changes will take place over time, we would like to announce that Duke Ronan of Crawford yu will be our new Marshal." Tyrel continues, "Caedmon we wish to remain as our Voice, Wenna as the Healer." He looks towards Ronan, "Shepard Kerrigan, Heir of Kerrigan,is to be our Deputy Marshal though it seems he is perhaps occupied elsewhere."

As thigns quiet down and Tyrel takes to speaking, Nylie does retake her seat. A faint smile coming at the announcement about Ray, it being perhaps a bit overdue.

Aidan retakes his seat and remains impassive. The cheering and such over, he can simply listen to the calls of the new council seat, eyesbrows lifting a little at Shepard's announcement. A look over toward Nylie, to catch her reaction to that as well.
You paged Ronan with 'shep is older and has more experience… but we'll see'

Tyrel continues, "As all are painfully aware, the Knights of Rioga failed abysmally in their duties to protect the castle and the Royal Family." His jaw clenches a bit, "Sir Galad, the commander of the Knights is herewith stripped of all titles and lands. His life is hereby forfeit." He looks about the crowed, and spots a certain someone out of uniform, "Laine, come forth and kneel before us."

Allyn who's hanging out somewhere in the back of the throne room with some others of the city watchmen, though not on duty or in uniform watches his brother as he's called up by the new King.

Hadrian was ready to leave now that the positions he was hoping for were now filled. He looks over to Emma then back towards the front to the King. He sits patiently waiting for them to be released to enjoy the food and drinks here. He watches as another man is called forth to be given a title. He sits back in his chair. When Shepard is given the title, he felt somewhat releived. He hopes he can rely on the man for support in the future.

Laine blinks, taking a moment to realize his name has been called. He straightens his shoulders and resists the urge to fiddle with his cuffs again, instead striding forward as if he doesn't have a care in the world. Any who know him know the tension that runs through his frame, but he hides it well from those who don't. When he reaches in front of Tyrel he bows first and then drops down to his knees in front of his new King, his lone eye going to the floor at Tyrel's feet. Hopefully he won't be beheaded in front of the crowd… he saw a kid present.

Emma will watch nervously, just waiting for assassins to pop out at any moment! But she will try and listen most seriously to everyone.

Tyrel draws his sword, with a sharp ring the steel comes free, he hovers the blade at Laine's neck. Silent. He looks down at Laine, stoicly, wordlessly. The blade doesn't remotely waver in the King's sure grasp.

Ronan stands at attention listening, his dark eyes to flicker over the crowd and then go to his King as the positions for Deputy Marshal and Marshal are named. He frowns faintly at the announcement concerning his fellow Rioga but … well, that's not really a surprise. The Duke of Sutherland only lays his fist over his heart and bows his head low when his liege has bestowed the honor upon himself. As he has not been called forward, Ronan keeps his place and continues to be watchful.

As the announcements are made, Nylie sits there the picture of calm composure, alas nothing for Aidan, or anyone else to note just what she might be thinking to the announced positions. Though there is a faint blink as the words come concerning the commander of the Rioga. Eyes watching Laine as he appears before the King and Tyrel does the sword thing to make it official.

Aldren listens on, his wife on his arm. When the fate of the Rioga is announced his head will nod in an approving way and a grin at Shepards naming. His hand tightens on Moiras a bit and he watches the Captain that was a ranger become a knight. If he recognizes what is happening.

Laine can only feel the sword on his neck and hold fast, hoping he doesn't make a bad showing in his death before the entire kingdom…. Because any other outcome would just be ludicrous.

And a man kills another man with a word. Kierne's brow contracts, but he maintains his posture, otherwise. He'd likely be the happier for his Lord Knight's appointment if he weren't considering what might befall the man should he ever show lacking.

Senga watches the proceedings with interest, increasing more as she hears Shepard's name mention with the faintest twitch of her lips. Nephew by marriage all the same. Still, dark eyes watch Laine while waiting to see what will happen next.

Moira's smile is small and quiet but pleased at the honor bestowed upon her brother. But, she settles, remaining steadfast by her lord husband, watching as Laine's neck is now near live steel.

No, Ronan doesn't look alarmed when Laine is called forward and Tyrel draws his blade to lay it at the man's neck. Common born and trained as a Ranger, the Captain of the City Watch has done very good work - and he's a man of Sutherland. The Duke looks expectant.

Valarius jolts at the utter condemnation of the Rioga in charge of the order, from the word of a king to the block of the axe. Valarius' gaze is widening just a bit as he looks toward the King, murmuring, "The blood won't stop…" And without another word, he starts to wiggle his way out of there, as fast as he can go.

Tyrel's voice is stern, "You have failed in many ways. Yet, were it not for you, many of us would not be here this day." The blade comes down, but not to his neck, nay, the flat to the shoulder, "You have served with honor and fealty. And since a non-knight cannot command the Knights of Rioga, we dub thee Sir Laine, commander of the Rioga Knights, we are confident you will serve us well in this post. Rise, Knight, and be recognized."

Emma watches with hesitation as the steel is brought to Laine's neck, and she'll finally speak, leaning into Hadrian, "Is-" Oh he is! A knighting! As much as she wants to call out, she will instead remain quiet, quite happy the mans head is on his shoulders firmly.

Such is possible, something Nimue did not know. The knighting and following appointment to Commander has her angling her head just slightly, a poise of curiosity, not disapproval.

Hadrian lets out a light chuckle towards Emma as she seems to turn a better mood. This pleased him and he nods softly to her, "Congrats. You're just experiencing so much life now." He says to her and then looks back towards the new knight and the King. So many changes are being made today it seems.

Maybe there will be hope for Victoria one day! If Laine can make it, maybe as she gets older she'll get fancy positions and stuff. The thought certainly crosses her mind, or has, but for now she'll continue to traipse the room, watching, waiting. All good so far.

Laine remains where he is a moment, feeling the steel touch his shoulders, hearing the words but not processing them. He got the failed in ways part, but the rest pings around in his brain for a moment as he stays frozen in a kneel. There is a lowly muttered, "Wait… What?" Laine's lone eye blinks and finally he rises in a daze and stares at the new King probably a moment longer than is likely proper before finally he regains his senses, though he isn't sure the King hasn't lost his mind. He offers a bow, hand to his chest, "I live to serve, Your Majesty." This will hit him later, right between the eyes. For now he steps aside, turning to look at the crowd with the most bewildered expression on his face. Surely, this did not just happen.

Indeed a knighting ceremony - and not just any knighting ceremony but to be dubbed by the King himself into the command of Rioga. While it may cause some neck hackles to rise among the noble knights, Ronan keeps his own face unreadable, dark eyes bright as he observes the proceedings and the reactions among those gathered here to watch.

Benedict will watch he does recognize the man from the great hall as he kneels, he is listening to the Kings words a moment before he cannot help but listen close an important time being knighted of course and this one done by the King it's an interesting thing to see.

With a much less somber tone, Tyrel continues, "We also understand that through no fault of her own, Emerit of house Monitwid was falsely declaring herself a princess of the realm. While we cannot influence Monitwid directly, we can say that by her demeanor and her ability, in our eyes, she is indeed a princess and as of this day forward is legitimately titled as such in our eyes." Here he looks at the brightly garbed Kundari in the room, "We also understand there are rumours of distrust aimed at the Kundari people for the recent deeds. The deeds of the few do not taint the many, and as such, any false accusations or actions againt the Kundari people will be met with swift justice under our law."

Aldren watches on. His expression unchanging from one of approval until Laine is named the Riogan commander. Rolling his eyes now as the Kundarris are spoke nof he turns and whispers to Moira.
Aldren mutters to Moira, "… man… not… knight…. can the… rule…"

Victoria's sharp eyes will catch movement, a sudden shifting of someone who's leaving at a rather odd time. Hand will go to the hilt of her sword again as she lengthens her strides to catch up with a certain priest, an arm coming around Valarius as Victoria ducks her head a little to his, murmuring to him quietly as she guides him towards a group of guards.
Victoria mutters to Valarius, "… going to… despite… thirst for… but… blade… your gut… you down. I'll… explain… me… in leaving this most celebrated…"

Brendolyn glances briefly to Aldren and then she scans the room slowly, not letting her eyes linger anywhere too long. Her expression changes somewhat at the mention of the Kundari people, lips curled up at the corners just slightly then her attention returns to Tyrel, attentive.

Moira dips her head to look at Aldren, listening to him then murmurs back.
Moira mutters to Aldren, "… if… man, why… we… not… command,it will… shortly…. will… true…"

Hadrian supports the Kundari as he fought side by side with the royal in battle. He was pleased with this and nods. He looks over to his father to see how he was taking all of this. His hand looses a little with Emma's only as he glances about. He seems content to sit with his Emma. Hadrian was loosing his good mood with the annoucements as he wanted to escape faster into the night with his Emma.

And Tyrel continues on, "We also understand that there is a play being brandied about called "The Fool's Court", and it is said that "Only a weak and wicked throne fears the people." Tyrel smiles, "It is true, that a throne should fear it's people. For a people who live in fear are those that are subject to tyranny. A people governed by those who respect them, live in liberty. We hereby decree that each household with an able bodied man or woman who wishes it shall have a strong longbow and a well made sword to defend themselves and their home, as is their unalienable right granted by the Gods. These people who choose to do so will also serve as our militia, to assist our lands in times of need. Houses will set up archery ranges for their people to become proficient, and provide training in the art of the sword. Should a person not be able to afford such arms to defend his or her home and lands, we will ensure they are provided with such arms."

Elisabeth has been quietly sitting next to her brother Eoin and betrothed, Kieryn the whole time. Yep. She looks around the room from time to time as various announcements are made before looking back up to the king as he makes another announcement. Occasionally glances made to her brother, seeing how he is holding up his first time out of the infirmary.

While the new king announces his first decisions, Caedmon nods along, and when Tyrel summons Laine, Caedmon looks to the man, smiles, and mouths, "Well done!" After the sword has touched the shoulder of the new knight, Caedmon glances toward the back of the room, as he has done frequently throughout the evening, to check on one person in particular sitting near the door and looking as if she might be close to falling asleep. When Tyrel mentions Emerit, Caedmon looks back to the king. He had missed the rumors of her disgrace, but this news brings a warm smile to his lips, and a nod. Then, suddenly, from the corner of his eye, he spies Victoria. He watches the ranger closely. His own hand curls into a fist when he sees her pursuing a priest who appears to be leaving at a very odd time. He does not move except for that fist, but he continues to watch for any sign of trouble.

Laine simply hopes he can make an escape before he gets seriously confronted by those he knows will be incensed by his appointment. He has a lot to think about, including how he is going to pull this all off and not end up following his predeceasor on the chopping block. It sucks to know you got the job because the last guy failed and lost his head. Laine can feel the headache coming on… not the least of his worries, what to do with the Watch now? Who leads it? That's his baby. Allyn is going to laugh his behind off… Laine can feel it.

Not his Emma yet. Courtship stages. But Emma is not entirely made to feel better, but she is listening to what Tyrel is saying with absolute interest now, brows tugging down a little, "Does that mean /we/ get to learn?" As in noble ladies, "Truly learn? Or is it just the commoners?" Some confusion, Emma looking to Hadrian for the answer though her gaze will seek out others around her for an answer as well, though her question as a mere murmur.

Valarius feels that arm coming around him as he's been trying to neatly excuse himself from the ceremonies. He'll look over at Victoria with some confusion and a bit of widening of his eyes. His eyes blink a few times at her threats, but indeed, he's pulled aside to stand with her and the guards. He doesn't even look to fight the commanding authority, though his cheeks are rather red and he looks like a mouse caught in the cat's claws. A bit of a tremble there as he tries to mutter something to the woman, something that would not end up with his culling.
Valarius mutters to Victoria, "… been… to… do… of more…but if… I… stop…"

Ronan has a good idea how much a sword costs to make, and the relative scaricity of decent weaponsmiths and their lack of enough iron when compared to the Laniveer, let alone the rest. He lifts a dark brow as he listens, his expression registering 'Really?' Now things are getting a little strange. The Duke of Sutherland yet keeps his silence, waiting and listening.

"And, finally," Tyrel says in closing, "We are all aware of the drums of war on the horizon. We urge you to prepare for this call, but we will not engage in any reckless course of action, or in such a manner as to risk our vassals. Please, after today or the morrow, return to your homes, be with your loved ones, for this is what we are fighting to protect, and to defend. We are resolute in our resolve to protect our People and our Lands, but we are not willing to risk our people's lives in foolish gambits. We will strike when the time is ready, not a moment before and not a moment after. Now, please, I implore you, enjoy the rest of the day and may the Gods bless you all."

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