33th Sess, 229: Twenty Four Hours in the Infirmary

Twenty Four Hours in the Infirmary
Summary: Recooperations continue.
OOC Date: 19/Mar/2014
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Infirmary - Darfield Castle
The rectangular room has whitewashed walls and a stone floor bare of carpet and rushes. The air smells of vinegar, soap and strong herbs. On a far fall is a line of windows that look outside of the castle. Each of the windows has a widow box filled with fresh herbs and flowers. Along the wall opposite of the windows are about twenty beds in a row. The beds are narrow and simply made of sturdy oak and rope. Each bed has a fresh canvas, straw stuffed mattress covered with heavy unbleached and dyed linen sheets, a pillow, and a blue wool blanket. Next to each bed is a small square table and a stool. One each of the narrow walls are doors leading to other rooms. One leads to the hallway, which in turn leads to the main part of the castle. Across from the main entry are two doors. One leads to the apothecary and still room, and the other leads to the Royal Physician's office.
33th Sess, 229 2E

The infirmary was quieter in the morning hours, relative to what it had been as people returned and came to see those who had been injured. But the place was packed, so there was always some noise, people waking from nightmares over what had been witnessed, the occasion moan of pain, and the ever present healers and apothecaries trying to see to them all. As well as those who had given their aid in the aftermath of it all, Nylie being amongst them. She had some skills it seemed, even if not a healer. And at this time of the morning, she was aiding in changing of bandages before morning meals would be brought. The woman is pale and drawn, dressed in black with her hair braided back. Exhausted doesn't even describe it anymore. It could be debated if the woman has really gotten much sleep at all since it all.

It was early morning but Hadrian was use to being up early. He had a busy day today and knew it. He looked a little better, not so pale now as he managed to get some sleep last night where as before, through the warnings of his healer, traveled day and night to make to to where Emma was. Hadrian walks into the infirmary where he had heard many were now. His eyes quietly looking around then spotting Nylie, he was surprised to see him here but he had a message for her. His foot falls can be heard as he makes his way inside more and seems to head straight for her like a man on a mission.

Upon arrival yestereve, Elisabeth and Emma had come to the infirmary to check on their brothers both of whom were unconscious at the time. Exhausted from the race home and little sleep she eventually went home to catch up on some rest. After a hasty breakfast Kieryn and Elisabeth come to the infirmary looking cleaner and more rested than the day before. Elisabeth is holding the Captain's hand tightly as they enter, perhaps worried over what she may find. To Nylie she looks as she sees her and finally steps over to her, "What news? The healers on duty last night were too busy to tell how they are doing?" There is a nod toward her brother and Eldan.

While the sight of the bandages around Eoin's head wound had been more than Arlen really wanted to see yesterday, the wrapping around his hand have now disapeared in the latest round of checks and changes. He'd stayed unconcious as his adbomen was unveiled, examined and then recovered but his head is rahter another matter. No matter how carefully the healers work, it' still a bloody mess and the pain of having the bandages peeled and prised off is enough to elicit a groan of pain and a slight twitch of his left arm up towards his head.

Kieryn is rather quiet and subdued as he walks in with Lis as they arrive to the infirmary. He looks from Eoin to his brother and sighs a bit. He had fallen asleep while bathing after they had gotten back into Stormvale, since he had not had any sleep in the days it took them to sail back here from Mowbray, but he was awake first thing in the morning when Lis came to collect him. He gives her hand a squeeze as she speaks with Nylie who he gives a bow to.

Rested is certainly not a adjective that applies to Nylie, but then sleep seems an impossibility really. To much to be done. Oh and the fact it all plays out again any time she thinks to close her eyes. The bandage she had been changing finished up, old and bloodied bandages piled into a basin to be handed off to one of the runners. There is a blink to see Elisabeth and Kieryn…Hadrian as well…..not having expected any of them so quick. Nylie gives an incline of her head towards the pair and addresses Lis's questions,"They are recovering slowly, Lord Eldan has slept mostly but seems in fair spirits considering." A glance goes to where Eoin lays before back to Lis,"He was unconscious for some time, the head wound is quite severe, but he has roused and seems to be recovering. It will take time though for him to get over that headache. " There is a slight pause before she adds,"He saved me, saw me out of there and his hand…the bolt that hit it…was meant for me. He went back to help the others."
Nylie's gaze does drift to Hadrian, then looks past him some…then back to him as he comes her way. Giving a bow of her head towards him when her nears,"Lord Hadrian." Questions she would wish to ask surely. But every conversation she's had with the man…well let's just say…not the best when it comes to the topic she might wish to inquire over.

There was a glance back to Liz and Keiryn, having sailed here with them. A light smile is given to them before he shifts to looks at Nylie, stopping just before her, "Lady Nylie…" There was no smile, not much show of emotions. He looks upon her as he sees how tired she looks and the things she has gone through. For a moment, he thinks he smells vomit but dismissing the notion as this was the sickbay. A bow of his head slight, "I have a message from my father to you." He lets that soak in a moment either through some dramatic pause as if the father of time himself was slowing the very essence of time. "He misses you and will see you shortly. Although if news has gotten to him about the King, he'll be on his way here. He will be happy to see you as well." A brief smile is given towards her, "Other then that." He points tothe bandages on his neck, "If there are any to spare, I need someone to check these for me. I haven't had the chance in a few days."

Elisabeth listens quietly to Nylie give her account of what happened, looking rather shocked to hear what had occured at the reception. "He has always been brave." She says before she hears the brave man groaning and she rushes to her brother's side. "Eoin I am here." She says as she reaches for his unbandaged hand as she kneels next to his cot. For now all else is forgotten and her brother becomes the centre of her world. "We are here. I hear you have been quite the hero." She says though there is a tremulous sound to her voice though she tries to force some humour in her voice.

Kieryn nods to Nylie as she tells them what happend, when Lis goes over to Eoin he follows after her and puts a hand on her shoulder to support her as she speaks to him. He looks down at the Admiral and nods, "Look, Admiral, I got your sister back safely from our trip, just as I had promised you I would. Though maybe I should have been here to help out too."

Eoin is still almost entirely overwhelmed by the pain in his head as the wound is examined, considered and then re-wrapped by the healers. Words are muttered between the pair, but they keep it to a couple of quick comments given the arrival in their vacinity of Elisabeth. During it all he's taken his best attemot at a death grip on the hand he felt touch his, but by all accounts it's pretty weedy as they move off to the next patient. For now his eyes are still screwed tightly shut and his frame is tense with the pain, but slowly, it does seem to ease off again. Or at leat, he starts to relax a little.

There is likely the smell of vomit…somewhere. But Nylie did change after Kierne vomited upon her yesterday! There is a small breathe as the words do soak in, there had been rumors and some had been sorted. But… There is some hint of tension that does not fade until Hadrian delivers the message itself, some flickering attempt of a smile that fails in the end. "I will be happy to see him as well when he comes. He is…well? " The question had to be asked. "News will have gotten to him, I saw to the missives myself." She had been one busy Kilgour in the aftermath. Her eyes flicker to this neck before she nods,"There are spares, I can check and change them, if you wish. Though I can see a proper healer brought if you would prefer?"
Oh, just take a peek at the banquet hall, it was still soaked in blood even with all the on going efforts to clean it. It gave but a fraction of an idea of what those within had gone through. Nylie gives a nod to Elisabeth,"He was very brave, valiant in his efforts." Her own eyes go to the man on his bed when Eoin groans, but as Elisabeth goes to him and see's to his tending, Nylie's attention does remain with Hadrian. A hand already beckoning for fresh bandages to be brought, motioning Hadrian to a nearby chair as well. Though she'll wait for his response on preference before doing anything further.

Kieryn and Elisabeth are over by Eoin's bed as the Admiral moans in pain. Nylie (who seems to live here now) is talking with Hadrian, who may soon be getting the bandages on his neck changed.

"It is just a change of bandages so no need to call a healer." This was prime time to get some bonding time in with Nylie, his future step mom who's not much older then he. He moves to the near by chair, "It's not an issue. I'd hate to take some from others who need them more then I." He says while turning his gaze over towards her, "The Gentlemen and his lady there told me a rumor got sent around saying my father was dead. My likely cause the large oaf fell from his horse when he got injured. When will that old man learn he's not as young as he once was." He seems to mildly chuckle before turning his gaze to the others. He was glad they could be reunited with their loved and cherished ones.

Araltaidan arrives, and while he may or may not have access to come and go from the castle, he has been outside in the rain for his clothes are dampened from it. The master ranger who's service is sworn to serve House Kilgour is grim of face and shows signs of sweat and toil in his need to bathe. His hands are raised to lower his hood from his head and then an arm to wipe his brow as he looks around. Unlike many others here, Aralt does not show any sign of injury, no blood stains upon his clothes. The archer has restocked his quiver if he had used any of his arrows. His grey eyes look around the infirmary and not seeing Eliylw right off, he begins to slowly walk through to see whom among them are counted as wounded.

There is no complaint from Elisabeth as Eoin grips her fingers. Even so tight a grip seems like a touch of hope. "Healer can he have more poppy for the pain, he is in pain.." She calls out before looking around the room at all the patients and she looks up to Kieryn, "I think I will need to stay and help." No fully trained healer is she, but surely they could use an fairly trained Apothecary to manage the potions and it means she has reason to stay with her brother. "Kieryn is here too brother, so you can rest."

It is creepinging up on day two after the attacks and Eliylw has barely left the infirmary, the young healer only pausing in her work long enough for a few quick meals and maybe a quick nap. At some point she managed to change out of her blood-stained clothes but the white apron's already getting soiled and rumped, the white cap she keeps her hair tucked under normally nowhere to be seen.
With an arm full of bandages and salves, she starts her rounds, Eli's steps all but shuffling, the poor girl almost a zombie, tired and scared still, the Master Ranger and the others not yet noticed.

Kieryn nosd to Lis and gives her a small smile, "Yeah, I am here too Admiral. I'm here. Don't worry I'll look after Lis too while you are down for a while." among other things he's now got to look after, but he doesn't seem to mind those things too much. "You just focus on getting better." he nods to LIs' words, "Alright dear, you stay here with him and make sure he is alright. I am sure I will be here a bit with Emma since Eldan is here too, and it looks like Cai is as well." he sighs, "What a thing to come home to."

Eoin hears voices, familiar ones, although unexpected ones. It takes effort, but he does manage to crack an eyelid open to take a look at that close by. Confusion had been fairly prevalent yesterday when he'd woken, and it's still there today, written all over his features. "Beth?" he manages, in scarce more than a whisper before Kieryn's words distract him from her to him and he blinks a couple of times, "thought you.. Weston?"

It's not difficult to spot Eliylw with her red hair pinned up and not covered. Araltaidan stops walking along the beds when he turns his head and sees her coming out carrying more supplies. He watches her, studying her fatigue and her state before the Sky Forester begins to walk in her direction. "May I help you, miss?" He puts out his hands to take her things for her if she will let him, as if he were some stranger who'd walked in and didn't know her. A fond glint in his eye awaits her realization that it's no stranger as he softens his baritone, "I knew I would find you here, working yourself to exaustion." Nonetheless, he is much pleased to see her unharmed.

Nylie gives a nod to Hadrian,"There are enough for both, worry not about that." Missives for supplies as well as informing those who needed the news had been seen to. Nylie having worked with the Castellan to see what needed to be done was, least time word from her brother could be gotten. She had not perhaps been one to give orders, but she'd made sure those who were abt to had been sent and given the news they needed. Glancing over towards the pair, before Nylie supplies the names,"Kieryn and Elisabeth," no titles and a certain familiarity with them it seems. "They are right, there has been rumor to that regards," Nylie working to see the old bandage removed as they talk. A faint smile actually managing this time,"Likely not any time soon, I would dare to say. What injures did he come to have in the end? " There is concern yet, likely a thing that won't go away in full til she sets eyes on the man herself. "There was word it was an ambush."

Aralt's voice is recognized almost immediately but the healer still startles, the recent events having done too well of a job at fraying Eli's nerves, her divided attention making it easy for him to catch her unaware. The stack of linen is handed to him as she gives him a grateful smile, the fondness he has in his eyes matched by her own. "I will rest soon," she promises but Araltaidan will undoubtedly know that for the fib it is. She won't truly rest until the most severely injured are healed enough to ease her worry. A hand rests on the Ranger's arm and she looks him over, obviously cheking him for wounds.

"He took two big hits to his chest area but nothing vital. He'll have some scars himself though." Hadrian's neck wounds were two and he was lucky. For as deep as the two marks on bither side of his neck were, they did not hit a main artery. Any closer to the mid part of his neck and the young Lord might have been in the ground right now. He feels the bandages being peeled off, "But yes, it was an ambush. Those Laniveer bastards invaded our land and they paid for it. I myself took on two of theirs at the same time before I bested them in combat. They did not know who they were messing with." He states a bit proudly of his skills for it was the first time he did not hold back and to show his father he could fight.

Kieryn and Elisabeth are over by Eoin's bed as the Admiral moans in pain. Nylie (who seems to live here now) is talking with Hadrian and seeming in the process of changing the bandages on his neck. Aralt is over there hitting upon Eliyw, who also has been living in the infirmary. Both such women looking, pale, tied, beyond exhausted.

"Yes it is Beth, The gods saw us quickly home my brother." Elisabeth says to her brother and leans down to kiss the knuckles of his good hand. She looks up again as a healer passes, "He is in so much pain, is there ought else he can have?" She questions the woman before looking back to her brother. The healer brings over a cup of tea with some poppy. Elisabeth takes it from the woman's hands, "Brother, I have something here for you. If you cannot sip it I can get it a cloth to soak it with."

The linens Eli hands over to him are taken with care for he knows they must not be dropped. All the same, he keeps his other arm free to snag Eli and draw her close against himself to hug his betrothed. A brief but most sincere affection for she whom he loves, "I was worried for you." He dares to nuzzle her bright hair and then will let her go, knowing he can't be keeping her from her duties here. Yet the ranger keeps a sharp eye on her face, "You need rest. Tell me where these are needed and I'll put them there, Eli. Have you eaten?"

The shock of it all is fresh on Bren's face when she strides into the infirmary. So many wounded. She scans for and finds Elisabeth and Kieryn, making a b-line for them. "she stops just short of Eoin's bed, "How is he? I came as soon as I heard…how is Emma's father?" she asks in rapid succession.

Kieryn nods to Eoin, "We came as soon as we heard Admiral." he tells Eoin, though he lets Lis do most of the talking, as he doesn't really know what to say. He's not too good at things like that, well, he's sure he'll have to get good eventually. He's there mostly to support Lis and anything that she needs him to do while she is here. He looks to Bren as she arrives, "My brother seems to be alright, still hurt of course, but looks like he is resting, so that is good. I think Emma is around here somewhere, maybe she slipped off to rest. I'm not sure. I just got here recently."

The bandages are peeled off with some skill by Nylie, she did have knowledge in this area and more practice these past days then she cared to think of. The one aspect of being such a long practiced musician aided in this….fine motor control of her fingers. A fine thing when needing precision as well as some tenderness in dealing with wounds. "He does seem to like collecting scars lately," notes Nylie with something of a sigh. He'd just gotten over that head wound, and gotten a scar there. A look is taken to the neck wounds, a check for infection, noting,"You were lucky with these." No doubt he knows. A nod of thanks goes to the runner that brings her the fresh bandages, a salve, and takes the old ones away. Seeing the ointment applied with a light touch,"It sounds like they did pay for their transgressions. I your father is not returned in time, youu may be called to give report on the encounter." Some small warning, if the Heir had not already considered this.

Eoin flicks his eyes back to his Sister for now, trying to concentrate on one person at a time is vastly less effort it would seem. He gives her hand another, rather feeble, squeeze as she bends down but then there's another voice he knows and he flicks his eyes back and forth to find the source until they eventually settle on Bren. More confusion, as he brain tries to tell him that she's elsewhere too but then the rest of Eliabeth's words pull him back to her again and he blinks again before attempting to reply, "no.. not sure."

Eliylw would normally refrain from public displays of affection here but relief over-rides propriety and she wraps an arm around Aralt, her other still full of the little earthenware jars she brought with her from the other part of the infirmary. "I was worried for you, too," she whispers, the words almost muted entirely as she has her face buried against his shoulder before they draw back. A low table near the center of the room is pointed to, that being where he can set the bandages down, and the jars are passed off to another healer who is passing by. "I haven't really had a chance to sleep or eat much, no," although that is Eliylw's fault, truly. Goodness knows some of the other women who work here have tried their hardest to get the girl to rest and nourish herself.

Hadrian listened to Nylie as she spoke, "I will be sure to have a talk with him when he gets in." He sighs a little bit. The little boy inside him scream that he wished his father had perished so that he'd become Duke and his father would know loss and suffering as much as Hadrian had gotten in those years as a boy. But the man in him who's come to terms with things thanks to the presence and kindness of one Lady Emma planting the seed within his chest. Had his body been a garden, he's blossom full of red roses thanks to her. He could feel Nylie tending to his wounds and seems to let out a soft pleasant sigh as the ointment seems to help sooth over the little pain and stiffness he had in his neck from wearing the bandages a little to long. There was still some dried blood about his neck but the wounds were indeed sealed for good. "I am also glad to see you…" He says a little hesitantly. "I might have said some thing improper that were not true….well one was not true." Care to take a guess? "So I humbly apologize for my childish behavior." He replies to Nylie. As Bren enters into the infirmary, he watches her a moment as if to say something but does not.

Araltaidan will turn and take the linen strips to the table as indicated, laying them out carefully. As his hands aren't terribly clean, he touches them as little as possible. Then he looks over the infirmary with a grimace before his attention returns to Eli, "I do not know how long I may linger. I'm to be sent for to report, then likely go back out again as soon as the Crown Prince is done with me." The Ranger lightloy touches Eli's hair, "You must rest and care for yourself, if you are to do your best for others. Is it not better to briefly be unavailable and let others take your place, that when you return to them that you might better serve their needs with fewer mistakes? If I am exhausted, I may miss the track, or my arrow not fly true when it is most needful. There are times for due haste and urgent need, but they are not constant demands, Eliylw."

Elisabeth looks up at Brendolyn as she hears her voice. "I think she was going to the temple before she came in today." There is a glance over to where Eldan lays, heavy bandages over his chest. "He still lives." Which is perhaps saying a lot given his injuries. She turns her attention back to her brother, soaking a cloth and holding it over his lips to dribble in so he does not have to lift his painful head.

Brendolyn looks to Eoin and nods lightly as Kieryn explains then when the Admiral looks her way she smiles her best smile for him. Her eyes shift to Elisabeth and then around, seeing who else is being tended though her gaze quickly returns to her cousin. "I wonder if help is needed, my tending has come along..or food and such.." she says not really to anyone, mostly pondering aloud. She nods to Lis then pats her arm gently, "He will be up and around in no time," she says. "I will look for Emma in a little while.. give her time for her prayers."

Kieryn nods at Lis' words again as he looks over at his brother again, "Yeah, he will live and I think Cai will too, his guard and servant. I think they will be alright, just need time to heal. They all do I think." he glances around looking at the injured folks and frowns a little. He gives Lis' shoulder a squeeze.

Once more stirring in his bed, Robben blinks a bit as his eyes open, seeing all the people. "Crowd…" he mutters very quietly to himself now, as he looks at the others.

Nylie gives a slight nod, there will be lots of talks going on when all the Council members get back to the city. Maybe then Nylie will rest, least maybe when her brother is returned. Not likely. Once content enough with the application of ointment, Nylie does see about applying the fresh bandages, enough to cover the wounds, but with them healing well , there is some room for freer movement allowed. An eyebrow rises just a little when Hadrian starts down that particular thread of conversation, though there is perhaps some relief to the turn of it. And not a continuation of the…usual. "Might? There were many comments you spoke not fit for proper company. Though I assume that since you raise such apology, your intent and reasoning for having raised such matters with me have also changed?"

Lifting his head would likely be bad yes, as would compressing his gut, but Eoin hasn't really got to the point where he can plan forwards and consider such things yet. Right now he just closes his eyes and focuses on swallowing when he feels the liquid dribble past his lips. One thing at a time, he can manage that.

The truth of the Ranger's words are so easy to see and Eliylw knows Aralt's right but even then part of her wants to chide him for being such a worry-wart or tell him his concern is misplaced and she's fine. She can't bring herself to do so, however, and she's instead nodding to him. "You are right, my love. I am sorry. I just… I worry that with the Baroness away and so many hurt that something bad will happen if I do not stay." Her body pivots as she looks at those who are in the various stages of healing, her expression sad. "You go do what you need to do, Aralt. I will do one last round before I go to rest. Will you have time to sup with me later?"

"Let's just say that he and I are getting along better." He says and leaves it at that. There wasn't much more to say here, not in present company and given the injured scattered about. A look is given towards Liz and Kieryn, before he seems to call out to them, "I am glad you could see your loved ones and friends. I will be leaving soon but if you see Lady Emma before I, let her know I shall return to check on her and hers." He says warmly then looks to the floor a moment speaking back with Nylie but his voice lowers so that she can only hear, "We both have our issues but for the moment, we are mending the rift between us. It was all thanks to Lady Emma who helped me see the error in my ways. I think….I am falling…" He doesn't finish the sentence.

"I am glad to hear that you are getting along better and trying to see the rift mended," and not going to try to get her to switch up whom she's marrying. Nylie does add,"Your apology is accepted, m'Lord. Perhaps we can consider this as a new starting point between us, as well." Even bone tired, the woman seems to have something of her mind yet about her. Finishing up the bandage and seeing it secured just so as Hadrian calls along to the others. A quiet smile comes to Hadrian's quiet words, murmuring something quietly to him before noting,"There that should do. Do not hesitate to come to have it changed again." His cousin Fae is around somewhere.

Brendolyn glances toward Haddrian and while her expression remains cool, at best, there is a flash of something much less kind in her eyes, if for just a moment. Thankfully he isn't talking to her so she needn't answer and simply looks away, putting her focus on family, "I wonder if any here are without the comfort of family or friends.." she muses aloud.
Nylie mutters to Hadrian, "… am… It is… frightening thing… it… To experience such… fall…. words at… it promises."

Araltaidan gives Eli a slow nod, both of his hands to rest briefly on her arms, "I will, even if I am to be sent back out at once. I'll make a few minutes to share a meal with you. Do rest. If they need you, I'm sure they'll send for you, Eli." The Baroness is away? There is a question in his eyes for that bit of news but it can wait, "I must go. I can not express my relief to see you unharmed, Eliylw." Yes, he can say her name and make it roll off of his musician's tongue with ease, like a sigh.

Elisabeth continues to dribble to poppy tea into Eoin's mouth much as her teacher taught her to do. There is a glance towards Hadrian and nods to the man. "I hope your father will return soon. I will pass on the message to the Lady Emma." There is a look up to Brendolyn for a moment, one that suggests 'we will talk later.' "I was going to stay and offer my skills with potions. It looks like they could use all the help they can get." She says instead. Once the tea is all dribbled in Lis reaches for her brother's hand again and kisses the back of it. "I think I will let you talk to Kieryn before the poppy takes effect."

Before he can go Eliylw raises up onto her toes to brush a quick kiss upon his lips. "Please stay safe," she implores before they part company. Thankfully there's work to be done so she'll be disctracted from her concern.

Sitting up a bit now, to look around at the various people present now, Robben seems to be looking for someone in particular, without much luck right now. A brief pause, before he shakes his head and keeps on looking around at the various people.

Araltaidan smiles at Eli, lingering a moment longer in her company. He is loath to depart but then he slips past her and out of the infirmary with one glance back.

Kieryn looks down to Eoin at Lis' words, "Do you think he can talk much? I don't want to tire him out too much." he peers at Eoin for a few moments and thinks of a question or two that wont be too hard to answer, "Just grunt once for yes and twice for no." he tells the injured Admiral. "You probably want me to go to the council meeting in your place, right? and I am in charge until you are recovered enough?"

Hadrian nods to Nylie and after hearing Liz's reply, was thankful. He smiles and then comes to a stand, "I will get out of your way now. I must go and address those at the Kincaid manor and clear up any misunderstanding that are lingering." Yes, he was not the same man, the man who wore a mask. He turns to face Nylie and offers a soft bow and to her words whispered, he says, "Thank you and yes, I feel that way." After all, she was the second girl he's ever loved as the first was gone from when he was a boy. "I will see you later and when the council meets and my father has not made it, I shall take his place and report what I know. I wish you well." He looks back to those here and then turns to head towards the exit.

Eoin retuns his sister's kiss with another faint hand squeeze, although he doesn't seem overly keen on openning his eyes again just yet. Lips, mouth and throat now wetted his can speak a little more clearly but keeps his answer simple anyway. "Yes. Also.. speak to Lord Arlen… his ships."

Nylie gives a small nod,"They have been staying in the suites, Lord Arlen came by yesterday." There is a flicker of a knowing look, those words had been spoken from experience. Another nod is given,"And you, Lord Hadrian, be well and may the Gods watch over you."

Bren doesn't miss 'the look' from Lis and it's not like the cousins wouldn't be talking anyway but her demeanor does not allude to a softening of heart on the matter. She looks to Eoin and then exhales, "We have much for which to be thankful, some were not so fortunate."

Elisabeth moves over to talk to one of the healers about what she can do to help.

Draventa is led in by her maid and flanked by 3 guards, the Moniwid guards replaced by Kilgour. The princess looks pale and is leaning heavily on her maid. She and Pricne Logen have been staying in their suite, under supervision. It's what Prince Logen wanted. Drav's head is wrapped up, with only her dark hair showing in the back. Her chest is wrapped underneath her dress. She's hoping t get those dressings off today, and the need to walk when in pain has been ingrained in her since the snake bites. She's quiet when the step in, not wanting to disturb anyone.

A few details are tended to before Eli heads over to where Robben is resting, her steps a bit lighter, her visit with Aralt, brief as it was, helping to buoy her. "How are you doing," she asks him with a smile, the tired in the gesture as well as her eyes lingering even if her mood is a little bit brighter.

"Me?" Robben asks, as the healer approaches, offering her a brief smile now. "A bit angry at an idiot, but aside from that, I feel better than I did. Missing my wife and kids, though." He goes silent again for a few moments, before he adds, "And worried."

After seeing to the ointment put up and likely a drink of water the was pressed upon her, Nylie does slip back out. A glance to where Eoin was laid up and being partially mobbed by his famil. A faint smile, least he was recovering…awake at least. Time would tell. Though spying yet another visiter to the crowded infirmary, Nylie heads over. With a good many Rioga and Kilgour having been slain, that the Monidid guards are looking after Draventa doesn't even cause Nylie to bat an eye. But she's also bone tired, pale…exhausted. And not exactly a healer, not that it's stopped her from helping. Offering a flicker of a smile, "Your Highness, let's get you seated and I can see about getting a healer to come look at your bandages." It's the infirmary, the woman is now family, faint head incline is about all that gets managed before Nylie offers to give support as well if wished until the younger woman is seated.

Draventa nods, but it's slow, like she's underwater. "T-thank you." Drav was in the infirmary initially, but doesn't remember much of anything from the day of the attack. Her voice matches everyone else's, tired. Drav's maid, Alice, nods for Nylie to help. "The princess insisted on walking here. She's still unsteady." Drav manages a small glare, but can't seem to turn her head fast enough to actually deliver it to her handmaid. Instead her pale eyes that seem to have lost all their blue focus on a bed further back and it's noble patient.

"Perhaps they'll come and see you," Eli murmurs, her voice kind. "Do you need anything? Food or drink? Something for pain, perhaps?"
Another healer will help Draventa while Nylie and the others see to her, the woman's hands already full of bandages that have been made just this morning.

Nylie's problem is she remembers it all…very clearly. The Kilgour hasn't slept much at all, between her and Eliylw, they might have an hour or two of slept combined. Nylie easily slips to Draventa's other side, her arm circling the princess, support and a bit of lift to help get her over to a place to be seated. Most beds were rather filled, a fair number with noblity, given the event attacked. "We have had many a stubborn one insist on moving under their own power, even though these sorts of injuries require rest more than movement. And a healer could have come up again, one was due to come check upon you and my cousin." It is a thing noted lightly. The infirmary just wasn't a pretty place right now even if an excuse to get about might have been wished for. Moving aside so the healer can step in and see to Draventa, though remaining to aid as might be needed.

Robben nods a little bit as he hears that, offering a quiet smile now. "Perhaps. I'm just worried that she'll wear herself out while worried about me…" Going quiet again for a few moments, he smiles a little, "Something to drink sounds good. Throat is… a bit dry." A brief pause, before he adds, "What kind of idiot tries to fight off an attacking swordsman with a crutch as a weapon, and while recovering from a broken leg?" Sounding like the question is really important to him, now.

A glass of cool, fresh water is brought to Robben and Eliylw even helps him sit up so he can drink it. She's gentle, careful not to put pressure on any of his wounds. "We always worry about the ones we love," gets pointed out. At the mention of someone fighting with a crutch she blinks once, that surprising. "I… see. Well, I suppose times of desperation requires creative thinking," Eli muses out loud.

"Well, at least I survived, right? Better than some, I suppose." Robben replies a bit quietly, before he takes a long sip of the water. "Ah… Thank you. And the trouble is that she has the skills of a healer as well, so she'll probably worry more than most." Going silent again now.

Draventa turns back to Nylie, her eyes unfocused. She's tiny enough she can be directed to go anywhere easily, not that she's fighting. "M-my doctors always told me to walk….even if it hurt." the doctors she's referring to were for her snake bites, and her long term healing, but she's confusing a lot the past day or so. A deep breath, "P-prince Logen….he has a nurse. She comes in…" Alice just shakes her head at the princess. The healer starts with Draventa's head wound. It appears she was hit with something that cut to her skull on the side of her head. it's pretty gruesome, and she'll have a nasty scar in her hair….if it grows back. The princess grimaces and closes her eyes, but doesn't cry out as the wound is cleaned and redressed. She picks up on a few words that are said around her and will try to look to the voices talking about crutches.

"Perhaps," Eliylw says with a nod. "You rest now and I'll be back to check on everyone." A quick glance is given to Draventa and Nylie, frowninging before she heads to where her bed can be found, the healer finally relenting to the need for some sleep.

"That makes some things worse, and with a head wound, you should be resting not walking." Nylie says softly enough, even if she might look towards Alice on that part. Thankfully, Draventa's head wound is not the worst Nylie's seen, so she doesn't so much as bat an eyelid as she aids the healer. Taking old bandages, handing whatever ointments or the like they wish. And eventually new bandages. Unfortunately, that means there are those with worse head wounds. A glance does go in the direction of where Eoin lays. Before Nylie attention is drawn back as the healer is noting similar about a need for rest, not wandering about. Nylie looking between princess and maid before she adds,"I can stop by to help ensure she is, or if there is someone she may be more inclined to listen to?"

Robben lens back in his bed again after drinking the water, starting to slip off once more. Oh how he hates not being able to stay conscious for long.

Head wound? Drav can't help but look down at he legs, wiggling her toes some. The said her legs could seize up if she didn't walk. Alice frowns and shakes her head, Drav's been bouncing around, speaking of things that are in the past. The princess bites her lower lip, "Logen needs rest. He got hurt….Who….who else is here?" If she was told who was injured, she's not remembering. Her cousins? Her brothers?

Nylie gives a slight nod to Alice, noting softly,"We've seen a few of those with head injuries getting mixed up about things. Or just generally confused. Part of why it is best just to keep her resting, if possible." A slow nod comes as Nylie does speak to Draventa more directly,"You need your rest too. And aye, Logen does need rest, he's been getting it." A slight glance goes back to the rest of the infirmary, all the beds and then some were filled. "There are quite a few here, Your Highness, Lord Admiral Eoin," oh yes, he'll get mentioned first for saving her life, making her the Last Kilgour Standing (in Darfield)," Lord Robben, Baron Eldan, Prince Cayden, Ranger Lothar, " and on the list goes, cause there are lots and the player doesn't remember all the names….there were a lot.

Alice sighs softly, clearly worried abut her princess but nods. Drav herself doesn't seem to notice. She'll sway some in her seat as the list grows, looking a touch paler than before, "Is..is there anything I can do…to help?" She sounds scared almost and her hand reaches up to touch the bandage on her head. Her fingers go around the edge, not trying to move it, but feel where it starts and ends.

The healer by now has moved along, leaving the matter to Nylie with wounds checked and rebound. It was part of the reason Nylie and a few others were about the infirmary, they could see to the smaller tasks. A hand reaches to gently steady Draventa as she sways a touch,"Aye, there is something you can do to help. You can rest and let your body heal. " Not that Nylie's done much resting herself. "When was the last time you ate or drank anything?" Nylie's eyes flitting towards Alice as well once the question has been asked of the Princess. There was concern.

Draventa frowns, letting out a soft sigh. "They're making me…" She'll turn to Nylie, almost pleadingly, "I…i can't…And …I keep getting sick from it….I don't want t-to eat anything, anymore…" Alice nods to everything Drav says and then adds, "She's kept down some crackers for the past few hours. I think that may have past now…."

Arlen enters the Infirmary for his daily visit to the injured, in particular to the Admiral. Yet, he looks pleased to see Nylie there and heads over to the lady. As per pecking order, he bows to the new princess first though. "Lady Draventa. Lady Nylie. Good day." Who the hell is Alice?

Nylie gives a faint nod to Draventa, an understanding look….the woman has gotten vomited on a fair few times these past days. "You don't have to eat anything right now, but you'll need to try yet. Nothing much, just a cracker to two, and perhaps a few sips of tea, after every couple of hours if you're not sleeping." A glance to Alice, as the maid will no doubt be left to see it done. "You need it to help recover and heal up. Not a lot, just a few bites and those couple of sips. You think you might be able to try that now and again?"

A bow of her head goes to Arlen as he comes over, a smile is offered as well,"Lord Arlen," adding with some notation, even another smile,"Lord Hadrian was by earlier, he brought word of his father." Alice is Draventa's maid.

As is so often the way of things, Kieryn, the other naval minded lord had been visiting but had recently left. In fact, the small mob of Haraveans that were here with him have gone to, leaving Eoin alone once more. He is now happily doped up on poppy juice tea though, after Elisabeth had put her apothacery skills to good use.

Draventa just watches Nylie, the words getting to her, but it's hard to tell if she's really understanding them. "I..I will. Father will be cross if I don't." Alice's forehead wrinkles, The late Grand Duke has been dead for several years, but the princess keeps talking about him. Drav's head turns slowly, the fresh bandages a stark white. "Hello Lord Arlen. Are you well? T-they tell me I was hit with a sword." In the head.

"Ah, yes, that must have been a great relief to you, Lady Nylie. It certainly was for me.", Arlen smiles at the woman. He gives Draventa a look of concern when she announces being hit on the head with a sword - something that could fell a much stronger person than the little princess. "Are you quite alright, Mylady?", he asks, then looks over to where Eoin is malingering. "How's the Admiral today?"

Nylie gives a small little nod to Draventa,"I am glad you will try," oh no, she's not even going to try to straighten that one out. A faint smile goes to Arlen,"Aye, it was good to hear. " By comparison Draventa's bandaging is far less then what he'd witnessed of Eoin's head, though bandages are just bandages. A glance goes towards Eoin's bed, where he rests in his doped up state,"He has been awake more, there is still some measure of confusion at times. But we have seen that in a fair number of them, especially those who took hits to the head." So Draventa speaking about dead people….perfectly normal!

Draventa nods very slowly and wide eyed. It's be comical if not for the head wound. "I am. Thank you. Everyone else is hurt though…" Her pale eyes goes over to Eoin, with everyone else's. "I…I want to help…" She'll look up at Arlen, since Nylie already told her no.

"If you are injured, Mylady, I believe you should rest.", Arlen suggests softly to Draventa, still looking concerned about her state. "If the Admiral is awake, I will go and see him for a moment.", he tells Nylie then and leaves the women alone to walk over to Eoin's bed.

Nylie nods with some thanks to Arlen as he repeats what she's already told the Princess, gently speaking to the younger woman,"You do need to rest, that is what you can do to help. Once you've rested enough that keeping food and drink down isn't to difficult, then you can help us a bit more. Alright?" Cause throwing up on the patients wouldn't be good. Another nod goes to Arlen as he heads over to see the Admiral.

Drat. They're ganging up on her. The princess's shoulders slump finally as she gives up. Her head is freshly bandaged and she lets out another soft sigh making her sound young. It doesn't help that she's about as white as the bandages. "O-ok…I will." Try, anyway. The Princess shifts some in the seat she's in, having come in from Logen's-her room, so she has no bed here. "Has…Has Priestess Luna come by yet?"

With Robben slowly fading out in one bed, Nylie seeing to Draventa with the aid of Alice the maid, and Arlen heading over to where Eoin lies, the infirmary is busy. The Admiral had, until recently had his sister, cousin and sister's betrothed viiting, but they've all now headed elsewhere and he's drifting on an opiate induced haze.

No rest for the wicked though as Arlen rocks up to his bed and looks down on Eoin. "How are you feeling today, Admiral?", he asks the man, "I do not wish to disturb you but I thought you'd like hearing that all is well in the fleet."

Most beds in the infirmary and then some had been put to use, after recent events. Looking more than a bit pale and tired, as do many of those working the infirmary, Nylie does offer Draventa a smile,"That is all we can ask, that you try. Cause until you can get your strength back up, that is what I need you to try and work at." Chewing faintly at her lip at the question before giving a slow shake of her head,"I have not seen her here personally. She may have not yet had time to get to here."

The infirmary is well used, most beds and then some have been put to use. Currently Eoin is tripping out on an opiate induced haze, good thing given the hole that axe tried to make through his head, Arlen is currently trying to chat him up. And an ever tried, exhausted Nylie is seeing after a pale Draventa who is also sporting head bandages. Head injuries being the rage, along with gut hits.
Oh…and it's morning-ish.

Draventa eyes lower, that answer not pleasing her, "Oh…If…If she does, and you see her…" The princess bites her lower lip and then slowly shakes her head, "No…Nevermind." Her hands start to gather her skirt like she's preparing to stand up, "I..I should go…You need rest too." Apparently something is registering with the princess, Nylie's pale demeanor. "You should eat."

Another familiar voice. Arlen's. Hadn't he just been talking about Arlen? Starting to turn his head towards the new voice he quickly stops, as even the fuzzy haze can't top all that pain, and instead cracks his eyes open once more and turns them towards the voice instead. "Commander," he acknowledges once he's sure, "Kieryn's back. You two, speak." There's a vague wave of his uninjured right hand to try and get across that he means the two other naval men hould get their head together.

Wenna is back from her vacation moving at her normal snail's pace she makes her way into the infirmary. Guards at the door offer her a cordial and respectful nod of the head. She is holding on to the arm of the Count of Greenshire and he is walking with her. He is dressed in black breeches and a black doublet that has some silver etching on it. She on the other hand is wearing a gown that is too big on her and is a dark shade of charcoal grey. Black bands adorned her arms. Her brown hair has been braided and pinned up. She looks the picture of perfect health and her skin is radiant and her hair shinning. She casts a side long glance at brother. "Thank you my sweet brother." She says to him in a gentle voice.

"I will, Mylord.", Arlen assures Eoin with a little smile, "I shall let you get your well-deserved rest." He bows a little, then beats a quick retreat to let the man sleep. Looking surprised to see the newcomer who has suddenly materialized in the room.

A nod goes to Draventa,"Of course, I shall," comes gently from Nylie. What she shall do might be up for question with Draventa saying nevermind. But hey, everyone has questions these days. Nylie moves to the princesses side as the woman makes to stand, meaning to help steady her along with Alice, Drav's maid. "Aye, you should get settled again and rest. We'll see someone comes up to check on you, and the others." With the royals generally being tended to in their quarters. Nylie manages a faint smile,"I do and I should do a number of things, but first I do what I must." Honor and duty before self, wasn't that what she was taught? With her focus on helping Draventa up, she doesn't notice the latest arrivals, though surely many of the 'regular' healing staff do.

Aldren nods to hissister. Reluctantly letting her go so that she may tend to the injured. He looks around. Eoin will gain the brunt of his attention but for station sake and becuase it may be short lived he stops by Drav first. "Princess." He says with a frown. "I had heard that you were injured." He shakes his head, trying to get a good look at her and ascertain the truth from the rumors. "We value our royality here. We would see you healed and on your feet when you can manage." He tries to give her a happy smile now, the act faltering a bit as he looks over her wounds. Looking around he does not see Logen. Arlen gets a faint nod as he seems to be exiting and a lingering look for the Kincaid will hang there. Shrugging it off he turns back. The overall sight of the infirmary causing a rather distant look to form on hsi features.

Seeing Nylie the Count smiles now. "Lady. I am glad to see you." The smile is the best he can manage but she will get a hug and the kiss to the cheeks if she allows.

The staff in the infirmary does notice the tall woman with the count and it is relief that they have on their features when they immediately recognize her.
A healer named Maggie darts off towards the office and comes back with a ledger that she hands to the woman. "Baroness, here are ledgers for those who are still injured and recovering and a list of the dead."
The woman nods her head. "Thank you Healer Maggie." Her green eyes go to the ledger and she starts to read through them. She pauses only to ask Maggie. "Can you get me an apron please and I will start rounds after I read this." She goes back to reading the ledgers.

Draventa makes a non committal noise and does sway even with both Nylie and Alice's help. She should eb able to walk like this, it feels just like a boat! Parroting Nylie's words right back at her, "You'll do little help if you pass out." Well, ok, it's not her exact words. Her pale eyes come up to look at Aldren, they're slightly unfocused even as she's clearly addressing him, "I got hit with a sword." It's almost childish the way she says it. Alice frowns and shakes her head, muttering "Three times." Drav tilts her head, only a fraction due to the wrappings, "I am on my feet." Drav wasn't known for begin slow witted, hopefully this is just the injury talking. She does manage a very soft, tiny smile up at the man.

Arlen detours to Nylie. "You should get some rest too, Mylady.", he reminds her, "The healers have everything under control here. And you should be rested for when my brother returns." He watches Aldren arrive, nodding to the man, but as it gets rather busy he does start heading for the exit.

Aldren will do his best to smile back at her. The princess hacked away at with a sword. Anger boils deep below. With a look now he says, " I am not royal healer but I would say you should sit back down?" His twin gets a look now from the side and he adds, "Though do not let me slow your recovery. There is a great strength in you."

There is a very weak smile that comes from Nylie as she notes softly,"I would not dream if I passed out." Which is the problem. Her eyes close and she returns to the banquet hall. A nod goes to one of the princess's guards to give some aid as well in seeing the Princess returned to her room.

A nod goes to Arlen at his words,"I shall try soon," especially as she has taken in the arrival of Wenna and Aldren, which hopefully means her brother is a foot as well. A Kilgour with actual position to handle the…situation. Though Wenna would likely find Nylie's rough list sent was close to what the ledgers had at one point. Though not the dead, that list she only sent to Caedmon.
And Aldren…the hug is indeed allowed, he might even find himself clung to just briefly, for it was the first comforting touch she'd had since the world turned to blood. A deep breathe and whatever force of sheer will power that was keeping her going is about the only thing that keeps her from just breaking down and sobbing her heart out on his shoulder. Another little breathe and she manages a rather weak smile for him,"I am glad to see you as well, Count Aldren. "

The apron is brought to Wenna and she put is on it on. She then looks over at the Princess. "Sit and stay seated if you fall and bang your head it will only make it worse." She tells her voice is firm but gentle and it rings with authority. "Lady Nylie, go and sit. If you need to use my office or sit here, but you should eat and we can utilize the kitchens on your behalf." She then makes her way towards her cousin. She studies him hard. When she reaches his bed she asks him. "Any ringing in your ears or Nausea today?" She casts a look to her brother.

The Count holds the Kilgour tight. A comforting squeeze given. A few soft words for her as they depart. Turning now to Drav, Aldren will do his best to smile back at her. The princess hacked away at with a sword. Anger boils deep below. With a look now he says, " I am not royal healer but I would say you should sit back down?" His twin gets a look now from the side and he adds, "Though do not let me slow your recovery. There is a great strength in you. It is an admirable quality." Turning now he nears his Cousin. Biting his lip he says, "I hope the other man looks worse?" A mild jape for his cousin, to lift the spirits. And another, "I'd not known you could get any uglier." Ahh, but he will clasp the mans shoulder lightly. "I know this will not slow you down." He looks absently to one of the nurses as he notices the poppy induced look. He says naught though. Recent happenings allow for such things. He remains there now, his eyes on his cousin.

Draventa looks between the two and somewhere in her head she connects that they need a moment, she'll look down, her maid's arm keeping her from swaying too much. In a soft voice, "I should go check on the Prince…." She'll tilt her head, not quite understanding the counts words, "I am only as strong as the kingdom is." She's standing though, so that's a good sign for them, right? And then she sways slightly. Alice tightens her arm around the princess and says, "Come, your highness. We should let the healers work. We can come back and visit your cousin later…" Draventa's head is wrapped in white bandages.

Eoin was helpfully doped a while back now, and it's really taking a grip, but he's still with it enough that he can recognise the voices of his cousins as they approach. His left hand is now clear of bandages, although the scar there tells it's own story, and his head is still covered in large swathes that are much more visible than those round his gut thanks to the blanket. "Cousin," he starts, grogilly, addressing one or both it's unclear and likely he isn't fully clear himself. Wenna's questions draw his focus though as he fights through the haze to understand and then answer, "no, I I don't think so."

Nylie gives a faint nod to Aldren at his words, a quiet murmur made in return. A briefly haunted look in her eyes that is quickly pushed off. Simply drawing back as Wenna takes her place in the infirmary, noting for the woman, things that are likely in the ledger," Logen is tended to in his rooms, Priest Valarious has spent much time looking over him. Princess Draventa was being seen there are well, til she decided to come visit with wish to help. " The…direction to herself, Nylie does not seek to respond to as the twins move along to see and speak with Eoin.

Wenna looks back over at Draventa. "You need to sit." She looks at the Maid. "Disobey my orders and you will not like it." She adds. "Or she can go back to her room and stay there. But wandering around with a head wound is not wise; I know you both can hear me." Once again her voice is firm and rings with authority. Her attention is then draws back to Eion, she gets a distant look in her eye as she examines him. "Hrm…" She continues to study him and then she moves to check how his head is doing beneath the bandages. Her touch is light and movements steady and quick. She starts to sweat a little bit as perspiration forms on her brow.

Ronan returns to the infirmary, no longer wearing his armour and bloodied surcoat. He has cleaned himself up and changed into more normal clothing in deep blue hues though he is otherwise still armed. Washed and briefly rested, the Rioga arrives to come and check once more upon his wounded squire, Kierne. The Sutherland Duke stops when he sees new faces presant. Dark eyes take in their various interchanges and then Ronan is striding towards Draventa and her handmaiden. He stops a good step or two back and slightly bows, "Your Highness… " Perhaps the Rioga caught the Baroness's words for Ronan finds a chair and draws it out for Draventa if she'll have it, offered.

Alice's eyebrows go up, why is she getting yelled at? "Of course, we were just going back to her majesties suite, Healer." Drav though straightens, even as she sways, "I am following my healers orders. I'm supposed to walk every day." Old orders, she's mixing them up with what she's supposed to do from when she had the snake bites. Drav blinks, her attention now drawn to the approaching man, "Duke Ronan?" She can't seem to remember if he was there or not. "Are…are you well?" Her pale eyes are dazed, and not quite focusing on the Duke. "Is Roslin?"

The Count smirks at Nylie, again, the best he can manage. "Nonsense." He says, "And if it were true it is no longer." He moves over to herr now, a hand held out. "Wenna will scold us both. Sit, I insist." IF hse allows he will help her to a chair. About the time Wenna starts checking on their cousin he winces. His eyes squinting, fingers to his temples. "Gods…I think I need to sit." He seems a bit dizzy now and is blinking profusely. When Ronan enters he straightens himself up a bit. "Your grace." He manages formally as he is still a bit…odd….trembling perhaps. "Damnit!" He says all too loudly now. His hands back to his head. To one of the nearby healers he says, "That willow bark nonsense. Fetch me some."

Eoin isn't about to resist Wenna's medical attentions, even if he was fully compus mentus. As it is he just lies there, the same as he's done for the past two days really. It would seem that she doesn't hold her position for naught though for whatever examination she is doing to his head doesn't cut through the haze of the tea. In fact, if anything, the haze gets stronger, taking away more and more of the pain in a gentle feeling of warmth. In comparison to everything else recently it's actually really quite pleasant feeling and he doesn't fight in the slightest as unconciousness reaches out to him once more.

"No, that was for snake bites this is for a head wound, head wounds mean rest, walking about is not permitted because you could dizzy faint and hit your head again, and not wake up." Wenna says patiently to Draventa. "And it is Royal healer or master healer if you would." She tells them both. Her attention is then drawn back to her Cousin. "You will be with us for a little bit my sweet cousin. We will treat you well and your sister will be worried, but you will be well cared for, just rest and all will be well." She leans down and places a light kiss upon his cheek.
Straightening Wenna looks over at Ronan. "Thank you Duke and what can we do for you?" She asks him and his squire.
Her gaze goes to Nylie and Aldren and her lips twitch. "Brother I told you that you did not have to come with me." She looks to Healer Maggie and nods her head. Maggie trots away to go and get the needed willow bark. Her attention is then drawn back to both Nylie and her Brother. "He is right resistance is futile and if you do not rest you can get sick."

"Please sit, Draventa." Ronan drops her title this time and pats the back of the chair, "The Duchess locked herself in the Suite and came to no harm. My own injuries are not serious." Besides a few scrapes any damage he took must be hidden beneath his clothing. And there is Aldren, "Your Excellency." Hmmm, something is not right with the Count. Ronan studies his friend for signs of injuries ere he inclines his head towards Wenna and notes Nylie, "Baroness, dear lady." Eoin looks drugged half out of his mind. The Rioga keeps his deep voice low in volume, mindful of the injured and this not being his realm so to speak to be barking orders.

Ronan's attention wanders back to Aldren, "I am pleased to see you in Darfield. I wish to speak with you, Count, later when you feel up to it for it is nothing urgent. Something I wish to give to you that I expect you'll have better use of than I myself." Oh, Wenna is addressing himself. "Nothing, Baroness. It is more what I may do for you, if you are in need of anything for your healers. I came only to check on my squire who … was not faring well, last night." The last thing Ronan wishes to do is heap any further burdens upon Wenna. Not right now!

Nylie just gives a small shake of her head, anything she might say forestalled. This was not the time nor place. She does allow the bit of guidance towards a chair, though when he talks about needing to sit, the roles reverse and Nylie makes to guide him into the chair instead, with a gentle,"Sit, I can manage for a few more moments." Pausing a moment before she says,"Though if Caedmon is back, there are things I should tell him." No doubt the man would be swarmed and then some upon setting foot in Stormvale. The checking of Eoin's head doesn't phase her so much now, she's seen it a few times, amongst other unpleasantries. A flicker of concern is given towards Aldren though as he makes his request for the tea and his general…reaction going on. A bow of her head goes to Ronan, Nylie looking..well probably worse then the prior eve, save she isn't covered in Kierne's vomit this time. Who is also a a 'guest' in the infirmary. Gut wound. "Your Grace."
A glance goes to Wenna, notting,"Elisabeth arrived last eve, she has been by, as well as Kieryn and Lady Emma, they came to see Baron Eldan." Another..infirmary guest.

Alice says nothing, eyes going down. Drav frowns though, not sure why she's not begin treated for her snake bites. Drav looks again to Ronan, not upset or not registering the title drop. "I'm trying to …go check on Logen, but everyone wants me to sit." A small quirk of her lips at the news Roslin's ok, "I'm glad…It will make Logen happy to hear."

Once again Wenna looks at Draveta and very patiently she says. "Because you have a head injury, my healers wrote it in the ledgers that we keep on patients in the castle. You cannot wander; you are confused or showing signs of confusion." She says to her gently. "If you wish for another to come and speak with you I will find that healer for you."
"Lady Nylie your brother wants nothing more right now than to make sure you are alright." Wenna tells her. "This I do promise you. He has been worried since he received the news."
"Duke if you wish to do anything for my healers, I cask good wine for them would be not be missed when this is all said and done. They are very good, and I have nothing but praises for my staff. We will continue see to your squire, this I do promise."
Healer Maggie arrives with with a steaming mug of willow bark tea. The tea is handed to aldren for him to drink.

And lo and behold, here comes one of the healers now. Eliylw got a little rest but it has only served to make her groggy at first, not enough sleep to serve her any good unfortunately. She's gotten herself cleaned from head to toe before returning, going as far as to get the caked blood out from under her fingernails, her clothes clean and unrumped, her cap back atop her head where it's suppoed to be.
A pause is made at one of the tables and bandages are counted, her head bowed as she takes stock of what's there verus what is needed.

Ronan smiles to Draventa and urges her gently to sit, "Why don't you tell me how Prince Logen is doing? I had heard he was badly hurt, Your Highness." A nod to Wenna, "I will see not one, but a few casks of Sutherland wine are delivered when and where you desire them, Baroness."

Nylie nods to Wenna,"I will see myself to my room then for some rest." Not likely to come, but Nylie will at least make the attempt it would seem. Giving a last glance to Aldren as the wither bark tea is brought,"Be well and we can talk later."
And Nylie does pause by Ronan on her way along out,"Kierne was resting better this morning. Though I might suggest two casks," he'd seen the banquet hall after all and knew what they'd truly face. She adds more softly, mostly for Ronan a lone,"I have received word from your uncle directly, and Lord Hadrian has arrived. If you can not find him for the full news, we may speak later. But he is well." A glance back towards the Royal Physician,"Though before I get trussed to a bed, I should see to some rest."

Another healer moves towards Wenna and gets her attention. "I will be back I have number of items that need my attention. Duke as Nylie said two would be lovey, as to where to put them where the healers have access to them." She pauses and looks to Nylie. "Go and seek your brother as well you need him as much as he needs you." She kisses her own brother on the cheek. With a smile moves away at a quick pace for her when she passes Eli, she offers her a quick hug and kiss on the cheek before she enters her office.

Alice shakes her head to Wenna, trying to convey to just let it go. the princess will forget in the next few minutes anyway and Alice will get the princess back to her bed as soon as she can. Draventa's arm slowlyy goes up and seems surprised at the bandage on her head. Blinking slowly, everything is slow right now, she'll look back to Ronan, "I don't know…not really. He's hurt…his neck…he can't really talk." She'll lean forward some, causing Alice to wrap an arm around the princess's waist to keep her steady, Her voice drops, not wanting everyone to hear this, "I think he was mad at me, but I can't remember…."

Eliylw is surprised by the hug and kiss and for a moment expects someone else entirely, still a bit befuddled from the lack of sleep she's still suffering from. Imagine her surprise when she realizes it's Wenna and not whom she thought it'd be. A blink and then a second is given before, with a sigh, she dips her chin and turns her back to the rest of the room. She's quiet but even without sobbing anyone who looks will notice how her shoulders shake, the silent crying borne of relief.

Well, Draventa's handmaiden has her arm around the Princess to steady her so that aliviates his concern about whether she takes a seat or not. Ronan inclines his head to Nylie as she moves past, "Certainly, my lady. No doubt Kierne himself will desire to sip a cup over having to take tea, if permitted." It makes the poppy go down more smoothly! Ronan knows that much. He lightly touches Draventa's arm, "Don't worry over it. I will go and see him. As long as the Gods see fit that your memory will improve, it doesn't matter if you remember what's taken place recently or not. Perhaps better for you if you do not." He speaks kindly to his sister-in-law.

Draventa nod softly watching everyone leave. She'll cock her head though, again, it would almost be comical if not got the badges. To the Duke, "My memory? It's…just foggy right now. I'm fine." She'll force a small smile. "I wish there was something i could do to help…I don't' think paintings will do anything…" Not that she could hold a brush right now without shaking anyway.

Ronan draws himself up, "You have already helped me, dear sister-in-law. Now I have seen you with my own eyes, I know that you live and hope that you and your husband both will fare well, Gods willing." A touch to Draventa's arm and then the Duke looks around, "I will go and see to the requested casks first, then check on Kierne if he's awake. Rosley will be about if anyone needs anything from me." The Rioga turns to go - it won't take him long at all to see the casks will be brought. Sutherland white mostly, but a cask of the stronger red as well.

It takes a moment but the normally-strong Eliylw eventually regains her composure, her shoulders once again squared, chin lifted. If there will be anymore crying it'll happen in private and she feels ashamed for having lost control of her emotions here. Sniffling one last time, she reaches up to dry off her face and straightin her hair before she turns around and goes upon her rounds.

Draventa's not sure how she's really helped. She doesn't think she was ever really the comforting type. She'll give him a smile and then looks to Alice. "Maybe you can go get me a book from the library?" See she's being good, not asking to go herself. Alice has an arm around the princess so when she sways, Alice can keep her steady. Drav's head is newly wrapped in stark white bandages.

Nimue has been kept safely hidden in their rooms, disallowed from coming out until today now that it is safe. The aftermath of the fighting can still be found here and there in areas not yet cleansed of the evidence but thankfully she has been able to miss the majority of that with some clever navigation of corridors and halls.
A pause is made at the entry point from the hallway that leads here, the Forrester noble searching for someone perhaps.

Cayden, much like the last day and a half, has been spending a lot of time asleep, but as he newly wakens, his pallor is looking notably better than it did the day before. He still shifts a bit uncomfortably, but there's color in his face and his eyes are clear and alert. His faithful servant Bartrem sits next to him at the moment, looking considerably more careworn than he usually does. When Cayden wakes, Bartrem quickly fills a small cup of water and helps the Prince drink it down, which he manages without great difficulty before clearing his throat and smiling a bit to the man, "I think I need to eat something."

Lady Jennah ai'Alona has been a near-constant presence in the infirmary this past few days, leaving only to take rest in the Aberdeen Suite or grab a bite to eat. She's alternated between sitting by Cayden's bedside, and doing what she can to help out, even if it's just as simple as "carry this bundle of cloth for bandages over there" or "fill this basin of water" or "press this cool cloth to this feverish man's forehead." Simple tasks, perhaps, but they help free up the actual healers and apprentices for the real work. Presently, she's just been out for one of those meal breaks, and as though prophetic, she returns with a small plate of various tidbits the Prince might enjoy, moving over to his bedside and receiving a grateful smile and bow from Bartrem as she offers it to him to help feed the presently manual-dexterity-challenged Cayden.

Poor Cayden. Nimue has heard about one of the Aberdeen princes being hurt but she had no idea was who it was and she's shocked to see him from across the infirmary. Her mouth held in a purse, she moves throughout the room, at first taking the time to count heads and see if any from Sky Forest have been hurt, and then her path takes her to his bed. The footfall ceases several feet away from the bed, the Prince and the Lady both given a curtsey. Nimue doesn't move closer, instead letting Cayden bid her come or to be told by one, or maybe even both, of them to leave.

Draventa sees the movement around a bed and looks over. The image of Cayden laying there shocks her. She heard, but had forgotten he was here. Her hand drops to the arm wrapped around her waist and she tells Alice, "I need to see my cousin…" There's no room for arguing. Alice will help the princess, who looks smaller than usual. And paler with her head wrapped up and the only bit of dark hair that's visible is hanging down her back. Their progress is slow, so it takes some time to get close.

"Mm…" Cayden blinks a bit around a mouthful of bread and cheese provided by Bartrem, and after he swallows he actually laughs just a bit, "I'm feeling very popular all of the sudden. And here I am in this most undignified manner." He tilts his eyes towards Jennah and Bartrem and grins -just- a touch, "I should have had Lady Jennah feed me. At least then I can boast of having a beautiful woman handling the task." Yes…there is levity. This time it actually starts to light his eyes a bit, unlike yesterday. He's resilient. "Lady Nimue…a pleasure to see you, regardless of circumstance." His eyes then blink once more as they take in Draventa, the smile fading to a look of concern, "Cousin Draventa…are you sure you should be out of bed?" Though there is relief on his features, too, to see that she is up and about, which is far better than the alternative.

Jennah looks up from the Prince to Bartrem and smiles, "His good humor is a good sign," she says with no small amount of relief in her voice. Her eyes shift to Cayden at the jesting compliment and she inclines her head, "You may boast of it anyway," she replies, grinning. She looks up to Nimue and smiles though Draventa draws her attention with her ghostly appearance, "Oh goodness, a chair.." she says toward Bertram. An older woman touches her arm and apologetically smiles, "Would m'lady assist with a patient?" Jennah nods and sets the food down, "Do excuse me I will be back." And off she goes.

Out of the Royal Healers office a tall woman who is just a little over six feet in height comes into the main part of the infirmary. She moves slowly and with limp. She is dressed in a long dark charcoal grey wool gown that fits loosely on her. Her long brown hair has been braided and bound underneath a white linen biggens. Over her wool gown she has a white linen apron on. She pauses just near the entrance of the office door to see who is asleep and who is awake and last but not least who are the new arrivals.

Draventa's state is noticed by Nimue who goes a little pale, this something she is not used to seeing. It takes a bit for her to steel herself but soon Nimue's smiling, it given to everyone present although Jennah's having to help one of the healers. "The pleasure is mine," she says to Cayden sincerely. "As for the circumstances we find ourselves visiting in, I do wish we could meet again during better ones." She motions to a little chair, asking him if he would mind her staying for a little bit, the wave of her hand towards it so she can ask permission without any further interruption to conversations he might seek to have with others.

Draventa's eyes seem to be having a hard time focusing on her cousin. She'll force a very small smile though, "I'm fine. Just a hair cut."Her voice is soft though, a bit shaky still. She'll wave away the chair, although now she's leaning heavily on poor Alice. "I-I'm going back to check on Logen….do you need anything?"

"I'm fine, Cousin Draventa, thank you." Cayden glances to Bartrem, then back to Draventa, "Bartrem and Lady Jennah seem to have matters well in hand. Do be sure to take your rest as well, though…I know it can be frustrating, but it does no one any good if your healing is compromised by stubbornness." He grins a touch "I may have some small experience in these matters." He inclines his head to Jennah as she departs, and nods to Nimue when she indicates the chair, "I'll certainly not turn away pleasant company, Milady, and it seems to abound at the moment."

Before Draventa has a chance to leave Wenna approaches her. "Your highness may I examine your head?" She asks her. "I just need you to take a seat is all," She motions for her to sit. As Wenna says this she moves towards her. Her gait is slow and steady and her footsteps heavy.

Nimue allows herself to settle lightly upon the chair once permission is given but while she's certain that is allowed she isn't sure what else might be. Part of her wishes to reach out and give Cayden a reassuring touch but they are not of common station and to pat him on the hand or arm might seem fairly forward. A little internal debate insues before she comes to the conclusion that a touch kept brief might not be looked upon in ill light and she rests her left hand carefully upon his right. "Once you're recovered and the gravity of the moment is allowed to ebb you should come by my family's suite, Your Highness. Perphaps for dinner? Trevian makes a fine stew of rabbit you might enjoy."

Draventa tries to take n Cayden's wounds, but they're not really registering yet for the princess. Drats! the dreaded chair again. Drav frowns slightly but will allow Alice to move her over to the chair. Not like she has any choice. She'll inform Wenna, "I got hit with a sword." Alice purses her lips and adds, again, "Three times." The maid seems frustrated with the princess, but in a worried kind of way. She keeps having to remind her of things…

Wenna starts the examination by checking the woman's pupils by seeing how they are dilating she does this by observation. She covers her eyes then takes away her hand and watches how each pupil reacts to the light. She next checks the girls nose and ears for sign of fluid leakage if she finds any she uses a small white strip of paper soak up the fluid and she checks for a pinkish halo. Next she checks to see if there are any sutures and she looks for signs of broken skull. "Ringing in her ears or any seizing?" Wenna asks the maid. "Loss of her waters when she sleeps?" She asks as she examines the princess. "Does like bother your eyes Draventa?"

Benedict hasnt been a great patient or well he was seen but kind of left to visit his charge and is back now or something like that. He is returning to the infirmary probably feeling bad for skipping out or hurting from said activities. He moves through glancing about many he remembers of course from the hall though he will continue onwards a bit further.

"Yes. Once matters are more…settled, perhaps." Cayden replies to Nimue, giving her a brief but genuine enough smile. His attention turns to Wenna as she works, studying her and Draventa intently. He judges the Royal Physician knows her work well. Not that this comes as a great surprise…she -is- the Royal Physician for a reason, after all. "Rabbit stew sounds delicious right about now." Thankfully he wasn't hit with any serious wounds in the abdomen. All told it…could have been worse.

On again, off again. That's been Robben's consciousness ever since he was brought here. He stirs now, and must have dreamed he was a far different place, from the look on his face. And that disappointed look isn't going away as he looks to his left hand now. Shaking his head a little, he doesn't say anything right now, but tries to sit up a bit better so he can see what people are present now.

Draventa keeps inhaling t answer the healer, but Alice beats her to it. "The princess did have ringing in her ears, but she seemed to grown out of that. The wound itself seeped some…" Alice swallows, not liking to have to report any of this." She says it's like walking with sea legs on land though…" Drav glares some in the feral direction of her maid, but there's no real fire behind it. "She…She keeps speaking of things from the past, like they were new." Alice looks down, the princess's talk of the late grand duke upsets her. The princess blinks a few times, her eyes are taking longer to focus and dilate than they should. "Some…Bright light hurts…but if I look away it stops after a time." Drav's charts would say she has a fairly high pain tolerance though, so that's not helpful. After inspection, the hit definitely cracked her skull, she's going to have a rather nasty scar in her hair line, which may be able to be covered if the hair grows back.

Eoin is still to be found on one of the beds in a quietish corner. He's woken twice so far since the incident, the latest of those being onlt a few hours ago before being gently shooed back to unconciousness by a combination of opiates and Wenna's healing hands. He's slowly starting to stir again now though, shifting a little under the blanket as oft happens when someone wakes from sleep.

Benedict will turn hearing a voice he knows and further down he spots said charge and turns course. He will take the few more steps to reach there. "M'lady, it is good to see you." He gives a smile though he raises his hand when he bows it's with trouble a wince. If he can help though he'd rather be around than not turning to the other near by giving a nod as well. He is glad to see that so many are at least healing.

Eldan has drifted in and out of consciousness today, though yesterday he spent most of his time completely unconscious. His chest is pretty well completely bandaged, his breathing a bit labored even as he sleeps. You can tell he may be coming around by the hitch in his breathing when he shifts ever so slightly. The hitch brings the attention of Cai, who has bandages around his abdomen and his head. Sure Eoin took a nastier head wound, but Cai took a serious knock to the noggin too. Eldan shifting has Cai ignoring his own injuries and everyone and trying to move out of his bed to see to the needs of Eldan. The big man can be quite single minded in his focus.

It had been a rapid trip back when the Kundari had been informed, though they had never quite made it home yet either. A small group arrives at the infirm of the castle, having been allowed in by the current castellan. Nima, her maid Syri and her two guards are in the emall entourage. Dressed in her usual of vibrant turquoise and gold, her house colors, is a testament to not even taking the time to change into mourning colors. In her hand is a letter that is short and to the point and if anyone peruses it, is written in the hand of a child. Impossibly light blue eyes, a direct contradiction to her olive skin and dark hair that falls in a single braid down her back, peruse the room, seeking one patient. They flare slightly at the sight of the Aberdeen prince laid up in the bed, but then she realizes he was previously occupied. She offers him and the woman holding his hand a brief but warm smile before turning her attention to the remainder of the room, the others getting a polite nod and friendly smile. Her maid and guards remain near the entrance. Finally, her gaze rests on Eldan, and she passes through everyone else to where Cai is at his side.

It is of so small relief to hear Prince Cayden's response to her offer, the fact that he doesn't turn up his nose at the suggestion of what is truly simple fare, peastant fare, if one wants to go that far, and Nimue finds herself breathing deeply as if she had been holding it. "I will make sure to let Trevian know so he can prepare to go out hunting. The rabbits will be fattening up now that winter's passed us and he should have no issue in finding several good sized ones for the pot." A pause is given as she looks towards Draventa and Wenna first and then the others, what jovial mood she had dampened some by the sight of the infirmary being so full of injured. "I am sorry, Prince Cayden. I wish none of this happened," she whispers to the Aberdeen royal, almost sounding like she could have somehow stopped it if given the chance.

"I want bed rest for her, no walking about for distances if she gives you trouble send for me or another healer and we will help you. I want you to watch for losing of water at night or sudden seizing along with episodes where she just stares at nothing for long periods. I will give you some teas that will help but mostly it will be an issue of nature. If she is losing water at night it means she could be seizing at night while she sleeps." Wenna explains. "Draventa, no walking around." She looks back to the maid. "I am worried about the lapse in memory and the difficulty she is having. We will watch her balance and see but right now our best course is to wait at this time. Any other surgery that could be done would not be advised at the moment."

Lothar drank the tea and has been sleeping peacefully in one of the most comfortable beds he's ever laid on… The effects have worn off so he's starting to wake up grunting a bit with the pain from breathing.

Cayden blinks at Nima's arrival, still looking a bit surprised when he returns her nod, and at least half of her smile. He had expected her to nearly be to her homeland by now. At Nimue's words, he looks to her and inclines his head once more, "I should think we all share that sentiment, Milady. These are dark times, indeed, but I believe your King would not wish us to despair overmuch. As trite as it may sound, is it not always darkest before the dawn?" He adds with another brief smile, "But thank you, for your regard."

When Cai catches sight of Nima he attempts to bow, between the pull at his abdomen and his head wound that causes the big man to sway a little, "Your Highness" He doesn't fall, but he does sway, trying to get hold of a touch of vertigo. When a groan comes out of Eldan, Cai seems to recover a bit better and move to the man's bedside, "My Lord… do you require anything?" Eldan blinks his eyes, and seems for a moment to forget that there is a reason he is laying on his back. He tries to sit up a little and a gasp comes from him before he is back on his back, eyes closed for a moment. His voice is scratchy as he speaks, "That wasn't fun." Hearing the scratchiness Cai shuffles away from the bed slowly to try and retrieve tea for Eldan. At present Eldan hasn't noticed Nima, but then his eyes were only open for a brief second. Eldan definitely doesn't look well, but then he wasn't exactly the peak of physical fitness prior to this incident.

Even if he's slowly being released from unconciouness, it does not yet appear that Eoin is suffer the same fate as Lothat now, or indeed himself before, in that his head and gut do not seem to be overly bothering him. Must have been something damn good in that tea his sister had dripped into him. Cracking his eye open cautiously he's still momentarilly confused as to where he is, but then a memory drift back of a familiar voice telling him there'd been an attack. He'd about to start considering that more carefully when movement out of the corner of his eye catches his attention and he rolls his head carefully towards Cai and Eldan, the pair being bunked closeby. Spotting the former trying to get out of his bed he attempts to flag down a haler only to find that while the pain my not yet have returned, nor has his strength.

Draventa makes a soft noise, and looks to Wenna, "But Sess took care of my legs…it's ok." Yeah…confused is a word for it. Alice looks worried but nods, "Should I have one of the guards carry her back to the suite?" The princess looks to Ben first and the Cayden, "Cayden?" She sounds nervous. "I d-don't want the leeches again." She hated those, they always made her feel cold afterwards. One of the Kilgour guards steps up and nods after Wenna says yes and scoops up the little princess in his arms. Alice stops Ben, knowing he'll try and just points to his chest. She knows he's still hurting. She may just be a maid, but she's used to these stubborn Rustle Isle folk. "Stay and get patched up, please. If the princess knew you were as hurt as you are she'd never forgive herself." And with that, Draventa, her guards and Alice leave.

At the end of the Kundari group, Altair enters, looking around quite carefully at the people present, as if looking for someone in particular or something. As his sister moves over towards Eldan, he follows her, staying a bit quiet as he moves over. Offering nods to those he might know of all the people present.

"Please, Cai," Nima says softly. "You are wounded." Genuine concern darkens her eyes and she pushes a seat nearer the man. "Allow me to tend to Eldan, you rest, please. Then when I leave here, I will collect Elly and take care of her for the duration of his recovery. Neither one of you should be out of bed for awhile." Though the words are all spoken softly, they have a firm undertone. She moves nearer the bedside and watches him, seeing his pain, almost sensing it. A frown mars her smooth brow. "Just rest, Eldan.. I will take care of things," she offers gently. Looking up, she smiles again to Cayden at his words about the king, but they hold sadness. She does not interrupt his conversation though. Altair is given a smile when he joins her. "There see? Cai, you rest and let us help."

Nimue turns upon seeing Cayden's gaze move to someone else, her own reaction to Nima's presence rather neutral, either due to not knowing who she is or out of a desire to keep whatever opinions she might have to herself. The other woman is given a nod and a quick flash of a smile but she then returns to the chat she's having with the injured one she's visiting. "Yes, Your Highness. Times of great darkness do preceed the time when light returns to us. Such is the way of nature. But just as it is to be expected, so too should it be expected that we might desire for the opposite to be true." Her hand finally draws back but remains close, Nimue still wishing to be a comfort to him despite not knowing him well at all. "Do you require anything I may fetch for you?"

Robben just keeps on looking around at the various people for now, absently placing his left hand underneath the covers of his bed. Studying the various people for a few moments, his gaze go to the Kundari for a few moments, then back to simply looking between the various people now.

Cai seems to debate a moment, as Eldan is his responsibility… but injuries win out and he settles his large frame down wearily. He inclines his head slightly, "Thank you, Your Highness. I am sure Elly will be thrilled to see you. She misses you." Cai sits in the offered chair over returning to his bed though. An inclined head is also offered to Altair, but he does not attempt to rise, "Your Highness." As for Eldan he seems to catch Nima's voice and his eyes open, peering across the infirmary, "Nima… I thought you were…" He blinks a moment, collecting his thoughts, "not here." Talking seems to take a bit out of him, but then his breathing is rather shallow likely as trying to take deep breaths causes a great deal of pain. An axe to the chest is never a fun experience.

Benedict will indeed approach at the words "I.." but he's cut off by the words from the maid who's hidden his wound from the princess thus far so best not to press his luck. He will turn and watch only as she's lead out before back to the healer nearby Wenna "I am sorry, m'lady I know you have several charges but i've been a tad stubborn." he says brushing his cloak back which he used to hide from the princess banaged but looking like he's done something like carry a person or something as it's seeping still. "I had kept it hidden from her highness."

No doubt the infirmary is a rush of activity today, with people coming and going to visit all those who have been injured. Emma is one of the people to come in, on the arm of Hadrian who has escorted her here today. She was here last night with Elisabeth, though Eldan was sleeping then, and has returned today. Glancing around the infirmary she'll see her father is awake, her chest rising suddenly as she squeezes Hadrians arm before tugging him towards her father, "Father!" Hadrians arm will get released, seeing him talking, the young girls frame darting to his beside to immediately sets down, reaching out both hands to grab for one of his, "Why no one told me you were awake —- they were supposed to." She'll gush, tears springing to her eyes as she smiles at him through tears.

"I believe I am all right for the moment, Milady, but thank you. Bartrem has seen to my needs, as always." Cayden reassures Nimue as he tilts his head towards the silent servant standing sentinel (ahhh alliteration) nearby. "He's gotten me through similar troubles before. And hopefully will see me through more still in the future."

Despite of the neutral reaction from the Lady with Cayden, Nima does return the smile with a friendly one of her own. As Cai mentions Elly, her expression is tender and she smiles gently. "I miss her too. She is the reason I returned.. She sent me a letter so how could I stay away?" Once Cai has seated, the Kundari moves to his place beside the bed, reaching to touch Eldan anywhere he is not bandaged.. his shoulder? His cheek. Brushing her fingers there briefly, a reassurance she was indeed there. "Elly wrote and I came back for her. I will take care of her and we can go back to our old routine while you and Cai recover." Leaving no room for argument. "I look forward to spending time with her and with the flowers blooming again, we can make plenty more flower tiaras for Princess Elly." Then Emma arrives and Nima withdraws her hand and smiles to the his daughter.

Two down and many more to go. Wenna moves from then chair and towards Cayden's bed. The tall woman moves slowly and with her heavy lumbering footsteps when she approaches him she pauses and goes to a basin to wash her hands. Once she is done with her washing ritual she goes to look him over visually before she goes to check what is beneath the bandages. Her movements are quick and practiced and she shows skill.

Altair offers a nod and a half smile towards Cai, before he adds, "And my sister has missed Elly as well. And the rest of you." A brief pause, and a smile is given to Eldan too. "Just rest and heal up for now," he offers to the man. Stepping back a bit as Emma arrives as well, after a polite nod to her too.

If the force of might was any more, Hadrian might have lost his footing from being dragged to see her father. He seems amused a little by her tugging towards him. He grins some before he feels her release his arm. He stands next to Emma as she speaks with him, not wishing to get in the way, he stands there quietly now before he starts to scan the infirmary. His eyes noticing those here, including Nima who he thought was returning home. He was surprised to see her. He shifts back to look at look at Eldan.

Cayden's cuts to his chest and back are healing well, by all indications. His right arm somewhat less so, but still looks as though there will not be any serious after effects beyond a scar. His left hand, however…that draws a wince and a hiss of pain as it's unwrapped, and well…it's rather well-mangled. The other healers have done a valiant job of trying to make sure everything is where it's supposed to be, but at the moment, it may well be a dice-roll as to whether or not it will work properly once healed. If it festered, he'd have to lose the hand, certainly.

"Bartrem…" Cayden says, and the servant picks up a small piece of wood from the table nearby and lets Cayden bite down on it, before the Prince nods to Wenna for her to do whatever she needs.

Eldan smiles at Emma, "I just opened my eyes." He shifts his gaze briefly to Nima, looking like he might argue for a moment, then deciding he doesn't have the energy for it, "I am sure Elly will enjoy it… but I am not wearing a tiara." Yes he would, but that is hardly the point. A few labored breaths are drawn in and Eldan looks between Altair, Hadrian, and Cai, before settling his gaze between the two uninjured men, "I think I need to sit up a bit." His breathing definitely isn't normal and apparently being flat on his back isn't helping him any at all. His lips are very pale and perhaps starting to pick up the slightest of blue tints.

All Nimue can do is nod. She would love to help but while she has some skill in the arts apothecarian she's sure Wenna and her people have things well in hand where medicines and their preperation goes and without any knowledge in healing she'd probably just get under foot of those already volunteering and those who are part of the staff. When Wenna checks on her patient she merely sits, her head and gaze turned to one side to afford them privace.

Robben closes his eyes again, but finds that at the moment, he can't get back to sleep. Looking around once more, he offers a brief nod to Hadrian as he spots his brother-in-law, but doesn't say anything yet.

Emma's lips press tightly together, the girls tears hovering as she nods her head, rising from the side of the bed to assist her father in sitting up, hey, she is getting trained for such things by Wenna, so she's the skillset to help someone sit, "Careful, father …" She'll glance to the two men as well for them to help her as she calls out, "A healer, please - - my fathers losing color-" Her voice breaks mid-words though she'll try to stay strong, at least he's talking. Nima is briefly glanced to, a look given and a brief nod.

Nima knows Eldan would wear a tiara if Princess Elly requested it, so the knowing look she gives him is only gently chiding. Stepping back, she indicates Eldan to Altair. "Please help him sit up." Also looking at Hadrian. "Would you assist him, my lord?" Blue eyes automatically dropping to his neck to see how his wound was faring. "How is your father?" She was still concerned for him. As for Nima, her hand is no longer bandaged, but there is a red mark across the back of her hand.

Benedict understands that the others wounds are much more severe and more so that his charge is worried about the other and so he is glad to wait and whenever the others are tended. He steps to the side to be out of the way of the healer and glances about the others a moment though he's silent for now.

That was a nod of his head to Rodden before he listens to what Nima said. He nods to that and moves to assit the man in sitting up before standing back straight then stepping back. He looks over to Emma and then Eldan, "I'm Lord Hadrian Kincaid." He offers a bow to him before he steps out of the way, not wishing to block a healer or family member.

Elisabeth has spent much of the day in the still room with some other apothecaries and healers, trying to keep up the stock of medicines with so many patients. Finally she comes out after several hours and is wiping her hands on her apron. She stands by the entrance for a moment scanning the room, her gaze settling on her brother and she crosses through the crowded Infirmary to come to check on her brother. She looks over towards Emma as she hears for the call of a healer. "A healer to Baron Mowbray." She calls out trying to grab some attention with the urgency in her voice.

Hadrian adds to Nimas question, "He's going to be fine, thank you for tending to him." A light smile is given towards Nima, "House Kincaid is greatful for your kindness."

Altair moves forward to help Eldan as well, being ready to step back as soon as he hears the call for a healer. "We somehow seem to have

Altair moves forward to help Eldan as well, being ready to step back as soon as he hears the call for a healer. "We somehow seem to have the tendency to meet when there's wounded, Lord Hadrian." Offering the man a brief smile, before he adds, "It's a pleasure to see you again, my lord."

Quickly the Royal healer or Master healer moves with her tending. The bandages are carefully removed on his hand and she checks the flesh for signs of infection and she makes sure there is still blood flow to his hand. The wound and the suturing is examined. "No bleeding for the prince." Wenna is sweating and looking pale "Maggie bring me suturing, boiled first." Healer Maggie approaches her and touches her arm when she brings her the boiled clean thread. Quickly and accurately she stiches that was done by another, the old suturing is removed after the new is in place. Wenna nods her head. "I will be back, I have to take care of something and prepare something. Eldan you are next to be seen and then I have a name of the Ledger by the name of Lothor or Lothar? Master Healer Cion, please go to Baron of Morbay or Eldan" She moves over to where Eoin is and she kisses him on the brow before she disappears into the still room.

Eoin is awake, but still just watching the new gathering at Eldan's bedside. He's rolled his head over on the pillow, but he's not lifting it just yet, just watching silently, confusion replacing the previous pain onhi features. As Elisabeth appraoches though he shifts his attention to her, offering a weak smile to try and show he's pleased to see her. "Tea," he starts, still hesitant in his speech, "good stuff." Wenna's flyby visit deepens his confusion somewhat but then he just blinks back to Elisabeth.

Lothar gets himself situated onto some pillows and just watches the nobles be all noble and stuff… He flags down one of the healers to ask for some more water though. Unless there is already water next to him in that case he starts to sip on his water or waits until he gets some water either way he'll end up sipping on water and watching like he was completely out of his normal comfort zone…

Robben shakes his head a little, before he lies down again, drifting off to sleep once more.

Oddly, after the first few moments, Cayden doesn't seem to be bothered by the stitching on his hand. There's a tiny bit of confusion apparent in his eyes, but it fades to a peaceful expression, even as Wenna works at suturing the hand. His breathing remains even and steady, and when Wenna re-wraps the hand, he nods to her as Bartrem removes that little piece of wood, before indicating for the man to help him eat a bit more before adding, "Please forgive me if I eat while we talk, Lady Nimue. Though I fear I may need to retire again before long.

Cai tries to move to assist Eldan, but he barely rises before swaying and sitting back down. As for Eldan, once he is a bit more upright and not flat on his back, his breathing seems a bit less labored. He is still taking shallow breaths, but the blue seems to leave his lips and they start to go back to a more normal color. He nods to Hadrian, "Lord Kincaid…. thank you." He looks to Emma and gives her a slight smile, "I'm fine Emma… don't worry so much." He swings his gaze to Wenna when she speaks to him and he lets out a soft sigh, "I look forward to the torment My Lady." There is no heat to his words… a bit of resignation though. He looks to Altair then, "I suppose I can not complain about the hovering… I should have ducked more." Maybe he should just turn his chair into a mobile tank.

Manners can easily be over-looked when one's not at their best and such is the case with Nimue who is quick to shake her head. "I do not mind. You need to regain your strength, Your Highness. Do not feel like you have to be social for my sake. I can always return later once you have rested."

At the directive from Wenna, Master Healer Cion moves quickly to Eldan's bed. "Try to take a slow breath Baron, slow in and out." He turns to an apprentice and gives some instructions for some potions as he places a hand on the man's chest over his lungs. Checking for any wrattling or gurgling sensations. "None too deep just slow and shallow, try not to panic at the resistance." The apprentice returns with some potions for pain and to help his airways.

"If you had not had me apprentice under the Baroness, perhaps I would not, but it's a serious wound." Emma will state as she lifts her forearm to her nose to lightly press leaking nose to the sleeve. Very lady like. And she knows the wound is serious. But as always she trusts Wenna implicitly in her skill, so she knows her father will recover. Leaning forwards she'll kiss his forehead, nodding to the men who assisted in moving her father, "Thank you." She'll murmur, sitting up beside her fathers bed with a sigh, "I will try not to worry as much. I know you are in fine hands, and the fact you are here speaking bodes well." She'll nod, her cheeks still bright red but her tears have stopped, though eyes are still misty, "Lord Hadrian accompanied us back from Weston, I see many others who were out traveling have made it back as well." Said as she watches the healer move in, listening to his words, hearing what he prescribes, "I will stave off asking what happened …and how it could have happened."

As Eldan gets more visitors, Nima steps back, allowing him to be with his family. She smiles in return to Hadrian, offering a polite bow of her head. "I am only glad he is going to be fine." She looks back to Eldan and Cai and Emma, "Pardon me a moment please, I must go and speak to a friend." Excusing herself for the moment to give him privacy to speak with his family and to see the healer.. stepping back further, she moves to where Cayden and Nimue are, offering the two another smile. "Your Highness, My Lady." Assuming it was that in titles for the Lady. "It seems you were badly wounded.." It troubles her, that much is apparent by the look in her eyes.

"I suspect I may be out of here sooner than many, Lady Nimue. While my arms will likely be of limited use for some time, I can walk easily enough, and took no wounds to my head." Cayden frowns and glances around, "And I think the Infirmary could do with a free bed." His eyes travel over to Eldan's bed where many have gathered. he does briefly give a nod to Altair when he makes eye contact, but certainly doesn't call out and interrupt the conversation. Then Nima arrives and Cayden nods, "Not so badly as some, Your Highness. Or at the least, my wounds were more to my extremities than my vitals, so I can count some small bit of good fortune in that."

Elisabeth sees Eldan being tended to and so settles down next to her brother now she sees he is awake. She reaches for his good hand and smiles at his comment about the poppy milk. "Yes it is good stuff Eoin. How are you doing, do you need more?" She asks with concern writ upon her face as she looks over her brothers form.

Altair follows after his sister, but staying a bit behind for now. Looking between the people present at the moment, wincing momentarily at all the wounded. His own bandages from the skirmish they were in a few days back gone now, it would seem.

Eoin starts to move his other hand over as well, but gives up part way as he's still somewhat lacking in strength. He does give her hand what squeeze he can, however weak and then roll his head to watch her. Yep, he's rolling his head now, better than just flicking his eyes as he'd been doing before. Her question recieves a very faint shake of his head and a simple, "no," before he then adds, "water."

Benedict will see the healers moving about, and really he doesnt want to be too much of in the way given he's not nearly in need as the others he will push himself off from where he's been standing. He will decide that it can wait a tad bit longer as long as he's not lifting others again. He is careful to not to bump into people as he moakes his way towards the exit again.

Eldan grimaces as he is examined, but he follows direction well. Eldan is very used to healers. He has had to deal with his fair share of them since his accident 4 years previously. Once the exam is done he opens his eyes again, looking to Emma, "I will be fine Emma. I am stubborn remember?" He then looks to Hadrian, "Thank you for accompanying them. How is your father." Well Eldan remembers a nasty rumour running about before the whole attack.

Nimue rises and curtseys to Nima, her head bowed to the princess. "Your Highness." A bit of a smile is given to them both before she addresses Cayden directly. "Well, that is very good to hear, Prince Cayden. I do hope such will be true just as I pray those who will be left here to recover will do so quickly." Then, to both of the royals, she adds, "I do believe I should return so that I can see to some business. Fare well, Your Highnesses."

At Eoin's request Elisabeth immediately stands to go find a pitcher, a cup and a cloth, returning to his bedside quickly. "Do you think you can sit up a bit today Eoin or do you want me to dribble it in again?" She asks as she sets the pitcher on the bedside table. She looks over to Eldan to see how the healer is progressing with the Baron and looks much relieved to see him talking and conversing again.

Hadrian looks to Altair and nods his head to him, "A pleasure to see you and your sister is well." He says and then turns back to Eldan, "I am glad you are going to recover. When you are well and feeling more up to it, I would like to discuss a matter with you in private." He says to Eldan then continues, "My father is well and should be on his way here as we speak." He says softly.

"It looks as if most of everyone was wounded.." Nima observes, looking up as her brother arrives. She motions to him. "My lady, I am Nima al-Milan and this is my brother, Prince Altair al-Milan." Though she is unaware of her name, she offers the introduction all the same. As she bids farewell, Nima inclines her head and smiles. "It was a pleasure to see you, briefly, my lady."

"I know you are, very stubborn." Seems Emma is glad for it, her smile grown, looking over to Elisabeth and her brother briefly, glad to see him well too, everything is going for the better it would seem, "It seems those most important to us are well, though wounded." She dearly, dearly wants to ask what happened but holds her tongue, looking to Hadrian and nodding her head at his words, looking back to her father with a touch of her hand to his, "Do you need anything I can get for you now?"

Cayden nods to Nima and frowns a bit as he looks around, before looking to Nimue and inclining his head once more, "Until later, Lady Nimue." He offers up a name for Nima, at the very least, before looking back to said Kundari Princess, frowning once more, "Many Rioga fell. The assailants…" He shakes his head, "They were unlike anyone I've ever fought, and I've done plenty of fighting." he shakes his head once more, "But let us not speak of such things now. I'm sure there will be plenty of time for it later."

Pause is given before Nimue leaves due to the introductions needing to be concluded. "I am Lady Nimue Forrester. It is a pleasure meeting you both." One last curtsey and then she's excusing herself.

Eoin flicks his eyes breifly across to the Baron's bed a his ister stands, but then he's following her with hi eyes instead. As she returns he eyes the pitcher, then the cloth, considering carefully before he lifts an arm to ask for helping to shift more upright. "Try," he manages but as he's eased slowly more upright, but then stops suddenly part way as hi head goes suddenly light and everything blurs. There's no stab of pain, but suddenly his world flips a few times and it's a really good thing that he in't stood up.

Altair nods politely to Nimue at the introductions, looking to Nima for a few moments, before he looks over to Cayden. "I am glad you made it through, Your Highness. you will probably be all healed up in no time at all too." A brief pause as he looks around, before he sighs. <It must have been closer to slaughter,> he says, quietly in Kundari.

Elisabeth slowly helps Eoin sit up pausing as she sees him grow dizzy. "We will leave it here for now. You can try sitting up a bit more tomorrow." She says as she pours a glass of water for Eoin and holds the small cup to his lips. She casts a look over to Eldan and Emma and smiles to the youngers words. "The ship could not get here fast enough so we can see you both for ourselves."

"I have not heard much of what happened, though I did receive your letter, Prince Cayden. I truly am sorry about.." Nima seems at a loss an motions an arm lightly to encompass the entire room.. "everything." Looking back towards Nimue, she gives her another warm smile, though it is difficult to form. "You as well, my lady." She moves over to take the place at the bedside of the Prince recently vacated and looks between him and her brother. "We could not believe the news and knew we must return." A slight nod is given to Altair, though she does not reply in Kundari, wishing not hide anything. "It must have been."

Eldan nods his head to Hadrian, "Of course. I will let you know. I am glad to hear the rumours of your father's demise were premature. He and I fought together at Westgate. I was a bit better at dodging back then." He looks to Emma, knowing she needs something to do, "I could do with some tea perhaps. My throat is dry." He is definitely breathing a bit better, though still nothing deep. "I would have liked to have Aidan here for the fight…. perhaps things could have been… different." Though Aidan would have likely been no better armed then the rest of them. He gives Elisabeth a smile, "I thank you for coming. Things will be difficult for a fashion." That is an understatement.

Master Healer Cion makes his way from Eldan's bed now that he is settled to check on his next patient, Lothar. He converses with an apprentice to find out what has been done thus far before moving forward to examine the man and check the wound edges.

Emma is only too happy to tea to grab, the young Lady smiling and bobbing her head eagerly, rising up then "Of course. Tea, how could I have not thought of that." Ugh, terrible daughter/sister. Off she'll go to to grab already prepared tea, busying herself there a few moments.

He took a wounds to the chest but the old oaf will live. He had a good healer tending to him. I look forward to seeing him as well but I feel I may have to hold his steed for the council meeting." He looks over to Emma and watches her a moment. There was emotions of strong caring within the mans eyes. Hadrian looks back to Eldan, "My father and I have dealt with the Laniveer raiders who invaded our lands. They paid with their lives."

<It was.> Cayden replies in Kundari of his own. Accented to Altair and Nima's ears, but fluent enough to converse. Not that he continues in that language. "I was less than certain that I was ever going to wake when I fell, and while I am grateful that I still draw breath, I think we all feel…" He looks around a bit, to the other wounded men present, "Well…"disappointed" is far too limited a term to aptly encompass it." He frowns, looking about briefly once more before shaking his head slightly. It seems like there is more he wants to say, but has decided not to speak of it just now.

Lothar grunts a bit as the edge of the wound is checked by the Master Healer, "Master Healer, any idea on how much longer I'll need to remain in the bed? I know it'll likely be a while before I can pull back a bow but I feel a bit out of place here and would like to return home soon if possible."

Eoin seems more than happy to stop sitting up. Taking a few deep breaths he tries to centre everything again but all that happens is he start to feel somewhat neasius. "Down," he mutters, cloing his eyes again to his brain and his eyes are no longer giving different signals, "down." The water is forgotten now, however close it my be to his lips, he just wants to lie down again.

Altair nods again as he hears that, grimacing momentarily. He doesn't say anything more about this at the moment, letting out a quiet sigh. "Like always, those that survive will have to cope with what happened," he finally says.

"At least a couple more days here, then you can move to the town infirmary if you wish. You have taken quite a bad injury and I would rather not see you moved yet." Cion says to Lothar motioning an apprentice forward with the request for some teas and potions. The healer then goes about the task of changing the woodsman's bandages and placing a poultice over the wound.

While the infirmary is filled with many important people, both domestic and foreign, there is only one person on the young golden haired squire's mind as he enters. Bowen looks around before his eyes finally set upon Hadrian. Even still, his time at Tyrel's side and his own dedication to proper etiquette demands that he at least gives a passing acknowledgement of the foreign royalty. He moves to a short distance from his brother. He runs the edge of his canine across the corner of his lower lip, before he finally speaks to Hadrian. "I heard that you were recovering, Brother." He pauses, "Is there anything that I can do to help… make your stay better?"

At her brother's urgency, Elisabeth helps her brother lay down again, though not completely flat, just half of where he was. "If you can bear it, lets do this. You need to get sitting up as soon as you can brother." Elisabeth says firmly to Eoin before dipping the cloth in the water and placing it to Eoin's lips to suck on the fabric to get his water.

Hearing Hadrian mention about the Laniveer raiders on their lands, Nima looks over briefly and looks troubled a moment. When she speaks to Altair, she does speak in Kundari. «It seems they all died then.. I hope not the child.» Tucking her lip between her teeth, she reaches for her brothers hand to hold it tightly. Only then does she realize Cayden had spoken in Kundari and looks at him anew. "I noticed the letter was in my language.. I.. was not aware you spoke it. I am rather impressed." The talk of the others falling through, that affects her badly and she nods solemnly. "I believe distraught would perhaps fit. It encompasses mine very well."

Eldan nods to Hadrian, "At least someone was victorious then. It gives me hope." Because while the bad guys were defeated eventually, the losses were too high in Eldan's opinion. "We will be happy to see you sitting in his stead on the council… even if the meeting may have to take place other than in council chambers. I believe there is talk of trying it here… though it may just be talk." He shakes his head at Emma racing off, "That girl spends way too much time worrying about me." He occassionally feels bad that he relied on Emma as much as he has. A nod is given to Bowen at his approach, having seen the lad about, but not having really had the chance to speak to him.

Kieryn wanders back into the infirmary since he had left earlier since no one was awake, well Eoin kind of was and he had orders from him..sort of. Well, Kieryn's come back after having done some things that needed to be done and he glances around, seeing his brother awake and Emma rush past him, he wanders over towards Eldan, stopping by Lis a moment and giving her shoulder a squeeze to let her know he is there and whispers to her, "My love." and then contineus on towards Eldan, "You alright, old man?" he asks his brother.

Lothar nods slightly, "I know it's a pretty good gash barely remember anything afterwards. I appreciate the healing though I know I'm getting the best treatment here which I know I'd never be able to repay." And then the changing of the bandages with the wincing and gasping from bits of pain here and there.

Emma will wait impatiently to get to the tea, others bringing such around to other patients. Finally she'll get to push her way in, grabbing a wooden mug and pouring the tea into it, drinking it herself first, a few sips, before she'll wait. Counting. She had heard of the poison used.

"I did not…when I first arrived here." Cayden says, his manner oddly subdued as he briefly meets Nima's gaze. "I believed I had…no small reason to undertake a study of it, so I did, though it seems I had been somewhat in error, it is no doubt still a valuable undertaking." He clears his throat and smiles, if -just- a bit awkwardly.

Eoin wants to go flatter, all the way back down, but he's not exactly in a fit state to enforce that wish right now. Settling down a best he can he keeps his eyes closed until everything stops spinning, opening them only as the moist cloth touches his lip again. He does suck, but once that bit of cloth is dry he sinks a little further down, obviously thinking carefully for a few moments before asking, in a slightly clearer voice than before, "did I, did I already say," then Kieryn walks past at just the right moment as he finishes with "congratulations?"

Hadrian offers a nod to what's being said before looking to Bowen, nodding at him, "It's good to see you brother. With everything that's happened, the House of Kincaid needs to show they are strong and united. Show your support for the families who have suffered losses here. War is coming and right now, we need to all stand united, supporting each other to show Laniveer that even in this time of great loss, the people of this Kingdom stand tall and strong, ready to face the hardship we have together as one." He looks back over to Eldan as he speaks of Emma, "She's very entergetic and extremely smart and beautiful." He says in a lowered voice so those standing around Eldan can only hear.

Altair lets Nima take his hand, holding hers protectively now. «I hope the child was spared too…» Looking to Cayden, he offers the man a quiet smile. "Learning languages should always be a useful thing, Your Highness," he offers, before he adds, "And, speaking as someone not native to this kingdom, it is always nice to be able to converse in my own language from time to time."

Elisabeth smiles at Eldan's comment of Emma, "That is the job of the little sister I am afraid." She says before looking up to Kieryn as he comes up behind her to give her shoulder a aqueeze. "My love.." she responds in kind before looking down to her brother and his struggles. She soaks up more water in the cloth and offers it to him. The words of her brother draw another smile to her lips. "We wanted to wait till we returned to get married. We could not do it without our favorite brothers in attendance." She reaches a hand to the hand on her shoulder.

Realizing what he is not saying more than what he is, Nima glances away briefly, unable to hold the eye contact. "I.." At a loss for words, she finds no other action to take than to meet his gaze again, her own apologetic, deeply so. With no excuses to offer, no explanations to be had that would settle well with an audience, she gives a regretful look. "I am honored you learned it. Perhaps we should practice together at some time you feel able?" Finally, she releases her brothers hand and nods solemnly at his echoed statement.

Cion nods to Lothar as he finishes tying off the bandages. "You have paid already Ranger, so rest now and heal." He assures the man and offers him the potions for pain if he wished to take them. "I am sure you will be back on your feet in no time at all."

Eldan nods to Hadrian, though his brow arches up ever so slightly. He'd probably be horrified to know that Emma was trying his tea first. Thankfully he doesn't know. He gives Kieryn a glare, "I will show you old man once I am out of this bed." Which will be a while. He then glances to Elisabeth, "Are you sure you wish to marry him. He's an utter pain… though I am honored you wanted me in attendance. We could all use some good cheer." He looks to Eoin, "So soon to be brother-in-law… did you at least break the weapon with your head?" Hey, someone had to suggest it.

Bowen nods to Eldan, "Your Excellency. I do apologize for interrupting your conversation with my brother. I was overcome with concern." This is overcomed? He offers a slightly nervous smile to his brother, "I will endeaver to represent our family to the best of my ability." He shifts nervously, "Well, I shalln't intrude any further. I just wanted to see that you were alright." The young squire has no problem facing a foe, a rival, a bevy of nobles, but a member of his own family and everything goes out the window.

"I will keep that in mind." Cayden smiles, even genuinely to Altair and Nima, "And look forward to the opportunity. It would be a shame to let the skill go to waste." Cayden nods towards the pair, still smiling, if a bit amusedly as he adds, "And while I am normally loath to excuse myself from such pleasant company, I think that last tea I was given is sending me firmly towards sleep again. I am glad you both are as well as can be hoped for. And that we might speak again soon."

Eoin takes the water again, he'd also take a hand to queeze, but apparently she only has two and they're both busy. Resorting to merely lying there instead, and sucking. He lets the conversation flow over him until the question from Eldan has him glancing over to the Baron. Confusion creases his feature again as he tries to think before he's finally forced, uncomfortably, to admit, "I, don't know."

Emma will finish the count down, lips silently moving along with each number, and when she's satisfied she's not dead, or feeling ill effects, she'll head back on towards the group around her father. Skirting past people, she'll come to his bed side and hold the mug out for him, "Here, it's cool and there is no poison in it." Reassuringly him most earnestly she'll look up to Hadrian and smile, pleased that everyone is talking so well. Oh and there's Kieryn, "Kiery, have you slept?"

Kieryn chuckles some to Eldan, "Well, it's good to see that you are awake and alert anyway Eldan. How is is Cai doing hope he is alright as well." he nods to Emma, "I fell asleep in the bath, didn't wake up until this morning and was still in there." he shakes his head, "I was afraid that would happen, luckily I didn't slip under the water." he then glances over towards Lis and Eoin as Lis speaks, "Yeah, we'll have to have it when the two of you are better and can attend."

Nodding as he hears Cayden's words, Altair offers the man a smile and nod now. "Of course. Rest up well, and get back on your feet, my friend. That is the important thing right now, that you and the others here are healing well."

Hadrian nods softly to Eldan and to his brother then to Emma, smiling softly at her then says to all, "If you all will excuse me, I need to get some air for a bit and perhaps see to the Kincaid manor." He says and offers a light bow of his head before he looks over to Emma, "Perhaps I may see you later?" He says not wishing to take her from her family.

"Oh forgive me, Your Highness." Immediately Nima is apologizing, "Please do rest, you should right now. I should go and keep my promise to a small little friend of mine. I wish you a rapid recovery and will check on you again soon. Sleep well."Already stepping back after offering a curtsy. "Good night, Prince Cayden."

Elisabeth looks over to Emma as she returns and gives a little nod to the woman before looking between Eldan and Eoin, "Emma and I were talking last night. When I can arrange a priestess, I and Kieryn could get married here and soon. All we need is for you two in attendance. Our favoured brothers." She says softly and looks over her shoulder to Kieryn to see how he would take the decision.

"Good night Princess Nima, Prince Altair." Cayden replies to them both, before Bartrem moves to pull some curtains about to give Cayden some small measure of privacy while he sleeps.

"A proper reception to follow, of course, but it would help them both greatly. They have found such a great love, and when next will we be able to have you both firmly in the same room with …everything transpiring?" Said to her father with the cup in her hand, waiting for him to take it, though as Hadrian makes his bid to leave she will look confused, her lips pressing together though she'll force a smile, nodding her head, "Of course, Lord Hadrian, perhaps it would please you to join for dinner with those of us able?" Asked with a hopeful tone, the young Mowbray, "Or I could join you for your walk now, allow my father peace from me as I know I can smother."
Altair nods a bit as he steps back as well now, looking around the room once more. Expression thoughtful as he does, he waits a bit quietly now.

Bowen nods to his brother. "Be well, Hadrian." He cocks his head slightly, "If there is ever anything that I can do, you have but to let me know, Brother." Well, at least there is only an odd distance between Hadrian and him, instead of the oppressive disapproval and judgement that he gets from his father.

Kieryn nods to Lis as he hears her words, "That sounds like a good plan to me. I'm all for it, that way we may not have to put it off too long, but think we should wait until they are able to move under their own power though. I'm not sure they'd enjoy it as much sitting up in a hospital bed." he shrugs some, "Though it might be the first wedding ever held in an infirmary?" he raises an eyebrow, considering that. He bows to Hadrian as he makes ready to leave and then he waves towards Nima and Altair.

Eldan looks to Eoin, "From that response I fear not." He nods to Hadrian, "We will speak later." He then looks to Bowen, "Do not worry. You are fine." He then looks to Emma, brow furrowing slightly, "Only with proper guard." He isn't taking chances, "You go nowhere without proper guard." He takes the tea and frowns, "Not poisoned? Damn it Emma… you are not to taste test my food or drink ever again." There is definite anger in his voice and the anger takes some out of the man. He doesn't have the energy for proper anger. His eyes close and he takes a moment before looking to Kieryn, "For the love of the Eight, talk to to your sister… Explain why that is not… just not… at all."

Eoin seems to be mulling over the fact that he can't answer Eldan's question, but Elisabeth's words are enough to draw him back. He blinks a little as he run it through his battered grey matter to make sure he ha it right then shakes his head slowly. Very slowly, as although the world has stopped spinning by now he doesn't want to set it off again. "You shouldn't, not here," he struggles to formulate his reasoning bt does manage, "should be, nice place, not… this. In the sun, or great hall, manor. Not here, not death, sickness."

Hadrian seems to offer a wave to all those who acknowledge his leave. To Emma, he seems to smile warmly more as he says, "I would be delighted for you to join me." He says and waits for her to take his arm before he starts for the door, knowing her guards will follow once they leave the infirmary. He didn't mind after what happened here in Stormvale.

After the words of farewell, Nima hesitates by her brother and looks up at him with a quiet look. "I am going to go take care of Elly and distract her a little. I think we will be playing with the puppies that I am sure are dogs by now and give her the gifts I brought back with me." Her handmaid and two guards fall in beside her and she looks back to Eldan, seeing him still surrounded by his family, so she does not interrupt for a farewell for now. Seeing the wave from Kieryn, she smiles, perhaps a bit more brightly than has been seen thus far. "Congratulations on your betrothal," she offers. "I will see you soon." Bowing her head to him before leaving with her small entourage.

Altair nods a bit as he hears that. "I will go to take care of something as well. If you need me for anything, send for me?" Looking around at the others present, he notices the wave from Kieryn as well, turning to offer the man a grin. "Congratulations." Leaving the room a few moments after his sister does now.

Elisabeth looks to her brother and reaches for his hand as she sets down her cup. "This is life brother. Here you were saved and Eldan was saved and others get better every day." Elisabeth says fervently to her brother and looks over her shoulder to Kieryn and then to Eldan and back to her brother again. "I know that war may seperate us far sooner than we had hoped and I would be his wife. We had permission to marry in Greenshire while we were there but all we could think was that we needed but you two in attendance."

"Do not worry, Kieryn ensured the guard was doubled, I'll be safe, father. For as much as safety can be found in this city now." She will reassure him, though her cheeks will darken as he chastises her for tasting his drink, her brow furrowing, "If I /had/ before this-" She stabs a finger at his chest, "It may not have happened!" She'll declare though her eyes will immediately well up, "I /told/ you I should not have gone with my brother and his betrothed, I /knew/ something would happen with me not here to help you." Yes, she has been feeling insanely guilty since the letter was received back at their manor back home. Incredibly so. Her nostrils will flare, tips of her ears bright red as well, standing tall, "/I/ will not let you get hurt again." Declared, her chest rising and falling quickly as lips tremble, trying to get her anger up but she's mostly broken hearted he'd even ask her to not do so. A deep sniff as she sucks back her tears, turning to Hadrian, "I am sorry. Perhaps dinner later is best."

Bowen watches his brother leave. Now that he is not interacting with Hadrian, the young man's demeanor shifts, as he cants his head and watches the interraction between Hadrian and Emma with a slight lift of an eyebrow as he does so. He glances about before he prepares to leave himself, as his purpose for being here was to check on Hadrian, who is obviously well enough.

Stirring again in his bed, Robben sits up a bit quicker than he should, wincing at the pain from the too fast motions. He doesn't cry out, though, just looking around a bit wildly for the moment, taking a few more deep breaths now.

Hadrian nods as Emma shooses to stay behind. He glances over to Bowen and then to the door. He begins to head out, walking towards the door and leaving now.

Brendolyn is walking in as Altair leaves, then Hadrain not too far behind and she looks a little bewildered but her attention soon turns to the wounded and their families. She's looking for someone, given the way her eyes shift around from group to group and bed to bed.

Kieryn nods to Eldan, "I've had eight guards placed on Emma, instead of the usual four, she will be well guarded I believe, or perhaps I should increase it to ten. I did have some from home relieve those that had been here with us a while, they asked if they could have a rest for a while. Your stallion and Elly's pony Butterfly are are in our stables here. I got the things you asked me to get while home." he podners he doesn't think he forgot to mention anything. He looks to Emma, "We couldn't have known this was going to happen Em, you know that." he sighs, though he has to admit at least to himself he blames himself that he wasn't here to help out his brother too. He nods to Lis and towards Eoin. "Well, we will have it somewhere, even if we have to roll you both out into the castle garden or something."

Eoin takes the hand a it reaches for his, taking it and saying nothing for a few moments. He doesn't look convinced by her arguements although it does appear that the sentiment of them is touching. "Not here," he repeats, looking briefly to Kieryn as he adds his own comment then lifts his other hand a fraction to point to his fellow Captain, "better that." Emma's outburst is something he's studiously ignoring. One conversation at a time is more than enough for him right now.

Eldan lifts a brow at Emma, "And what precisely would you have done had you been here Emma… took an axe to the chest for me? That's not the way it works Emma. I'm supposed to protect you… not the other way around. By the Eight, what have I done to give you the impression that you should risk your life for mine? You think I want to bury you because you died protecting me?" He's definitely losing steam in this argument, his breathing becoming a bit more labored, "Maybe I should change my title to former knight of the Rioga despite protest from others if everyone feels the need to protect me." He shakes his head and leans back against the pillows propping him up, eyes closing though he is not asleep.

Bowen was about to leave himself. He pauses, offering a bright smile, "Lady Brendolyn… " His blue-green eyes fixes on her expression, "Are you looking for someone in particular? Well, of course you are, that was a rather foolish thing to ask… " The smile turns into a slightly embarrassed grin. As Robben suddenly starts awake, he looks to Brendolyn, "Sorry, um.. if you could excuse me." He moves quickly to his brother-in-law's bedside. "Easy now, Brother… "

"I would have." Emma will state, a big fat tear dropping down her cheek, "Because we'd all be lost without you." Oh how weakly those words will come as she curls her hands into each other, sucking back a deep breath at his further words, lips trembling as she turns with a sob to rush out, hands raising to cup over her mouth first, Brendolyn rushed past as the young Lady makes her leave like a typical 17 year old, only there aren't many places to run to with the castle locked down as it is. To the guest rooms!

At her brother's insistance, Elisabeth nods so that he will relax. "In the castle gardens then when you are both able." She leans down to kiss him on the cheek carefully before looking over to Emma. Perhaps part of her feels the same sentiment as Emma though she has not voiced it. It is unreasonable, but it is how family is. She nods to Kieryn to go to his sister. "We just love our family and no matter that it makes no sense, we would be there at your sides should the worst befall you. No matter how unskilled we are we feel like we could have done something if only we were here." She says gently.

Brendolyn looks to Bowen and her head nods, then shakes, then nods, "Yes, not foolish, and of course," she answers to all three questions as asked. Emma is crying, Eldan is annoyed, everything seems tense and Brendolyn just waits, watching and listening, for once not the center of the /issue/. It feels odd to not be the issue. Huh. She blinks as Emma rushes out, "Em.." she starts then her brows wrinkle and she looks to her family, "I was just checking in on everyone.." she says.

Pausing for a few moments, Robben takes a few more deep breaths as he hears Bowen's voice. "Bowen…" A brief pause, before he offers a momentary smile. "Had a bad dream, I…" He trails off, looking to his brother-in-law. "How are you doing?"

Kieryn frowns after his sister when she runs off and he sighs, shaking his head. He looks to Lis a moment and then to Eldan, well Eldan needs his rest, so he wanders over towards Lis a moment, "Should I go after her?" he asks Lis, not sure if he should, or if he should just let her go cry it out. He's not sure, he shakes his head again a bit torn.

Eldan is starting to sound like a wheezing asthmatic, obviously upset by the conversation with his daughter/sister. He brings a shaky hand up to rub his temples, trying to just focus on his breathing. It's not like he can go after Emma. Right now she can easily get away from him. He's not even sure where his chair is actually since they don't want him moving about.

Emma flutters out into her guards whom she'll smack with her hands before continuing through.

Eoin does indeed relax a bit a he wins that concession, nodding slowly a it's granted. It's their big day, it shouldn't be here amongst the blood and.. other bodily fluids, that shouldn't be their memory when they look back. "Thank you," he replies, giving her hand the faintest of squeezes before changing the subject entirely. "How' Oscar? I found a man to train him." As for Kieryn's dilema, well, he can't help there so say nothing, well, almost nothing, he does manage "water?" Although that's not specifically at the Mowbray.

Bowen places his hand on Robben's shoulder and laughs softly. "I am just fine… I was unfortunately away for … everything." He offers a softened smile to his brother-in-law, "Right now, I am just worried about my family… all of my family, those by blood, those by marriage, and those by heart." He cocks his head slightly, "Can I get you anything? Something to drink, perhaps?"

Unable to hold back a bit of a chuckle as he hears that, Robben takes a few moments of pause, before he adds, "Be glad you weren't there, Bowen. Thankfully your sister was feeling a bit too ill to attend the feast, so she stayed behind. Only came down to drag me out of there at the end of it." A brief pause, before he adds, "Never try fighting off a swordsman with only a crutch as your weapon. It's not a good move…" Nodding a little, as he lifts his left hand a bit, revealing the missing little finger of that hand. "Some tea would be good, thank you."

Brendolyn looks from person to person then her nose wrinkles and she glances to the door, "I will let everyone know that you..well.. those here are continuing to heal..and look in on everyone in the morning." Pause "I will see if I find Emma.." she adds then slips back out quietly.

Elisabeth shakes her head, "I think she needs to deal with it herself. We all feel the same inside, but she is still young enough to believe she could have made a difference for her presence. She is just angry Eldan is injured and without someone to blame…" Well the blame goes inside inside to some attacker she may never meet. Much of the same thoughts she dealt with on the ride back and perhaps still deals with a little. At the question about Oscar to change the topic, Elisabeth at least smiles. "He is so big now Brother, you would hardly recognize him. He sleeps in my bed and keeps the nightmares at bay." The request for water is heard and Lis soaks the cloth again and places it to her brother's lips.

Kieryn chuckles some as Lis speaks of Oscar, "He's almost the size of a horse now." he tells Eoin, "And he eats almost as much as one too." well, alright maybe he is exagerating just a little bit there. "You know, Elly is going to try to ride around oN Oscar when he's a bit bigger."

Bowen nods, "I'll try to remember to never fight a swordsman with a crutch… " He grins with a slightly mischievious look to Robben. "Either that or we can have one made of steel for you… but I'd rather see you with a sword in your hand instead." The smile fades slightly, "I still wish I had been here…" He nods, "Tea… I'll get you some… "

Eoin sucks, first and foremost, he might not be in pain currently, but he's still thirsty. Closing his eyes as she replies he is starting to tire, but the mental image of the pup grown huge does bring a faint smile to his face. "I'm glad," he replies, finding the time to squeeze her hand again, "bring him, tomorrow. I'd like to see."

Robben smiles a little as he hears that, before he grimaces a little now. "That will probably be a while, me having a sword in hand again." A brief pause, before he adds, "And probably a bit longer than that until I'll be able to use it properly. But at least Aemy won't have to worry about me going off to war for a while, right?" Nodding a little now.

Eldan remains quiet for the moment as he tries to bring his breathing under control. If he hears Elisabeth's words he doesn't take note. The slight wheeze is still present when he draws in a breath. The only good note is that his lips are not turning blue… yet. He is about the color of the sheets, perhaps a tad paler now than he was before. Thankfully Cai is asleep or he'd be hovering. At some point he laid back down.

From the still room Wenna comes and for those that do not know the Royal healer she is tall as any man. Her long brown hair is braided and tucked beneath a white linen biggens and she is dressed in a charcoal grey wool gown that is too big on her, covering the gown is white linen apron. She moves heavy lumbering steps. She is pale and looks tired but there is smile upon her lips.

"Not so large as that…yet but I swear he grows inches in his sleep. I can no longer carry him around." Elisabeth says of her puppy to her brother, "I will bring him on the morrow if the healer's allow. Cass is looking after him while I work in the still room." She looks over to her future brother in law and notes the paling and looks up for a healer, "Wenna…can you check on Baron Mowbray?" Trusting more her cousin than any other healer.

Bowen returns very quickly with a small cup of tea for Robben. He chuckles, "Honestly, you would be safer on the battlefield than you would by telling my sister that you were going off to war right now." For one of the few times the young Kincaid does not have a smile on his face and the sobriety of his expression is one that is rarely seen on him. There is perhaps a ghost of his father's expression in his eyes, "Should you need of it, Robben, I will be your sword." Then as quickly as it disappeared, the smile returns to his lips and the light to his eyes.

Kieryn smiles to Lis and gives her shoulder another squeeze as he pats her as well, "I am going to go do some things for a bit, got paperwork to do in Eoin's palce and stuff like that I need to get used to." he chuckles and tells Eoin, "Thanks Admiral." and rolls his eyes a little and then looks over to his brother, "I'm going to go Eldan." he tells his brother and then whispers to Lis into ehr ear.

Nodding her makes her way over to Baron Wenna, but not before she stops to greet her cousins. Eion is given light touch on his shoulder. "Yes no jumping on the patients that is all I ask and he needs a bath before coming in here if he is muddy." She tells the them both. She then moves to place a reassuring hand on Lis before she continues on her way to her favorite patient and friend.

"Baron how are you doing?" She asks him as she reaches out to touch his arm once she is near him. "Has anyone told you that you should not block a sword without a shield?" She smiles when she says this to show some humor.

Eldan nods his head when Kieryn speaks to him, though his eyes remain closed. He doesn't speak, but then he may not have the breath for it. He still sounds like an asthmatic that just ran a marathon. He turns his head to Wenna, opening his eyes and giving her a smile. His lips are pale and his breathing has a wheeze to it, "I knew… I forgot…. something." After Wenna's touch his breathing evens a bit, but it isn't where it really should be.

Robben takes the cup of tea now, smiling a little. "Thank you." Taking a sip from it, he listens quietly, with a nod, noticing that serious expression. "I really appreciate that, Bowen." As he sees the smile returning, he smiles as well. "Make sure that you check on your sister from time to time while I'm here. I'm worried that she'll wear herself out worrying about me, and in her condition…" He trails off as he realizes what he was about to say now.

Eoin looks briefly confused as he fails to recognise who his sister is refering to when she name the dog sitter, but then someone did jut try and bounce an axe through his skull, so perhaps that' not overly surprising. His eyes watch Wenna a moment as she approaches, speaks, then departs again before he rolls his head back to his sister once more. "Bring him then," he replies, tiredly, squeezing her hand a little once more, only this time he doesn't then relax it. "I'm sorry," he starts, about to apologise for the fact that he's rapidly falling asleep, but in the end the best he can manage from that explaination is merely, "sleep."

Bowen looks at Robben. His eyes boring straight into the man. It doesn't take much of a guess to finish out Robben's thought, but Bowen also noticed as quickly his brother-in-law stopped himself from actually saying it. There's that serious expression again. He nods. "Yeah.. I'll make sure to check up on her."

Elisabeth nods to the requests made for the puppy visit, "I will keep him on a lead and see him bathed tonight." She assures the Master Healer. As Kieryn leans down she tilts her head up to him and smiles at his soft spoken words. She whispers softly in return. The pair are clearly in love with each other, shining through even in their strain at the present. As Eoin starts to tire she finally allows him the peace of laying flat once more,gently settling the cushions beneath his head. "Rest well, I will be here when you awake."

Leaning close in Wenna listens to his breathing before she goes to check his chest and see the extent of the damage with her own eyes. She is more pale and tired looking and there is perspiration on her forehead. "Maggie," she calls out and then she calls to her cousin. "I need a poultice of comfrey poultice." She then moves to change the binding and to touch to touch each rib to feel if they are broken and if so how badly. She continues to listen to his breath. "Eldan if you can hug yourself and I need you to cough when was the last time you cough after you had been used as a human shield?" She looks over to Lis as she waits for Eldan to respond and she nods her head.

Robben relaxes visibly as he hears Bowen's words, offering another quiet smile now. "Good." Silent for a few more moments, before he asks, "How about your father. Do you know more than what the rumors said?"

Bowen snorts slightly, "Well, people keep telling me that they have heard that he was killed… I would like to think that if he had, someone would have actually told me so… " He shakes his head, "No, I haven't heard anything substantial yet. I'm sure that he's fine… He's too stubborn to die before he's beat Hadrian or me into what he feels is a proper replacement…. Which means the man might be immortal." He grins, obviously joking, and obviously hiding his own concerns.

Once Eoin settles into sleep, Elisabeth sinks back in the chair for a moment as she relaxes from having to keep up such a positive face for her brother. It is stressful to see him so injured. She gives his hand another squeeze before setting it gently upon the bed and drawing the sheet up. She then rises and looks over to Wenna. "Need some help?"

Unable to hold back a bit of a chuckle as he hears that, Robben follows that up with another sip of his tea now. "Sounds about right," he replies to the part about Aidan now, before he adds, "I'm sure we will see him very soon, then."

Bowen pats Robben's shoulder. "You just rest and get better… " He smiles, "I'll be checking in on you enough that you'll get sick of me, I'm sure… but for now, I need to take care of a couple of things."

"Just the politce my dear." She tells her. "If you and maggie can get that out of the still room for me I would be greatful." Wenna explains to her. "You should go and rest my dear, your brother is not going anywhere."

Robben nods a bit as he hears Bowen's words. "Take care out there," he replies, with a quiet smile. "And thanks."

A pair of Haraveans now enter, making four it would seem. Both dressed in black and appropriately looking mournful. Aldren has a slight limp and is frowning when he sees his sister. Rorey for her part looks a bit reluctant to enter and lingers near the door. The Count strides toward his twin now. "Sister. Have you been here since I left you this morning? Surely your helpers can manage for a bit without you. Let me help you to your chambers." He is sounding a bit lordly with her but a certain edge and weariness is apparent there as well.

Elisabeth nods to Wenna and goes to the still room with Maggie to collect the poultices and whatever medications the various healers need. She brings it back to Wenna and places a hand on her shoulder. "You should rest as well. You look..drained." She says before she gives a sigh and rubs at her neck, "I will go upstairs to the Greenshire suite, if there is any change…please send someone up for me." With that, Elisabeth makes her tired departure, removing her apron as she does to place with the other laundry. She gives a tired curtsey to the count, "Eoin is doing as well as can be expected.." She says before she continues on to get her own rest.

Robben looks at the door as his brother-in-law left, and thus notices the arriving Haraveans now. Offering a nod to the Count, the Ruxton heir smiles very briefly, before looking around the room again. "She's been doing her usual good job, Count Aldren," he remarks, a bit quietly.

Wenna looks at her brother and her sister who are hanging in the back. "Brother I will after I get him settled." Wenna tells him. She looks to Robben. "How are you doing?" Her voice is gentle. She takes the poultice from Liz. "Come you can help me apply it, thank you for getting this for me Lady. " She then goes to apply poultice to his ribs. When she is finished she looks over at her brother again. "I think for once brother I will not argue with you." She looks over at Rorey. "My dear there will be tea and you can meet lilly."

"Me?" Robben replies to Wenna, before he's unable to hold back a bit of a grin. "A bit worried, and a bit impatient about getting out of the bed, but that's how it is a few times when I'm wounded, according to my wife." A brief pause, before he adds, "Oh, and I have seemed to misplaced a finger, but I believe you know that, right?"

The Count nods to his cousin as she leaves. "Good night, Elisabeth." Turning back he watches as his sister finishes up with her latest application. The Ruxton now he says, "Yes. She is certainly skilled. And thourough. Some times too much so." He smiles at him. "I think she missed this place while we were gone." When she finishes he offers his arm. "Good, no arguing. Let us go then. I would speak with your husband if he is still awake as well." He will lead her out hastily now and both lookin a little worse for the wear.

"I did know that and I tomorrow I will explain to you something about phantom pain." Wenna says to Robben gently. "Also my dear if I could grow back appendage and limbs I would but for now it is beyond my ken. I will be back tomorrow and I will give you something to help with the pain and it special mix of herbs and poppy and it works better than poppy alone. But, for now I am must rest and get my feet and take off this leg." She goes to take brothers arm. Her movements are slow and stiff and she leans over to kiss his cheek. "I we need to stretch out by the fire brother and rest, will you be at the council meeting, we will need your support."

"It's not as much pain as the getting used to it not being there anymore," Robben replies, a bit quietly, before he offers a smile to both of them now. "Rest well," he offers, as he leans back again now, preparing to once more get some sleep now.

Aldren stops. He was leaving. Or was trying to but apparently not. He looks over at Robben now. "Wretched, well. I am glad that men such as your self were there. From what I have heard it could have been far worse." To his sister now he says, "I did not travel all this way for nothing." He does not sound excited.

"Robben you never get used to it not being there, just learn to accept that it is not." Wenna explains to him. "We will talk more about it later; it is a topic I am very understanding of." She kisses her brother cheek. "Aldren is as well he can explain it better than I. We shall sleep well. Alright brother, slow and steady wins this race." She is leaning against him and he is leaning against her and they move slowly towards the door.

"Thanks," Robben offers, a bit sleepily, as he hears Aldren's words, before he nods at Wenna's words as well. Closing his eyes now, as he prepares to get some sleep.

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