Inouv 28, 288: Verbal Chess

Verbal Chess
Summary: Two people try to play chess only to wind up having a heated discussion instead.
OOC Date: 17/12/2013
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Day is turning to evening and after most of the castle has supped an invitation arrives from the Crown Prince. He inquires if you wish to join him in his offices for a drink and a game of chess. The invitation is informal, delivered by one of the upstairs servants rather than a messenger or squire. The boy bows briefly then moves away without waiting on an answer.

She can't turn own such an invitation and Rowena is sure to arrive in a timely manner, her armed escort bringing her to the proper location within the castle. While they wait outside her lady-in-waiting does come in but instead of finding a place to sit she stands off to the side. Both ladies gives their host a proper greeting and then Rowena steps closer, her hands held before her. "Young Majesty," she greets softly. "Thank you for allowing me to be in your presence."

Tyrel returns Rowena's greeting with a nod. His guards keep her guard closely covered and the lady-in-waiting is given a nod as well. "Lady Rowena, you are gracious to accept the invitation." His gazes travels down to Rowena's hands before returning to her face, then glancing to the chairs. "Seat yourselves and be comfortable." Set before the large desk are several chairs, one is moved forward closer to the desk and the oversized chess board arrayed atop it. "Did you find the meal to your liking?" He seats himself in his throne-like chair, his back straight. The arms of the chair are high and he rests his elbows on then steepling his fingers looking at her from over his fingertips.

A look is given to Odelia who smiles at her Lady, her demeanor as polite as Rowena. That is the last the two interact, for now, the attention now solely on the Prince. She sits down while watching him, openly curious. "Thank you. Dinner… oh, it was lovely, as everything has been since our arrival. We are indebted to you for your generosity." It's the same gratitude that's been voiced often since the Laniveeri have been here and is the same gratitude that will undoubtedly be spoken again. "I do hope you have been well Young Majesty."

Tyrel shifts his fingers, the calloused pads rubbing together with a soft whisk, he then leans forward and turns the chessboard around so that Rowena has the white pieces, "If that is true, Lady Rowena, my sister Roslin has been overly kind or my wife, your cousin, has been interceding on your behalf." He gestures to the board then rises, "You may have the first move." He turns to the side moving to collect a bottle of wine and three cups. Which he pours, setting two on the side of his desk nearer Rowena and keeping the third for himself. "In regards to my well being, I feel quite fit though I spend more of my time contemplating the offenses and injuries given to me by others than I should like to."

The first move is taken by Rowena but her attention is divided and her mind really isn't on the game. What her mind is on is the conversation and, more importantly, Tyrel. "Your sister has been the one who has sought after our collective well-being," she explains before reaching for her cup, the other left for Odelia to take if she so wishes. There is a look given to him from over the rim of her glass, her gaze unflinching. "I see," she utters once that drink is taken. "And I am sure our presence here has something to do with that. In part, if not wholly."

Tyrel leans forward to make a move almost before Rowena's hand clears her piece then he settles back again drinking from his cup, "Your arrival should have been met with celebration, tourneys, and competition. A fair young woman and man of mysterious bearing of noble blood for the matchmakers and family heads to become excited about. Instead I find it difficult to take any pleasure from your company."

"And yet here you are, having invited me for just that. My company." The game is ignored for now, the verbal sparring what now holds Rowena's attention. "Just why was I invited here, then? If it discomforts you so for us to be here I can only assume the same is true now with me being here. Perhaps even more so." The pawn in front of the queen is moved ahead two, now, a set up for what she hopes will be a strong defensive position. "Did you invite me here to rub my nose in my father's transgressions like a puppy who has soiled your precious carpet, Young Majesty?"

Tyrel moves again, having played this game so often that the opening moves are nearly rote. "A puppy is unaware that is has done ill, Lady Rowena, you seem well aware of the barbarism displayed by your family, I see no need to belabor the obvious. You will excuse my comparing you to a dog." His strategy appears to be an aggressive one, though it is early in the game to tell. "My purpose in inviting you here was to see if you would be interested in playing a game of chess."

"I was but a child when it began, Prince Tyrel," is pointed out gently. "And as I grew up Father sought to shelter me from the more heinous of his actions. So while I do know he has done great wrong I can not say I know all of what he had done, nor do I truly understand his motivations." Another defensive positioning is made with but it is flawed, Rowena not being the best player. "And I would hope that my willingness to come here to try and help would prove that I am nothing like him and that I only wish…" A sigh is given and she turns her head slightly, looking out the window for a brief moment. "I do not know why I try to tell you this. It really does not matter, does it?"

Tyrel moves again, his opening strategy adjusting to take advantage of the perceived flaw. "Only the gods know the true weight of our actions, Lady Rowena, it is enough to recognize that he is wrong without scrutinizing every failure. Whether there is value to your speech is not something I can answer without knowing your purpose and goals. I can envision some few possibilities. You could be here without his consent seeking aide in deposing him, perhaps seeking a husband or wife for your brother to legitimize your claim to a throne, you could be here at his behest when some passion gripped him or madness left him to work towards an accord, you could have been sent here to die your father no longer wishing you as heirs, you could even be assassins impersonating nobility to get close to me and mine." He takes a sip of his wine again, "If you wish to claim some particular purpose I would be willing to provide my opinion on whether your voice matters on the subject."

Rowena snorts indelicately, the sound borne out of either amusement or being offended. "I have no intentions to kill anyone, nor does my brother, Young Majesty. I will tell you exactly why I am here." Rowena stands and drifts towards the window, her posture as perfect as it can be. "My father had desired to send a diplomat to be a bridge between the two kingdoms. A means to try and establish communications. I volunteered when it was realized that no one else was suitable for the task." She remains still once she can look outside, the view doing quite good at soothing her. "I wish I could say that I am here to negotiate for peace or say my father is willing to lay down his crown and vow his fidelity but, despite what anyone else might think, I think this can be a very good starting point for us."

Tyrel considers for a few moments before saying, "If you are given the opportunity to present yourself to the council, Lady Rowena, I suggest you take some time to rethink your conclusions. If you are not here to negotiate a peace and arrange for your father to put aside his claim to the crown then you are at the ending point of negotiation. This war will result in the death of many men, women and children. The burden of those deaths fall most heavily on your father, but to you as well so long as you continue to support him."

Rowena turns around abruptly, her eyes narrowed. "I am truly sorry you feel that way, Young Majesty, and it saddens me to know that you can only see the end when beginnings are being presented to anyone interested in looking for them. But I suppose I should not be surprised. You speak like a warrior…" Her slender shoulders lift. "I am not so sheltered that I do not realize what is at stake. I know that lives will be snuffed out if a peaceful solution can not be found. But for you to sit here and tell me that what I am here to do is not good enough speaks of narrow-mindedness and perhaps even an unwillingness to so much as try to learn what it is my father might desire." Her chin angles slightly up, a lifting of her head. It is as if she's goading the Crown Prince into a verbal fight.

Tyrel considers Rowena for a few moments then says, "Speak your mind on the matter, Lady Rowena, you've shown yourself to be incapable of focusing on even the simplest of pleasantries." He indicates the chess board which she abandoned, "And while I would garner personal satisfaction by placing members of your family into my prison I will pretend for the moment that you are so innocent that you do not realize what is personally at stake for you, much less what is at stake for your family."

The chess board is looked at and sat down before but Rowena continues to speak at the same time she scours over the pieces. "That is where you are wrong, Young Majesty. I realize that it could very well be the end of us all and you only keep us alive for now for… for what? Out of a desire not to be like my father, it seems like." The irritation that has been fueling her side of the conversation peters out, leaving her almost spent. Exhausted. "We can't even be civil socially," she laments with sincere sadness, "so perhaps it was foolish of me to hope that we could find ways to bridge the rifts ten years of war has created between our peoples. I am sorry."

Tyrel says, "You are alive because we honorable and just, not out of a desire to be unlike your father. An honest man does not speak the truth because he desires to be unlike a liar. A liar twists words because he fails to be like the honest man. Do not confuse the ideal for the aberration." He watches the pieces and moves near instantly when she finally does, if she does. "As for the people that have been mislead and mistreated by your family. We will not mistreat them any more than we have you. They are our people and we will right the errors of the past and see them properly attended."

There are no more moves from Rowena, her last being just that. "Lies are not always told just to deceive with ill intentions in mind, Young Majesty. Sometimes one has to lie to survive. But I have not lied to you, nor will I. I have no intention to deceive, nor do I feel like my life depends on deceit. But enough of this for now. I find myself suddenly tired and I do believe I should retire for the evening. Thank you for your time and company, Prince Tyrel. I find your company to be enjoyable. Perhaps the next time we speak things will go better for us." Standing, she gives Tyrel a curtsey before turning to leave, Odelia preparing to fall in step behind her Lady.

Tyrel nods, allowing Rowena to leave without further comment.

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