12th of Nar, 229: Twins

Summary: Elisabeth's time arrives.
OOC Date: 14/Jul/2014
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Infirmary - Darfield Castle
The rectangular room has whitewashed walls and a stone floor bare of carpet and rushes. The air smells of vinegar, soap and strong herbs. On a far fall is a line of windows that look outside of the castle. Each of the windows has a widow box filled with fresh herbs and flowers. Along the wall opposite of the windows are about twenty beds in a row. The beds are narrow and simply made of sturdy oak and rope. Each bed has a fresh canvas, straw stuffed mattress covered with heavy unbleached and dyed linen sheets, a pillow, and a blue wool blanket. Next to each bed is a small square table and a stool. One each of the narrow walls are doors leading to other rooms. One leads to the hallway, which in turn leads to the main part of the castle. Across from the main entry are two doors. One leads to the apothecary and still room, and the other leads to the Royal Physician's office.
12th of Nar, 229

Well she was due in a few weeks, so surely a trip to the castle to visit the Duchess Sutherland would be safe. Alas upon leaving the carriage she was overcome by pains and it became quickly clear they were not false pains this time. A poor Sutherland Knight crossed her path and helped her quickly to the infirmary so he would not have to deliver the Lady's baby. Messengers were sent out to find husband and brother as the Lady was taken into the care of the Midwives of the Infirmary. Already she is in a private little corner with curtains drawn about her. Mowbray guards and her maids wait nearby.

The docks might still be best classed as 'organised chaos', but that doesn't mean that Eoin doesn't simply drop everything when word reaches him. The ground up to the castle is covered at record pace and he quickly makes his way through the hallways to the infirmary. It's not somewhere he's been since he was released from it himself, but those thoughts are furtherst from his mind at the moment. The Mowbray guards make his sister's location easy to spot and he heads directly over there, pausing only to ask one of said guards, "is it still safe to go in?" You never know how far along things might be after all.

One of the guards who had been with Lis for years and went with her when she married quickly recognizes Eoin and waves him over. "Messengers haven't been able to find Kieryn yet, she will want you in there." He assures Eoin. The voice is heard and "Eoin.." Is called out by Elisabeth from behind the curtains, "Let him in…let him in." It is a voice that sounds tired and strained.

Eoin nods to the comment about Kieryn, although he's sure that the errant captain will be tracked down soon enough. He looks briefly dubious about going through the curtain, birthing is so very much a woman's thing after all, but then her voice is heard and his mind is made. Slipping through carefully he offers her a reassuring smile before moving to take a seat to prevent himself from pacing. "You look exhausted," he starts, it's a statement of the obvious but then he's a little out of his depth here, "is there anything you need?"

Elisabeth is a little exhausted from the looks of her, but at the present the midwives don't look worried. Nor is she in any indecent manner arranged. Neatly covered in white sheets and her hair braided over a shoulder. One hand resting upon her belly but the other beckoning towards her brother. "Just you and Kieryn…I know messengers were sent out to seek you both." She says with a tired voice.

Eoin does glance to those attending, jus tto make sure they're not looking paniced, or even merely concerned, but they seem calm enough and so he turns to give his full attention to his sister. "He's coming," he replies gently, "he wouldn't miss this for the world." Reaching to take her head he gently strokes the back of it, then asks, "have you decided on names yet?"

News always travels fast amongst nobility, especially when it comes to anything exciting or highly dramatic. So while the nobles were certainly wagging their tongues about the rather sudden change in schedule to that Hadrian Emma wedding and just why it might have been pushed up weeks ahead of schedule, and if that played into the Duke of Lakeshire's official announcement….it had not gone past Nylie's notice that a few of the servants were murmuring about the small incident that had occurred in the courtyard concerning a certain Mowbray. While Nylie was not healer…nor husband….nor immediate family….it did not mean she did not have concern or interest in the health of her friend, thus the woman was walking into the infirmary to seek out information at the very least. Spying out the curtained off area, Nylie did venture that way to inquire of healer or guard, which ever seemed most avaliable at the moment,"How is she fairing?"

Elisabeth is at least a little relaxed by Eoin's presence. A brother at least is better than noone! Perhaps not a man's domain the birthing room in, but there is no panic of imminent arrival just yet. "I haven't met them yet.." She responds with tired humour. She gives a gentle squeeze to his hand, but that quickly turns to something tighter as clearly a contraction grips her. She curls up a bit on the cot gripping her belly, but trying not to cry out. The guard gives a bow to Nylie, "She fares well your grace. Messengers are out seeking her husband." He informs her. Nylie's voice makes it through the curtains and as Elisabeth recovers from her most recent contraction she looks to her brother, "Bring her in…she is like a sister."

Nylie's timing is a godsend really, for Eoin has nothing in his mental armoury to allow him to cope with his baby sister curling up in pain. The past few days have been enough of an emotional rollercoaster as it is. The tightened grip elicits something of a grimace as she makes a valient attempt to crush his fingers but then, once it eases, he's up and out of his seat to show Nylie through as requested. Holding the curtain back a fraction to allow access but limited gawpability he nods his head in her direction and offers a quick, "Dutchess." It's not all that ettique requires, but he's figuring he'll be forgiven just now. "I have only just arrived myself, but all seems well." His expression though is deliberately meant to convey that he is massively out of his depth and taking his cue from others on that.

Nylie gives a respectful incline of her head to the guard. Some measure of worry being eased to hear things are well, Nylie knew well the dangers that was childbirthing. When Eoin is soon there pulling back the curtain, Nylie gives him a incline of her head,"High Admiral." It is the infirmary, protocols could be eased. Gently easing behind the curtain in given leave to do so, a soft smile meant to help reassure the Admiral who is in unfamiliar waters. "I heard them say the Lord Captain was yet being searched up as well." There is a faint touch to Eoin's arm, perhaps attempt to offer some comfort, or reassurance before Nylie moves to Elisabeth's bedside,"How are you feeling? " Only a flickering glance going to a healer, knowing they'll get sent along sooner or later…birthing stools and other mystries coming in the future.

Poor brothers. Really men in general, the birthing room is not one they feel comfortable in. Nor do they cope well with seeing their little sisters in pain. One of the apprentices comes into check on her with her most recent contraction before going to fetch a healer to check on the Lady. Family they may not be by blood, but to Elisabeth she thinks upon Nylie like a sister and extends a hand to her as she takes the chair vacated by her brother. "Worried..I thought there was more time.." Indeed their marriage was only 3 1/2 months ago, but twins are notorious for coming early. Words lowly spoken before looking up to her brother. "I hope they find Kieryn in time.."She says before suddenly another contraction takes her. It seems that things seem to be quickening up a bit.

Eoin has a list as long as his arm of things he wants to talk with Nylie about, well, three things, but they'd be written pretty damn big were such a list to be anything but hypothetical. For now though, his mind is devoid of anything but the situation infront of him. A nod is given to the remark about Kieryn, and a hint of a smile at the touch to his arm. Hovering behind and a little to the side of Nylie as the next contraction hits he makes a quick decision and states firmly, "I'll go see if I can find out what is delyaing him," and moves to duck back out of the curtained area. "I'll be back before you know it," he offers as he leaves, "and so will Kieryn."

Such a day to be invited to take time in the infirmary. Dressed as those healers found here, Cliona comes along fairly quickly once word comes that there is one here in need of help. The older woman steps up to the curtain, clearing her throat briefly to alert those within before she might pull aside the curtain, just as Eoin promises to fetch up the husband and father-to-be. A nod to the Admiral is given before she turns to the two ladies within, "Hello. My name is Master Healer Cliona." Soft spoken is she, a sense of calmness to be shown by the woman as she moves towards the bed and the pregnant woman within. "Breathe.." She murmurs as she glances to where apprentices are starting to bring in the birthing chair and other items that may be needed.

Nylie settles into that seat easily enough, while her own belly showed her condition, she was still fairly early on in her own pregnancy. There is no hesitation to take up that hand, a gentle squeeze given and her other settled over the top of it. "They are just eager to meet their mother and hear more of your lovely music. Do not worry, besides, what better place for them to come into the world then the palace infirmary, you know Wenna only has the best in here. " Nylie gives a look back to Eoin as he makes to go fetch Kieryn, she knew births weren't a man thing as it were. "I'll stay with her while you search him up." Reassuring Elisabeth,"I'm sure they'll both be back here soon, Kieryn likely figured it was to soon as well and is off trying to congratulate his sister." A nod goes to Cliona as the healer comes along to join them, noting softly in the way of introductions,"Lady Elisabeth's children seem to be eager to join us. " Perhaps leaving herself out of it for now, since Elisabeth was what was important.

Elisabeth clenches onto Nylie's hand as she curls up on the bed, letting out a little cry with the pain. Indeed the pains are getting stronger and closer together. It is the reminder from the Healer to breath that Elisabeth finally takes a proper breath and tries to breath through the pain. As the pains pass she looks up with a pained look to the healer, releasing her death grip on Nylie's hand, but holding it still. She at least manages a smile for Nylie's comments about her children, even if it looks tired and pained.

"Ah. Such eagerness shows you will likely end up with your hands full in the future." Cliona half teases the mother-to-be, "First baby?" She questions as she moves about, checking upon things with a healer's eye to specifics. "That's it… breathe…" She'll coax Elisabeth into breathing through the contractions, asking a pardon of the lady before her hands move to her swollen belly to check on the position of the child once the contraction has ended. There's a slight change of expression as she does so, hmming to herself, but smiling still - all is good!

There is a faint squeeze back to Elisabeth when Nylie's hand gets clenched,"Aye, remember to breathe, just like with singing, breathe through it." If Nylie is pained by how tight her hand may end up being squeezed, she does not show it. Nor does she try to pull it away, it is Elisabeth's to torment. Though when the contraction does pass, her other hand moves to brush along a few strains of hair and to see about a cool cloth to blot along her friends forehead. With Elisabeth tired, Nylie gives a nod to Cliona,"Aye, it is her first. With the family history and how her belly has swelled, the healers have long suspected there are twins."

Modesty is often the first thing lost in the birthing room and Elisabeth pays no mind to the examination by touch or look. She has studied with the healers long enough as well to be somewhat used to that invasiveness. Things seem to be progressing quite quickly for the young mother as another pain takes her. The cool cloth to the head is welcomed as she curls around her stomach again, this timing crying out with the pain, unable to hold it in any longer. With the reminder to breath from both ladies she really tries to remember to do so, but the pain makes it harder. "I am not ready yet, Kieryn isn't here.." She whispers, whether to the ladies around her or to the gods or both who is to know but her.

With words offered by Nylie about the suspicion of twins, the healer nods her head, "I would agree. I feel two heads. One has turned, the other in the process.." Moving again, she shows where one is, down low, the first to be born, while the other is currently trying to move around to get in proper position once the first one is born. When the next contraction hits so hard, the first initial wave of pain may be felt by Elisabeth before the edges of the pain is oddly curbed. Stolen away. In the next instance, Cliona inhales sharply herself before stepping back as apprentices move in the birthing chair and get it set up and ready just behind the curtain.

"Don't worry, he'll be here. You know they'll make him wait outside anyways, so he can fret and pace. " It's what the men do best, right? Nylie's hand is duly tormented again, simply trying to encourage breathing, and letting the healer do what is needed. Noding as the healer shows the positions they were felt to be in. A glance to Cliona when the woman is sharply inhaling as well, perhaps some worry that the healer is well enough herself.

The pain in Elisabeth's face seems to ease not long after the contraction hits and there is relief upon her features. She takes a few breaths to recover herself and looks over to Cliona as she speaks of her babies positions. That confirmation, more than just a guess now. The reality is here and it is clear there is no stopping it, husband or no husband. That tight grip lessons on Nylie's hand and Elisabeth looks over to where the birthing chair is being setup. She looks fairly exhausted already but at least the pain lines are eased from her face. "What do I need to do.." Elisabeth finally asks, preparing herself.

It was a bit of a surprise to Cliona, but the sudden flare of pain felt by she, is soon shoved aside by the older healer, a touch of sadness to flicker briefly within her eyes. With the chair delivered, she turns to Elisabeth as the younger asks, "The chair will help support you in a position that eases the birth. We'll help you get into the proper position, and then…" She smiles, "Then we let nature take it's course, milady." Further items are brought in by apprentices - from hot water, to clothes, and whatever else might be needed during this time. "Let's get you up and ready?" Such time has come to remove clothing down to the chemise or such.

Even if Nylie had not yet gone through this personally, she was plenty old enough (and then some) to have aided family and friend enough, most likely. After the healer gives the general directions of what is needed, and there is that last look to make sure Cliona is alright, Nylie does move to help in getting Elisabeth setuup and eventually out of the bed, offering support as well as that hand for as long as Elisabeth likes, well except perhaps as it maybe needed to part as clothing is removed.

Definately not the place for men now as things have progressed to the undressing stage. Elisabeth allows Nylie and the healer to help her up from the cot and to the birthing chair for the delivery. With help her overgown is removed so she is down to her chemise. She looks to Nylie and gives a weak smile, "Thank you for being here." She says looking more relaxed than she did earlier with the pain now eased by the healer. She looks over to the Healer, her worries returning, "Delivered many twins?"

Cliona helps with divesting Lis of her outer gown, handing it off to an apprentice who will fold store it away so that it isn't messed up or lost. Offering a hand from the other side that Nylie stands upon, she chuckles and nods, "I have helped with my fair share of them over the years, aye. No worries, now. Sheat is here, and ready to help you through this time, as am I." No doubt word's been sent to Wenna, but until the physician is there, it is Cliona to lend a hand. "We women have been doing this from the start of time." As they approach the chair, Lis is helped up, giving directions on how to take the correct position that will bring her into a sitting squat position before the next contraction hits.

Nylie helps as she can, even if it's just to let Elisabeth lean on her, or crush her hand. Doing well to keep out of the healer's way. "You are welcome, though how could I not come when word reached me? I will be here as long as you want me to be. " Reassuring her friend. And continuing to help as needed as the birthing chair is gotten into.

Eoin has singularly failed to find Kieryn. There came a point in his search though when the balance between his concern for finding the man, and concern for being with his sister, tipped the other way and so, having set many more men to the task of rooting out the Mowbray, he's return to the infirmary. Striding purpusefully towards the curtain once more he notes the increased activity within and shoots a worried look to the guards. It's either a good sign, or a really bad one, and he despirately wants to know which.

Elisabeth looks up to Nylie and holds her hand, glad for a familiar face and her hand is not let go other than during disrobing. A physical and emotional support. Elisabeth is settled onto the birthing chair and just in time too as another contraction hits and the first babe starts to push its way into the world. Unlike the earlier contractions this one does not cause her much pain, only that urge to push. Several hard pushes and the first child is released into the world. Indeed it seems that they were in a rush as within a few minutes the second babe makes its way into the world and leaving a rather exhausted mother in their wake. "Are they alright…" Comes Elisabeth's first words once the pushing is done, as she waits for the cries.

While it seems that Lis is left blessfully pain-free, Cliona is breathing harder herself when she takes a seat upon a low stool before the birthing chair, breathing through… pain? Most certainly an odd thing if ever there was one. With the help of apprentices, the healer is there to catch the babes as they come into the world, "A girl!" She announces for the mother, and perhaps those now waiting outside the curtain as the cry of the child fills the air. Cord tied off and cut, the babe is handed to an apprentice waiting with a towel to clean and wrap up in while the second comes. "A boy!" Again, the announcement is made as the rather upset little one screams once mouth and nose is cleared. The same is done, cord cut and handed to another waiting apprentice while the healer sees to what comes next. Once all is done, and it's time for Lis to be moved back to the bed, the healer is swaying a little herself.

When the palace was filled with men hunting down Kieryn, it's hard to stay unaware of the fact that there are babies down in the infirmary. Or at least that's the telephone-esque rumor which Kierne heard, sending him sprinting down the corridors, taking turns which threaten to skid him out but leaning into it and keeping his feet as he pounds pavementum down to the infirmary doors, stopping short of breaking it down with his shoulder, taking a breath or two and then opening it up and peeking inside before he walks in and comes to Eoin's side. "Oh, man. Is it here?" He says, almost on cue for the baby to start wailing. His face breaks into a bright beaming smile and he reaches about to cuff Eoin on his far shoulder and even jostle him into a little bit of a bro-hug. "Ha! Congratulations, Uncs," he tells the guy, calling him by his newly earned (or re-earned?) title.

The guards are quick to tell the Admiral that things are progressing well, to see his worried look. Noting,"Best be staying out here now, m'lord. From what the healers noted, was getting close to that time." Can't let the menfolk in on the mysteries of childbirth afterall! So it is just the women behind that curtain as Elisabeth goes through those contractions and the birthing process. Nylie keeping close to her friend, an arm about the shoulders to help steady her, or that hand being crushed to pieces, though perhaps not quite as badly now it would seem. Certainly letting the healers see to the actual baby appearing part. A smile offered to Elisabeth with each announcement, murmuring,"Playmates for Aldren's pair it seems….and sound right as healthy to." A gentle cloth helped to mop Elisabeth's brow before aiding in getting the woman back to the bed. Even if less painful then normal, surely just as tiring. And best to get Elisabeth proper again to greet her babes and allow Eoin back in before he worries himself to pieces.

And then there's screaming. It's not a noise Eoin has heard his sister make, or not for the best part of two decades at least, so he comes to the conculsion that there are mini-Haraveans in the world. Or Mowbrays if you want to get all technical. "A girl and a boy," he repeats to the guard, more as a relief valvue then a fear the man had not heard, but as Kierne makes his presense felt he turns to smile back to the younger man. "They, a girl and a boy." He's still not entirely relaxed though, for while there is definitely screaming, he's not yet heard anything from Beth. The logical part of his brain says 'there's no panic back there so she's okay' but there's still that inherant worry about his baby sister that stops him from quite returning Kierne's good will as much as he might otherwise have.

While the cries of babies will soon lead to sleepless nights and possibly cursing, that first cry is the sweetest thing to hear. That shock of life outside the womb that causes them their first protest. Elisabeth leans exhaustingly upon Nylie, even if painless it is still hard work. She looks towards the apprentices as they clean her babies and allows herself to be cleaned and carried to the bed in turn. She looks a bit pale, but it seems as though all has gone well for the new mother. She looks over to her babies reaching her hands up to beckon them to be brought to her. "Please tell my brother…" She says in a tired voice as she looks upon the babes placed into her arms.

While the cries of babies will soon lead to sleepless nights and possibly cursing, that first cry is the sweetest thing to hear. That shock of life outside the womb that causes them their first protest. Elisabeth leans exhaustingly upon Nylie, even if painless it is still hard work. She looks towards the apprentices as they clean her babies and allows herself to be cleaned and carried to the bed in turn. She looks a bit pale, but it seems as though all has gone well for the new mother. She looks over to her babies reaching her hands up to beckon them to be brought to her. "Please tell my brother…" She says in a tired voice as she looks upon the babes placed into her arms.

Nylie does fuss a little with the blankets around Elisabeth, making sure they are just so as the babes are brought over and placed in Elisabeth's arms. "They are absolutely beautiful." Placing a somewhat sisterly like kiss to the top of Elisabeth's head,"I shall tell him. Though knowing him he will not be content," least less worried," until he has set eyes upon you. Think you are up to allowing him a peek at his new niece and nephew?"
Assuming she consents, Nylie does go to tell and fetch Eoin up. A slight blink of surprise to see Kierne out in the infirmary, a questioning look briefly going his way before Eoin gets her attention. "She is doing well, and so are the babies. She is tired, but if you want to come see her and meet them for but a moment or two." Not commenting on the lack of Kieryn insight, it is a blessed moment afterall! There is a quiet comment to the healer to see how worn she looks as well,"Perhaps you might take a seat and rest for a few moments yourself."

Eoin could hug Nylie as she tells him that everything is alright, he really could. Near three decades of conditioning kick in before he does though and all that happens instead is a massive weight lifts from his shoulders and he starts to grin as broadly as some of the others. Clapping Kierne on the shoulder briefly he then doesn't hesitate in taking Nylie up on that offer and slipping through the curtain to see them. Beth gets akiss on the forehead, as do both the little ones before he takes a moment to assess the general situation and offer a quick, "you should rest."

Elisabeth basks in the glow of her children for a time, smiling up to her brother as he enters. Soon enough though exhaustion does take over and a basinet is brought to the bedside to let the babes sleep by their mother. Elisabeth falls asleep with a hand resting on the edge of the basinet.

Kierne returns the questioning look with something lax and even happy. He's not here a-pining after any Lady, only happy for her in her own Knighting. When Eoin goes to see to the babes, Kiki will give his Auntie a hug, just a gesture of joy on the happy occasion. Soon enough it'll be Nylie turn to earn those spurs.

Given the moment and place, and the fact Aldren hugs her without pause, Eoin likely would have been forgiven if he had hugged Nylie. Instead, Nylie just returns that grin and steps aside to allow Eoin to see the tired trio and have such a moment. Leaving her to get hugged up by Kierne, a thing she does return. And indeed, it will be her turn soon enough….or at the very least she'll die trying to earn those particular spurs. "Just can't keep away when there is word of babies, can you?"

Cliona nods once to Nylie as the lady urges her to take a moment to sit and rest herself once all has been set to rights, and the men are allowed in briefly. The healer is helped by one of her apprentices up from the stool, and off to the side again, her tired eyes to watch those that come in until Lis falls asleep.

Kierne pats Auntie N's back comfortingly, drawing back and looking into her eyes, "Yeah, well, y'know. They're adorable," he defends his baby-madness rather feebly. "Are you feeling okay?" he asks his aunt, then— "You need to sit down or anything?" he can only imagine what kind of a thing it is to actually sit through that whole process while knowing you're about to go through it yourself. He spots Cliona, and gives her a bright smile of recognition.

Eoin hovers as Elisabeth slowly drifts to sleep,then gets gently ushered out by the apprentices. He does manage to sneak in another round of forehead kisses first though. Back outside tehe curtain he's still beaming, although he is now making a bit of an effort to contain himself. "They're asleep," he notes quietly to the two Kincaids, then glances sideways to Nylie and confirms, "thats a good sign yes?" He figures it is, but you can never be too careful.

"Aye, they are….though obviously you've not spent time caring for one for days," comments Nylie softly. She does perhaps look a touch tired, though surely nothing like Liz or Cliona! But then again, tired has been a common look to Nylie of late as well. "I am feeling alright, just a little tired. I shall manage alright." Nylie glances towards the curtains when Eoin is ushered back out, a soft smile given as she nods,"Aye, it is a good sign. There will be a lot of sleeping for a bit. All three have been through a lot and need their rest."

"Sleep is good, for eventually there will come days of no sleep." Cliona finally speaks up, laughing a little even if such thoughts bring that bittersweet look to the healer's face. "I wish you all congratulations.." Not knowing exactly the relationships between those present to the new sleeping mother behind the curtain.

Kierne doesn't go in— he just peeks around the corner and makes little omigodsocuuuuuute noises for a little bit before he's got to be going, bidding everyone a good day and congratulations again to Eoin. He'll be back later to hold them!

Eoin finds himself once again torn, although this time it's a three way pull. Should he stay for when Elisabeth wakes, go back to hunting for Kieryn so he can be there when Elisabeth wakes, or find somewhere quiet to talk to Nylie about everything that's happened over the past few days. In the end he decides to in part at least leave the choice to Nylie, she does look tired after all, and may have plans. "Should we perhaps given them space and quiet to sleep? I am sure there are places we could rest for a while where we would be findable should there be a need."

There is a bit of a bemused smile to watch Kierne's reaction to spying the sleeping babies. Nylie inclines her head to th healer at the thanks, it really is never easy to tell with noblity just how people are related. House colors mean so little when it comes to that. "Likely so, they will be sleeping for some time yet. And I imagine when those two little ones wake, they'll be a mite bit hungry. " Surely his men will see Kieryn properly hog tied and delivered," I admit, I could use a bit of time off my feet and perhaps a bit of tea." Or a brandy! "Are there others who word should be sent to? " Nylie knew to well how close that family was.

"Aye, milady, that they will be." Cliona is quick to say, though does soon answer, "If you wish, I can send a servant up to you, when she wakes or anything comes up?" If the two wish to go where they might be more comfortable to talk and take refreshments, that is.

"The salon then?" Eoin suggests, "or the Greenshire suite is still maintained," he adds quickly, realising the salon mihg tbe a tad public for some of the news he has to give. Cliona gets a nod to her offer to send word and a "I'll send you word on where we settle," so that they can be found should any need arise. As for the rest of his family he merely notes, "I made sure word was sent to them as I sent more out to hunt down Kieryn, they will know soon enough. So come, let us find you somewhere to rest."

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