11th Sess, 229: To Help You Sleep

To Help You Sleep
Summary: Eoin introduces Elisabeth to his latest idea to help her sleep. Earns 'brother of the year' points in the process.
OOC Date: 25/Feb/2014
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Elisabeth Eoin 
Guest Suite One - Greenshire Manor, Stormvale
In this guest room windows are kept open, allowing in natural light and fresh air. It is a large-sized room and the walls have been painted a soft pale white/blue. The wood floor is covered with woven rugs instead of rushes. The focal point of the room is a massive queen size four post bed that has been carved from oak. The headboard and footboard have hand-carved garlands with oak leaves and acorns accenting them, and both the footboard and headboard are flanked on each side by twisting columns topped with finial's. Entwining the twisting columns are garlands of oak leaves and acorns. The bed has a sage green and dark green brocade comforter on it. Contrasting pillows have been arranged upon it to give the bed an inviting feel. Flanking the bed are two night stands that match the bed in style. On each of the night stands rests pewter sticks that contain beeswax candles. Opposite the bed is a large oak armoire that has been carved with oaks trees on it, it is beautiful despite its simple design, and functional as well.
Across from the bed is a large fireplace and flanking the fireplace two comfortable chairs. At each of the windows in the room there are planted boxes that are filled with herbs and flowers. The plants offer a splashes of color to the bright and airy room.
11th Sess, 229 2E

Distracted and quiet during the evening meal, Elisabeth excused herself and went upstairs after dinner. The last few days have found Elisabeth in such a mood, when not with Roslin or visting with Kieryn she has mostly kept to herself either in the garden or her rooms. She has still not heard if Roslin and Ronan will be traveling to Lakeshire and so her own bags remain unpacked. At present she is sitting at her desk looking over some herbs and a cup of tea, with a look of concentration upon her face.

Eoin hadn't been at dinner, a situation that isn't all that unusual these past few days and might at least in part why it took until Nylie's visit to note the change in his sister. Having arrived home though he quickly accertains her location and finds himself at her door, knocking gently to ensure he doesn't just go barging in to find she's abed or somesuch.

The knock on the door causes her to jump, caught in concentration of whatever she was doing. She looks down at the herbs briefly with a sigh and rises to answer the door herself. Her maid somewhere else for now with the wish to be alone. She opens the door and Elisabeth looks a little pale with a touch of sweat on her brow despite that her window is open to allow cool breeze into the room. "Good evening Eoin…is there something you need?" She asks lightly, the door open only a few inches for now.

Eoin has had a long day and looks a little tired as the door is openned, but once he gets a look at his sister that tiredness gets mixed with a concerned frown. There's still too much door between them to draw her into a hug, or give her a kis on the forehead as he might usually so instead he just says quietly, "I came to see how you were. That and I've been doing some thinking, if you;ve time to hear me out."

The look of concern upon her brother's face causes tears to well in her eyes. Then those words fallupon her ears and she opens the door wide enough to let him enter and stepping forward to embrace him. She is quiet for a time, perhaps just realizing she just needed family, not isolation. After a few moments she finally releases him and wipes the moisture from her eyes, "I am sorry…just so much on my mind at the moment." She admits and ushers him in, offering him her chair as she goes to sit upon the edge of her bed. "What did you need to speak about?"

Eoin accepts her into his arms without comment, just holding her for as long as she needs it. "Nothing to apologise for," he mutters reassuringly, although he moves to sit next to her on her bed rather than the chair offered. Reaching an arm to slip round her shoulders he speaks softly, "I know I've not always been the best brother you could have asked for, I've been away so much, missed so much. I also know tha things can't be easy for you at the moment, there's so much change, and what with Aldren and his sisters being away, and me being so busy, well, you've been left to fend for yourself when you should have had family around you."

When Eoin sits next to her and wraps an arm around her she does not fight it, indeed she leans into the embrace. His words draw her gaze up to his face and she shakes her head at the first, "Oh , never think that. You do your duty to the realm and that keeps me safe and so many others. Could I have asked for more?" She asks in a whisper. But the last words bring more moisture to her eyes and she leans her head upon Eoin's shoulder. "I…miss home." She starts and takes a shaky breath. "Right now I miss mother more than ever…I …there is so much I wish to tell her and I…Its been so long I thought I was fine." As a girl things of marriage and all that entails, no doubt the support of a mother who is long gone would weigh heavy upon her.

Eoin sighs slightly "I do my duty to the realm and before that I did my duty to our cousin. I'm not sure how to balance that with my duty to you though Beth," he confesses as he turns to kiss the side of her head gently. "You know I'm always here for you when I'm ashore though yes? All you need do is come find me, or send someone if needs be." Rubbing his hand slowly up and down her arm as she speaks of their mother he nods silently, knowing that there is nothing that he can say that will help there. Dropping his head a few degrees he nods his iwn agreement and adds, "I miss her two, so do we all I think. Do you want me to see if I can arrange for you to travel back for the festival? You'd have to ride hard to catch the others but it shouldn't be impossible I think." Giving her a faint squeeze he then states, "I did say I'd been thinking though, and I know there are times when I will be at sea and not here for you. I can't mend that, I know, but I might have found a way to at least help."

Elisabeth looks thoughtful on the first, "I will be alright Eoin..I think I have just felt more alone of late with the house so empty and now Nylie going away for a time and my own…future uncertain. I suppose the coming of spring has turned my mind to home as well. It has been early a year since I saw father and the green valleys of home. Spring was always the best time in Greenshire." She has grown up a lot on the last years, but in many ways she is still the girl from Greenshire, thrust into the 'big city'. The words about the festival draw her gaze up and she nods to him. "I do not mind riding hard…maybe Kieryn can come with, he rides well." She has always preferred horseback to carriage either way. To the last words she looks up curiously.

"I will speak with him," Eoin replies to the comment about Kieryn, "if I remain then I am sure he can be spared. Besides, it will give him a chance to speak with father." Something that will surely have to happen before any potential wedding anyway. Giving her another gently squeeze he pushes himself to his feet and walks towards the door. He doesn't leave though, merely openin it enough to stick his head out and converse briefly with someone who has apparently been waiting down the hallway. He still has his back to her, but from his movements it's likely clear that a relatively heavy burden has been passed across before the unseen other closes the door and ther footsteps can be heard retreating down the hallway. As he turns back, the burden now in his arms is revealed to be a young, sandly coloured dog with a black muzzle. It's obviously still a puppy, but certainly couldn't be described as small. "I asked around, they're apparently very personable but also very protective. As he grows, and he will, a lot, he should I hope be able to provide you with about as much intelligent company as I, and likely better hugs."

Elisabeth looks to her brother , looking hopeful on the first. "If he can be spared. Do not …put any plans at risk on my account. Though perhaps he could see to the Western ports while we are there?" She suggests as a way to make it both a business and pleasure trip. She looks up to him curiously as he heads to the door then the puppy is brought in and whatever heaviness of spirit that was weighing upon her seems to lift. How could it not with such a cute puppy. "Is this one of the hunter's pups?" She asks as she rises from the bed. "Oh Eoin, it is so precious. Thank you so much." She says as she moves forward to take the wrinkly bundle from Eoin's face. Indeed this was a balm to her spirit, that is clear. She smiles up at the last, "I think you will still give better hugs." She says with humour to her voice.

"We'll see," Eoin replies in about the only way he can given there's so much up in the air, "it's certianly not a bad idea, but it will depend on what else is planned." Passing the pup over carefully he then steps back a pace to let the pair eyeball each other without his interferance, smiling with relief as he notes the change in his sister. "He's a mastiff, so I don't expect he'll stay small for long. They are socialbe though, so he should be able to keep you company at night and provide reassurance if needed." He's not going to explicitly say, he'll likely sleep on your bed quite happily, but he figures his sister will get what he's hinting it. He does not the comparison she choses to correct him on though, and the one she does not, before he steps back up to her side and gives her a one armed hug again so as not to squash the pup. "I've had word passed to the cook, so bones should be being set aside for him, as well as meat scraps and the like, but you'll need to ensure he has access to fresh water as well."

The words left unsaid are not lost on Elisabeth and she hugs the puppy to her chest…while she still can. Soon enough he will not be holdable! "He is perfect Eoin…" She says and steps forward to give her brother a kiss on the cheek and moves back to her bed still hugging him to her. The puppy then gives her a kiss and she smiles the more. This will certainly help with her feelings of being alone. Something strong and safe beside her to help chase the nightmares away. She nods to his words for caring for the puppy. "Thank you so much Eoin. He can not replace you though in anyway, but I will feel less lonely when you are gone."

With Beth returning to sit on her bed Eoin figures that now is likely as good a time as ever to retire. "I shall leave the pair of you to get aquainted then," he says quietly, "and have a servant fetch a bowl of water and what else may be needed over night. He'll also need some training as well I'm afraid, but I can ask the master of hounds if you'd like? I am sure he knows a selection of suitable people. That can all wait for the morrow though. Good night Beth, and as I said, don't hesitate to send for me if you have the need." That said he pauses a moment to watch the pair, then turns to make his way to his own room for the night.

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