Thedor 7, 229: Twisted Sister

Twisted Sister
Summary: Elisen discusses his sister's stance, and his concerns.
OOC Date: 7/Jan/2014 (OOC)
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Elisen Rowena 
Laniveer Suites
This spacious sitting room is simply but stylishly decorated. Finely woven patterned rugs cover most of the marble floors and compliment two white leather sofas arranged to face each other near the center of the room. The wall to your left as you enter contains an oak door on the near portion and a spacious hearth on the far portion, where two additional sitting chairs and a small table rest. To your right as you enter is a mahogany door next to an extensive bookshelf which hosts a collection rich with both art and science titles. Tapestries of places throughout the continent adorn the walls on both sides. Directly in front of you, the far wall is covered with lush foliage, hanging and potted plants collected from exotic locales. The room is kept lit by small brass and crystal chandeliers.
Thedor 7, 229

Elisen is standing at the window, looking out into the evening air. There are two burning candles on the windowsill. He sighs, and then looks at the candles, lifting his fingers to trace the solid wax of the candlestick. He's inspecting the melting wax, reading how it falls down the candle and gathers on the sill.

Rowena's moods have been up and down since she last dealt with Tyrel and tonight is one of those times her own mood is a bit dark. "What is on the Prince's mind," she murmurs after she comes in, dressed in a simple dressing gown. It isn't exactly late but she'll probably go to bed soon if only so she can be awake when the sun rises.

Elisen sighs once more, and he shakes his head, "Trying to get a read of things," he says, of his ceromancy, one of his hobbies. "The future's so damned foggy…" He stares at the flame, lowering his hands to his side. "I miss home."

"There is no future for us," comes a grumbled comment. Rowena looks at the guards and then her brother, her expression bordering on sad. "We have been lied to and not just by those here," she eventually adds after thinking on it. "It seems like our own father has never once been honest with us and by that has allowed us to enter the lions' den, ignorant." And possibly in danger.

Elisen slowly turns to look at her, his brow furrowed. "Why do you hate him so?" he asks, softly, a concern in his voice that's gentle.

Rowena shakes her head. "I don't," she answers while reaching out to touch Elisen's hand. "But I can not say I love him right now, at the same time. I am angry. And I am hurt. But I do not hate our father."

Elisen watches her carefully. "Since we've got here, I've watched as you've turned more and more against him…" He purses his lips a moment, considering. "You speak ill of him to the Queen and others, call his rule treacherous and other harsh words…" He shakes his head a little, "At first I hoped you were saying those things as part of your ambassadorship strategy, getting the Mobrin to like you by letting them know you don't approve of Father either, but…" He looks a little sadly at his sister. "I'm coming to see you believe those words. That you feel the way the Mobrin do about him."

"Elisen, do you condone how he's killed?" It isn't an easy question to ask but Rowena wants to know what is going on in her brother's heart and head and weigh it against what is in her own. "I know we are at war and death is a part of it. I am not so naive. But still. Do you agree with how he has done what he has done, one hundred percent?" There's more Rowena could ask but she holds back.

"I support my King. I believe in the throne. I pray for it to be wise and just, and I understand that sometimes it must also make hard decisions, Rowena." Elisen looks frustrated, and he moves away from her, walking to the pitcher of water and pouring a glass for himself. "This war is old, and it's dirty." He looks at Rowena, "Both sides, Ro." He takes a drink, shaking his head, "Even Tyrel is now invading temples." He shrugs, "We cannot waiver."

Rowena shakes her head. "Wrong has been done by both, I know. But… knowing that does not make me feel any better, honestly." About all knowing that does is make her feel less like her father is the sole one to blame. Sitting heavily upon a chair, she looks at her brother, feeling so lost and it shows in her expression. "I just wish I knew what to do, Elisen. They won't let us go home, now."

Elisen nods, "They will." He slowly smiles, "They will." He takes another drink of his water. "Father won't be King forever. And," he smiles warmly at her, "We are not our Father. I pray that when the time comes, I'll choose more noble ways to fight this war, should it still be at play. For now, though, we have to support Father. We can't be seen as unfaithful to our King. All that does is justify in their minds even more that Father doesn't deserve his throne."

The Prince gets stared at before Rowena rises again and moves towards her room. "You will need to convince the Kilgours that you are nothing like our father is. And make them see that keeping us here will result in nothing positive." Her footfall stills and she grasps at her hands, fingers wrung together as she worries.

Elisen watches her, his face is worrisome. "Rowena." He sighs, "Tell me. In what way do you feel Father has lied to us?"

Rowena looks at her brother, her eyes misted over with tears she will not let Elisen see fall. "Because he never once told us the truth of what he was doing." Her hands are drawn apart and she reaches up, undoing the fancy hairpins and the hairnet, letting her hair fall free. "He said it was to keep us safe, but now I have to wonder…"

Elisen shakes his head, "I don't know what you mean, sister…" he says, as much a question as a simple statement.

Rowena pauses and then shakes her head. "Nevermind, Elisen. I find myself starting to get a headache and I think I am just… tired, on top of not feeling well. Ignore me."

Elisen walks over to her, laying his hands on her shoulders. "We do need to finish this, Ro. Things here are tense, and I'd like to understand where you stand. Why you waiver." He brushes the hair from her face, lovingly, and tilts his head slightly as he smiles warmly at the sister he cares so much for. "Tomorrow, perhaps?"

There is a pause before Rowena nods slowly. "Tomorrow will be better. I will be able to rest snd be better able to think." She turns to give Elisen a hug. "Fare well."

Elisen nods, returning the hug. "I love you, Ro." He offers another warm smile. "It's going to be okay. I promise." He watches her head to her room, and then he sighs, returning to the window.

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