Sheat 26, 229 : Tyrel Inteviews Hadrian

Tyrel Interviews Hadrian
Summary: Tyrel summons Hadrian to reveal his intention of interviewing all who work within the castle personally, starting with Hadrian.
OOC Date: June 13th, 2014
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Tyrel's Office
A man's room. This spacious room is graced with a gorgeous view of the ocean. Three tall windows, topped with gorgeous stained glass look out over the harbour to east, and the ocean below. Dominating it is a truly massive, oaken desk, topped with assorted bits of small statuary and objects of art. The desk is ornately carved with an elegant vine pattern. Behind it is a rather grandiose throne of a chair, carved in a somewhat gothic style. What isn't wood is covered in black leather secured by silver studs. In front of the desk is a cluster of smaller black-leather chairs. The hardwood floor is covered in a thick purple rug with silver trim. A few silver candelabras spaced about the room in addition to a few wrought-iron wall sconces provide plenty of light. The walls are paneled two thirds of the way up the wall with a dark cherry wood. From there on up they are painted purple, and about a foot from the ceiling is silver stenciling. On one side of the room, a bookshelf lines the wall, from floor to ceiling. The shelf is filled with books from all across Daeren.
It is day 26 of the month of Sheat, 229 2E

Tyrel has summoned Hadrian to the smaller office he still uses, leaving the King's old study to be refurbished at some later date. Tyrel sits in his big chair, a bottle of mead close to hand and the sword of kings laid across his knees. The sword has been an ever-present accent to the King's attire of late, hung from his back when standing or laid across his knees or balanced against his leg when sitting. There is rumor he's even taken to sleeping with the blade.

Hadrian enters into the office and as he spots the King, he bows his head, "You wish to see me your highness?" He wonders as he comes to stand before him some and then bows formally before coming back to a complete stands. The Master at Arms having been busy in his duties and dealing with his Emma who has been mourning since the passing of Eldan. He waits now in a silent stand.

You say, "Majesty." Tyrel corrects automatically. "Though yes, I have business that requires your attention. Of late it seems that far too many have been harboring treasonous thoughts or have been unforgiveably lax in their duties. Geralt has begun his investigation into the missing correspondence but I wish to look each of those in my service in the eye and hear the words of their loyalty individually. If a man or woman is to commit treason against me I wish that man or woman to look upon that which they betray.'"

He was still getting us to that, "Your Majesty, forgive me yes. My apologies on the slip." To the words he speaks, Hadrian listens completely, "Are we talking about the guards or the people of this kingdom in general. That seems to put almost the entire population of this town under watchful eye." He says a moment as he watches his king and notes the sword and all. "If that be the case, one might can suspect there is a master mind behind such words."

Tyrel says, "An easy mistake to make, Hadrian, you've known me as a prince for many years, as a king for only few months, but do be mindful of it." He takes up his mead and sips, "If you have wish of food or drink, select as you will from the sidebar. As for a master mind, I think there are many rather than one, though I would not name such mentality masterful, only lacking in dignity and decency. Eldwin has shown that he does not shy from the employ of traitors, murderers, poision and kidnappers. For the moment, I concern myself with those who live and work within the castle, I have not the time to interview all in the city, but I will know the minds of all those within my home.'

Hadrian such a task was something he thought, "So you wish for me to bring each gaurd and servant before you to see where their loyalties lie and see if they are hiding some hidden agenda of traitorous design behide the words they speak?" He wonders a bit as such a serpant in the grass can be deadly if not stepped on early, "I shall start if that is what you mean. I can have everyone of them escort to you by my own rangers who have sworn an oath to serve under Lakeshire, the Kincaid name, thus serve our King loyally to the end as all those of Lakeshire do."

Tyrel nods, "You see the broad stroke but miss the finer point. The interviews will begin with you, and the Geralt as you are the two I will rely on most heavily to assist me with the others. Then your rangers will be brought before me, then the Rioga, those who serve food and drink next, I should think, then all those others who work within the castle. I have some hope that many of these meetings will be a chance to reaccquaint myself with those who I knew in childhood but have grown away from as my duties called me away from the castle, but I suspect that for many it will be the first that we have spoken together, and for some it will be the last time they speak."

The Lord of Lakeshire listens intently to the words, "I am at your service for whatever you may need of me your Majesty." Interview or not, Hadrian was here and focused on what his king needed. "I was tasked to bring Prince Logen back from the front lines and so I did even when he was refusing, I am but a humble servant to our King. So ask me of anything and you shall get the truth of my words."

Tyrel chuckles, "I would suggest, Hadrian, if you wish your words to ring true that you avoid referring to yourself as humble, it is a term that suits you poorly. You have performed admirably on many occassions and it is my opinion that you have been well rewarded for your service. Are you of the same opinion?"

"I have no complaints with my station your Majesty. I am Lord and Heir of Lakeshire and serve you as Master at Arms. I am quite content with my life which is soon be filled further when I wed my future wife, Lady Emma Mowbray of House Ruxton." He lets a soft smile escape his lips before nodding again, "Since I survived in the war, I have felt blessed to be able to return home an honored warrior of our great Kingdom."

Tyrel remains quiet for a moment, "I had not heard the announcement, congradulations on your betrothal. The Mowbray's are a strong family and the kingdom suffered a great loss with the death of the Baron. I will miss his visits to the castle and the 'princess' that he brought with him. I am not overly familiar with Lady Emma but if she bears even half of the charm of the youngest of the family then you are a blessed man." Tyrel sips his drink again, "Though you strike upon a point of interest to me, if you do not recognize it yourself. In time you will take over the duties of the head of a great house, such a role will not give you time to act as my Master of Arms."

Hadrian moves a hand to the back of his head, "Well, it's unoffical right now as both my father and Eldan, before his passing, had agreed but none had met to discuss a dowry. Once that has been taken then a date will be set. Just a matter of formalities really." He then offers a nod as he listens to the other part of his words, "I did not see much of an issue as my father is Duke and Master at Laws, but the future is uncertain. He's able to do both, I do not forsee a problem in my future in doing so either unless I am missing something?"

You say, "The Master of Laws is a position of study and wisdom, the Master of Arms is a position of action, and one that requires your attendance at the castle. When you take the role of a Duke, especially if such troubles as we are experiencing have not been resolved, you will not have the luxury of such time away from your duchy. It is in my prayers that many years will pass and the troubles with them, but I should like you to begin grooming one who can take the position should the need arrise as it is not one I would see left to flounder." Tyrel lifts the blade from his lap and reverses it so the hilt is toward the left of his body. "Have you any questions you wish to ask of me? I have found that the seeds of disloyalty are often sown by misunderstanding.""

"Your wisdom on this is noted and I shall search for one to take on my stead to be groomed and ready for when that time comes to pass." He says lightly as he nods in agreement to this. Right now, no one seems to come to mind but he understands the reasoning as to why this should be, "As to questions, I do not have any. I will send notice to my rangers that you will summon them but will not tell them why, incase. If any Lakeshire ranger is found to be in question, please let me and my father know so that we can deal with such a traitor outselves, as no only would they be a traitor to you but to Lakeshire as well. But that is all I have."

Tyrel nods, "I will alert you should I find any who fail to meet my expectations. For now, Hadrian, continue to see to the security of keep and castle. Once I have spoken with Geralt I will send him to you to prioritize those I will speak with."

Hadrian nods his head and bows at the waist, "Long live King Tyrel." He then comes to a stand and pivots on his heels and makes for the door. With the King's business out of the way, he can get back to his duties before enjoying a few hours with his Emma. He was looking forward to seeing her again.

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