King Tyrel Kilgour
Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Tyrel Kilgour
Full Name: Tyrel Kilgour
Age: 24
Kingdom: Mobrin
House: Kilgour
Position: King of Mobrin
Place of Birth: Darfield Castle
Father: King Callem Kilgour (deceased, 229 2E)
Mother: Queen Laetitia Kilgour (deceased, 228 2E)
Siblings: Prince Logen, Princess Caillin, Princess Roslin, Prince Mikhal, Princess Laela
Spouse: Princess Ciarrah Kilgour nee Aberdeen
Children: Prince Ciel Kilgour, Prince Tylar Kilgour


The King of Mobrin

Some people are destined for greatness. Being the first-born son of a King probably increases ones odds of being great. Tyrel was the first child of King Callem Kilgour, and his bride, Laetitia DeSalis of Lakeshire. In the 24 years since his birth, Tyrel has been groomed to sit on the throne in Darfield. Now, after the mysterious drowning of his mother and the brutal assassination of his father, he is the King of Mobrin and his destiny lies uncontested before him.

Tyrel was born early in the morning, on a lazy March afternoon. King Callem was so happy that his wife had given him a son, and an heir, that he held a feast in honor of the child, and the next day another feast in honor of his wife. The bells in the eastern watchtower rang for three days and nights.

Most of the Kilgour House, as well as Queen Laetitia, have light features and blonde hair. However, Tyrel's features came out a little darker, with brown hair, though he had the same light complexion, and his physical features were nearly identical to those of his father.

Tyrel was groomed at an early age, having the best tutor in all of the lands, a Master from Aberdeen, who had been as far north as the Hills. Tyrel is intelligent, thus his mind was like a sponge soaking up knowledge. He learned math, writing, reading, literature, administration, various languages, political thought, diplomacy, tactics, and combat procedures.

Not only did Tyrel excel in his studies, but he quickly became a protege with a sword, as well as a bow. He loved to spar, and would make quick work of most kids his age. He showed talent in tactics as well, nearly unbeatable in chess by the time he was eight years of age.

When Tyrel turned sixteen, he was declared a man. Tyrel was assigned as the Deputy Marshall of the Mobrin Army. It was during this time that he met Lord Cedric Crawford of Sutherland, also a commander in the army. They quickly became good friends. It was during the Battle of Kundar's Crossing, during the Third War of Three Kingdoms, that Cedric saved the life of the young Prince. Prince Tyrel went on to lead one of the greatest counter-attacks in the history of men during the war. The Marshall, Sir Eldon Fynnladd was slain, and Prince Tyrel was forced to take over the battle, a youth of only 20 years of age. In spite of his inexperience, he led his men to victory and quelled the invasion of Weston.

When King Callem fell ill he appointed Prince Tyrel to serve as his Voice. Since then, the Prince has had his hands on all sorts of matters, from troop movements, to spy placement, to what to serve at royal feasts. As King Callem recovered Prince Tyrel took on the duties of Marshal while Lord Caedmon Kilgour was named Voice of the King.

Known Associates

Bowen Squire Bowen Kincaid : Squire. Tyrel appreciates Bowen's open minded outlook on life, and his sense of right and wrong. What Tyrel is not so fond of is how often Bowen is tricked or mislead. Tyrel's strict adherence to the tenets of chivalry have prevented him from educating Bowen on such deceptions in anything but an academic manner.
Roane Sir Roane Leask : Champion. Roane is Tyrel's right hand. It is obvious that Tyrel is grooming the Rioga for a position of importance within the kingdom but what position that might be is not entirely obvious. Tyrel has recently created intentional distance from his chosen champion with instruction that Roane should spend some time determining what pursuits call to him. Tyrel is watching the Rioga carefully for signs that point towards whether Roane has it in him to lead the armies as Marshal, or if he would be better suited leading a more distinguished group such as the Rioga, or perhaps another role altogether.

House Kilgour

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