Goddess Umbra
Art found in google images
Art found in google images as Umbra
Full Name: Umbra
Age: 2,300
Kingdom: None
House: None
Position: Goddess of life and shadows
Place of Birth: Mount Kilgash
Father: None
Mother: None
Siblings: None
Spouse: None
Children: None

The Goddess of Life and Shadows, is unusually beautiful, with tanned skin, long, curly black hair, and eyes the color of forest moss. She is very tall and willowy, and is always smiling. She usually wears light and airy robes dyed light grey.

Umbra is also associated with archery, water and wishes. She is often worshipped by men. Her large numbers of followers can be primarily distinguished by their secret language. There are many temples to her in most villages. There are many myths involving her friendship with Sess. She is known to help mortal villians.

Altar Shadow - Yellow Moon This is the song of night's shadows. This is the song of Umbra. Remember it and when you will be lost in the woods or the streets. When you hear this melody. Don't be afraid. Just pray to Umbra.

DECEMBER is the Month of Umbra
Just before the month of Inouv, people are making their sacrificies to Umbra. December is the month, which lets you to prepare for the darkest month in year. Shadows are flooding the streets slowly and it is really easy to get lost. Shadows usually may be misleading and dangerous.
However, people are not so afraid to leave their houses. Conversely, people runs to the temples, praying for the shadows to be clement and lead the way, not mislead.
Actually, Umbra is more worshiped by men, than women. Some says it is because of her beauty, but actually, it‘s the sailors, who raises the men worshipers number. Umbra is the one, who controls water together with the Thedor and when winter is comming, usually these, who have a lot of business with the water world, prays for the Goddess to be gracious and stop the winter, stop the Inouv from freezing the running rivers, from freezing coasts and lakes.
Sometimes, if people impress Umbra by their sacrifices and prayers, and love to her, she joins the Inouv in his games. When Umbra join the games of Inouv the January is not so dark and not so freezing, moreover, Thedor does not have to fight Inouv before february, because Umbra lures away the Inouv with her mysterious dark shadows and unusual beauty and Thedor does not have to meet Underworld God in his way.

1st of December – Hunter's day
What is the best weapon for the hunter? Arrows. For this reason each hunter is archer and they have to pray for Umbra, asking accurateness and right winds. However, also hunters are in need of shadows if they want to catch the prey easily. So, when Umbra comes to the Earth bringing her shadows back, hunters throw the hunting feast. They fulfill the forests, hidding in the shadows and trying to catch the best prey ever. After the hunting trip, each hunter brings half of his prey to the temple of Umbra as sacrifice and thanks her for the good year, begging to bring another good year of hunting too.
This day is also celebrated by spies, because shadows are very important for their profession. Usually they are visiting temples and praying for Umbra, asking to give some knowledge about hidding in the shadows. Umbra is known as the best one, who can walk unseen and this is what all the spies asks for her: to grant them the same ability.

19th of December – the Day of Umbra
This day is archery tournament day. All the archers are asking for favourable wind from Umbra, and when her day comes, they are demonstrating their powers, gived them by Umbra for faithfulness.
Some of the tournaments are arranged just in small cities, but usually archers from whole world are gathered in one place, fighting for the golden arrow, which is believed was made by Umbra herself.
The arrow travels from hands to hands. There is just one arrow and the winner can have it until the next tournament. If he can‘t defend his name as the best archer, he must give that arrow for a new winner.

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