Nar 13, 228: Victorious Return of the Bruised

Victorious Return of the Bruised
Summary: After the victorious Battle of Blackbarrow the Mobrin Army arrives at Castle Darfield and is welcomed by the recently returned King!
OOC Date: 16/07/2013 (OOC)
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Court Yard, Darfield Castle
Above you to the north, a silhouette against the sky, is the Castle, set on the side of an immense cliff overlooking the sea. A road leading to the south leads through the gatehouse and to Darfield Village. In between is the courtyard, a fairly large space that is kept neat at all times. Against the walls to the east, there are storage buildings, a stable, the dog kennel, and the mews. To the west, the kitchen, garden, and smithy, as well as their storage area and barracks for those who guard the castle. There is an area of the courtyard often used for training purposes by the knights and men-at-arms. The squires are often at work setting up or taking down practice targets and the like.

It is a summer day. The weather is hot and fair.

Nar 13th, 228


Conall rides along rather calmly with the others, glancing around as they return from battle. Offering nods of his head to those being gathered in the area. Bowing his head to the king. "Of course, your majesty. Although I did just what my own folks have offered to you." He says with a small smile. Continuing on, having a soft smile on his lips. Running a hand through his own hair as his gaze sweeps the area.

Tyrel comes trotting up to the main entrance of the castle, where his father waits. He smiles down at the King of Mobrin, "Father!" He exclaims, almost in a child like manner, "You are better!" He quickly dismount, and takes four quick steps to his father, grabbing him around the neck and shaking his arm at the same time. "When did you return?" Tyrel has a bandage around his left hand, but is indeed wearing plate armor. The armor has scratches from the battle, with a hole around the left side of the abdomen. Tyrel glances back toward Ciarrah, then steps to the side, motioning toward her with his hand. "Father, I present Princess Ciarrah Kilgour nee Aberdeen."

Solara comes out to the courtyard, the sound of the arrival somewhat noticeable. She pauses, staying out of the way of horses, men, and royalty. A quick curtsey to said royalty, and then she's looking for - aha! "Robben!" she calls out, first looking for her brother. "Are you hurt? Is everyone okay? Did you see father?"

Somewhere near his brother the heir to Ruxton Hall rides Lord Ruthgar. Although he is not too severely wounded, apparently, there is a shadow over his grey eyes, as his thoughts are engaged elsewhere at the moment, perhaps on some memories of the recent battle? As he brings his black courser to a halt, the younger Ruxton Lord finally seems to become aware of his surroundings, his demeanour lightening up as he catches sight of his sister, Lady Solara.

Cedric having arrived early stands with those ready to welcome back the rest of the army. Currently dressed in fine silks of Sutherland colors waits as he watches family members meet and greet. A quick glance back to the castle and a sleeping Terrwyn makes him smile soflty as stands there.

Waiting with the rest of the ladies for the men to come home, Aemy is standing next to her sister in law and she has a nervous smile on her face. "I am so happy they are coming home, Solara, I imagine you are ready to see both of your brothers here safely." Hands clasp nervously alternately looking towards the soldiers then her sister. When they do arrive and Solara calls for Robben, she notices him, her face holding a dazzling smile for her husband. "Robben.." the name a whisper but holding a wealth of emotion. Only after does she look further and sees Ruthgar as well and she offers him the same smile. "Welcome home, Ruthgar, it is wonderful to see you." Though her steps take her towards Robben, arms outstretched.

Not in armor, Robben is wearing a cloak in Ruxton colors, covering the bandages around his neck, as he looks around at the people gathered in the courtyard. Pausing as the King's words, he dismounts, bowing politely to the man. "Your Majesty." Not saying much more as he listens to what's being said. As he hears his sister's words, he looks to her, with a wide smile. "Solara." Stepping over in her direction now, steps a bit slow. "I took a few bad hits," he admits, before he adds, "But no need to worry about me. And we didn't see Father, but since a part of the army made their way to fight us, it seems he was able to break the rest of them. Changing his course a little as he hears Aemy greet him, he hurries forward to wrap his arms around her. "Aemy. I've missed you so very much…" he offers, words barely above a whisper.

For a reason only known to herself and a few of the men, Ciarrah is already with Tyrel so that when they arrive, her hand clasps into his and she offers him a telling smile. Only when she is to meet the king does she turn towards him and releases the hand to offer a curtsy to the King, dipping her head demurely. "Your Majesty, it is a pleasure, at last." Lifting her head, blue eyes sparkle and she retakes the hand of her husband, fingers lacing easily through his, almost naturally.

The smile fades from Ruthgar's features as he notices his sister-in-law - but only for a short moment. "Is it indeed?" he replies to Aemy's warm greeting, his mouth twisted into a wry grin. "But yes, it's good to be back." His gaze shifts to Robben, and he can not resist to add: "He got almost beheaded. But see, I kept my word, Aemy, and brought him back in one piece." He then falls silent, nodding to Robben's words about their father with a grim expression on his face.

"I returned last night, Tyrel. Many nights too late, I know, but I can tell you I am feeling better." the King happily answers to his son. His hand raises to touch the newcomer's shoulder, but it is stopped by the notice of bandages and the hole in the armor. "Are you alright?" he says in whisper. "A battle always leaves a mark, but you have to be in good condition to give us more victories." a tint of melancholy touches the last hushed words, only to be replaced by curiosity and a long stare and a smile to Ciarrah. "We finally meet." Callem greets. "It is an honor to meet you, at last. I have heard you are the responsible for my son's happiness. If that is the case, you may be a gift from the Gods, just as Queen Laetitia was to me. Your father, King Isaac, is my old and good friend, and your brother has just returned victorious. I can't be more joyful for a day." a little laugh escapes him.

Upon a huge fiery Destrier draped in green and white, is Count Aldren Haravean. The look on his face is one of pain as he heads his men into the city. "You, Fraemin, come here. Help me down." Said guard hurries to his lords horse and assists in his adventure to the ground. "AHH! FU__." But he stops short of the curse word as he winces in pain. Another guard hurries over with a cane and hands it to him. "Thank you." he says as he does his best to hide the pain in his voice. Limping forward with his guards he says to one of them, "Find my sister." with pure intent.

Tyrel smiles as he holds Ciarrah's hand, looking between her and his father. "Aah, father… she is a gift from Sess." He nods once, before turning toward the injured Count Aldren. He eyes the man a moment, before looking back to the King. "Father, I hope all was in order when you returned." His look is nervous as he watches the King expectantly, waiting his response. Tyrel walks with a limp also, indicating he may have been injured in the leg.

Solara's gaze goes over Robben, but she lets Aemy go to her husband first, instead turning to Ruthgar. "And Ruthgar, are you alright too?" she asks, as she moves to give him a hug. Well, unless he stops her, that is. She pulls back, after, and looks to see how everyone is doing. At Ruthgar's words about Robben, Solara's gaze goes immediately to her older brother, looking somewhat concerned.

All grimness in his demeanour leaves at once, as soon as Ruthgar is addressed by his sister. "I am, sort of." he replies, wincing a little as he moves his left arm - the shield arm. "But… if I would have come out of this battle completely unscathed, people would suspect me to be a coward, wouldn't they? To be honest, I have aches all over my body, dearest Solara. And yet I assure you, some Laniveeran knights and soldiers were left on that battle field, after dying from my hand." Noticing his sister's attention shift to Robben might have tempted Ruthgar to some bragging there, in the hope he would keep it for a few moments longer. Alas, too late. He sighs and gives a slightly annoyed shrug. "Robben will be alright, Solara. He's a Ruxton."

"The honor is mine, Your Majesty, I assure you. It is wonderful to meet the father of my husband." The pleasure in her eyes does not dim whatsoever as Ciarrah looks back to Tyrel. Of course she does notice his limp, though the Princess refrains from walking. Hearing her fathers name, her free hand lifts to her chest over her heart. "My father," she says softly. "He has only spoke well of you, Your Majesty. Very well indeed." As Tyrel speaks of her, her expression turns tender and her hand tightens in his, hoping he still was not angry for her subterfuge.

As Ruthgar speaks to her, Aemy offers another smile, "Yes, Ruthgar, it is indeed." Though then her attention is swiftly captured by her husband and when she would have thrown her arms around him in a hug, she refrains as she notices his bandages. "You are hurt… Oh Robben, what have you done? Should I change your bandages?" Concern in her eyes is evident above any other emotion and she gently peels the cloak up to get a better look. "I've missed you, Robben.. and you were indeed delivered home alive, though you are hurt. You should rest."

Solara is still standing right by Ruthgar, and once she gives Robben a good once over and makes sure Aemy is there, she turns back to Ruthgar. "Of course you are not a coward!" she protests immediately. "I have no doubt you were valiant and victorious." There is pride in both her brothers in her tone, as she then adds, "Perhaps you will be able to tell us the tales of bravery and chivalry?" It was a battle, so perhaps not, but she can ask. She does note the wince, and her gaze moves to the arm that moves, noting it. "And you are hurt as well, not just Robben. I trust you were all well taken care of by Healers? Or do I need to come with you next time?" She does look over all the returning knights briefly, seeing who might be missing, and who has returned, noting the Aberdeen prince as well.

The Young girl runs into the Courtyard, firmly clenching the soft fabric of her lightly yellow skirt, which is raisen a little bit, that it would be easier to run. Two guards are trying not to be left behind, however, when the young girl runs straight into the crowd, they barely can see her.

Though, most of the commoners and people around mannerly are making the way for that young girl with flaxen curls, which sway wildly in the air. "Your Highness…" whispers people around and bows through their waists.

Princess Caillin tiptoes and runs with her grey look through the arrivals. She catches the sight of her own father, cousins and brother… But… She is not running to their directions. The young girl continues looking intently for someone. Tadadadaaa! Finally the smile starts dancing on her lips, when Caillin catches the sight of the one, who she was looking for. Cheeks of the young girl turns to the red wine and she even slightly jumps into the air, claping with her hands and whispering something under he nose. Some people around her, quite curiously are staring at the Princess Caillin.

"Oh, stop making things sound worse than they were, Ruthgar…" Robben replies a bit lightly, before he adds, "And after all, the two that hit me in the neck area are doing far worse now." Pausing a bit as he hears Aemy's words, he offers her a quiet smile now. "Been to war, my love. And returned to the most important people in my life." A brief pause, at the mention of changing the bandages. "I guess it's probably time for that soon, yes. But how have you been while we were away?" Sounding a bit concerned as well now. A quiet smile in Solara's direction, before he looks back to Aemy. "Resting sounds like a good thing at some point, I believe. I just needed to get back to you first."

The trumpets blaring, the noise in the court yard that is a dull roar, and the heralds would not allow Terrwyn to nap. Drawn from her room but looking a picture of perfect health she makes her way into the court yard. She is dressed in a gown of midnight blue silk and her hair has been braided and bound up with silver and sapphire combs. She hangs back and watches, taking everything in. A hand rests on her hip.

Callem's eyes narrow for a moment, fixed in those of his son. "I hope everything is in order, indeed. But you are the Voice of the King, Tyrel. Why don't you tell me?" the iciness of his voice is interrupted by an affectionate laugh and a little shake of head. "When our healers have looked and evaluated your injuries and you are feeling better, we may have to talk about it. I still have to hear many recent news. I can't believe this is the first time I met our newest Princess." his gaze moves to Ciarrah for a moment, before returning to the heir. "Unless there is an urgent matter you wish to tell me about now, of course."

Letting the words in a slow fade out, the King stops to listen to the Princess. "I am glad to hear it. In time I will tell you the stories of your father's courage and valor. I wish to see him soon. Even more now that we are family, now officially." a friendly smile is given, but the rush of his daughter steals his attention for the next moment. "Caillin, is something wrong?" is asked loud enough for her, or the motif of her curious behavior, to be heard.

Still standing at the back of the assembled crowd Cedric spots his wife and moves to her and offers his lady and wife his arm. "I do apologize love I guess the fan-fare is a bit much hmm? " as he gives her a peck on the cheek.

Tyrel laughs at his father, "I believe all is in order." He glances to Ciarrah, then back to his father and suddenly his expression grows dim. "Other than the fact that we buried twenty-two thousand of mine own kinsmen." He lets out a tired sigh. "Of course, we buried forty thousand of our enemies also, but it was a heavy price to pay." He looks to his father through ragged eyes, "I believe I need a drink."

Conall does let his gaze wander around the area a bit. But as he is a foreigner in a sea of reunions and Mobrinites he mostly keeps to himself. Listening to the king a bit while looking around a bit. Perhaps noticing some gazes to him at least and smiles in return. Noticing Solara looking his way for one and he'll nod back to her. And all those of the Mobrin royal family will get nods.

Aemy looks between Ruthgar, Solara then Robben once more. "How could they possibly be worse? I think both of you should come to the suite so Solara and I can tend to your bandages." Her voice brooks no arguments. "Do you agree, My Lady?" Giving Solara a conspiratorial look accompanied by a smile. "We should make sure they are properly repaired." Trusting only Solara and herself to tend to the men they love. "I am well, my love. Truly. We only missed you dearly in your absence." Looking towards Ruthgar, her brother in law. "We both missed the both of you."

Like everyone else, Caedmon is focusing on the gate when the army begins to arrive, with proud nobles leading the way, and like most, he cheers. While he stands near the entrance to the castle, his eyes quickly begin to pick through the crowd, searching for familiar faces. He nods when he sees Prince Tyrel and the other nobles whom he has come to know personally. Then a flash of color catches his eye and he glances to see Caillin wading into the crowd so eagerly that she has left her guards behind, He shakes his head and smiles warmly at his beloved cousin.

Ruthgar inclines his head in reply to Solara's question, the thoughtful expression in his grey eyes betraying the smile on his face. "Valiant, yes. But… Chivalry is a thing that is seldom found on a battlefield, dear sister." He sighs before he continues. "The arm is… not that bad. It will be fine in a few days, that's what the healers keep telling me. And yes. We were taken care of, Solara. As much as I would have liked to have you there with me… I am glad you did not have to see all the… difficult wounds and such." Ruthgar pauses but is about to add something, when the young princess rushing past him catches his attention for a moment. A bit taken aback by Caillin's youthful temper, the younger Ruthgar lord shakes his head before he nods to his brother. "No, not that bad. You are still alive, aren't you." His gaze lingers for another moment on Robben and Aemy, before he casts a glance towards the Callem. "The King? He has returned? A miracle indeed, much more impressive perhaps than our return from a war that lasted for merely one battle…"

When he hears Aemy's suggestion, Ruthgar coughs a little, although a wide grin slowly seems to spread on his face. "I would like to be taken care of two wonderful - and capable - young ladies such as you two."

Taking his arm Terrwyn smiles brightly. "My Lord Husband, it was I thought the crowd was in our bedroom. Yet, it is I who should apologize for not being here sooner." She says to him and the peck on the cheek makes her eyes brighter. "Apparently I did not wake when my maid tried to rouse me. What have missed, who has come back and who has not?"

Caillin flinches, when she hears her father's voice. The young girl glances at the King, but hesitates to come closer. These young eyes are eager to stare somewhere else and at this moment it is too hard to hide it. However, young girl, somehow, manages to concentrate. Wide smile is given to her father and she approaches closer, leaning to kiss the cheek of the man "My father! I am so happy to see you!" Yes, happy, but the voice is telling more than words. The voice is slightly irritated and obviously asks why the King had to take her attention.

At this moment finally guards find their Princess and comes closer. bowing for her father. Likely, Caillin thinks that it is the right moment to let her gaze to slip back at the arrivals and her sparkling eyes find someone again. That someone, who makes young girl straighten. She nervously starts whirling her curl around finger and cheeks once more becomes so playfully reddish.

For a moment, Ciarrah watches the way the King addresses his son, and a curious look rests deep in her blue eyed gaze. "Perhaps I should excuse myself to go see with a bath and then.. a healer." The question is addressed to her husband and none other, though looks away when he mentions needing a drink. "If you would both excuse me, I should go tend to matters I have allowed to falter." In her absence. "I should read my waiting messages, surely there is something from my mother." Looking around, she sees Conall and brightens visibly. "Conall, have you formally met the king?"

Cedric just grins. "Oh just the usual meet and greet and hugs and kiss's and a scolding here or there for damages recieved that sort of thing. "as he mostly teases his beloved wife. He escorts Terrwyn slowly into the mix, and mostly towards the king, and prince and princess.

Solara's smile at Conall is bright enough, welcoming him home too. And then she turns to Ruthgar, Robben and Aemy, with a nod of her head. "Indeed, I think we should take care of our family," she says softly. "And be thankful that they have returned to us, mostly in one piece." She takes a step back, and then waits to see what Robben and Ruthgar are deciding to do. "I am certain that His Majesty will be quite busy for some time, with this crowd. But surely they will not miss us if we slip off to our own rooms for a rest?"

As they move Terrwyn catches sight of Caedmon and she offers him one of her bright smiles. "Cousin!" She calls then offers him a small curtsy.

Looking back to Cedric Terrwyn shrugs her shoulders. "If you go into battle it is hard not to come back with some injury, I say if you do not you are lucky. Most do though. My father would tell us war is bloody work, there is not one who comes out whole." With her free hand she reaches out to pat the arm she is holding. Another smile is offered to Cedric this one is more quiet and private.

Robben looks about to argue about how they are fine, but after a few moments, he nods a bit as he hears Aemy and Solara. "Of course, if you two that has the skills at healing think it's neccessary." Looking to Ruthgar again for a few moments, before he adds, "Don't you agree, Ruthgar?" Glancing around at the others present again now.

"I have now." Conall offers to his sister with a grin. Always keeping his stoic tone. Gaze moving to Callem as he bows deep. "It is a pleasure, your majesty, king Callem of Mobrin." He offers. Then straightening up and smiles. Glancing around a bit with that pleased smile.

When the Prince from the island steps closer near the King, Caillin takes one step back, maidenly slightly hiding behind the shoulder of her father. But of course, the respectful curtsy is offered, without any words at first, not wanting to interrupt their conversation. Though, when a pose lets silence in, young Princess hurries to whisper "Your Highness! Came back alive and without any scratch? A hero of the battle?" and Caillin silently chuckles under her nose, sneakily peeking at the Prince from the island, giggling and blushing.

"Sadly, it is a high price. But you saved our Kingdom to be on the other side, Tyrel." Callem replies with less emotion and joy. Very neutral, probably more neutral than he uses to be. "A drink, you say?" the question is rhetorical, of course, but his next words come after the ones of Ciarrah. "Or perhaps you can spend some time together? It has been a long time. I know how it is." a little nod of his head is given to the couple, and a brow is risen towards the Kilgour lady. "I /am/ happy to see you. Am I, " he looks around to the newcomers, with narrowed eyes, as it couldn't be otherwise, "interrupting something?" the serious posture relaxes a bit as he says a little more discreetly, "You can go. But take your guards with you."

To Conall, and after the Princess' words, he says slowly. "I have heard of you, Your Highness. I was just telling your sister of my affect for your father. The pleasure is mine. If we can do anything for you, you only have to ask." and after a blink, his eyes are again in Caillin, but his lips doesn't let out a word.

The agreement from Solara and Ruthgar was all that was needed and Aemy turns a smile on Robben. "Then it seems you are outnumbered should you choose to protest." When no protest is forthcoming, and he indeed agrees, she tiptoes and brushes her lips over his cheek. "You are always so sensible, husband of mine." Lacing her arm through his, more for support for herself to be assisted up the stairs than to aid him, since he does seem strong and capable enough, she looks towards the castle, then her sister and brother in law. "Shall we?"

Cedric leans into terrwyn as he nuzzels her cheek and Whispers something into her ear. He then says. "ture as I have the new scars to prove it. Thankfully our healer was quite gifted in patching this old war horse up." he says with a smile.

Ruthgar hands the reigns of his black horse to a squire, and nodding to Solara's suggestion he remarks with a low grumble: "I'd like to rest a little, clean myself from the dust of the battlefield, slip into an attire that is more comfortable… I am sure there will be a feast and would be content to see all those oh so courtly faces at that occasion. For now…" The young Ruthgar knight gives a light shrug of his shoulders, the movement causing him to wince again. Nonetheless he offers Solara a warm smile. "I am happy to be back, sister. To see you are well. You are well, aren't you?" And to Aemy he replies with a chuckle: "We shall, sister-in-law."

Caillin shakes her head "No, father, not interrupting!" obviously tosses just a polite answer the young princess. When Ciarrah mentions her brother, young princess a little bit nervously starts shifting from one foot to another. When the Prince from the island steps closer near the King, Caillin takes one step back, maidenly slightly hiding behind the shoulder of her father. But of course, the respectful curtsy is offered, without any words at first, not wanting to interrupt their conversation. Though, when a pose lets silence in, young Princess hurries to whisper "Your Highness! Came back alive and without any scratch? A hero of the battle?" and Caillin silently chuckles under her nose, sneakily peeking at the Prince from the island, giggling and blushing.

Tyrel nods to his father's neutral words, listening closely. When he speaks to Ciarrah in that manner, he smirks, looking to the Princess with a brow raised. As Callem finishes, leaning in for a discreet word, Tyrel nods only once, "See you upstairs father." With that, he heads up the steps, pulling Ciarrah with him. At the top, he stops. A glance is given across the courtyard and a wave is tossed toward Cedric Crawford, a salute of respect. Then, he rushes inside.

Robben nods as he hears Aemy's words, offering her a quiet smile. "Always? No, not always, but I try to be quite sensible," he replies, before he nods, "Let's go."

Caedmon answers Terrwyn's curtsey with a deep, formal bow, but when he straigtens, he is smiling broadly. "Cousin, I am glad with you on such a joyous day." His eyes dart over the crowd to find the king, and he sees his other cousin standing nearby and looking slightly nervous. He flashes a cheerful smile to her before he looks to Cedric and again bows. "Your grace, welcome back. I'm glad to see so many returning safely from this battle."

Conall chuckles to Caillin's words, "A few injuries but nothing too badly, your highness." He offers with a smile. Nodding to Callem as well, with a nod. "I see. I do believe father have spoken of such as well." He admits with a smile. "Of course. Thank you." He offers to Callem. Watching as his sister leaves before looking back to the king and then the rest. Raising his brows a bit.

Looking between her brother and Solara and catching the smiles the two surreptitiously pass between each other, Ciarrah can only smile. "Perhaps you should let the Lady Ruxton know you have returned safely." As the King greets her brother and then Caillin does as well, her expression holds curiosity. "Welcome home, Conall, I am glad you have returned." Unexpectedly, Tyrel takes her arm and drags her from the group, though there is a conspicuous limp when she walks that was not there before.

"I think the princess and I should have a talk." Terrwyn frowns a little. When Cedric nuzzles her cheek and whispers into her ear she blushes and her ears turn red. "Well I for one am very happy that the healer was skilled, scars I do not care about having you here alive and with your wits about you is more important." She announce to him. Then she blushes again as she leans over to place a kiss upon his cheek. She mutters something back to him.

Then Terrwyn turns her attention to Caedmon. "You and I still need to have that talk my sweet cousin. Thank you Cousin, it is good to have him back. Would you like to meet for tea sometime during the week and perhaps we should have the princess come to the talk."

While others are still busy with reuniting with their dear ones in the courtyard, one - no two - regal presences have already left: Prince Tyrel and his wife Ciarrah. They are soon to be followed by a small procession of Ruxtons. Robben and Ruthgar are in need of rest and care from the competent hands of Solara and Aemy, so they move towards the entrance of the castle not as swiftly as they might have wished, hampered by recent injuries. Yet finally they manage, and they vanish through the doors that lead inside.


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