Thedor 6, 229: Tyrel and the Temple

Tyrel moves to secure the safety of the holy scrolls.

Tyrel and the Temple
Summary: Tyrel moves to secure the safety of the holy scrolls.
OOC Date: 01/06/2014
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Temple of The Light
The temple surrounding you shows brightly it's demeanor; painted primarily in bright whites, light blues and yellows, with superimposed clouds and a chandelier reminiscent of the sun itself, this is a glorious show of the morning in its full bursting splendor. Fading red around the west edge, the hilltops are painted rather ingeniously around the entire scene.

Three archways lead off; one of them the double-door that leads to the street. All around the large chamber are places of worship and offering for the Eight. Each God or Goddess has an alcove with a finely wrought statue and a carved altar. Upon the altars one may set up candles and the leaving of offerings. Places are arranged before each for kneeling and the center of the chamber has pews for listening to sermons.

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After having been called away from the Council meeting for military matters Tyrel has made his way to the temple with questions regarding the matters that were brought up before his departure.

Other than the missing statues and handful of clergy with white hair, the Temple appears to be going on as usual. There are more congregants moving in and out than normal and there is a certain sense of anxiety pervading the air, particularly from the older clergy members. However, all in all, it's business as usual, despite the extra volume.

Luna moves steps away from a middle-aged widow, a serene smile upon her lips. There are bags beneath her eyes, but her movements lack any show of lethargy. Her snowy curls bounce lightly when her head quickly turns to take note of the Crown Prince. That grin only grows, her hands immediately pressing together to greet him before her long legs start his way.

Tyrel returns the gesture, his palms coming together as he walks towards the priestess. "Priestess, you will excuse my coming unannounced. A thought struck me that I do not recall being addressed at the council, though it may have done so after I was called away. Where are the scrolls now?"

Tyrel is well dressed and his armor is impeccably maintained but the mud on his boots is higher than a walk should have thrown while on horseback hinting at some haste in his descent from the castle to the temple and town.

While not completely recovered, Princess Draventa is actually moving stronger than before her last visit to the Temple. She's dressed warmly, and her handmaid is on her arm looking around anxiously. The guard is on alert, he wasn't the one that went with the princess last time, but from what he's heard, he's keeping aware. Drav is just looking around, wide eyed. She doesn't seem scared, more just soaking in the lack of statues and the new atmosphere.

Luna cants her head, her gaze roaming over Tyrel's overly-muddied form without comment. "You are correct that the question was not brought up." Slim fingers gesture toward the door leading to the private area of the Temple grounds. "They are currently held under watch in our library. Why do you ask, Your Highness?" Curiosity touches her features, but deepens upon spying the unique young woman who has just entered. A quick pressing of palms is offered, but her attention rapidly returns to the Prince.

Tyrel looks around the room, "An interpritation of the events you recounted occurred to me that I did not wish to pass by. The temple, while sacrosanct, is not overly secure from a military vantage. As I would not wish to restrict those who come to worship here I wish to move those texts to the chapel in the Knights Chantry within the castle. There they can be protected and studied in safety. Word of their existence will bring worshipers from farther away, among them may be those hostile to the right and the light." He delivers this matter of factly. He then looks about and noting Draventa bows to her slightly, "Princess, I was pleased to hear of your blessing and hope the pain it brought is passing."

Draventa sneaks her arm out from her handmaids to offer a proper bow back to the priestess , along with a curtsy for the prince, "Thank you, your majesty. It has. Completely." Her eyes go up to Luna briefly, but then return to the prince, "I have been unable to move around like this since I was a child. Sess has given me a gift, one I am not worthy of." Even as she says this, dips her head in a bow in the direction that the Sess statue was. Alice, her poor handmaid, looks besides herself about the entire thing.

The priestess' brow dips, a heavy moment of silence ensuing before she shakes her head. "I shall bring it up to the Enlightened, but I do not believe that would be wise. For one thing, it would restrict access to those who need to study it simply by the fact it would be further from their living quarters. Far more importantly, though, it would suggest the Temple is so unloved by the Eight that we must lock up its holiest items elsewhere. Finally, the symbolism of the sacred being under the roof of the nation's secular leader is too strong an implication that he rules both.

Luna smiles softly, her tone turning apologetic. "Your piety and care are highly appreciated, Your Highness. I am simply concerned for the messages such a move would send to the Servants of the Eight, the Court, and the general populace. Still, as I said, I shall bring your request to the Enlightened's attention." Her lips purse briefly before her brow lifts as a thought occurs. "Perhaps what is needed is a small holy order — a group of Temple guards too small to be of any real or implied threat to the power of those who cling to such things. This could be the first step in the joint effort I mentioned at the meeting. The men can be palace-trained, but would answer to the Enlightened of their assigned Temple. It could start here and might spread to others. What do you think?"

When Draventa speaks, Luna's lips spread so wide, they might split her face. "I am thrilled to hear you have come to that viewpoint, Your Highness. While having all impurity leave at once was clearly traumatic in many ways for you, I can only imagine the weight you feel has left your shoulders. Is there aught I can do for you?"

Tyrel looks to Luna, "It was not a request, Priestess, it was a statement of intention. The temple has a order dedicated to it's protection, we are it." He gestures back towards his knights. "Sworn to the tenents of the faith and in the service of the eight, King and Country. There are no finer men or fighters in the world than the Rioga, I would put no less to the task." He gestures towards the doors, "Among the meanings to be found on what you revealed is that one could walk in and destroy that which is here with a sword. Those scrolls are too precious to be risked falling to the same fate by a wicked blade. They will be conveyed to the chantry where they will be stored securely until such time as a suitable shrine can be built at the castle. Holy scholars will be permitted access to the relics, the trek to the castle is not ardous, and when the shrine is complete pilgrims can come to attend them as well."

Draventa frowns slightly, she should not be privy to this conversation, she thinks.Biting her tongue to not put her opinion in. Instead the frail princess turns to the priestess, "I can come back later, Priestess Luna. I did not mean to interrupt anything important." The Islander's eyes seem to dull slightly, or maybe it's just a trick of the light. She'll wait to be dismissed.

Luna's brow arches deeply at the man's words, but she first addresses Draventa. "No, Your Highness. You have a matter of faith to discuss. That is very important and should not be set aside. I assure you, I shall see to your welfare as soon as this other matter is settled."

Her smile fades in an instant as she turns her gaze back to Tyrel. "May I remind you that you are /not/ the Enlightened of this Temple, Your Highness? More importantly, you are not the entirety or even one part of the High Clerical Council. As such, all your good intentions in this matter are precisely that, and nothing more, until the decision is made by the High Priests and Priestesses."

Although the volume of her voice is kept low, any who looked could see the tension emanating from her. "Unless, of course, you intend to take the scrolls with swords against our necks to prove your point." There is a dangerous note lacing her tone. Her feet are firmly upon the ground, stance that of a lioness defending her cubs. Her delicate chin is lifted so that she may meet his gaze directly.

Tyrel looks at Luna, "I suggest, Priestess, you move aside while I go and speak with your betters. You overstep your bounds regularly and while it is tolerated in trivial matters this is not trivial and will not be tolerated. The enlightened advise the king on the will of the Eight but the king and his line are the mortal instruments of their will. Your inappropriate behavior has already resulted in your being cast down once, do not insist that it be done again."

He looks towards Draventa, "You will excuse me, Princess, I must see that those gifts which were given by the Eight do not fall to harm. You said earlier that you felt unworthy of the gift you recieved, I wold suggest you consider that no-one is worthy of a gift before it is given. It is what is done with that gift that will be a measure of your worth. The gift of the scrolls was granted to my kingdom and I must protect it."

Draventa visibly clenches her jaw, although it's hard to tell at who's words. Her eyes drop, unsure if she should step back, oft just stay still. Her hand maid is worrying her clasped hands behind Drav, and her guard is frowning, eyes still looking about like he's expecting another god to just pop up to settle this dispute. The princess decides to hold her ground and nod to both, eyes still lowered.

Luna's eyes narrow, but her voice remains low. "Your Highness, with all due respect, /you/ are the one overstepping your bounds. I do not speak for the High Clerical Council, but neither do you. You are the Crown Prince of this realm, but not of holy matters. That means you /ask/ and /request/ items of religious importance, not demand them. I understand this is an entirely foreign concept to you, but that does not excuse it. They may well agree with you, but the decision is theirs, not yours. I shall gladly send someone into the /private/ area to let them know you wish to see them." She is positively bristling.

Tyrel says, "That is not what I instructed you to do, Priestess." He then moves past her towards the private area, taking one step to the side to allow her the dignity of maintaining her ground if she chooses. The set of his movement makes it clear that if she moves into his way he is likely to bowl her over.

Alice makes a soft strangles noise and reaches a hand to pull Draventa back from the two very important powerful people about ready to butt heads. Drav takes a bit of advice from Tyrel though, "Please…" Her eyes raise, "Doing this, here. In front of the worshipers will do nothing but harm everyone. May I suggest, even if it is to still discuss, that you both move to a more private place?" Her voice is kept steady, soft, she's not trying to place herself in the line of fire, but she can feel Alice's hand trembling on her arm, and will even glance down, indicating that any fighting in the Temple will be viewed as upsetting by the populous. Looking back up she'll give them both a hopeful look.

Tyrel seems to only think there's one other powerful important person in this room, and he excused himself politely from her a moment ago.

"That is because, in this place, you have no authority over the Servants of the Eight, Your Highness. Had you asked politely, this would have been done long ago." Luna simply sounds weary now, much like a nanny dealing with a particularly obstinate child. She steps toward Draventa, approaching the Princess even as she steps out of Tyrel's way. A smile instantly appears. "I apologize, but to allow the others to believe the royal family may run roughshod over religious matters and servants would do far greater harm. Now, the much more important issue — what can I do to help you?"

Tyrel doesn't even acknowledge Luna's final words, might be difficult to hear over the clank of his knights' armor as the move into the back rooms. They make a pretty procession as they go past.

Draventa purses her lips slightly at the two. So much for that. She'll wait till Tyrel's herd of knights is out of ear shot before looking up to Luna, "It really isn't that important. i just wished to come thank you. I remember most of what happened that day." She also remembers things she's pretty she didn't happen, so…"And I know you were kind to me." Alice lets go of the princess, but is now watching eh direction that Tyrel went, worriedly.

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