Nar 26, 229: Tyrel and the Temple Representative

Tyrel and the Temple Representative
Summary: Tyrel meets with Priestess Kadlin while Nylie plays.
OOC Date: July 26, 2014
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A haven of serenity amidst the rush of the castle, the salon is designed as a place for relaxation or socialization. A hearty fire burns in the massive, marble fireplace, throwing a russet glow across the room. The walls are divided top from bottom with pale wooden paneling above and lapis marble with silver veins shot through it below. Several armchairs, a couch, and a loveseat are set around a beautiful table for an intimate tete-a-tete, the furniture finely made of deep mahogany wood with blue and silver cushions. An azure rug covers the center of the room, but at the edges the dark wood of the floor can be seen. A side table holds tea, coffee, wine and several small hors d'oeuvres, and desserts.
It is day 26 of the month of Nar, 229 2E

Tyrel moves through the hallways of the castle with his entourage, guards move ahead of him, guards follow behind, and in between a stead stream of officials and scribes present him with missives and bring matters to his attention. "…that the archers are given instruction and set to practicing, each of the commanders is to come before me as quickly as they are able to arrange it as I wish them to understand what they face without embellishment." The king is dressed in ornate plate armor, with the sword of kings in a hangar on his back.

When the King requests to speak to you, whatever you have on your agenda for the day can wait. Such is the case for the Priestess Kadlin Ramsey who no sits in one of the armchairs by the fireplace. As the King enters with his full entourage, she slowly rises and fold her hands before her, bowing with an incline of her head. Her head is raised and she awaits until he is done speaking his orders before speakin herself in a soft dulcet tone, "Your Majesty. You had requested to speak with someone from the Temple. I have been selected to do just that. I will answer what I am able, and that of which I am not; I will see to it that your are arranged a meeting with someone of the Temple who can." She seems quite at ease depsite the amount of people and the status of the man before her.

Tyrel looks to one of his guards, "Send a man quickly to the temple to confirm I should expect the Priestess at this time, I've had enough of apparritions." He then returns his attention to the priestess and presses his hands together greeting her, "Priestess, you are welcome and you will excuse the extra measure of caution. We have had visitors presenting themselves as priestesses lately that were not what they seemed. Sit and make yourself comfortable and take what refreshment you wish." Tyrel moves over to one of the chairs and draws the blade from his back. He seats himself then places the bare blade across his knees.

At his word, Kadlin sits once once more, but not doing so until after the King does as well, "I would expect nothing less Your Majesty. It would not sit well with me if you did not seek extra measures of precaution. The Temple frowns upon imposters and false word." Her hands go to settle on her lap and she tilts her head to the side, regarding him carefully, her hair falling over one shoulder, "You must be full of questions wishing answers Your Majesty. As I said, I will do my best to prove the answers you seek, or at least leave you with some comfort." A soft exhale is given and she softly adds, "If you have something warm to drink…tea or cider?"

Tyrel says, "I do not recognize you, Priestess, though that is not unexpected as I prefer to deal with me, it saves me from having to consider your feelings or temptations. Do n

Off in the corner, seeing to the habit of old is Nylie, an incline of her head goes to Tyrel when he appears within the salon, but otherwise the woman does not rise or give greeting. Keeping happily enough behind her dulcimer, providing the faint strains of music to the salon that allow some to relax, allow conversations to blend into the music itself. And of course, to fill any awkward pauses that may come. She may have become a Duchess, but she will be forever an musician it seems.

Do not bother with comforts, and do not tell me what I must be." He is brought a bottle of mead and drinks from it while the Priestess is given a selection of teas from which to choose. "Has the temple sent you as a permanent representative to sit on the council, or do they still debate the matter. You do not look old enough to be on the council but that may just be a woman's beauty hiding her years."

There is a soft laugh that escapes the young woman as she regards the King with a smile, "I do not waste my time with telling you what kind man you are to be or telling you that the Gods smile upon you and all of the other stuff you desire to hear. I serve the Eight, but Nar drives my priestesshood. Perhaps I should have come in my battle garb to make you feel more at ease?" She chooses one of the tea options and holds it upon her lap, "They still debate the matter…however, I assure you Your Majesty, I am more than qualified to serve what you need."

Tyrel says, "I will caution you again, priestess, avoid telling me what it is I desire, I have my own mind about such things and do not share it lightly let alone have my mind dictated to me. As for your battle garb, I should have preferred you never mention your abberation. A woman upon the battlefield endagers herself and the lives of all women and children in her company, by taking up arms you violate the sanctity of your gender and force the warriors to treat you all as combatants, but that is not why I requested a representative of the temple." Tyrel drinks from his mead again, "I wish to know what portion of the scrolls have been deciphered and what text they contain, I should also like to know the opinion of the temple on the challenges that the gods have set forth, these dire beasts and men."

If he was attempting ot rattle her, it clearly has not worked. She knew how the King thought, or at least his opinions on such matters. A small sip of her tea is taken and she settles it back to her lap before speaking, "I am fully aware what I can answer and what I am unable to do so. Ther eare others that may do so, but I am not going to step over my alloted rank." She looks at him and then continues, tucking a strand of hair behind he ear, "Your opinion is well received and respected Your Majesty, I only go into battle at Lord Nar's request.I am still alive so that must mean he smiles upon me." She quickly shifts gears and nods once, "Right. The scrolls. They are in the process of being deicphered I am told, but what these scrolls entail has not been revealed to me, or any at all except those high ranking Illuminated. I supsected you would inquire such, and have be told to tell you that if you wish to speak to an Illuminated on the matter, then that can be arranged soon." Another sip of her tea and she speaks over the rim before lowering it, "The God's are awakening. This much is true. It is Lord Inouv himself who has brought forth the monsters that have begun to plague this land."

"I was never of the opinion that the gods were asleep, priestess, but my family seems to garner a great deal of their attention so perhaps we have only featured frequently in their dreams." A messenger returns and moves to Tyrel's side whispering quickly then stepping back and out of the room. "It seems the temple is at least aware you are visiting me, have they any thoughts on the matter of the visitors we received, and has word been given yet as to the finality of Lord Hadrian's marriage and whose house they couple, if they are a couple, have joined? I understand Duke Aidan's permission was questionable at best."

The music continues on, Nylie's hands easing the dulcimer hammers effortlessly over the strings. Songs easily blend into the next, some likely to be familiar while others now quite so known, more than likely original works. Nylie content enough to hide well within her playing, it was a task she took to well. Music that is.

A soft whisper of metal on metal and a light clank sounds from Tyrel's leg. He glances down to his left and studies his leg for a moment. "Cousin, do play something a little less lively, you've set my toe to tapping and in this attire it makes quite a racket."

"There are many meetings being held behind closed doors Your Majesty. The temple is very concerned with all of the recent happenings, and I assure you that when things have been decided that you will be enlightened. It is no secret Your Majesty that all of this is quite unusual, and even the HIgh ranking members of the Temple are often at odds and of varying opinions." She She cups the tea in her hand and idly moves her fingers around the base, "I am deeply apologetic Your Majesty. All I know of the marriage of Lord Hardian is that he married a Baron's daughter. Emma of Morbray. The situation surrounding said marriage is something I could research further and get back to you as soon I discover the answer."

"A suggestion that you may wish to pass along, things will go much more smoothly for the temple if they include me in their discussions once they have mustered their thoughts but before things have been 'decided'." Tyrel shifts his sword back into the balance point on his legs from where it slipped when his toes tapped. "I require the documents of the marriage, to my understanding Duke Aidan did not give permission for Lord Hadrian to marry Lady Emma, there was some mention of his being disowned and disinherited but retaining his name. I wish it clearly documented whether Lady Emma has been accepted into the Kincaid family, or not. I do not question Duke Aidan's right to name a successor of his choosing, but I want not question regarding the legality of the marriage.""

Tyrel's comment does cause Nylie to smile,"Of course, cousin, I should not wish your attire to cause such a racket on my account." And thus the song changes, half finished it might have been, but it smooths into a less lively tune, something less distracting and more befitting the serious conversation at hand. A soft interplay existing in the music, a story likely told when song might accompany it…..but that sort of accompaniment, Nylie rarely ever gave, especially in the salon where the purpose was to provide more ambient music.

The Priestess inclines her head in an undertanding nod, a soft and accepting smile upon her lips, "Of coure Your Majesty. I will inform the Illuminated of your request to be more informed of what is to be done in regards to the all that is appening in your Kingdom. I am sure they will be more than understanding in honoring your request." She studies him a moment before speaking once more, that same soft tone, "Upon my return to the temple, I will also seek the documentation regarding his marriage. If I am to find it, or proof regarding such, I will arrange ot personally deliver it to your hands only. This I promise you. " SHe shifts a moment in her seat and then adds, "There is much to be answered, and I apologize that these answers are even yet unknown to the Temple."

Tyrel nods and rises, "Your attendance today is appreciated, Priestess." The king then seats his blade on his back and moves to exit the room, "Cousin, the return of your music to these halls is a welcome thing." With that, he is gone and his guards and servants move to follow.

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