Thedor 18, 229: Time to talk

Time to Talk
Summary: Caedmon and Nylie have a long over due talk that over several issues, but the delay allows Nylie to bring her brother up to speed on the previous nights matters.
OOC Date: 18/Jan/2014 (OOC)
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Caedmon Nylie 
Royal Suite Four
Upon entering the room, it is quickly clear that the focus of the resident is upon a musical bent. Near the windows are several finely carved music stands, each with different musical scores upon them. Resting on the far side of the window is a series of shelves holdings various instruments and cases along with a number of folders and books filled with scores and compositions.

A pair of plush chairs rest before the fireplace. Beside each chair is a small table, one of which holds several small journals and a few pieces of sheet music that a closer look would show a composition in progress.

Thedor 18, 229

It was one of those rare afternoons where Nylie was actually not out playing some where as she had so oft taken to doing since being returned to Dairfield. And while they had long spoken of a need to spend more time with one another, but an actual note had found it's way to Caedmon requesting he stop by to see her when he had an opening in his schedule. It was the one place she could actually reside without guards watching her every movement, even if one yet stood guard outside her door should she opt to go somewhere. And her maid was set near the fire working on a piece of embriodery. Though Nylie herself was actually not near an instrument, nor even a piece of sheet music…well ok there was one over there, but her attention at this moment was upon a map and a series of papers spread out upon the table before her.

Several light taps on the door interrupt the quiet. The person outside the door waits until a guard admits him. Then Caedmon steps over the threshold. He is wearing casual riding attire of such simple design that anyone unfamiliar with him might suspect him of being a commoner. His wool breeches are dark gray. His black boots are worn and scuffed. A dark blue tunic covers his upper body, with its tail hanging well below his hips. A heavy woolen cloak of such a dark gray that it almost seems black drapes over his shoulders, and the hood shrouds his head. "My schedule is a curse, or I would have come to visit long ago, dear sister," he admits.

The guard does easily admit Caedmon to the room, no challege needed for the man once recognized. Her brother was easy enough to recognize these days with that white hair of his, least when he did not wear a hood over it. The taps had alerted Nylie easily enough to draw her attention from the map at hand, and it is a smile that quickly comes in seeing that it is her brother. Dressed herself in a fairly simple gown of dark blue. "Brother, you do what you must to serve as you have been asked, as I do. "Stepping easily from the table to give a warm hug to her brother, if he allows. "I would have waited yet, but there are things I need to speak with you about. I have spoken with Callem and that which he asks of me this time has me remaining here. "

Caedmon inclines his head first the guard, who steps outside, closing the door behind him, and then to Nylie while he steps toward her. He welcomes her hug. When they part, he glances at the the table and his white eyebrows twitch in curiosity. "What does his majesty wish?" he queries.

There is a faint smile that comes at his question, Nylie seeking to watch just how he may come to react to the answer that soon comes,"I am now in charge of Morbin's relationship with Skingaard as well as tasked to handle the matters of trade that Princess Karissa has come to discuss."

Caedmon breaks into a broad grin. "So you are an ambassador, then?" he concludes, "And to an exotic place like Skingaard. I have not had the pleasure of meeting the princess. How do you feel about this? It should be quite an adventure for you. You should talk to her about paying a visit to her land when the season permits."

"It would seem so, brother. " Nylie smiles a touch,"I meet her moments before Callem decided to ask me to take up this new task. And there was some talk of paying visit to her lands before she was called away. It will be an adventure, different from what he usually asks of me, but not entirely so. I am confident enough that I will do what is best for our kingdom. I know you often are left to deal with the trade matters and Lord Avi has spoke that you are to handle the talks with him, and that is part of why I asked you to stop by. I would wish to ensure that any agreements reached are inline and compliment that which is already worked with others." There is a small breathe as she motions to the set of chairs near the fire place, the silent offer to sit before she continues. "The other part is….as I am to remain here now, I need to talk about what is to be done about Roslin and Wenna, brother. They are not of the same mind as you about me when it comes to my lack of husband."

Caedmon follows Nylie to the chairs but remains standing until she sits. "I suspect that you will surprise even yourself in this new role. Much of it depends on reading people, just as you read music. With practice, you will learn how to play each note and produce a melody so inviting that she cannot resist singing with you," he predicts. "As for agreement between your work with Skingaard and anything that I accomplish with the Island, there should be little conflict. They have very different climates, and are unlikely to offer the competing goods."

A hand smooths her skirts in that habitual fashion as Nylie does settle to one of the chairs, relaxing a touch more perhaps then when else where. There is a quiet smile that comes, perhaps a flicker of sheepishness that might be explained for what is spoken next. "Brother, I think I may come to surprise you more than myself. While Callem has never before set me to see such a task fully through or detailed me formally, this will not be the first time I will serve him, Morbin, in a diplomatic fashion. He has not always chosen were I should go to study soully based upon the musical offerings of the desitation, Caedmon." Nylie gives a small nod,"True, they have different things to offer us, but I do not think we would wish to over extend what we agree to trade out."

"He would be a foolish king to send you by his own hand purely for study, without some agreement that he and Mobrin might gain from your visits," Caedmon acknowledges while he settles in another chair near his sister. "I share your thought that agreements with any foreign land should serve us, and not strain us. Have you begun to discuss what goods or services might be on the table with the princess?" He glances at the fire for a moment. Then he focuses on Nylie, and recalls, "You also mentioned that Princess Roslin and my Wenna have decided to concern themselves about your … prospects. If you fear that they might conspire together, I doubt that you have reason for worry. They do not seem agreeable except on the smallest points, things like the color of the sky or the time of day."

"The study has always been the open reason, but he has been never so foolish for it to be the only reason, Caedmon." Some admission made in it all, for Nylie has only ever spoken of going to study, of the music. A shake of her head comes,"We have not begun discussions yet, and she has only mentioned what might be offered. Most of course will be interested to see that a steay supply of their ice wines continue to be had. But what might yet be sought, has not come up." There is a quiet momentbefore Nylie nods,"Aye, they both have. Wenna has oft brought up the matter of me needing roots….once in front of her brother, much to his great delight and entertainment. " Nylie still not entirely pleased with Aldren at just how much he laughed. "But you are wrong on this point, brother. They seem to have agreement in this. For Roslin, neither as clever or sly as she often likes to think, clumbsly tried to fish for my thoughts on the Duke of Lakeshire, and marriage itself. And but days after, Wenna is having me to dinner with none other than the same man? I cannot help but find that far to timely."

"Perhaps the princess's apparent contempt is a ruse, in that case," Caedmon speculates. "Unless your preference has changed recently, I am sure that you would prefer to remain as you are if you cannot marry someone of your own choosing." He reaches to lay a hand on Nylie's arm. "I do not blame you, and if I have any say in the matter, that will be your course. If his majesty rules differently, it will be over my objection."

"I do not guess at what the princess is truly attempting, but she was making those sly looks to see how I reacted to some of her questions. You know the ones that people would sometimes make in thinking they are not being seen orbeing nonchalant with their gaze? Showing more interest in you and your reaction then they mean to let on." A faint smiles tugs at the corners of Nylie's lip as the hand comes to lay on her arm. "My preference has not changed. Perhaps the Duke would be a fine match, I just do not like that they think to meddle where they ought not. Neither knows why I have remained unmarried for so long. And the…truth…Caedmon, I fear to actually consider and look, to even seek to make such a choice. I have so long accepted that marriage was not something allowed to me….What if I would find someone, only to be sent be denied. Perhaps now…that Callem keeps me close…Bt still, the thought frightens me." There is a slipping of a weak smile,"I see what you have found in Wenna, and it makes me so happy to see that you hav such, that you arehappy and have found such a family. But I dare not dream or hope that I would ever be allowed this. "

"I did not expect to marry until some time after I met Wenna. She haunted my thoughts like a new melody that soon suggested harmonies and an arrangement of instruments," Caedmon confides to his sister. "If you find such a tune for yourself, and if that fortunate man echoes your tune, then you will know that it is a composition worthy of your art. Until then, if you prefer the solo, I will defend your place on the stage as well as I am able. His majesty might have other plans that are beyond my control, but I believe that a happy spinster is better than a bitter wife."

A smile comes to listen to her brother speak so,"I could…not imagine what it is like. It sounds like such a beautiful thing. " Nylie draws a small breathe,"Until then, it is perhaps best to not offer hope where there be none. And please, speak to Wenna, I do not doubt she only means the best and wishes to see that I have what you and she have found. I have grown unprepared to tackle and consider such an idea." Nylie's eyes turn to the fire,"And I will speak with his majesty, to see if his plans have changed in this. He always denied the possiblity before." There is a hesitation before Nylie looks back to her brother, a hint of worry having come to her eyes. "I worry for him, Caedmon. Something he said, a change that came over him just as he was to leave me last night. I fear he will need us more then ever soon, family….support."

Caedmon smiles warmly. "I suspect that the love that I share with Wenna is not common, but it is not unique. I have had opportunity to watch Aldren and Moira. I think that they share a similar love. Because Callem heads our house, I asked him to allow me to marry Wenna. Both he and the queen were most kind. They see the political value of arranging marriages, but they love each other. I think that if you asked, they would honor your wishes." He squeezes his hand on Nylie's arm, and he offers, "I will go with you to speak to them if you wish, or speak to them separately on your behalf. If they require you to marry someone against your wishes, I will not support that, and I will not attend the wedding unless you yourself ask. I believe that Wenna would agree with me. She is concerned because she cherishes you and wants you to be happy. I fear that I cannot say as much for the princess. She wants only to manipulate for her own ends."

"I should think so, brother, not many of us are afforded the chance to choose our arangements. To find love and choose that path, most are matched and must make do with what has been given to them. " Nylie gives a rather slow nod,"I can speak to Callem, I do not mind to. I know his plans have long required I remain unmarried. " Yes, the King's hand has been a factor in that part of her life. "Aye, I know not as much can be said of the princes, for she knows nothing about me to have concern. And I know she not long past spent much time in Lakeshire. I do not deny there could be benefit to the House to have a match there. I am not so lost to my music to not see the politics," far from it really. "I just do not wish the princess to think I am her pawn to be used. "

Caedmon inclines his head. "I share your dislike for being a pawn, my dear sister," he assures. "As I say, if I can help you to evade that fate, I shall. I shall speak to Wenna for you as well." He sighs and turns his thoughts toward her other topic. "I agree as well that our king needs sure allies. He sails in perilous waters and he seems to have growing difficulty in managing some of his own family. Such things do not bode well."

"Thank you, brother. If she has….suggestions, I can perhaps consider them. I just do not wish to show up and find I am to be put on display like some old mare that is thought to have need of a new home and better care." Nylie does manage a faint smile after her words. But the other topic does easily draw it to fade again,"He does, his seclusion to his thoughts has not done any favours for him. People lose faith as their patience wanes, and these days have tested them. I fear because of these bodings, he has made this choice to keepme here. He knows I have never been able to tell him know when he asks me to something. " A small breathe is drawn,"It is much to recover from, to restore their faith, remind them why his is their King. But..Caedmon, last night he," she frowns a moment as if trying to figure how to explain,"…after we had talked, shared of wine and music…it had been a pelasant eve, he had smiled and laughed. He was in good spirits, and suddenly…there was a flicker in his face, I saw everything change within him in the moment…as if suddenly a dark dream had come upon him…he spoke that he had lost her. He tried to hide it there after…But it causes me to worry."

Caedmon nods when Nylie asks for his help with the matter of matchmaking. "Nylie, my dear, Wenna and I do not keep secrets, except when one is planning some pleasant surprise for the other, as I did recently by returning from the city with pastries from that wonderful baker, or when she presented me with this." He pulls back his right sleeve to reveal a bracelet made of many graded, dark brown fibers. ( ) "I will speak to her for you, and we will aid you, whether you choose to marry in happiness or to retain your happy freedom." When she speaks of what happened with the king, his face darkens. "A dark dream?" he questions. "Did he say more about it than that he lost 'her'? And whom did he mean?" He shakes his head, but continues to frown. "If you do not know, my sweet sister, do not fret. I will see if I might speak with him."

"Ah, aye, I have heard good things about the particular baker, though I have not made my way to his shop yet myself. " Nylie leans a little to take in the bracelet that gets revealed, a nod coming to see it. "It is beautifully made. And thank you, Caedmon." Nylie gives a slow nod,"Aye, I dark dream. He said no more than that, simply that he had lost her. There was a great sadness, he tried to leave the night as it had been, to smile as not to dispell the mood that had been made. But his smiled was so forced," least to her. "He did not say, but I can only think of one 'her' that would mean so much to him that would cause such a change in him to lose her. I dared not to press him, for I knew he did not wish to leave me in anything but the pleasant mood the music had achived. "

"For him, there is one 'her' above all others, except for the gods," Caedmon murmurs. "Just as it is for me. He might refuses to speak, but I shall offer," he repeats. "As you said, he needs our support. If he will not speak to me, he might speak to a priest." He glances at the table where Nylie left her maps and papers. "I think that you will have enough to fill that brilliant mind. I will look into the matter of the King."

"I know, Caedmon…and it was if I saw something within him break in that moment. " Nylie nods,"I hope he shall speak to someone. " There is a glance towards the table as well when his gaze strays there,"I do have much to catch up on, trade routes to consider. Though I will still worry, he is King, but he is also our cousin, family. "

"I will speak to Wenna about this as well, only to say that he might need some herbs to help him with sleep if he is still troubled by such distress." Caedmon explains. Then he pats Nylie on the arm. "For now, perhaps I should leave you to your new duty while I look into this."

"He may have such a need, hopefully he will talk to you on it." There is a nod from Nylie, drifting to her feet,"It is much to go over and I have taken up much of your time. Ever things for us to do. Thank you for stopping in, it has been good to ahve someone to talk to." All the travel had given her few whom she ever truly grew close to. Not allowing him to escape though without another hug.

Caedmon stands. "Remember, sweet sister, that you always will have a home with Wenna and me," he declares. Then he joins her in a parting hug before he leaves, pulling the cowl back over his head.

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