Thedor 43 229: Trade Tensions Ignite

Trade Tensions Ignite
Summary: Two ship crews, one of Greenshire and one of Lakeshire, take tensions to the extreme. There are no winners today. Graphic Language Used
OOC Date: 12/02/2014 (OOC)
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Upon Lake Kincaid - Near Blackforge
On the lake, in Greenshire patrolled waters.
It is day 43 of the month of Thedor, 229 2E

It's a rather nice day for being winter, no storm clouds in the sky, well, no clouds at all. The sun shines down on the water and reflects off the water as it moves back and forth. The military has set up an inspection ship out on the water and seem to be checking on cargo and other such things on some ships, they aren't letting anyone go past without the inspection being done.

The crew flying a Lakeshire flag had made the unfortunate detour to the gates controlled by Greenshire and Weston and find themselves with their cog alongside a ship set for inspection that was not favourable to their schedule. The captain of the merchant ship swears unholy things at the military fleet not favouring the Lakeshire trade ship, "We sail to the harbour port of Lakeshire where inspection is made there, bloody ingrates… Bastards of Greenshire have no right to inspect a haul not meant for them. Snoopy lot aren't they?! Noses shoved in shit trying to sniff out some prize not their own." The captain is weasel of a man, greasy hair but at least presentable garb. It appears he trades from outside of Mobrin and thus the inquiry into his cargo. "Let us bloody well on! You bastard sons of a whore! Do you not see the Lakeshire flag on our masts?! No wonder this passage was spoken ill of!!"

And there is the other ship. A Granarian crew and an equally Granarian captain. He seems upset about the whole situation as well but most likely used to it as he listens to the other man. At some point it becomes too much and he shouts at the ship alongside. "Then sail to Lakeshire across the land by Lanniveer you washerwomans whelp! And fuck yer' flag! This /aint/ Lakeshire! If it were we'd be sleeping in a' ditch!" This captain is of a poorer lot and is dressed in the rags of someone whose been out to sea a long time. His men look much the same and are starting to gather around him as the insults start to fly from their lips as well.

The guards that are inspecting the cargo of each ship stare at the two captains as things seem to be slowly starting to heat up, "We are required to inspect each and every ship that comes through here. No matter who you are, no matter which flag you are flying. You will both have to wait until the inspection is done, no way out of it." the guard in charge of the group tells both captains.

The captain with obvious ties to Lakeshire looks over at the crew taunting them, "Aye, if it were Lakeshire you wouldn't be dressed like you crawled out of a pig sty!!" There's jeers and taunts from his men on the vessel, all who have been way laid far too long by this unnecessary search - unnecessary in their eyes. The captain puts his hands on his waist and puffs out his chest, putting a foot on the forward rail. "Aye, you should go inspect your lord's prick, the way you sods are checking the haul." This to the military crew, "where are those damn galleys from Lakeshire to protect us from this act of piracy! We'll be billing Greenshire for any of our cargo that spoils while we wait for this farce!"

"Aye!" The other captain shouts back, "Were it Lakeshire we wouldn't be so rude as to outdress your woman folk!" His men start to throw back the insults they were hurling a bit louder now. His own men are not harrasing the military so much, afterall, again, they are used to it perhaps, or perhaps this is where they will take port and want no trouble later in the heavily marhsalled area of Bleackburn. That does not stop them from foaming at the mouths as the taunting increases on both sides. The captain shouts again, "I only see one pirate here! You! Where are you returning from?! I'd say your just the sort they's on the look out fer'!" With that some rotten spoiled piece of vegetable flies over his shoulder headed right at the Lakeshire captain!

The guard captain steps in front of the thrown vegetable and gets hit with it. He growls at both of the captains, "You will stop this fighting now, or I will have my men take as long as they want in inspecting your ships. Hell I may even tell them that it is break time for the next three or four hours, if you both insist on acting like asses. I may even have them wait until nightfall before I have them finish inspecting your ship." he shrugs some at them, "Actually, that's not a bad idea, with the way you both are behaving, I have even more reason to suspect that both of you are carrying suspicious items on your ships. I may even have to confiscate your ships until get the captain of the fleet here to settle this. You do not want that, do you?" he raises an eyebrow.

"What women folk of Greenshire do you have to speak of? Your GOATS?! Aye aye, like you bloody goat fuckers would know what women folk were!" The crew of the trade cog destined for Lakeshire mocks, the crew roused to the the decks and showing the tension that the military inspection was causing. Inspections could take hours after all, to go through each piece of tightly packed crate and iced cooler. The thrown piece of vegetable and the implication of being a pirate has the captain snort back, "Aye, wouldn't you like to know where we hail from so you can rob us!" He gestures as the men start to get prickly, "And what? Is that the best you got?! Not a surprise from where you hail! Greenshire's about as spoiled and rotten as the filth you throw! Hah! No doubt they'll pay a high ransom for it too!" There's a scoff at the military captain, "Bloody thieves! We don't recognize your fucking Greenshire captains. Get off my bloody deck before we make you. You've had high enough time to inspect your pricks to see that we've trade for Lakeshire, not your cunt of a Count." The men on the crew are looking weary but ready to defend their hard worked for cargo, as any ship would be of pirates.

The group on the Greenshire ship scowl and curse amongst themselves at the military mans words and the growing insults get them in a bit of a roar. Shouts ring up from the ranks, "Fuck ya' ya' dirty cunt. Ya'll break half the day!" and other such jibes at the men on the docks. The captain on this side of the ship is hard pressed to return insult as the roar of his men has grown louder on the further insults. More of there spoiled fruit and vegetables start to fly now and the soldiers are not spared. The sailors now beginning to hop of the ship and rush toward the LAkeshire ship their own captain being knocked into the water as they do so.

The guard captain growls again and shakes his head, "Stop them men! arrest them all, but don't hurt them. We don't want to kill anyone. All captains and crew of both ships are under arrest." he shakes his head and moves to take ahold of the Lakeshire captain, not noticing the Greenshire captain has been pushed into the water. One of the guards however has and he dives into the water to ave the fallen captain.

The crew on the cog destined for Lakeshire bear arms, knives and short blades, the curved sort from other lands from abroad, even a few swords among the lot. Vegetables meet the blade. There's a roar from the crew in response to the Greenshire bunch, fired up into such a frenzy that they leap at any military man on deck in hopes to push him over deck and if they're armored they will sink well. Most of the men on deck of this cog aren't armored but show a swiftness of foot from foreign waters. It becomes a ground for blood thirst and vengence under the glare of the winter sun. The captain of the Lakeshire crew resists and shows that he is too packing a blade to do as much, "Leave my deck now. I will not be taken in by piracy!" And such becomes the fights that begin to happen now, the Lakeshire crew out numbered but willing to fight, hungry for it as the tensions have grown in these waters.

The military is wholy ignored now by the sailors who hail from these lands. Mostly the poorer man brandish cudgels and some have brought oars, few have blades. But, the confusion now with the bumbling on the docks and the shouts of arrest they too, are now in it for the long haul. Jumping across the decks and running across gangplanks they begin to swarm the ship. Soldiers are hit over the head on the way and some tussel back and forth in shoving matches. The Granarians now aboard the Lakeshire ship swinging with all their might in the brisk air, relying on numbers and adrenaline to save their arses in this moment they got caught up in. All around men are being flung about, beaten and stabbed. The captain himself lost in the water as shouts ring through the air and the bystanders fleeing for their lives from the small skirmish.

The guards just shake their heads, well some of them do, others punching wheoever comes in reach of them, wether its someone from Greenshire or some from Lakeshire, others jump off the ship into the water and swim away. Might just be best for them to let the men fight it out since they can't seem to gain control of anything. Even the guard captain gives up and dives into the water. He's not paid enough for this and he's not going to die.

The use of metal helps to counter how many men are faced and as the military bastards leap off their deck, the Lakeshire crew is about to celebrate until the Greenshire crew takes it upon themselves to leap onto their decks. That reignites a flame so passionate that the frenzy erupts all about them. Punches, kicks, thrusts of a blade, shoves and yells echo off the lake as men die and fight for their ship. "Pirates!!" declares the Lakeshire crew and the fight will shift and move, to the point that flames are taken to the cog sails and in response the men try to do the same back to the other ship, leaping over rails and decks, while some try to put the flame out. All in all, the crew will lose its captain to a fatal blow from a crudgel and the second mate will swim to safety… or rather surrender himself over to whatever forces are in control. The rest fight. Some die, some live. Those that live are eventually bested and detained or surrender for their own sakes. All are bloodied and bruised… their ship a flame and precious cargo destroyed under the heat, soon to be swallowed by the lake.

AS the light of Cri is dimming the harbor does not lack for illumination. In the form off two precious ships as they blaze upon the water. Men falling overboard and the blood sitting atop the sea. After a heated skirmish the screams will die down and what will remain will be angst, regret, and punishment. The Granarian Captain never found and his own first mate detained as well. The docks themselves sullied with red as the prisoners are marched across to the keep for detainment. The procession long and stared upon as the remaining soldiers roughly take the sailors to the dungeons. Another depressing night in the barony of Blackforge….

More guards show up eventually and arrest the survivors of the melee and take control of the ships. Well, it's the best that they can do, so they are doing their job. They will have to be sorted out later.

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