Sheat 42, 228: Trading Royalty

Trading Royalty
Summary: The council meets to discuss war, and trade. However, the meeting takes an unexpected turn.
OOC Date: 30/June/2013 (OOC)
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Council Chambers, Darfield Castle
The council chambers are much like the rest of the castle. Opulent tapestries line the walls as gray marble covers the floor. The ceiling is vaulted, with a mosaic painted of the Battle of Skingaard. The north wall of the room is almost entirely made of glass, looking across the sea beyond. In the center of the room is a large table, with chairs lining each side, and a large chair, similiar to a throne, at the head.
Sheat 42, 228

Robben makes his way into the Chambers, looking around for a few moments, before he focuses in the direction of the Prince now. Keeping silent as he waits for things to start here.

Tyrel has moved into the chambers and taken the seat at the head of the table. Moments after he enters, servants, under the orders of Terrwyn, bring in an assortment of grapes, cheese, and wine, setting them on the center of the table. The Prince nods to Robben, motioning for the heir to have a seat. Tyrel randomly plucks at the grapes, also waiting on the others to file in.

Cedric follows the prince, with is wife on his arm and sets her before taking his own seat on the right side of Prince Tyrel for now, leaving room for Caillin to seat where she wish's. He slides some food over to his wife but pours her some water instead of wine and then fills his own glass with water as well as he plucks a few grapes and cheese slices nibbling on them while he waits for his prince to start the meeting.

Lightly blue gown sways near the ground,when Princess Caillin enters the room too. She quickly finds the sight of her brother and takes a seat on the left side of him, trying to be as close to her brother as possible. Girl mannerly puts her hands on kneels and cants her head, letting flaxen curls playfully fall on her shoulders.

Caedmon enters the room but stands by the door, waiting for everyone else to choose seats for themselves. He takes two small slices of cheese and a few grapes to eat before he claims an empty seat near the door.

Tyrel clears his throat, as the room fills. "Welcome, welcome." He motions, "Have a seat anywhere." He pops another grape into his mouth, then offers a nod of his head as Caedmon enters. "Lord Kilgour." He greets his cousin. A glass of wine is poured and set next to the Prince, who takes the drink casually lifting it to his lips. Once he is satisfied that everyone is in the chambers, he speaks. "Thank you all for coming. It has been one month since the last council meeting, and I felt it pertinent to speak on matters pertaining to the realm. First of all. I am only the Voice of the King. The appointments I make to this council are not permanent. Once the King…" He pauses a moment, looking to his sister, then back to the others on the council, "Once the King makes a full recovery, he has the option to revoke a position or make the appointment permanent. Now, Duke Ruxton has declined our offer to serve as Chancellor. Thus, I have asked my cousin Caedmon, who has served the crown faithfully, to serve as the Acting Chancellor until his appointment can be reviewed by the King himself." He nods toward Caedmon, "Cousin, how is the war?" He refers to the ongoing Laniveer-Jadda war, as Caedmon has only returned from the Kingdom of Laniveer serving as an Ambassador.

Robben waits until a few people has seated himself, before he moves for a seat, seating himself a bit quietly. Pausing as he listens to what's being said about his father, he looks between the others for the moment, otherwise keeping silent.

Caedmon inclines his head slowly and solemnly to the prince "Your highness," he acknowledges. "The men of Jadda gave a fierce resistance when the troops of Laniveer first crossed the great river. They fought bravely, but suffered heavy losses. The troops from Laniveer forced the enemy to flee into the mountains to the north." He looks around the room slowly from face to face, and then he adds, "As each of us knows, maintains present a great challenge. I believe that the war will continue, and will cost both sides dearly in men and equipment before anyone can declare victory. When I left, the king's city in Jadda was under siege."

Caillin sits calmly, just listening what is said. Though, when her brother speaks about her father, young girl flinches slighly and a shadow of sadness flashes in her eyes as she would be worried about the words, which may leave her brothers throat. However, then he decides to mention the future, where their father is healthy, sile starts dancing on Princess lips again. She raises grey orbs to stare at cousin, while he speaks.

Terrwyn is seated properly and where she should be. She nibbles on food her husband had pushed towards her. She sits there listening to what is said only then does she speak. "Here are two questions for you, do you think it will spill into our borders and do we dare give aid?" She asks. "I know each side would love dearly for us to do that. The next question is if we do give aid, in what from will it come in? Last but not least where do we get the money for it?" She asks simply. She unlike Caillin speaks. "Yes that was more than two questions."

Cedric, smiles at his wife as he pops a grape into his mouth and sips water, For now he remains quiet unless asked a direct question or feels he should clarify something. He smiles at his wife as she's eating and then glances over at the Quiet Caillin and wonders what is going on his princess's mind.

Tyrel nods at the words from Caedmon as he ponders at the future of his father's Kingdom. He opens his mouth and begins to speak, then when Terrwyn jumps in, he rests his chin on his hand from the arm of his chair, listening quietly. When she finishes, he speaks up, "We will /not/ give aid. To either side. It is that simple." He looks to Robben, then to Cedric. His gaze moves from one to the next in the room as he speaks, "We will not give aid, and we will be ready for a fight." He stands, his chair making a noise slightly as he does. He crosses his arms behind his back and begins to pace at the rear of the room. After a moment, he stops and leans on the side of his chair. "Everyone knows King Laniveer has a desire to rebuild the old empire. If he defeats Jadda, we will be next. War is brewing, and King Laniveer is stirring the pot." Finally, he looks to Robben, "What of Weston's infantry? Is Weston ready for an army on its border?"

Listening a bit thoughtfully for the moment, Robben frowns a bit now. "Unless something has happened that I have not gotten word about while my wife and I was travelling here, we should be ready. Both our infantry and our navy is ready to deal with whatever might happen, Your Highness."

Caillin nods, when her brother speaks again "We have to be ready, but actually, they both, Laniveer and Jadda, try to bite through each throats… The war never brings strengh, so usually where two fights, the third one will be a winner. So, I hope, that we will not put most of our attention to this problem. Most of the attention would mean most of the… Well… I will keep working on my charity and villigers' education parts, before starting to worry about the war… I hope preparations for the mist of the war won't disturb my work," explains her position Princess, crossing her hands on abdomen once more.

"Here is another question for the council, history dictates that if we do not aid Jadda then they fall quicker and they will meaning Laniveer will be at our gates quicker." She moves to take a sip of her drink. "If we do not offer aid do we offer a mutual non-aggression pact to Laniveer in hopes they leave us alone." She looks at everyone on the council. She sets her cup down. "I am aware about what you said my prince. I am just thinking and voicing my thoughts. Then again there is the question about coffers and money. To even strengthen our borders we will need to levy." She says to them all. She looks at Robben and nods.

The princess is offered a nod of her head as well.

Listing to all who speak Cedric formulates an Idea and a plan. "Well Im not sure what the others have in mind but I had a thought as some of us are still rebuilding our forces. Should we each move say a quarter or a third of our forces near the boarders of Weston and do some mock war games, we could then have able bodied reinforcements nearby should either judda or laniveer decide to encroach on Weston we could quickly mobalize our forces to cross the boarder to strenghten Westons defenses while not weakening ours too heavily. Other wise should Weston require aid and were not even remotely ready we could lose a good chunk of weston before we can marshal any resistance. " he looks to Robben and smiles. "to aid our friends and ally will show laniveer were not to be triffled with."

"I am no soothsayer," Caedmon cautions, "but with Jadda withdrawing into their mountains, the fight will slow for Laniveeer." Then he nods to Cedric, and agrees, "If we choose to remain neutral, we still should strengthen our borders so that we are ready if either side turns its eyes southward to us."

Tyrel nods to Robben, pursing his lips in thought. At Terrwyn's words, the Prince moves back to take his seat, listening quietly as he takes a sip of his wine. Cedric speaks up next, and the Prince merely listens. As Caedmon speaks, the Prince nods an affirmation. He then rests his goblet on the table as he speaks, running a finger around the brim. "We have fought with our northern neighbors for over two hundred years. My great-grandfather fought in the First Great War. My grandfather in the Second, and my father and I fought in the third only four years ago." A fist pounds the table lightly for effect, "I shall neither aid our enemies, nor shall I eat with them. Instead, we will be ready to fight them." He looks to Cedric, then to Caedmon and back to Cedric. After a moment of regard, his gaze turns across the table toward Robben, "What say you Lord Ruxton? Should we send our troops to the north? To Weston?"

Caillin's look slips through all the people in the room. Though, discusion about the war and army is not very interesting for the girl and she can't hide it successfully. Soft fingers covers her lips, when Princess yawns. However, girl still politelly listens what is said, but now she sometimes peeks at her guards, as she would wait for something from them.

"That might be so but you are not looking at the overall picture my price." Terrwyn says this to Tyrel . "Please think do we truly have the strength and the means to take care of this if one of or both of them decided to come marching across our borders today?" She asks. "If we are not up to strength then my dear lordly knights then how do you propose that we make this happen?" She looks to her husband and then she looks at the princess.

"Princess this will concern your charities and works of good. I can think of a few things you will be needing to do, there is also the idea of influx of refugees to handle."

Caedmon inclines his head to Terrwyn, and then looks to Caillin. "She is right. If we strengthen our borders, many man will leave their fields and their shops to travel to the north. Those who remain will need our guidance and occasional help. We will need to help the people to help themselves. We also will need people to help with the wounded if war comes. You might prepare women and children of the villages for that."

Robben looks a bit thoughtful as he looks between the others. "How would the two countries stand when it comes to navies?" he asks, before he adds, "Because if we send too many forces to the north, they might just sail a bit out into the sea and bypass it all." Getting to his feet, he moves over to the map, steps a bit slow. "If we should send our troops to Weston, Your Highness? While I'm glad to hear you're thinking of our safety." A brief pause, before he adds, "If we are going to send out parts of our forces for war games, to keep them ready, I would send them somewhere here." Pointing to the area where Weston and Lakeshire border each other. "That way, we have people ready to respond to threats towards Weston, but also if the enemy march upon Lakeshire. While I want my father's lands to be well protected, I would also want my father in law, Duke Kincaid, to have his lands well protected as well."

Caillin raises a brow at lady Terrwyn and Caedmon drawling "Well… Yes. The war would be really huge hardship for people. It would mean more people in the streets, actually. More raped women, more foundlings, lack of food and of course more wounds and cripples. Right now we have enough of them all. It's not a secret, that we still feel after-effect of wars of the past… especially after not very fortunate yield of later years." Princess glances at her brother, when once more at lady Terrwyn. However, we are talking about slight posibility of war. As I already mentioned, they weaken each other and still can not make peace. Until they are not together, I don't think we should be worried. However, I am on the side of my brother. We have to be prepared, because "if" always remains," Caillin sighs and a little bit childishly adds "Though peace would be perfect. I am so worried about poor commoners of Laniveer and Jadda lands. They have to fight the fight which is not theirs…"

Tyrel listens to Terrwyn, before tossing a sideglance to Cedric. He begins to respond, then as Robben steps to the map, he listens, watches. As the eyes fall on him to speak again, he lifts his wine for a slow thoughtful drink. He then sets the goblet back to the table, motioning toward the map and Robben, "Jadda has no navy 'tall, and Laniveer's navy is…" He smirks, "well, laughable. We will do as you have suggested." He turns to Cedric, "Duke Kincaid has returned to Lakeshire to see to his defense. I want you to coordinate with Lord Ruxton and his father about sending our army north. Plot your wargames, but do it right. Send a clear message to Laniveer that if they want a war, we are ready. We will bow no knees to the north. Send my fathers army, keeping only a thousand men to defend Darfield. That should be enough, if Laniveer tries to sneak past." He nods his head in affirmation, then to Caillin, "Make sure the healers are ready to travel with the army as well, and find out if any Priests would be interested in joining, to perform last rites should it be nessecary." He mentions nothing else of aiding the enemy.

Cedric nods as he listens to the princess and nods his head at her compassion for those who get caught up in the war. "What I was suggesting my lords and ladies. is that we dont put our forces onto weston lands but they remain in our own boarders close to it. Sutherland as you well know is surrounded on five sides, one being weston, another being Dike Kincaid's lands so with our forces at our northern most tip in mock war games, we can send them should war spill over onto their lands quickly and effeciently to offer aid, as navally speaking sutherland has nothign to fear unless they should wish to go great distances past numerous countries to get to us. We of sutherland also lost much in the last war, I lost my father and most of the troops he took with him, which is why in the past several years I've spent much time and dedication to reorganizing our foces and making them better and stronger. We are not up to full strength but if we dont aid our allies when the time arises with what we do have then we'll never be able to get up to full strength or readiness should our allies fall. "

"My Princess, as you say." Terrwyn does not say more the matter instead she grows silent as she is now listening and making mental notes. She moves to nibble on a few grapes as she waits. There is a calculating look in those eyes of her.

Princess stands up a little bit angry, but she gathers herself, to look mannerly and polite. She walks to another end of the table, which is closer near the door. Each step is firm and even arrogant. Finally she turns back to her brother, putting a hand on Caedmon's shoulder. She dares to speak "Your Highness," she formally adresses her brother "It looks like you are not preparing our defence. It looks like that you are preparing for some kind of offensive actions. It looks like you are sure, that we will have a war soon. I strongly recomend, that you wouldn't make a mistake, which may take attention of both, Laniveer and Jadda. If they will get a wrong impression, we may have a war trully, while right now we have a possibility, that our enemies will kill each other," she glances at Terrwyn with a favour in her eyes, likely approving about the first thoughts of the woman, but Caillin quickly turns her gaze back to brother "But if you need…" princess bites her lip and corrects "If you expect for a war, my healers and priests will be ready, of course." girl squeezes a shoulder of Caedmon nervously.

"The princess speaks wisely my prince it is better to prepare and strength our borders but not to take an offensive action. I am certain that all the men in this chamber here would agree." Terrwyn says as she looks between them all. She has her shoulders back and she is even manages a slightly commanding presence.

Robben nods a little to what's being said now, moving back to his seat. Offering a brief smile and a nod to Cedric, before he listens to the others now. He doesn't say anything else at the moment, though.

Tyrel nods to Cedric to confirm his words, "Yes. You and Lord Ruxton should prepare this… wargame." He repeats his earlier command. He looks to Terrwyn at her words, then as Caillin rises, so do his eyebrows, in surprise. He listens to her words, nodding in agreement with part, and frowning as she speaks of false impressions. He looks toward Terrwyn as she speaks again. "Yes, we are in agreement. I plan no invasion. I merely wish to defend our borders. I believe your husband thinks properly on this matter. Perhaps some maneuvers are in order. It will be good to see our army move through the field, shake some of the cobwebs out. If war comes, we will be ready, but we shall /not/ go looking for it. Besides, why should it be thought agressive to march my father's armies across his land?" He gives a light shrug, before moving on. "Now, I have called for the Prince and Princess of Aberdeen to speak with us concerning trade agreements. It is no secret that my father wants to bring the Eastern Isles under his influence, starting with Aberdeen." He looks to Caedmon, "I want you down here, closer to the head of the table, as you are experienced in such matters. Today we would like to secure a defensive agreement, as well as various trade agreements." A brow goes up toward Caedmon, "You did receive the list of materials we would like to secure from them, did you not?" He smiles once, then motions to the guard at the door, "Send them in."

"Good, just be careful we have our eyes and ears in their country and they have them here." Terrywn offers the prince. She then grows quiet as she nibbles on few more grapes and she sips her drink. Her color has returned and she does not look so pale.

The Kings Council has been assembled. A spread of fruit and cheese, along with a pitcher of wine and another of water, has been set on the center of the table. Seated at the head of the table is none other than Prince Tyrel Kilgour, acting Voice. Beside him on one side is Caedmon Kilgour, and Duke Crawford is on the other, with the rest seated throughout. The foot of the table has two chairs prepared for the Aberdeen guests. The Prince lifts a goblet of wine to his lips as he waits on Ciarrah and Conall to enter. He remains silent, for now.

When her brother finishes his speak, Caillin just nods, though, being still a little bit disappointed. She opens her month to answer to brother's question, but has to stop herself, when Tyrel speaks about islands and two new people arrives. Princess shifts from one foot to another, peeking at the door, however, all her intentions on leaving vanishes and she starts slowly walking back to her seat, closer near her brother, but this time not too close if guests and her cousin would like to take a seat closer to her brother.

Caillin's light blue gown sweeps all the dusts from the ground, while she walks and her finger gently touches the edges of the chairs' backs. Just after a few more steps, Princess takes a seat, remaining straight, mannerly polite and even a little bit haughty. Girl sticks curious grey eyes to the door.

Caedmon's eyebrows also lift when Caillin stands and starts for the door. He listens to her words while she moves, and then, when the prince asks about the lists, he inclines his head to the prince. "I did, your highness," he confirms. He pops the last of his grapes into his mouth and then stands to move toward the head of the table. He looks for a moment at Caillin.

Robben is keeping quiet at the moment, just listening for now.

Being summoned by the hosts, Ciarrah had left the office that she had been hard at work in, perusing over paperwork, signing a few items needing her attention. The Amabassador office that Tyrel had graciously assembled for her since her arrival was comfortable and inspired creativity if she needed. It had been handy that her brother Conall had been going over a few things with her when the summons had come so they arrive together, brother escorting sister as they step into the room.

Upon entering, Ciarrah withdraws her hand from the bend of her brother's arm and offers a curtsy to the Prince and Princess, and a polite bow of her head to the remainder of the council. "Good evening, Highnesses, Grace, Lords and Ladies." Not taking a seat until asked to do so.

A nod is given toward Caedmon at his words. Then when the siblings from Aberdeen enter, Prince Tyrel rises to his feet, offering his own bow from the waist. "Your highnesses." He gives a personal smile to Ciarrah, his eyes friendly as his gaze looks her over quickly. He then motions toward the end of the table where the seats have been prepared, "Please. Sit." He loooks to a handmaid nearby then back to the siblings, "Would you care for some wine? Perhaps water?" He asks in a friendly tone.

Having indeed been with his sister when he summon was called Conall is entering the room with his sister, bowing to those gathered. "Highnesses, grace, lords and ladies." He echoes his sister and watches those around. A small smile on his lips. Studying each of them.

She offers her husband a side long glance and she nods her head at him before she offers him a charming smile. Terrwyn's attention is then drawn towards the new comers. She offers them a bow of her head when they offer their greeting. She is now back to listening for the moment.

When the pair from the island enters the room, Princess follows them both curiously. She palms her flaxen curls gently, canting her head a little bit to the right. Caillin peeks at her brother, later at the Princess of the island. A brief frown appears on girls face, but it quickly vanishes, when grey eyes find a Prince of the island once more. Young Princess, having no idea what to say, remains sitting silently and smiling, listening.

Cedric smiles as he see's the two royals from the Island nation arrive and nods to both as they are greeted and waits for them to be seated and slides the pitcher of water over in their direction should they wish any refreshments.

Straightening from her curtsy, Ciarrah rests her gaze on the Prince for a moment, returning his smile with a blushing one of her own. Once seated, she arranges her skirts around her legs then looks around the table at those assembled. "Yes, wine please for me." As the water is slid towards her, she picks it up and fills her wine goblet half full so that when the wine is added, it will be watered down as she is used to.

Conall nods as he moves along. HEaring the prince's words. "Sounds good with some wine." He agrees. Having that polite smile on his lips. Helping his sister into a seat before taking a seat of his own. The princess getting a small nod as well, raising a brow at the frown. Studying her for a moment before his gaze shifts on to the others.

Caedmon rises momentarily and bows to the guests when they arrive. Directing his words to the strangers, he beings. "Welcome your highnesses," he greets the pair. He remains standing until they find seats. Then he settles in his own chair. "His majesty has extended his invitation to you in order that we might explore the possibility of agreements that would be to our mutual benefit." He pauses to allow them to react to the opening statement.

Tyrel watches Ciarrah closely as she sits. He lifts his goblet of wine, looking over the brim at the Princess of Aberdeen. After a moment, he sets the goblet back on the table. As Caedmon speaks, the Prince listens, but keeps his eyes on Ciarrah, tossing a grape into his mouth as he chews slowly.

While the prince from the island is studying Caillin, she marginally gains some colour to her cheeks and blinks a few times at the man, turning her gaze to the cousin Caedmon and lowering her hands from flaxen hair back to her kneels. She starts niping soft fabric of her skirt and just listens what is said.

Cedric watchs the pair or pairs of royals and grins softly at the varied reactions each gives. before looking to his wife and giving her hand a gentle squeeze and then popping more grapes and cheese into his mouth as hunger start to take him.

"I hope none of you are without a governess or Ladies Maid when your are in each other's presence without the eyes of other such as myself and other peers watching." Terrwyn says to all of them. Her tone is actually gentle. She shakes her head.

"Your fathers and mothers would agree with me. Now let hear more about what your country has to offer with matters of trade." Something occurs to her and she adds. "Has the king offered you permission to seek marriage contracts?" She takes her husband's hand and offers it a squeeze.

When the prince falls silent, Ciarrah regards him a few moments under his steady gaze, though the color tints her cheeks she does not back down from his long look except to look at Caedmon when he speaks. "I am very interested in finding a mutually beneficial agreement that would suit both kingdoms." Though she does look at Caedmon as she replies to his discussion. "Have you already something in mind?" Direct and to the point, she considers him a moment before her attention is drawn to Terrwyn, offering her a gentle smile. "I travel with a whole entourage of people from a hand maid, guards, advisors and of course my brother. Only when I sleep am I left alone, and there are guards posted for me at those times, I assure you, my lady, I always remain proper and I do thank you for your fortitude in remind us to do so."

There is a brief pause as she switches from reassurances to the matter spoken of. "Our Kingdom offers many variables of trade, from goods to services which I can get into with you as well. As for marriages.." Her lips curve into a smile. "My brother and I have been trusted with such matter."

Tyrel turns his gaze sharply upon Terrwyn, his brow furrowing deep. "What is it you speak of? We are here to discuss warships!" He turns back to Ciarrah at her words, regarding her for several moments. He doesn't comment further on the matter of marriage, instead moving to change the direction of the discussion, "Aberdeen builds some of the finest warships in the world. It is only natural that we should want to… acquire a few of them ourselves." A brow shoots up, but he remains silent now, letting Caedmon take over.

Conall raaises a brow at Tyrel while listening to the words from Caedmon. "Ah that sounds quite nice. Shall we begin such then?" He asks curiously before looking to his sister and Tyrel with a curious look before his gaze sweeps the room again. The blushing Kilgour princess only getting a breif grin. Nodding a bit to Terrwyn's words. "Sounds good to me." Shifting a bit in his seat. Looking to his sister as well. Hearing her suggestions. Nodding a bit. "I am sure we can help out with whichever needs or trades you could need from us. I am sure we do have enough things that you could benefit from, and the other way around." Falling silent at that.

"His majesty knows well the legends of seamanship and shipbuilding among your people, your highness," Caedmon answers with a bow of his head. "It is this seamanship, and the making of ships, that particularly interest his majesty, although I am sure that other interests might come to his attention during our discussions. To begin, we, in turn, are prepared to offer gold, timber, weapons, and armor crafted of Kincaid steel, the finest in the world."

Cedric cant help but grin at his wife and the varied reactions it produces. "True Your higness warships are a prize to be going for for Darfield, but alas. Sutherland has no ports and no navy so We, will have to look upon other avenues of trade. " He grins softly to both Ciarrah and Conall. "I am sure we can come up with goods that you would deem worthy of trade."

Princess Caillin glances at Terrwyn when she speaks and the start of her speach makes girl raise an eyebrow. After this, her grey eyes find Tyrel and Ciarrah. It could be said, that Princess studies both of them for a few minutes with a more clear frown, before Princess of the island starts explaining about her escort. A slight resentment of Tyrel is noticed and Caillin answers to it shaking her head, opening rosebud lips slightly, but at this second one of the Caillin's guard comes closer and leans to whisper something in girl's ear.

Expression of the Princess Caillin changes. She jumps on her feet, grabs soft fabric of her skirt and just utters to her brother officially "Excuse me, Your Highness. I believe you are no longer in need of me here…" her soft voice is quite silent, but everyone can hear her clearly. Princess turns to the direction of the door. However, even if she leaves the room in a hurry, her pace remains elegant and proud. Also, Caillin offers for each of one a nod before she leaves and Royal pair from island gets a brief smile.

When the discussions fall from marriage and to the more immediate need of warships, Ciarrah's eyes light up. "Oh yes! We have a famed ship builder who has trained several others under his expert tutelage and we have the capability of putting out several within a shorter amount of time. Also, we have the ability to train Captains to pilot the vessels, so you could have people of your choice trained on Aberdeen." With a graceful nod, she smiles to the Princess as she makes her leave, "Be well, Princess Caillin, it was a pleasure seeing you again." Turning her attention back to Cedric, she gives a brisk nod, all business. "Of course, I am more than certain we could find something agreeable, for we are always seeking trade from

Tyrel furrows his brow as Caillin jumps up to leave. He watches her, then as Ciarrah speaks, his attention is diverted. He listens quietly as he takes another drink of his wine. He then returns the goblet to the table and motions to a server to refill the cup, who moves to do so immediately. The Princes attention turns back to Ciarrah, nodding as she speaks of training Captains for the Royal Navy. His fingers go to his chin, as he ponders. "There is the matter of a defensive pact." He looks to Caedmon, "I believe my father is adament about forming an alliance with Aberdeen." He looks back to Ciarrah for reaction.

Caedmon shifts his attention briefly when Caillin when the young princess signals that this turn of discussion troubles her. When Tyrel speaks, Caedmon inclines his head to the prince, and agrees, "Indeed, his majesty desires not only the agreements on trade that would benefit our kingdoms in the near future, but an alliance that might become more permanent, if you are in agreement."

Conall nods as the conversation goes on. Nodding about the ships. "Indeed. We got our ships, along with skillful crew members. Well, most things dealing with such really. Fishing, nets, pearls, so on." He says and smiles, watching the people. Letting his sister deal with most for now though. There is a reason why she was sent as the ambassador after all. He does watch as the princess jumps and moves to leave. Studying her for a moment with a nod and smile before looking to the others again.

Watching Princess Caillin depart he shakes his head abit as he returns his attention to the negotiations. "Well as with all trades it's a matter of supply and demand and more importantly fair prices for both parties. I can give.. " he pauses and looks to his wife. "I should say we can give you a list of what we have surplus of and for trade and depending on what appeals to you , we can then discuss prices or what you have to offer in exchange."

"What I am more interested in is what type of Marriage Negotiations are going to be offered. In other words let us hear all that you seek and then we will tell you all that we see and we can find a way to meet in the middle that will be beneficial to both countries." Terrwyn pauses. "As trade for the Sutherland, let us see what we can do as my Lord husband the Duke of Sutherland state. But it would help even for trade to know what you want. We are not creatures of myth and legend and cannot read minds."

Once her wine is filled, Ciarrah offers a nod in thanks, but her attention is on the Prince at the moment. Intelligent blue eyes regard him as he mentions the Royal Navy and a defensive pact. Lacing her fingers together, she nods, as if expecting something of the sort. "Of course, Your Highness, that is to be expected. After all, I am certain that a strong alliance would be necessary, for matters of such importance. After all, the Captains of the Royal Navy would be trained on Aberdeen, and as such the trust would have to be immense."

Once more, as Caedmon speaks up, the Aberdeen Princess shifts her attention to him. "It would certainly depend on the more… permanent alliance. What do you have in mind?" As Cedric speaks of trade also, once more, her smile gentles. "Of course, Your Grace. Whenever you like we could meet and compare trade items as well. My office is always opened to anyone who is interested."

Ahh and as Terrwyn mentions something direct once more, admiration flashes in her eyes, liking the woman immediately. "In so far as allowed marriages are concerned, my father would allow his children to marry no less than Royalty, though Prince Conall has more of a free choice on that than I do, for if she is of excellent lineage and willing to move to Aberdeen and eventually rule along side my brother, then it would be allowed. Also, we have cousins who are also land holders who would be available for a Lord or a Lady, a Noble Knight, a Duke or Duchess or even a Baron or Baronett. There is always someone who could marry. If you already have something in mind, then please, I would like to hear."

Caedmon inclines his head to Terrwyn and then looks to the royal representatives of Aberdeen. "His majesty believes that a marriage to His highness, Prince Tyrel, would be of great benefit in solidifying the alliance that we have proposed," he answers bluntly.

Marriage? Marriage?! How does this conversation go back to Marriage? The Prince has a furrowed brow and wild eyes. He looks from Terrwyn to Caedmon, then back to Ciarrah. He opens his mouth to speak, then closes it immediately. Marriage?! His mind races a mile a minute. Thankfully, Caedmon is here to direct the conversation in a more profitable direction. Tyrel turns his head, glancing toward the Aberdeen Prince for a moment. Oddly, he sizes the man up, shrugs to himself, then glances back to Ciarrah. He lifts his goblet of wine to his lips, taking a drink. As Caedmon speaks, his eyes widen and he goes into a choking fit, having swallowed some of the wine down the wrong pipe. He raises from his seat, moving behind it to hide himself, coughing and hacking as he struggles with the wine.

"I am thinking of what Lord Caedmon did say what do you wish to offer for such a union, what are you seeking?" Terrwyn says them and those in the council chambers. "There is a difference between a trade agreement and marriage contract. Especially those contracts of the Royal persuasion, what exactly would you offer in terms of the Navy that our prince has brought up twice now?"

Now they were getting down to business, and Ciarrah does glance at her brother first, for as the Heir, he had the final say in the matter, but she did have the ability to input her own opinion. As Tyrel casts the look towards her brother and sizes him up, she offers in a sort of tongue-in-cheek manner. "Then I do hope that he was not interested in wedding my brother, for that would be awkward for all involved." The attempt at humor brings a smile curving her lips as her clasped hands move to her lap, underneath the table. If the princess is nervous about the remaining suggestion, that is the only hesitance she shows. Directing her attention now back to Terrwyn, she repeats part of what she had said earlier. "With such an agreement of trade, the money spent on warships and training alone is… I say that other marriages have been based on less. Should a marriage occur and we become allies, then the matter of the money is certainly greatly diminished to strengthen both Houses as the men from our own Navy would be offered to navigate and pilot your ships instead of having to train new. It would create a solid union and a unified front, after all, your lands here border the Sea where our Island is, and as such, you could also provide the land troops that we are lacking. As far as goods go, those are the smaller, easier traded goods." Her expression remains friendly and open for suggestions, though she half rises when the Prince does, a look of concern at his coughing. "Your Highness?"

Conall nods as he listens, raising a bit of a brow at Caedmon's words. He does chuckle to his own sister's words. "I do hope not. As you said, that would be awkward." Running a hand through his own hair. "I would personally think that armor is well. But there are of course subjects of other things as well. Resources. Although those would most likely com in second hand along with an agreement." Looking back to his sister with a nod as they go on. Looking to the prince as well, when he rises. "Is all well?" He asks calmly.

"So with this marriage your father and his council would be offering a mutual aid and agreement pact?" Terrwyn ask to have them clarify. "I would hope that many of us would be able to create our own trade agreements as our lands are unique unto themselves."

Tyrel continues coughing, though he is paying very close attention to the conversation at hand. After several moments, he stops coughing and straightens. He clears his throat, moving back toward his seat. He snatches at his wine, taking a long drink to soothe his throat. He eyes Caedmon for a moment, then tosses the same awkward glance toward Terrwyn. He slides into his seat, remaining silent for several moments. "One would think that I might have a say in such matters." He speaks in a rough scratchy voice after his coughing spell. His gaze returns to Ciarrah, watching her in thought, his mind continuing to race, and it is showing in his expression.

"I am sure that his majesty would not object to other negotiations as long as they do not conflict with his own wishes and then negotiations that he undertakes," Caedmon answers, sweeping his gaze around the room. "Negoitations on other matters beside marriage are also possible."

Cedric watches his wife and smiles, and grins as things go back and forth from what he can tell between tyrel and the Princess Ciarrah and her brother.

"Well then I think we should start with my Prince who is my cousins, contract negotiations marriage and then I for one would enjoy some trade negations for Sutherland Terrwyn pauses and she looks at the prince. "You do not get a say in the matter my dear prince any more than she does. Now with this said Lord Caedmon what is our Majesty looking for I am sure they wish to hear it. I do think that a mutual aid and non-aggression pact would sweeten the deal even more between out two lovely and brilliant countries."

Only when the Prince seems to be under control does Ciarrah take her seat once more and glances at her brother with a crooked smile. "Unless you would like to marry the Princess," she murmurs softly, though brows are arched, truly giving him that to think on as well. After a moment, she shifts her gaze back to Terrwyn. "There is currently no offer on the table, however you have brought up the topic of marriage, not I, I was only agreeing that it is an option. Perhaps if you would like to tell me what it is you are seeking, I could counter with what is realistic within that query. As for trade agreements with other Houses and lands, I am most certainly interested. I have an office here in the Palace and am more than eager to meet with each and everyone who would like to speak with me. It is why I was sent after all, to represent my own home."

At the words of the Prince, her smile once more grows. "Of course you would have a say, Your Highness. If you are adverse to the idea, I think there could be an alternate choice in my stead." As Caedmon points out the other matters, she nods concisely. "Exactly, Sir. As I said, I am willing to meet with anyone at anytime, the office is always open, bar when I am sleeping." With a soft and amused laugh she looks back at Terrwyn as speaks up again, giving a bit of a bemused smile, for after all… she was correct. "You are correct. For an agreement as such, my father would give me no choice as I am certain you and the King's advisor."

Tyrel ooks from Ciarrah to Terrwyn, then back to Caedmon. He opens his mouth to speak, then is cut off by Terrwyn. He furrows his brow. His royal cousin sure is blunt isn't she? He likes that, but this conversation, he isn't so sure about. "Why was I not informed about these possible negotiations?" He looks confused, then his expression softens at Ciarrah's words. He speaks up, his voice still raw, "Alternate choice? Certainly not." His lifts his chin slightly. He looks to Terrwyn, perhaps a pleading look in his eyes, then back to Ciarrah, "I told my father that you were very lovely and that I should seek courtship. He didn't mention that he was going to have my cousins ambush you." He looks to Caedmon, then back to Ciarrah, adjusting in his seat. "What of you? What are your thoughts, alliances and agreements aside? It certainly would seal an alliance, but would it be best for you? What think you of staying in Darfield? Wouldn't you miss your mother?"

Caedmon waits for Prince Tyrel to regain his composure, and then he nods to Ciarrah. "You ask for what we seek. Beside the lasting alliance that I mentioned, his majesty is seeking 10 new warships, the finest that you can provide, along with your own sailors, or training for our sailors." He glances to Tyrel and adds, "Let us begin with that."

Conall shifts a bit in his seat. Grinning as his sister speaks of the princess. "I will do as is needed." He says and shrugs, trying not to say more than needed. There is amusement in his tone of voice, even if his face stay rather stoic. "I do think whatever the agreements are we can get it well under hand to make it equal. No need to worry on that part." A smirk then.

Then he does hear Caedmon's words. Letting his sister lead the talk. Perhaps with him doing small gestures of approval or rejection depending on what she offers.

As the conversation turns more personal, Ciarrah glances once more to her brother and her cheeks tint pink as she lifts her gaze to the Prince from the direct line of questions. "If you are agreeable to a match, Prince Tyrel, it was suggested by my father even before he sent me here, though I admit I did not want to bring it up myself for it is something I wanted to make sure was welcome by both parties. When I left Aberdeen Island, I expected to be spending quite a lot of time here in negotiations and trade agreements, and I fully intend to remain doing so no matter what is decided between your advisors as far as a marriage is concerned. I do know we could have mutually beneficial trade agreements between Aberdeen and their wonderful houses. We have less land mass so crops such as wheat, corn, cotton, crops that take sheer masses of land we are short of. We do, however, have much to offer in return." This is as much for Cedric as it is for the Chancellor and Terrwyn as well. When he mentions her mother, her lips once more tilt into a smile. "Your Highness, I believe I would not miss my mother too terribly, for I would fully intend to bring you to Aberdeen at some point and show you off there." Again, amusement dances in her eyes, showing her good humor with the idea. "Ten warships with Captains is certainly acceptable, along with the crew should you need. I would like for you to have a Skipper on board for each, to learn the trade, the navigations. A peace treaty would also be mandatory between our two Kingdoms. We are very agreeable to all that has been mentioned." Turning blue eyes upon her brother once more, she nods. "I think perhaps even a wife from one of the strongest Houses would be also a good act of faith as well, for you. Such as the Ruxtons?"


Tyrel purses his lips as he listens to the Princess speak, so certain of herself. He is attentive, listening closely to every word. He even leans forward a bit as she speaks. When she finishes, he leans back and regards her for several seconds. He looks to her brother, then back to the Princess. He remains silent for several moments before snapping his fingers once, "It is done." He looks to Caedmon offering a nod, then to Terrwyn, "Have the magistrate draw up agreements papers. A verbal agreement is in place, and we shall sign the papers on the morrow. Tonight we will celebrate!" He looks back to Ciarrah, "If that is agreeable to you?" He sure changed his mind rather quickly, didn't he? Or, did he? He raises his goblet in a toast, "To Aberdeen!"

Cedric raises his water goblet and smiles "To Aberdeen!" then leans over to his wife and whispers something to her.

Caedmon focuses on Ciarrah when she begins what proves to a rather lengthy answer. "I believe that we have a solid foundation all all points," he agrees. "The stipulation about our people learning from yours is one that his majesty anticipated and endorses highly. I cannot be specific about which of our great houses would offer a wife to your brother, however, I am confident that we would have an answer to that question in the very near future, your highness." Then he looks to Tyrel, notes his approving response, and allows a smile to cross his lips.

Conall nods a bit to his sister, seeming agreeable at the moment. He does raise just a bit of a brow about the wife part but for now not saying much about it. "I am sure that all can be done quite well. As my sister pointed out we could do well with some of the resources that require a lot of land. While we do have trees and stone and so forth the large areas for crops are less. Though are sailors are skillful. All of them and in more or less all kind of situations. We do have a tough time of trial and so on. Which hardens our people." He assures them about the quality of men. Still while keeping his form and speaking calmly.

"To Aberdeen and to us, also we have timber or and wine and horses that we can trade along with other items it would be matter of what call to you. This would be for the Sutherland, and I think we can meet you in private for this. Would you like to come for tea my dears?" She asks them sweetly. She looks to Cedirc as he kisses her cheek."I agree, and I think my brother would certainly agree to taking a bit of time for him." At the abrupt change of mind from the Prince, Ciarrah looks at him in surprise, hearing the orders issued between him and Caedmon. When he directs the question to her, the bemused smile makes a reappearance. "Yes, Your Highness, that is agreeable." As he lifts his wine, she lifts her own. "To Aberdeen and to all of Mobrin with their many Houses, and to the timber that will go a long way in building even more ships in the future. To an agreeable alliance all together." Giving the Duke and his Lady wife a smile, she ods.

"Certainly tea would be agreeable."

Tyrel stands now and looks to Cedric, a smile spreading wide on his face. "It looks like my plans have changed." He reaches to shake hands with the Duke as warriors do, nodding to him, "I do hope you will stand with me, my good friend." He lets out a laugh, then turns to move around the table. When he reaches Ciarrah, he extends a hand toward her to help her rise from her seat, "Stand and be recognized, my Princess." He gives her a wink, the smile remaining on his face, his eyes sparkling. His attitude has certainly changed.

Cedric has stood up to shake his princes hand and smiles. "I had a feeling she'd hook you at some point. " he says teasingly and bows to Ciarrah as well. "Im sure you'll get him trained properly princess. " he grins, and looks to terrweyn. "if not you can always ask terrwyn here for pointers. " as he laughs softly.

Caedmon stands and signals for one of the servants to bring him a glass of water. He joins in the toast, lifting his goblet high remaining on his feet while Prince Tyrel rises to speak to Ciarrah and Conall.

"I am here you do realize that." Terrwyn points out in teasing tone. "Bring your brotehr and we will have tea in our appartments." She tells them bother as she looks to the Island Princess and her brother. She then moves to get up slowly from where she was seated. "My dear Cousin It has been a delight as always and you and I should talk soon." This is said to Caedmon. Then she looks to the her Prince. "Well you do know what I can do." She says this with a smile. She then puts both hands on her chair as she starts to watch and observe.

Conall does join in the toast as he rises with his own wine. Staying quiet now. Nodding a bit to the words from Terrwyin as well. Drinking once the toast is done. Studying each person for a moment curiously so.

When Tyrel joins at her side and offers his hand, Ciarrah rises, her smile radiant as she stands at his side, a place where she will remain from now on. "My Prince," offering a curtsy to him once standing before she looks at Cedric at his teasing remark. "With all of you around, I do think we have this well in hand," she teases in return. A glance to the more serious Caedmon, she bows her head when he also rises. "I look forward to many planning meetings with you all," attempting to encompass them all with the words. "Of course, I will bring my brother," she replies to Terrwyn, "And we will look forward to the talks." Briefly she allows her eyes to drift to her brother, seeking his approval, before finally, her gaze settles once more on the prince. "I look forward to a future, Your Highness, and I will make you a good wife."

Tyrel smiles at her words, lifting her hand in the air in celebration, looking around the room as well. Then, suddenly, he pulls her into his arms, and bends at the neck, planting a kiss directly on her lips! How much wine did he have? His eyes squeeze shut as he holds the kiss for several moments, before pulling away. He looks into her eyes for several moments, before turning to offer a hand to the Prince of Aberdeen, his future brother-in-law.

Conall sighs and smiles to his sister. Seemingly approving at least. She's still his younger sister though, so he will at least worry. But he seems fine with how things have gone so far. Having a small smile on his lips. Then to Tyrel, "Take good care of her now." He says before smirking and whispering to the prince. It seems as the whispered words are mostly a tease along with something else. Though there is still that smirk on his lips.

Caedmon lifts his goblet again when Terrwyn speaks to him. "Indeed, I have been away for too long and look forward to hearing all of your news." He smiles when Tyrel approaches his intended bride and surprises her with a bold kiss."Prince Tyrel no, not before the wedding, what will they think of us. Do you and I need to have a talk?" Terwynn says with narrowed eyes. She then looks to Conall, Caedmon and Cedric. "You may wish to speak to him and remind him that not until the wedding night." She reaches to snag her cup and take a drink.

It was certainly unexpected, the kiss. Ciarrah was only just smiling at him when suddenly she is experiencing her first and very public kiss! He tasted of wine, and when he breaks the kiss and looks into his, she meets his gaze, unflinching, though still stunned. When he pulls away, a hand reaches for the back of her chair to steady herself while he greets her brother. With heat infused cheeks her gaze skitters over all surrounding them and she offers a quiet smile that bordered on excited confusion. When Tyrel is gently scolded, she lifts a hand to attempt to rub the pink from her cheeks.

Conall grins and nods to Terrwyn. "Indeed." He agrees before he looks to Tyrel again with that previous smirk he had for him. "As I said." He offers and finally takes his hand. "Pleasure, your highness." Then to his sister. "I hope you'll keep him on the right path. Right?" He says and grins with a raised brow, as if uncertain if she will be making sure or not. Shaking his own head a bit.

Tyrel nods to Conall, at his whisper then to his words. He doesn't respond to the scolding, but he does give a grin to Cedric. He doesn't release the Princess' hand, keeping it held to his side. "I am sure you women will plan a beautiful ceremony." He glances toward Ciarrah, "I suppose you should write to your father and inform him of the…. news?" His mind is now racing faster than before. "…and I should go speak to my father, when he is awake next. He will want to know." His eyes dart back and forth as he looks to the ground, "Flowers. We will need lots of flowers."

Cedric smiles as he watches the action of tyrel and the reaction of a clearly shocked even if pleased princess. Cedric slips his arm around his wifes waist and grins more at her outburst. "Love one kiss isn't going to get past this room besides I think it if wasn't for gravity, the princess would be bouncing off the ceiling." as Cedric then promptly kiss's his wife, not minding what might follow.

Caedmon's eyes shift from person to person, silently observing all that transpires until Tyrel mentions his father. At that point, the Chancellor steps forward. "Your highness? Even if he is reseting, your father will want to know of this development without delay."

Conall bows then. "Well, I should take my leave. This meeting has been pleasant and I look forward to more." He offers and does look briefly to his sister before he moves to leave.

So charmingly endearing, Ciarrah listens as Tyrel worries about all of the things they will be needing. "I will write to my father." Giving Conall a quick hug, she smiles happily up at him. "We need flowers," she laughs softly, pleased at the excited words of the Prince. Turning back to face the others, she does appear to be in good spirits!

Tyrel nods to Caedmon, "I should go speak to him." He looks to Ciarrah, kissing the knuckles of her hand, in order to avoid another scolding. "I shall see you on the morrow my bride." He lets out a light laugh, patting her hand with his other before releasing it. He nods toward Conall, offering a sort of a salute, before turning toward the door. He stops just inside, looking back over his shoulder. "You are dismissed," he says with a smirk, before heading on out.

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