Cri 30, 229: Token for Good Luck

Token for Good Luck
Summary: Harlik gets the courage to ask Kayla for a token to carry off to war with him. She offers him more than just that to keep him warm in the muck.
OOC Date: 02/05/2014
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Kayla Harlik 
Dining Hall within Greenshire Manor, Stormvale
Stone floors, a vaulted ceiling and a large stone hearth at the far end of room greets guest. Natural light is let in through high windows, which are at least 8 feet up from the floor and stretch towards the ceiling. A formal old dark and mahogany table graces the room, along with red velvet cushioned high back chairs that sit sternly around it. Tall silver candelabras stand spaced at intervals along the table. Soft yellow bee wax candles from a local beekeeper rest in place on it of the great silver pieces. Between each of the candelabras are fresh cut flowers from the garden. Theses flowers fill the room with their rich scent. The stone floor is padded with colorful hand woven rug and the walls are covered with tapestries featuring hunts.
Cri 30, 229 2E

It was early evening, just after dinner and the nobles had cleared out to take their rest. Harlik stayed where he was at the table. He licked mashed potatoes from his spoon and washed it down with a swallow of wine. He let out a sigh as he leaned back in his chair. He straightened out his arms in front of him and adjusted the waistband of his breeches.

Seeing to the others, Kayla finally returns, if only to fetch herself a little more to eat. She's been picking at her food, keeping up with Moira (who I understand didn't finish the birthing scene). When she enters and spies him still there, she pauses and tilts her head, "Good evening, Sir Harlik." The quiet greeting s given wth a smile towards him as she fetches herself some more wine and a bit of meat wth bread to nibble upon.

Harlik turns when Kayla enters and he nods his head, "Good evening Maiden Kayla. How fairs your mistress? I was told that there were twins that arrived. The count speaks of a son…perhaps both are sons?" He shrugs his shoulder. "How fair thee?"

"She fairs well as can be expected." Kayla offers before nodding, "Twins, aye. Both healthy as can be." It's a happy day over all. "How are you fairing?" She wonders as she takes a seat nearby, so that conversation need not resort to yelling over the table.

Harlik stands up as she moves to sit closer to him. He pulls out a chair for her and sits beside her. He turns his attention, "I am doing much better now that you are near." He lifts her hand and presses a light kiss against the back of it. He chuckles lightly, "I would tell you of the things the Count speaks of when he talks of you and I, but I dare not soil your ears with such words."

Thanking him quietly as he pulls out a chair for her, Kayla is soon surprised by the catch of her hand for the kiss to be placed upon it. "Such manners, Harlik." She offers in turn before a brow is lifted, amusement to lighten her expression, "The Count speaks of you and I, hmm? Cannot be any worse than what I have heard from the ladies." She soon offers back in turn before reaching for her wine for a quick sip, nevermind the hint of a blush to come to her cheeks.

Harlik chuckles, "The women speak of us two? Now, I am most curious! Tell me more of what they say. I will do like wise. On my honor as a Count's second." He places her hand to his chest, covering it with his large roughened palm. His eyes focus on her.

Kayla studies him for a moment as he makes such a pledge, and soon nods her head, "Deal. We each go in turn, hmm?" She questions before tearing off a bit of bread to nibble upon, "They wonder if we've ever done more than kiss." She starts off, a brow lifted upwards. The question is, have they kissed? Perhaps a peck on the cheek sometime after a dance?

Harlik laughs low in his throat, "It is a wonder why they are so curious about our affection for one another. A curious thing…" He turns to his glass and takes a swallow of wine. He looks away as if he were not planning on revealing anything. Then a small smile creeps on his lips and he looks at her with a teasing glance. "The Count asked me when I would have your stomach swelling from my seed. He speaks of how it would be to have our children raised with their own- in this castle." His gaze goes up to the ceiling, taking in the full largeness of the room.

"It gives them something to think about at times when trouble is afoot." Kayla says before his own revelation has her turning to look at him, a brow arched upwards. "Oh, he does, hhmm?" It'snot /too/ much a surprise, so perhaps she's been asked something similar a time or two? "Well, can't do that without the words before the priest." For while she's a romantic at heart, she's still a good girl, right?

"There have been some known to birth children without a ring of their finger," Harlik begins. He takes a sip of wine, "Of course, I would think a woman of your kind would want more. We are blessed to not have need for an heir or any of the duties of those with title. Only the duties of our service, and perhaps the duty of one's heart." He grows quiet for a moment as he picks up a left over biscuit and takes a bite. He chews and swallows thoughtfully. Then he turns to her and says in a quiet serious tone, "The Count and I are to go west to further the efforts of war. I hoped-" He pauses. "I hoped you might give me your favor."

"There are those, yes, who do." Kayla answers before she turns to him, to listen to his words, "I would wish to have more, to know my heart's desires." She says quietly, "To raise a family as my mother did with my father until his death, then afterwards when she took in Moira and her siblings as basically her own after Lady Ganita's death." That said, as he speaks of heading out, she frowns, "He is leaving so soon after the birthing?" That might surprise her, gain a slight frown from her though she hears the last. A token? "If you wish that, then I would offer such."

Harlik continues to hold onto her hand as she speaks, he nods in understanding. He nods, "Yes, he plans to leave so soon. Perhaps he goes with some relief in knowing that his heirs will live on. The Count makes some decisions that even I do not fully understand. It is more for me to be at his side rather than ask questions." He squeezes her hand lightly and then leans in to kiss her cheek. "I will think of you when we camp in the muck."

A squeeze of his hand is offered then, Kayla to turn as she sets aside food and wine, "I will not speak of this to Moira, not til he does so himself. I would have hoped he would stay a little longer before going out.." She's frowning, displeased by this, most assuredly. Heirs or not, truly the man could stay a little longer? Wth the kiss to her cheek, she blushes, soon to murmur, "With you at his side, then certainly all will be good… " She pauses, and then adds, "I will think of you as well.." Catching her lip for a moment, she starts to say something, but shakes her head, "If you give me a moment, I will fetch the token now, unless you wish it later?"

Harlik smiles at the blush on her cheek. He shakes his head, "No. This is a good time. One can never tell when I might be off. Go. I will keep what is left of your plate warm." He looks at her as his hand reaches for her plate. There is a teasing glint in his brown eyes.

"Warm, or will it be gone by the time I return?" Kayla dares to ask of him before nodding, rising from her seat. Her hand touches his shoulder, a light press to keep him in his chair before she heads off. Minutes will pass, but eventually she returns to the dining all with something in her hand. Returning to her seat, she offers him two things. The first is a ribbon of blue, a shade that was said to match her eyes. At the end, she's decorated it with a few flowers. The other item is a handkerchief upon a corner has been emboidered with a 'K' made of flowers, roses. It smells of her perfume as if she might have dabbed some on it.

Harlik laughs at her jest. He watches her rise, his eyes taking in her full form. He watches her leave, and then attends to her plate by cleaning it of what food was left. When she returns, his focus is ever on her. He takes the items in his large hand, fingering them lightly. He breathes in the scent from her handkerchief. He brings the cloth to his hairy chin, "I will keep both close to me." He bows his head in thanks.

Does Kayla even look to her plate? Nope. She knew it would disappear. The items are offered to him and she asks, "Will.. that do you?" Taking her seat, she is blushing as he takes a sniff of the cloth. Reaching for his hand that holds it, she closes her own about it, "May it keep you safe and return you to us, Harlik." She's serious then, for all the flirting that they might do, he's become a friend.

"I am sure it will. I have heard tellings that a woman's favor bring men back from the war," he starts out. He leans into her slioghtly, "They know someone special waits for their return. It is just what I hoped for. Of course, a lock of your hair…" His hand moves up to play with a strand, not tugging, but lightly stroking. "Of course wives tend to give such a token to their husbands. And we are…..not that. Will you stitch the garments that I come back with? They will surely be torn. Fighting tends to do that. I would trust no one but you with a needle and thread."

"It would be my wish that such tokens would bring you back safely, Harlik." Kayla offers, only to shiver when his hand comes to play with a lock of her hair, the gentle rub of it to mke her tremble just a little. "You wish… a lock of my hair?" She seems surprised, cheeks to flush a little, "We are not, no. I am not sure what we are, in truth, beyond friends." Interested is she, and yet she is not one to push her interests on anyone either. She smiels easily, "I will have you a new pair of clothes waiting for you, for surely something that needs extensive repairs, would likely be better off in the rag bag." Still, she offers her hand. "Give me your knife, sir?" Taking up the ribbon that she offered to him, she pulls out a lock of her hair from beneath, tying the ribbon tightly about it, then braiding it with the divided lock, and then using the end of the ribbon to tie off the end. When handed the knife, she cuts the lock from the nape of her neck and hands it to him with his knife. He's now got a length of about eight inches braided with the ribbon. "Better?"

Now it is Harlik's turn to blush when she makes an offer to give him. His eyes look down, "Thank you, Kayla." When she asks for his knife, he gives no heistation in offering it to her. He watches as she braids her hair and cuts the lock. He takes the braid and presses it to his lips in a kiss. "I will treasure this along with all the moments that we have shared."

Watching him kiss the braid, Kayla is quiet, and yet soon she murmurs, "I should get back to Moira.." She rsies to her feet, and should he follow her up this time, she looks up at him, and soon may surprise him, for this time, with a hand against his chest, she gives him a kiss to the lips. It lingers for a moment, and when she draws back, she smiles, "My the memory of that keep you warm in the muck, and make sure you return for that discussion."

Harlik nods when she speaks of her mistress. He is surprised by her turn around. As their lips meet, his head raises to adjust the touch of skin and fit just right. His eyes close as her lips linger, and when she draws back, he does not pursue, but with his eyes. His eyes are a chesnut bronze, darkened and swimming with excitement. "I give my solemn vow, sweet Kayla. I will return." His face hardens with determination and then softens as he watches her leave.

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