This timeline is a work in progress and will remain so throughout the life of the game.

Nar 33, 0 1E — Gaelor Manghem conquers the continent of Daeren, forging an empire that would last for 1,463 years.

Sheat 33, 33 1E — Gaelor Manghem, on his deathbed, creates three kingdoms, giving his eldest the title of Emperor, and the younger two the titles of King.

Thedor 1, 1380 1E — The empire begins to crumble and collapse from the inside, as resentment builds, population spreads, and rebellion stirs.

Cri 37, 1463 1E — Emperor Gollus Manghem is assassinated, sending the empire into civil war, strife, and bloodshed that would signal the beginning of the end for the Empire.

Nar 17, 0 2E — The empire crumbles, sending the entire continent into chaos that would last decades. The First Era or 'The Era of the Empire' lasted for 1,463 years.

Alisair 32, 143 2E — Laniveer invades Mobrin, sparking the First War of Three Kingdoms.

Sess 17, 174 2E — Mobrin invades Laniveer, sparking the Second War of Three Kingdoms.

Inouv 19, 223 2E — Laniveer invades Jadda, sparking a conflict that would engulf the continent.

Cri 18, 224 2E — Mobrin invades Laniveer after two royal cousins of King Calllum Kilgour are executed. Both sides suffer heavy losses.

Alisair 6 , 224 2E — Laniveer counter-strikes, invading Lakeshire and Weston. The Laniveer invasion was thrown back after the Battle of Westgate.

Thedor 7, 225 2E — Various clans from The Hills invade northern Laniveer.

Cri 2, 225 2E — Peace treaty signed in Weston, ending the conflict for all parties.

Thedor 3, 228 2E — Laniveer invades Jadda.

Sheat, 228 2E — Mobrin and Aberdeen create an alliance, but not yet fully supporting one another.

Nar 5, 228 2ELaniveer invades Mobrin

Nar 7, 228 2E — Alliance between Mobrin and Tanara are completely official, with the marriage between crown prince Tyrel Kilgour and princess Ciarrah Aberdeen.

Nar 12, 228 2EBattle of Blackbarrow

Nar 27, 228 2E — Chocola introduced to Mobrin

Sess 31, 229 2E — King Callem Kilgour is killed. Crown Prince Tyrel Kilgour successor.

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