Sess 28, 229: Unusual Courting

Unusual Courting
Summary: Melissa meets Jarvice, and the conversation that ensues takes an unexpected turn.
OOC Date: 16/03/2014 (OOC)
Related: Happens on the evening of the Kilgour Moniwid Wedding
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Grand Foyer, Darfield Castle
The Main Foyer of Darfield Castle is an impressive room, purple and grey marble columns stretching along the walls to the high vaulted ceiling above. Between the monumental columns are padded marble benches for the comfort of those who would socialize here. The marble floors shine gently in the illumination from everburning tapers that provide a flickering light. The recesses of the immense entryway are still, however, shrowded in shadows.
To the west lies the impressive set of double doors leading into the throne room, and at either side of them are stairs leading up to the foyer balcony. The east end of the roomis dominated by a large gateway leading out of the castle. To the north lies the library, and the north wing. South, an archway leads into the banquet hall, another hallway goes down to the general quarters.
28th day of Sess, 229

Jarvice took the day off, with everyone at the beach so Jarvice decided to relax and go riding and as things broke up, he returns still in his riding outfit. His face flush with excitement as he rubs his lower back.. "I desperately need to get out more, Im starting to lose my edge.. " as he speaks to himself thinking he is currently alone. Jarvice slowly pulls off his riding gloves and tucks them into his belt.

Melissa had been at the beach, of course, attending to the Duchess. The wedding feast had been a merry affair, and even if she had witnessed the festivities mostly in the background, somewhere in Roslin's vicinity, she had enjoyed it just as much. While the feast still goes on she has been sent off to fetch something from the Crawford Suite, and is now just about to return with a bundle in her hands, descending the steps that lead to the Eastern Hall. Glimpsing Jarvice she will pause, knowing him of course from sight, whereas he may not know her. A swift curtsey is offered when she passes the impressive knight, her gaze lowered, her cheeks mayhaps a touch rosy. "Good eve, Sir."

Jarvice looks up as he tuckes his gloves away. "ah.. Good Evening, dear lady. I didn't think anyone was still in the castle. " he says with a warm smile. "Do you require assistance.?" as he slowly turns to face you pass him seemingly in a hurry. " He spots the curtsey and gives you a low bow in return, his eyes on you as he does so.

The warm smile will make Melissa pause again, and she cannot help but return it. "There aren't many around, that's for sure. With the wedding and all." A soft chuckle leaves her lips at his question. "I don't think so. But thank you. Sir Jarvice." Which gives away she knows who he is. Of course.

Jarvice archs' a brow when she address's him by name. "I see, and you do have me at a disadvantage Dear lady as you seem to know who I am but I sadly do not know who you are. Might I have a name to go with the lovely woman before me?"

Melissa lowers her gaze for once when Jarvice addresses her again, the flicker of a smile brushing over her face. "You mistake me for what I am not, Sir. A lady. For I am Sir Marcus Piper's daughter Melissa, in serving the same House as you." Jarvice may know the Pipers as being a knightly house in Sutherland. He may have seen Melissa once when she was a little girl. But daughters of knightly houses do not have a title.

Jarvice cocks his head. "aww mistress Melissa, I am speachless as It has been a long while and I forgot that Sir marcus had a daughter, especially one as lovely as yourself. " as he gives a short bow while saluting you. "As you seem to be in a hurry would you do this old knight the honor of escorting you to your desintation. as It appears you've not guards or hand maidens in attendance, tis the least I could do."

"You are not that old," Melissa replies with a giggle, her brown eyes sparkling as they let their gaze wander over his impressive frame, in an unobtrusive almost timid way. Blushing at his compliment, she lowers her gaze again. "That would be… very kind of you, Sir." Said with a smile.

Jarvice smiles softly. "Mistress Piper you'd be doing me the favor as I tire at times of spending all day indoors, besides after my ride it'll be good to stretch my legs, and do so in the company of such a lovely young woman as yourself. "

"I am not meaning to keep you from your rest, Sir Jarvice. But I'd be grateful for the company." The bundle still held in her grasp Melissa will move towards the great double doors and step outside, after casting a shy glance over her shoulder.

Jarvice grins impishly. "Oh you're not keeping me from my rest Mistress Piper, as I typicaly dont get to bed until much later anyway having to deal with last minutes scrolls or petitions or the like. " as he follows you out the double doors. Helping by opening them for you, so that you don't lose control of your packages.

Courtyard, Darfield Castle
Above you to the north, a silhouette against the sky, is the Castle, set on the side of an immense cliff overlooking the sea. A road leading to the south leads through the gatehouse and to Darfield Village. In between is the courtyard, a fairly large space that is kept neat at all times. Against the walls to the east, there are storage buildings, a stable, the dog kennel, and the mews. To the west, the kitchen, garden, and smithy, as well as their storage area and barracks for those who guard the castle. There is an area of the courtyard often used for training purposes by the knights and men-at-arms. The squires are often at work setting up or taking down practice targets and the like.
28th day of Sess, 229

The bundle isn't that big. Melissa is however grateful for Jarvice's assistance as she steps into the courtyard. Turning her gaze towards him when he follows her, her lips will again curve into a warm smile. "That's what I meant as well. A steward such as you may have better things to do, than accompanying a retainer to the festivities.

Jarvice grins. "Nonsense.. they can wait and besides I'll be daft if Im to wake a courier up at this hour to take them back as those lads and lass's require their sleep as well. " When they approach the royal stables, Jarvice excuses himself for just a wee bit as he rush's in and after five minutes he comes out adjusting his belt strap, but from beneath his robes of office you can see the bronzed cap of a scabbard. Clearly he's strapped on a weapon of some kind as they are leaving the castles protection.

Melissa's brows rise when she sees Jarvice vanishing for a brief moment. Noticing the weapon she will look surprised. "Do you really think this is necessary?" She will fall in beside him nonetheless, petite feet in elegant shoes showing whenever they escape ever so briefly the cover of her wide skirts as she walks gracefully towards the Gate House.

Jarvice looks at you and nods. "Aye, tis always best to be on ones guard. While in the castle I dont worry as much as were well protected but soon we migh be leaving the castles protection and a Knight is never without some means of protection, especially while escorting a woman. " as he walks with you to the gate house.

"I recall you have been a steward for the late Duke Crawford as well," Melissa remarks, as she tries to keep the conversation going, her pace not really hurried, more like a casual stroll. "I have been to Trueborn Keep back then, you know. My sister was one of the retainers for his sister, Caitlyn." A brief shadow brushing over her mien as she touches this particular subject.

Jarvice nods his head. "Aye, but back then I was Her grace Terrwyn's assistant learning how to be the steward as she was with child and was grooming me to take her place when things got to … well too busy for her to handle the job.. " he sighs. " tis a great loss we of Sutherland share at their passing, and then lady Caitlyns. I am working as hard as I can to make up for my lack of training. I've been lucky that his grace has been kind to me in allowing me to serve him."

"And I am sure you are doing fine," Melissa replies, her warm smile returning. "His Grace has been very kind to me as well, allowing me to join the ladies that are waiting upon his wife…" Shooting Jarvice a glance next she will bite her lip, her cheeks colouring. "You will think me a stupid hen for admitting that, Sir. But you have been a topic just recently, when we were sitting and doing our needlework."

Jarvice nearly loses his posture as he hears that.. " I beg your pardon?" as he wasn't sure he got all of that. " I doubt I'd concider you a stupid anything mistress pipper, one does not earn the position you have by lacking intelligence. Though why would I be the topic of conversation. ?"

Melissa blushes even more. "We were… speaking about you… and I wondered in particular why such a fine knight such as you were not married." She bites her lip again and lowers her gaze. "Now you must think me and the others the most supid hens, I am sure!" Why did she just bring it up in the first place?

Jarvice can't help but smile more and shake his head. "I do not think that of you or the ladies whom you accociate with. Simply put I've not found the right woman yet nor have I had actual time to go looking, I have been thrust into my role full force and its taken me a long time to catch up and start to make things run as I see they should. Leaving me very limited time to do anything outside of running the castle. That and very few ladies have shown any interest. " as he watches you. " you have been the first to pose such a question, for the longest time I naturally assumed that I wasn't worth chasing after for anyone, not even to my own eyes, as Im not of noble birth, nor wealthy. It wasn't until the sword on food tourny that Her grace opened my eyes for the first time that such might be possible. "

"Oh, she did?", Melissa asks, looking a bit puzzled at Jarvice's last statement. "Well, I would think it odd, that you haven't been approached by anyone, with the prestigious position you hold, Sir. But on the other hand,… Do you have given the matter much thought? Will your duties allow you to persue other interests, beside your position?" She smiles again, her curiosity getting the upper hand over the awkwardness of the conversation - a woman asking a man about his plans of marriage.

Jarvice grins and nods his head to your first question. "she did" he replies. "I believe so as I've managed to get everything on track and most of the paperwork is trivial stuff that I just need his grace to sign once in a while allowing me a bit more freedoms, The only things I truely have to keep an eye on is our expedatures and import and exports. As you know the reconstruction of the keep is still on going and thats something I must be diligent about. To ensure we get the quality of work for what were paying."
Jarvice watches you and grins. "So I would say that I do have more time to seek out a woman, should she choose to be chased for possible marriage, though as with all things, I'd have to get his Graces permission and she her fathers before such things could proceed. Though until such time I dont see why she and I couldn't get to know one another first. "

Melissa giggles at his reply, the latter part of it. Unable to speak for a moment, her face now a deep red. "You mean… You would consider…" Her words failing her for now, as conflicting emotions boil up inside of her. She pauses and turns away from Jarvice, to gather her thoughts and regain her composure. It will take her a moment though, and she will turn again, to face him, her brown eyes blinking, and the smile on her face returned. "Maybe you mistook me, Sir. I was not… begging for your hand-" Such a thing would be unthinkable! -"But the prospect of spending time with you, should you indeed wish it…" She swallows, her cheeks pinkening again. "I would agree to that, given the rules of propriety are ensured."

Jarvice smiles softly and nods. "Of course.. " as he smiles softly so that you are able to relax and be more at ease. " Besides to ask for my hand would be a reversal, since It'd typicaly be me asking for thine. Though as we dont know one other well enough for such a request, tis better to get to know one another first before concidering such … things. I would never not follow the rules of properity just as I will not let anyone know you were without escort so that your dignity and honor remain pure. "

Incling her head to Jarvice's words, Melissa seems a bit breathless, as it suddenly dawns upon her what has evolved from a conversation she had started not too long ago - her first conversation with the knight actually, and she seems still a bit overwhelmed as to what direction it took. And so she is unable to say a thing for a moment, inhaling, exhaling. Breathing. "I will ask Rachelle to be present at such occasions,…" she will finally suggest. "She's my friend."

Jarvice bows his head and nods. "Of course. " as he grins while walking with you. "So where may I ask are we headed. So that we might get these Items to them safely.?" His smile growing just a hit.

"Back towards the beach, Sir," Melissa replies, visibly relieved about the change of topic. "Her Grace awaits for me to return with this bundle," the contents of which she does not explain more about. A warm smile spreads over her face now, leaving a bit of distance between them as she walks beside Jarvice, shooting him an occasional glance now and then that gives away the sudden inner glow that radiates from her. Enjoying the walk for as long as possible, until their way will part upon reaching the tent at the beach, where the wedding festivities are in full swing.

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