14 Alisair, 229 E: Turbulent Waters

Turbulent Waters
Summary: When Brendolyn leaves, Brennart manages to get Nerissa to boil over
OOC Date: 20/08/2014
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Darfield Beach
The Beach at Darfield
14 Alisair, 229 E

Brendolyn and Brennart are standing near the water a handmaid sitting quietly off in the background on a blanket, probably sewing, and a quartet of Haravean guards are not too far from the group, sitting and leaning on various bits of driftwood. Brendolyn looks up at Brennart, "It does happen that fast sometimes. So you are not really wanting to act as Baron then?" she asks.

Brennart chuckles and shakes his head, "It's not that I don't want to act as Baron it's that I'm expected to marry and provide an heir now I keep getting pressure from my family back home."

Chassidy is walking along the edge the water, a good way up from the water line where the wet sand marks this highest waves, but the guard walks closer, leaving deeper footprints in the wet sand. Their charge walks in the water itself, holding up the skirts of her walking gown. At times, when the water recedes, her pale skin glistens from knee to ankle. However, it's just her guard (who's known her from the time she could just barely walk) and her brother, gallantly carrying her boots… propriety isn't that necessary. That is, until the contingent of Haravean guards is noticed. "Bother" she mutters to Moray, but doesn't give up her pleasure just yet. She walks in a little shallower, letting her skirts down slightly as she looks to see if they are the familiar faces of Brendolyn's guard, in which case she can relax a little more.

Moray is walking along though he's in the sand, the man likely looks a bit silly. His arms holding what appear to be a pair of boots. "Yes i'm sure i'll quite be taken more seriously while holding your boots Rissa." he rolls his eyes but doesn't seem to mind in truth. He follows her gaze down the beach and spots the two as well and continues on wards a smile coming to his face.

Brendolyn looks up at Brennart and her brows wrinkle inward, "Oh I see, I didn't realize.." she says. "Well if you are the Baron then maybe you can tell them to stop pressuring you," she says with a nod of her head. She opens her mouth to say more then sees movement coming toward them and smiles, lifting a hand to wave at the approaching siblings. Lisa, the handmaid, has gathered up her things and it looks like the Haravean contingent is about to be on the move again and Brendolyn sighs a bit. "I have to get back..duty at the infirmary," she explains to Brennart. When the others arrive she smiles, "Well good then, someone will be able to take my spot and keep the Baron from throwing himself into the sea. I have to attend my sister at the Infirmary and have to take my leave," she says. "Good to see you as always Lady Nerissa, Lord Moray," and she smiles at the pair then turns to Brennart. "I promise, there are no mermaids, do try to stay," and she sighs heavily, though one corner of her mouth lifts in a half-grin. "Good day," she says in parting and turns to go.

Brennart smiles and offers Brendolyn a nod of his head, "Safe trip back to the castle and I'll try to refrain from swimming off after the mermaids… I can't promise I won't go oyster hunting though." Then his gaze moves back towards the group heading up the beach and smirks offering a wave and a bow of his head towards them as well, "My lord and lady always a pleasure running into you both…"

"And who are we trying to have take you seriously, brother dear?" Nerissa quips with a grin, and then raises a hand to Brendolyn, which goes back quickly to catch her skirt before it falls all the way into the water. "Bother," she mutters again, then sighs at the inevitable and walks all the way up to where the sand is still wet, but there isn't as much danger to the hem of her gown. "You are leaving so soon?" Although her words don't say it, the slightly crestfallen expression at being left with the baron adds, 'you're leaving me alone with /him/?'. However, she recovers herself to give a nod to the departing lady. It takes a moment, but she remembers to give a proper curtsy and dips her head to "Baron Giantslayer, I hope the day finds you well?"

The man will chuckle to his sister "Who indeed?" he answers her question with a question of his own. He will turn back to hear the departure from one of the two down the beach and and nods to the words before speaking in return "Likewise to see you, Lady Brendolyn." Moray says giving her a smile and a bow as she will depart." The other still standing there "M'lord a good day." he greets as well.

Brennart chuckles, "I'm still Baron Giantslayer haven't moved on to Baron Kitty Crusher? Should I call you Lady Beaver Smiter though?" He grins as he goes to put his feet back into the water, "Any new creatures sighted lately?"

"If you wish, however it would be most incorrect, as the beaver was already dead and skinned when I arrived home," Nerissa informs Brennart drily, then moves on to point out, "Most men would prefer the more grandiose title, to one that implies they are evil bullies that crush poor, defenseless little creatures." She tilts her head to her brother, but doesn't ask for her boots, yet. She's still standing where the waves can reach her toes, and has to lift her skirt when one curls up around her ankles. It's an easy move, from one who is used to reading the waves and how far they will advance.

He seems quite confused by the exchange between the two just watching and listening. Moray had forgotten he'd been holding his sisters boots but oh well doesn't quite matter really. "You two have lost my i'm afraid has something happened?" he asks looking for any sort of explanation for the strange words he's hearing.

Brennart glances over at Moray and hmms, "Which part m'lord? Your sister has taken to calling me Baron Giantslayer from an incident back when Cri vanished with a ring of blue fire there were a couple of giants that attacked the armies set to battle each other. I was part of the group that slayed one of the two giants. As far as the cat reference with your sister and some of the Sky Forrest ranger's assistance we were able to kill a dire cougar that was attempting to eat a herd of my horses. The beaver is from what I hear a giant beaver pelt that your sister brought to the city for the King." And he nods towards Nerissa, "You're right most men prefer the more grandiose title. Honestly I prefer the one I earned through my own skill and that would simply be Sir. Baron was from me being born in the right family in the right order and your Giantslayer is because I happened to be in the right location with the right skills."

"How nice for you that you are able to earn a title, my lord," Nerissa mentions, one eye wincing slightly either from his reproach, or her sense of being held back. "Did Father not mention the beavers in his missive that told you to stay in Darfield until you find a bride?" she asks her brother, the turn of conversation having brought back her ire at men. The guard, paused a little closer to the edge of the dry sand, hooks his thumbs into his belt as he frowns at his charge. Although, the frown itself is more an expression of concern or sympathy than one of disapproval.

Moray perhaps was distracted but the explination makes it much more clear. "Ah.. I see the former was explained to me, the latter I guess a letter even from my father isnt enough to explain it properly but Rissa did do so my applogies was distracted I suppose. He looks to his sister as she so flatly explains his grounding "Thanks for that Rissa." he chuckles but its teasing all the same.

Brennart laughs, "Even a commoner who has the skills to become a knight can earn that title. It's much like Rangers it's a title from skill although because of my birth it was much easier for me to get the training from a young age to learn the skills so even still that one isn't really mine either is it…" And now he's thinking… Oh no a man thinking Rissa may go run off into the ocean…

There was a moment where Nerissa might have subsided as Moray speaks, and she even bows her head to her brother graciously for her part in mentioning his reason for being landlocked. However, Brennart's laughter and subsequent musings bring her about again. Too late, the guard steps forward to try and suggest they continue their walk.
"A common man," the redhead spits out. "Not a commoner, but a common MAN. A common MAN can gain anything if he works hard enough for it. A MAN is rewarded for hard work. A MAN is allowed to work hard… A MAN." She turns and in two long strides, regardless of whether or not a wave will catch her clothing now, snatches her boots from her brother. "A WOman isn't allowed to earn anything. A WOman can't earn respect as a Ranger or a Knight, the only thing a WOman can do to 'earn' anything, is to 'earn' a better title by her father arranging it. A MAN can make himself better, a WOMAN has no chance to make herself better, she's just a toy for men to pass around as they see fit. A MAN doesn't even have to be honorable to a WOMAN, because it's not a woman's place to complain or to even be a human being."
With the boots secured in her hand, Nerissa turns her back to the men, and her strides now carry her quickly away towards the docks, and for a woman, she can move fast. Chassidy gives Brennart a look that clearly wonders why he had to push it, because now she has to try and keep up, although the guard is already close behind, being used to having to chase his charge.

Moray watches his sister closely and after the both's words he knows her well enough and well for long enough to see what's coming before it happens if only just. He takes a step towards her but can only rock back on his heels too late. He can only listen and have a growing frown come to his face as she takes the boots and begins to move off he'll look to the other should he apologize? He doesnt quite have time. "I should go after, pleased to see you again m'lord." he will begin his movement after his sister now trying to catch up.

Brennart offers a nod towards Moray and a wave to Nerissa, "Be safe m'lord and be well m'lady. The world isn't fair but not all of us believe that only a man can earn anything." That last bit being said as he turns and walks back out into the shallow waves letting them come up to his knees as he walks back in the other direction.

Nerissa's jaw is clenched, and she strides at the edge of the wet/dry sand line, finding her way more with the feel of feet in sand than with her eyes. Her boots are clutched tightly, but she's not stopping yet to put them on. She's not stopping until she's put a good distance between Brennart and herself, and his words could have been the screeching of seagulls for all she heard them.

Moray is running, but doing so on sand sucks if one's never tried it they just dont know. He is gaining though and will call "Rissa, wait please." his tone is pleading but either way if she slows down or not he'll continue on his pace or increase it until he is within range "Stop.. please." he says.

He doesn't have to run for long to catch up to her and then keep pace, she does still have shorter legs than him. Nerissa's eyes are burning with the new found frustration and anger at the world of men that entered her life when she was jilted. "Men are horrible creatures," she gasps angrily as her fast pace is beginning to tell on her breath.

The older brother gene has been triggered and yes she's an adult but somewhere he cant help but see the younger her whom he helped look after. "Yes, they certainly can be but brothers are a diffrent species." Everard isnt joking but doesnt want to be lumped with those who caused her sadness right now. "Talk to me, so much has happend."

Nerissa steps on a sharp shell, and goes down with a yelp. Instead of getting up, she just pounds the ground with her free hand balled in a fist. She may as well put on her boots, she's down now. "You weren't hear when That Man (as Assana and Nerissa have taken to calling him, now) decided that he needed a better bride. It's not your fault, you were at sea. But…" She pauses in pulling on her boots and lowers her forehead to a bent knee.

Moray comes to the same sudden stop luckily he was paying attention though "Rissa are you okay?" he'll ask and bend down to look at her foot making it isnt cut or anything before she puts her boot on. The man looks to his sister before she speaks he has to try and hide the sting of her words it does take him a moment to speak though and make sure his voice is calm. "I wasnt, and sailing for our family or no, i'll not forgive myself for not being there."

"What could you have done?" Nerissa asks, shrugging her shoulders. "It was done. He did it. Threw me aside like an old rag because he'd found someone he thought was more attractive. At least I found out before… I mean, can you imagine? Being married to a man who will just go off running around after all other women… because I'm not…" she shrugs once more, one hand raising to dash at her cheek.

The young man is infact wearing his sword and despite his good nature his eyes harden and there is a fierceness about him. "I am not saying you cant stand up for yourself Rissa, but I would have fought for your honor, A duel." Moray says very finally.

Nerissa shakes her head. "No, I don't need you to fight a duel in my honor." She chews at the inside of her lip, and a fierce light shines from her eyes as she wraps her arms around her knees. "There may or not be a rumor that when he came to make his apologies to our family, I chased him out with my guard's sword and he ran with his tail between his legs."

"I believe that Rissa. You are fierce, and the dedication and hard work you have shown matches or exceeds any man's. You have something extra though. You aren't handed anything you earn it all." Moray is still fierce but its pride for her he does love his sister. "I wouldn't have fought not to fight for you something you couldn't win, but because I love and care for you." he speaks simply here again. He is silent "If the Baron cannot see the good that fire in you is, than he's not worth the trouble i'll teach you to fight myself."

The mention of Brennart sends her surging to her feet. "Who cares what Baron Giantslayer thinks of me," she fires out, now heading up across the sand towards the road to the castle. "He's a… a…. MAN." That's the worst she can come up with at the moment.

Moray gains his feet and will begin moving after her "That is my point Rissa, who does care, if he cant see that.. than you shouldnt he's not worth you." He says catching up again the comment of him being a man will get a nod in agreement.

"No man is worth me," Nerissa replies with quiet forcefulness as she stalks the road towards the castle. Her fists clench, and she doesn't need her guard to clear the way for her… one look at her face and most commoners are clearing out of the way.

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