Sess 4 228:To Dream of Stars

The princess Draventa dreams, more so than usual.

To Dream of Stars
Summary: The princess Draventa dreams, more so than usual.
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Draventa Dair 
Draventa's bedroom in the Moniwid Suite
Room description
4th of Sess, 229

Draventa stayed up late, as she's known to do when nervous or stressed. She has several painting she started, and several that she threw into the fire place. Once the visions are painted, she doesn't like to keep them around, just in case anyone questioned them. She gets enough weird stares. She retired for the night, curled up in her bed in her room. In the corner of the room is her pet snake's cage. On the night stand next to her bed is a small sketchbook and the pretty shell Logen had given her. There's small bouquets of flowers through out the room.

At first there is nothing but darkness then there is light it is grey twlight. A mist seems to surround her and it is quiet. So quiet that she can only hear the beating of her heart and her breathing. There is nothing but that grey light, very slowly it turns to amist and then a heavy thick fog. The fog envlopes her like thick wool banket. It almost sucks the air out of her lungs. It becomes cold and she can feel the heat leaving the marrow of her bones.

At first the Princess finds the dream soothing, it's like mist on the sea. But then the warmth starts leaving her, just like it always seems to here in Darfield Castle. She'll shiver some, curling into a tighter ball.

The warmth continues to leave her and she finds herself when the heavy fog begins to life in a desolsate landscape. Infact it is snowing, but instead of the snow being white it is as black as pitch. It is covers everything. The world is like a desert of onxy snow. A cobbled path appears before her and voice whispers "stay on the path little one."

Looking up at the black snow, Drav frowns softly, unsure. Her arms fold around her torso and the Islander glances behind her. Seeing nothing but the path that's definitive but the path, and the words are her only guide. She'll start walking slowly, her bare feet pressing against the stones making her shiver more.

As she moves down the path a wind picks up and it blows the black snow around her. When the snow shifts and moves she catches a glimps of corpses. They are frozen and half eaten their faces controrted in angony as they give into their final moments. On occasion she will see a face that looks peaceful, though it is half devoured. The wind begins to howl around her tugging at her as if trying to take her from the path.

A muffle cry escapes her,and she'll glance back down the path, hoping to see someone to help her. Her arms tighten when she sees the faces and she'll try to not look. Although the images will most likely haunt her from now on. She doesn't want to step off the path, even if it's just the idea of stepping on the black snow scares her. Stumbling a few times, Dravneta stays true as she can on the path.

The snow swirls around her and voice whipers right into her ear. "So hungery, please help me." It is the voice of a small child. "I am lost in the snow." The child pleads. "Find me, help me." The snow continues to swirl around her and she can still feel the path beneath her feet. She can feel the sting from the black snow as the snow flakes pelt her body.

Draventa blinks, slowing,pale eyes scanning the terrain for the voice. "I…I can't….come to me. I'll help you…" Draventa doesn't leave the path though, even if this is just a dream, she knows rules have been set. Parameters have been given, and she has the feeling, deep in her stomach that if she stepped off the path, she'd end up like the frozen faces. Perhaps this is some type of mermaid's song?

The voice laughs and the terain of the path changes she can now smell blood and feel the warmth of blood on her feet, like a warm rush. The voice now laughs and she sense another presence standing beside her. "think of light, think that you are holding the stars in your hand." Something from the path reaches out to touch her leg wraping itself aorund it.

Draventa lets out a small cry. Her hands pull up at her night gown, so to not get blood on the hem. She can't help the flinch at the voice, both voices. "Stars in my hands, that doesn't even-" and then something is touching her and she screams. She'll try to pull away.

That thing will not let her pull away it holds her fast. "Pray for the stars in your hand with your entire spirit the voice whispers." Another voice more mencing laughs and shouts at her. "She is tricking you, you will feel nothing but pain, they and she will eat you consume you until there is nothing left." All round her she can hear the cries of those hungry children.

Draventa draws in another breath, presumably for another scream, but the second voice makes a mistake. Another tug on her leg, but it's firmly held, "I do not fear pain. I do not welcome it, but I do not fear it." Her pale eyes go up, almost like she's searching for the stars in the sky. "Please…Please. Stars…" Her eyes slide close and she'll reach her hands up. She looks somewhere between praying, and an almost dancing stance. She'll reach, with her heart, for the stars. That glimmer of hope in the night sky, the ones that guide sailors.

Something responds she feels light headed and then it is like she pulling and tugging at something that does not exist. In the palm of her her hand a tiny spark of silver white light appears. It flickers like the distant starlight. The creatures hiss and snarl.

Eyes opening and her pupils dilate, not only from the spark of light, but from the feeling of power that goes through her briefly. At the snarl, Draventa drops her hand to bring the light closer to the snarling creatures in hopes of getting her leg released.

The creature bathed in the light releases her leg. It howls in agnony and slithers away. The dark snow when it touch the light turns white. The voice whispers. "Close your eyes and dream of the light." All around her those creatures whisper his and and scream the wind start to slam into her knocking the air out of her lungs.

Draventa's eyes widen at the ash snow purifies. Her leg is pulled closer to her body and she does as instructed. She fills her mind with songs of finding one's way home by starlight, imagines the glowing light warming her even as the very breath is stolen from her.

The light pushes back the darkness and then there is nothing, there is nothing but the darkness. The light then seems to wink out of existance. But this darkness is differnt. It is quiet and soothing to the mind and the spirit. It is the darkness that true rest can be found.

Draventa keeps her eyes closed, she knows to not go against instructions. especially those given by disembodied voices freeing her from dark creatures. Her breathing returns to normal, and she can't help the soft sigh. She hasn't had dreams like this the first few months after the snake pit and she is glad that it is quieting.

"Draventa, remember the light, call upon the light when you have need of it." The voice fades and there is that darkness again and soon she is left to her normal dreams.

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