25th of Alasair, 229 2E : Two Haraveans and a Kilgour Walk Into An Inn

Two Haraveans and a Kilgour Walk Into An Inn
Summary: Heroic deeds, royal instructions, tarrifs, and relationships.
OOC Date: 11/Sep/2014
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Riverview Inn - City of Stormvale
The main doors to this inn open into a fair sized common room, with a moderately high class feel to it. The kind of place where Nobles think it's not quite beneath them and commoners think it's not quite too high brow. It's set up with a fireplace at the back, and several tables and chairs for customers to sit at. Near the door, there's a small desk, with someone generally there to help travellers check in, find a meal, or with general questions. To the left, there is a door to the back hall, which leads both to the kitchens, and up to the rooms for patrons.
25th of Alasair, 229 2E

The re-appointment of Caedmon as Voice has lessened some of the stress on the rest of the Council, but that doesn't mean Eoin hasn't had a busy day anyway. That and with the rumours flying about the city mean that he's headed a small way out of town to the Riverview to sink a few, rather than drinking closer to home. With a table in a corner he's got a few empties infront of him already, and is steadily working on another.

Aldren too has saw a small bit of relief come his way with Caedmon back where he belongs. Not that the Count was letting the council plague him too much. Dressed richly in green and white he enters the inn with a ranger. Seeing his cousin he whispers a few words and the man sinks back into a corner unseen as Aldren aproaches his coz. "Eoin." He says matter of factly before taking a chair. Quick as can be on of the girls comes up to take his order. Wine. She goes to get it as the Count takes in the view as she leaves. After a moment his attention is back to Eoin. "So. we have not really had a chance to conversate as of late." Shrugging he continues. "How goes the life of a bachelor?" He asks with a grin. "Good I assume?"

Eoin glances up as he hears footsteps approaching, and offers a welcome nod to the Count. "Cousin," he resplies, not bothering to indicate one of the empty seats as Aldren appears to have taken one already. "We've both been busy," he replies pleasnatly enough, "it's to be expected what with the war and everything." As for the life of a bachelor? He sidesteps that one with a question of his own, "hows the Countess?"

After a short moment the girl returns and the Count smiles. "Thank you." He says as he pays generously, lighting up the young girls features. "Do not forget we keep quite a thirst." Turning now after a healthy swallow he says, "Fair I assume. We do not keep each others company really these days. She has the children." He does not say what he has, if anything. "It is as if we are as parted as we were all those years." He shrugs and drinks deep, nohis favorite subject perhaps. Hence the checking out everything with a skirt. "But tell me of your slaying of the KRaken. I've only heard others speak of it, a tale I woulkd like to hear first hand." His cup raised in salute already. Surely proud of h cousin, at least someone is geting some kind of actioin.

Eoin looks faintly surprised at the revelation of Count and Countess growing aparet, but he makes no mistake about siezing on teh opportuity to talk about the Kraken rather than other topics. Leaning back a bit on his chair he takes a long draft of his own drink then starts. "Since it's you, I'll give it straight. Honest truth is that we were lucky. Lookout aloft spotted it before it noticed us so we had the element of surprise and could attack before it wrapped it's tentacles around us." Another drink, now the scene is set. "After we first encountered it, the Laniveer we'd been about to engage gave me an urn of their green fire as it had proven useful in that fight. So we waited until it started openning it's mouth to attack, fired the urn in, then set fire to it via an arrow. Turns out it's inside aren't fire proof and there you go, one dead kraken." A faint smile before he adds, "of course, if you find yourself retelling that, do feel free to embelish as required."

Aldren leans back too. his cup in hand as he listens. A fains smile forming as his cousin retells his heroic deed. "So, tis' true. You and the enemy were able to unite. Interesting…." He sips again, "Well, lucky you were there. A Haravean to stand down the wicked creature." His cup raised again. "And do not worry. I am well aware you fired the arrow and slung the post, all while fending off the evil Lanny invaders from your wonderous Lady Aoife." He grins.

Eoin holds a hand up add a brief correction, "They were only there the first time we encountered it. This time, that was all me." He raises his glass in salute for a moment then winces slightly at the mention of his old ship. "Did no one tell you cousin? The Lady Aoife is no more, the first kraken attack weakened her and she couldn't sail again. I have one of the king's new carracks now, the Grace a Dieux, or Grace for short."

"Ahhh." Aldren says, "A shame the Laniveers were able to procur that recipe. Seeing how a m an from Weston originally created it. IF the ignorant mobs had not burned him at the stake we would have a clear advantage." Sipping some more now. "I had heard you were gifted a ship. But apparently I have been in the dark as to the demise of your vessell." He tsk sks, surely he'd sailed it before and who does not love their Aunt?

Eoin drains the last of his drink and gestures for another round to be brought over. "Wouldn't be much of an Admiral without a ship now would I," he replies dryly, "thankfully King Callem building program is just finishing it's first, so I got one." Leaning back in his chair he asks, "how are the affairs of the county?"

When the girl returns she gets a wider smile than before. "Ahh, you did not forget." The Count says. Eyes flashing to her backside as she leaves are quickly retunrned to the Admiral. "They are well. I am thinng of lowering the trade prices for Sky Forrest. As a dowry for Rorey." He grins evily now, "OF course the Duke in Lakeshire will have his raised. We had a bad year. and they are in desperate need." Yep, make up for it on Aidans coin. Thats the plan.

The door opens again and more popele enter the inn. The servers look toward the door to see if they recognize any of the arriving customers. Some are travelers. Others are locals who have the luxury of buying a meal rather than cooking it. One is in simple riding attire, with a plain gray cloak over one arm. Only one server pays any heed to him, and that is to wave and offer a nod of greeting before she moves to take an order. He pauses and speaks to her for a moment while he glance around the room to see which tables are available. When he spots Aldren and Eoin, he nods toward them and speaks a few more words the server before she leaves, and he approaches their table. "Good evening!" he greets. "This is good fortune. I wished to speak to both of you before things become too hectic." He glances from Adlren to Eoin and back to the count. "The need is not immediate. So, if I am interrupting, I could sit elsewhere." He glances to other empty tables in the room.

"And starve those who form the first line of defense against the Laniveer?" Eoin asks, raising a faint eyebrow to Aldren. "Why cousin, your generosity and patriotism is surely an example to all." Sinking a few fingers worth of his drink he adds, "although I won't complain at lowering the tarriffs on the sky leaf. There are some here in Darfield who grow it, and while it's cheaper the quality is just not the same." ANd then there's Caedmon arriving and he smiles up to the man. "I hear commiserations are in order," he quips, then gestures to the empty seats. "Make yourself comfortable, we've just been chewing the fat."

Aldren looks appauled. "No one is starving. Prices fluctuate. As a sea captain who frequents ports wyou should knoiw this. We took bad crops this year and they will demand more than is usual. Do not act so. It is my business to make such decisions. The duke would do worse. Trust me." He shakes his head and drinks again. Caedmon now arrives and Aldren smiles "Join us, good brother. I was just explaining the costs of doing business to my good cousin. The ins and outs if you will." Back to Eoin he says, "They can afford it. Trust me."

Just then the Count standds. "Godds be damned. everyone of them." He shakes his head with an apologetic look. "Something slipped my mind. You must excuse me." With that each gets a nod and he turns to leave, the ranger emerging from the shadows to accompany him.

Caedmon is reaching for the chair when Aldren suddenly announces that he needs to leave. The baron frowns and nods. "Thoughts have a way of trigger other thoughts," he comments as if this is something that he has experienced in the past. He remains standing while Aldren and the ranger take their leave. "Congratulations or condolences, I'm not sure which," he quips. "It is familiar territory." He nods to the chair on which his hands rests before he looks to Eoin. "If you'd prefer to drink alone, I understand. I intended to forewarn both of you that I intend to convene a meeting of the council soon."

"I don't believe, Cousin, that you were present at the council meeting where the Duchess gave her run down of the situation in the north," Eoin replies, tone dry once more. Then, as Aldren turns to leave he offers a "good night," before glancing back to Caedmon. "No, stay, or at least do not leave on my account. Your news is to be expected, and so long as nothing calls me to see then I will be there." Another drink and he asks, "were there any instructions, or do you have to take things as they come?"

"His majesty did include one request," Caedmon confirms while settling into the chair. The server who spoke to him at the door approaches the table. She is plump and plain, and Aldren probably would have grumbled to have her serving him rather than the attractive young server who was here. Caedmon, however, adds a generous tip to her payment for the stew, roll, and cup of tea that she delivers. Once she has left, he looks around the room and then lowers his voice enough so that only Eoin will hear. "It is something that I would not discuss here, where tongues easily become loose under the influence of strong drink," he explains. "Once you have heard, I suspect that you will agree that reliable men of the sea would serve well for gathering some of the information that the king desires."

Eoin considers that for a few moments, then nods. Not all conversations are for public places after all. "There is also a matter I should probably discuss with you soon as well, while we're on such things. I still have a few loose ends to tie up first though." He's curious about Caedmon's matter though and it shows on his features. With nothing more to be said for now though he changes the topic, "so tell me, how is Albion. It is a while since I put in there."

Caedmon nods when Eoin mentions some matter that he would like to discuss. With practiced ease, he shifts to the new topic as if the previous ones never surfaced. "Albion fares well. The fishermen will be returning to port for he winter. If you are still here, you should come for the festival that they have. It is similar to a harvest festival, except for the emphasis on fish." He does add, cautiously, "Even if you must sail before the meeting can occur, I will send a letter to you by bird to explain the king's request."

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