Nar 01, 228: Turmoils of a Teenage Princess

Turmoils of a Teenage Princess
Summary: After rumors started to spread that Princess Caillin locked herself in the room not letting anybody in and she did not left the room for almost three days, ones who care about her dare to face her guards and try to enter inside.
OOC Date: 04/07/2013 (OOC)
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Royal Landing
The richness and elegance here on the landing is overwhelming. The flawless marble of the floor and the walls gleams a brilliant white and a crystal chandelier hangs from the ceiling, sparkling. Stained-glass windows high above are illuminated. Looking down the hall and across to the throne room, you can see the rich, silken tapestries displayed above and between the archways. A marble staircase at the end of the landing leads down to the lower hall. In the center of the hall, a pair of dark wood doors that have the royal crest carved upon them. Two guards stand vigil by the doors.
Thursday, Nar 01, 228

After he has tapped lightly on the door, Caedmon glances to the guards outside. "You see?" he asks them. He steps back to the wall opposite to the wooden door, and sets a small basket on the floor. The basket has a piece of purple cloth that obscures various shapes beneath it, although one end of a loaf of bread peeks from under the cloth. He straigtens and leans against the far wall. "As I said, I would knock quietly. Now, I shall wait."

Even if Caedmon promised to knoch quietly, guards crossed their spears against the door, if he tried to enter with some force. One of the guards shakes his head "Princess Caillin asked nobody to let in. Lord Chansellor, you are not the first. She won't answer," and the guard remains quite, firmly standing near the door with his colleague.
As she would know, that someone else tries to enter, young handmaiden springs out of the corner and in a quick pace approaches the company near the door. Her long wavy dark hair covers her shoulders, blurring with the same dark simple linen dress. She offers a curtsy for the lord "Gaela, handmaiden to the Princess. Did she said something?" very nervously asks young woman and peeks at the basket.
Another guard angrily spits "Woman, if you try again to enter, we will have to arrest you for not listening for orders of the Princess!" Handmaiden gasps, putting both her hands in the place there her heart is beating "How?! I am… What if she already fainted without food!?" and her dark gaze finds Chancellor looking for sympathy.

Caedmon merely smiles at the guard sternly warning him not to enter. "I know her highness better than most," he notes in a calm but sure tone. "On the day when she was born, I held her in my arms. She can be as sweet as the honey of springtime, or as stubborn as granite mountains." He sighs and shakes his head. "You have a duty to protect her. I understand that. I serve the same purpose in my way." When Gaela hurries around the coorner and stops to offer the customary cursey and introduction, he smiles and reaches with one hand to touch her shoulder in a calming gesture. He looks back to the guard. "Here," he says. "All of us want the same thing, for our princess to be all and safe." He looks at the handmaiden, and then back to the guard. "Allow her to enter, with this basket for her highness. If the princess will accept it, then we know something. If she will accept a visitor who loves her, then, perhaps, we will know something more." He lifts the small basket and hands it to Gaela. "If you arrest her, then I will go personally to the king to tell him about the situation. I suspect that he will agree that a handmaiden should be more welcome than anyone else to her highness."

Guards are standing as they stood and refuses to make any comments farther. Their spears are crossed and their eyes through the armour are sticked to the unknown point at the wall.
Gaela clasps her hands around the basket and starts shifting from one foot to another: "Please, let me in! She is in need of water, food and friend! Princess! Your Highness! Please!" Gaele steps closer to the door and poor woman is almost crying, though guards remain still. Handmaiden looses her temper and basket falls on the ground from her hands. She boldly pushes one of the guards, making him to stagger slightly. After such action the guard grinds his spear into the ground and extends his another hand to squeeze shoulder of the handmaiden firmly. "Ouch!" she gasps, but guard just pushes her fiercely farther into the hall and just angry voice chases stumbling young woman "Go away now!" and guard gets back to his position, just making one peek at the basket on the ground.
Gaela covers her eyes with hands and runs away, leaving lord Caedmon with his basket to deal alone with these guards. When noisy handmaiden vanishes a deadly silent settles in the hall for a few moments.
These few seconds are the moment, when a gentle touch of the wood behind the door may be heared. It sounds like someone or something just sliped through the massive wooden door.

The entire outburst from the handmaiden has come and gone in a few seconds. Caedmon reaches to grab Gaela's arm, not to hurt her but to rescue her from the guard. However, she is quick enough to drop the basket and flee past them and around the corner. Caedmon looks at the guard for a moment. Then he kneels and gathers the assortment of fruits, cheese and bread into the basket again. While he is doing that, he hears that almost inaudible sound at the door and looks to it. "Your highness?" he questions. "It is Caedmon. Will you allow me to come inside? Please?"

Silence continues running around for a few more minutes. Just after some time a sob may be heared and angry tremulous voice shouts „Go away! Go away and find yourself a princess, lady, mistress or whatever!“ and small feet may be heared running away from the door, with a little bit louder sobbing. Guards are standing as they stood.

Caedmon frowns darkly and then looks to the guards. "Will you arrest me as well if I enter?" he challenges. "You heard her. She is distraught. I wish to help her. Or would you prefer that the wild rumors should continue, and unsettle the people, the queen, and the king?" He holds the basket again by its long curving handle, and waits for the guards to consider the possibilities, especially that possibility that the king and queen might be displeased if this continues for long.

Guards glance at each other a little bit nervously. They have an order from the Princess, but it's obviously, that mentioning of the King or Queen frightens the guards. Moreover, they are not sure if they can arrest the Lord Chancellor. The one, who is a little bit more brave enounces "We are doing our job. Princess order is our law."
"Don't you dear to eneter!" the same tremulous voice behind the door shouts "Don't you dare. I don't want to see you, farther or mother, and especially Tyrel! If you enter… If you enter…" stormy sobbing mixes with the words and nothing may be heared clearly.

Caedmon nods to the guards. "I know that you are doing your jobs. If she complains, she will complain to their majesties. I will bear responsibility for the intrusion. I will bear whatever punishment they choose, and I will tell them that you deserve honor for your faithfulness to her highness. Now, stand aside." He waves in a sweeping motion. Without waiting for them to obey, he steps between them and reaches for the handle that will open the door.

Guards freeze for a moment, but the one, who is more brave lowers his spear, touching the chest of the Chancellor. Though, at the same time another one with his spear blocks his associate "What are you doing? He is Lord Chancellor!"
The brave one spits "She is our Princess! She said not to…" Another one shakes his head and grinds his spear to another's guard neck, there armour can't save him. Though this action blocks the way for the Caedmon to the Caillins room. The guard exclaims "Do not touch the Lord!" and the brave one withdraws his spear at the same time withdrawing from the door.
The guard, who stood for the Caedmon takes a few steps to the right, letting the lord continue his way. From the Chancellor's touch doors jar and opens slightly.

Caedmon fixes his gaze steadily on the brave guard who dares to block the path even while the others seem willing to allow him to enter. "Do not worry. I will praise each of you to the princess for your duty. I do not fault you for loyalty." However, when the way is clear, he steps forward and presses one hand against the door to push it open just enough for him to enter by turning sideways and then close the door behind him.

Princess Caillin's Suite
Should you enter the room at day, you will immediately notice the sunlight entering the room at every angle. The wall to the west is a wall of glass, towering windows reaching to the ceiling and overlooking The Great Sea. The wall curves at the top, resulting in an arched ceiling, thick oak slabs crossing the ceiling at the base of the arch. A grand piano is before the window, a scattering of sheet music along the top. The floor is a thick lush carpet, the color of red wine. The middle of the room holds a cushy divan and love seat, facing one another. Large overstuffed cream colored chairs rest by a fireplace, along with a matching couch, and a low table in the center. On the center of the table is a vase, with fresh lillies resting in a bouquet. A bookcase is on either side of the fireplace, each containing a large collection. The walls hold various paintings of country scenes and horses, with a large painting over the fireplace, a scene of royal hunters on the move, painted by none other than Valous the Great. By the door to the hall is a beautiful and highly detailed grandfather clock, which chimes every hour.
Thursday, July 04, 228

On the couch in front of the fireplace lies fragile creature, who is thrusted her wet red sleepless eyes into the pillow together with runny nose. Princess Caillin is dressed in her almost lucent very light and soft nightwear. The dress is long, so the skirt elegantly falls down on the ground and sways with each flinch from the sobbing. Caillin's bright and healthily reddish skin lost its colour and now girl looks even more thin, pale and so frail, that a small gust of wind could easily raise her into the air. She gives no attention to the Lord Chancellor.

Once he has passed the guards, the last strong opposition, and closed the door so that he is alone with Caillin, Caedmon crosses into the room with boldness that comes from having known her throughout her life, not merely as a princess, but as a cherished cousin. He steps to the couch and kneels beside it. He sets the basket beside himself, and then he reaches to touch the shoulders of the sobbing princess. "Caillin," he whispers gently. "They tell me that you have been here since yesterday, refusing to see anyone, even refusing to eat. I brought some of your favorite fruit, some bread, and some cheese. Please, eat and talk to me. Tell me what has upset you. If I can help you, you know that I will."

Caillin jumps after the touch of her cousin, as a frightened little kitty, and covers herself with a little bit more thicker dark veil, to hide her body, which could be seen through her nightwear. However, girl turns her gaze somewhere in the sky, seen through the huge window. Tears are still running through her cheeks as rapid stream.
Princess swallows some bitterness a few times before shaking her head "Go away and leave me alone as my brother did. I am just unimportant little child, who is hard to love. Find yourself a lady with who you could spend your life!.." girl clasps her hands around legs and crouches "Am I so hard to be loved? Am I so hard to be loved?" mumbles under her nose repeatedly young princess.

Caedmon rocks back on his heels and waits while Caillin modestly pulls a blanket from the couch over herself. Perhaps he has seen more of her than is decent, but that is not his concern at the moment. His eyes focus on her face, not her body. "You are important, dear Caillin. Why do you think otherwise?" He frowns when a new, unsettling possibility presents itself in his mind, a possibility suggested by her next words. "Why do you worry about me finding a lady, and then speak of yourself as hard to love? A man who has seen how kind and gentle you can be should love you easily." When she shifts to sit on the couch, hugging her knees, he moves to sit beside her and curls one arm around her shoulder to hold her gently.

Caillin raises her head and cleans tears with sleeve. Now full of anger grey eyes are turned to cousin. Princess jumps on her feet firmly pressing the blanket, which covers her body, near her chest. She takes a few steps back, but the look is still fixed on the man "Why? Cause my brother already found himself one!" raises her voice Caillin and as quickly as possible she starts speaking "I was the most loved person in my brothers life! We had so much fun together, he was always near my side as I near his. Until that pretty woman showed up and stole all the love my brother had in his heart! Now I lost my brother. Now she will be his most loved woman in his life. Now he will follow her and she will always be around him. I will not have my fun days with my beloved brother, I will not have my private conversations with him! He will never be the same, under the spell of that witch from an island!" tears of angriness falls on the ground "So its your turn to turn your back on me! Shouldn't you be blinded by a woman too? There are so much pretty ladies around! Fall in love and forget the ones who loves you more than their own life as my brother did it so easily! After that meeting in the room I did not see him at all! He used to come to wish me sweet dreams…" girl firmly bites her lip, that even a drop of blood shows up. But she quickly starts shaking her head, releases the blanket, springs near her cousin, grabs his arm and starts to drag the man to the direction of the door "Go away! I want to be alone! Leave me alone!"

"So you are jealous?" Caedmon concludes in a challenging tone. "I know that the king and queen taught you from the beginning that when you became old enough, you would marry. Wen you were young and we went for long rides, or picnics on the beach, you always told me that you would grow up to be a beautiful princess, that you would marry a very handsome prince, and that you would live in a castle that was three times as big as this one." He smiles warmly. When she grabs his arm and pulls him toward the door, he shakes his head. "If you are sure, then I will leave. It will be because you demanded to be alone, and did not want me to care about what happens to you, not because I want to go." He stops at the door and places his hand on the latch. He turns and gazes at Caillin for a long moment, and adds, in a gentle voice, "You did grow up to be a beautiful princess."

Words of the cousin makes young Princess cry even more "I am jealouse not of his marriage!" she tries to explain, but it's really hard to understand her words through all the sobbing "I hate that woman, who broke in my family and took all the attention of my brother. With this marriage I lose my brother, his time, which he used to spend with me… I will not see him as I used to… She… She will be always around and will disturb everything. My brother… brother…" the breath of the young lady becomes more and more harder, her eyes widen and pale skin becomes even more pale. Just rosebud lips murmur two words "Brother… Caedmon…" and Princess Caillin collapses on the ground. Maybe it's from anger or maybe because of lack of sleep, or maybe because she did not eat for three days. Just when she falls on the ground her breath becomes a little bit more peaceful and tears stops running.

When the princess sways and then collapses to the floor, Caedmon rushes to her and drops to his knees beside her. He stretches out his hand, ready to check for a pulse at her throat. But the heaving of her chest beneath the her thin gown stops him. She is not dead, only unconscious. He plucks up the blanket that she dropped and carefully spreads it over her. Then he gathers her into his arms and lays her carefully on the couch. After propping her head up with a pillow, he goes to the door and opens it. "Call for Gaela," he orders the guards, and for the healer. She has feinted but I want the healer here when she wakes." One of the guards nods and heads down the hall, calling the name of the handmaiden. Caedmon returns to the couch and kneels beside it to watch over her while he waits for the healer and handmaiden to arrive.

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