Sheat 44, 229 2E : Things of Old

Things of Old
Summary: Eoin and Nylie discuss music and things that are Old
OOC Date: 1/July/2014 (OOC)
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Eoin Nylie 
Salon - Darfield Castle
A haven of serenity amidst the rush of the castle, the salon is designed as a place for relaxation or socialization. A hearty fire burns in the massive, marble fireplace, throwing a russet glow across the room. The walls are divided top from bottom with pale wooden paneling above and lapis marble with silver veins shot through it below. Several armchairs, a couch, and a loveseat are set around a beautiful table for an intimate tete-a-tete, the furniture finely made of deep mahogany wood with blue and silver cushions. An azure rug covers the center of the room, but at the edges the dark wood of the floor can be seen. A side table holds tea, coffee, wine and several small hors d'oeuvres, and desserts.
It is day 44 of the month of Sheat, 229 2E

Light strains of music could be heard in the salon, the slow turn of fingers over the strings of a harp. It was a easy flowing number, perfect for the sernity of the salon, allowing any who came to spend time to relax or for groups to yet converse. The harp easily resting against Nylie yet as she played, she had given word to a number to return muic to the halls of the castle. Even if she had not come to play frequently as she once did, she had still managed a few turns between what meetings she was required to see to. Currently there did not seem to be to many about yet, seeing her play to a fairly empty audience, but that never seemed to trouble her. Least of all now. She wore a simple gown of green with golden trim, though the embellishments were at a minimum.

Eoin has been splitting his working hours between the docks and the castle of late and today has so far turned into mostly a castle day. He'd had several hours of discussions with various captains, treasury officials, scribes, and such and the end result is a tiny step further forward than they had been before. Nothing of particular note, but every litttle helps as they say. Heading from the council offices he passes by the salon and pauses at the music emanating from within. Sticking his head round the door he can not help but smile faintly as he sees which particular musician is responsible and leads againt the inside of the doorway so he can listen without disturbing.

Many were waiting for those next steps in the on going war, the cycles that came in offensives and defensives. The little moments and time were savoured, for one did not know when family and friends would yet again be heading off with the chance they would not be returning. It is such thoughts that were escaped from within the music, it had always been Nylie's escape. Now was no different, for with so few about, Nylie had come to lay her head gently against the instrument and close her eyes, not needing to look for her fingers simply knew where to go, which string to touch upon next. The last eventually given the light pluck and the music allowed to fade as it would wish into the room before a small breathe is draw and her head rises. Eyes opening and giving the room a look, perhaps ensuring there is no one new that might have a request and there does not seem to be…that is until her gaze shifts to the door and finds a new arrival. A soft smile comes without thought to see Eoin. Though she is quick to soon bow her head to him,"Lord Admiral, I did not know you had arrived. "

Eoin is momentarily torn between being sad that the music has finished, or happy because she smiled at him. Standing straight once more he raises a hand to his chest and bows as etiquette dictates then concludes the greeting with a "Duchess." Since theres no point lurking near the door any more he enters the room properly heading for a seat in near proximity to Nylie, but not so close as for it to appear in anyway indecent. Once settled he carries on, "I am glad to hear you playing once more. I may need to find call to be about the castle more often in the future." Then, expression slightly more serious, "how is it though? Not too hard for you I trust?"

There is another gentle incline of her head to him as he takes the seat near, but not to near. Her hand settling closer to her, though yet on the harp, the instrument doing well enough yet to hide what belly exists. Perhaps thankfully so. "I have had many speak of having missed hearing the music, I know I have not been able to quite play as much as before. " For many a reason. Nylie gives a small nod to the question,"It is not so hard as it was in the beginning, there are times when it can be. But I have been able to find my way again. It has been odd, for it is the one thing that has always helped me to escape and find peace, yet it was the one thing I could not manage when that was what I needed most. But there was…." She pauses, her eyes shifting to look about the room before back to Eoin…saying softly,"the dream that came when I did come to take the poppy."

"I am both glad and thankful that some of your music has returned to you," Eoin starts gently, "however much or little that might be. I hope with time comes that peace." He doesn't really have much beyond that in terms of deep and meaningfuls and so he leaves that there and concentrates instead upon the latest topic introduced. Leaning in a little, both due to the nature of the conversation in such a public area and his own innate interest , he nods gently for her to continue, keeping quiet so as not to interupt.

"Time has been a help as well as being away from here, in truth." The place were all the chaos and trauma occured. Nylie's fingers do lightly take to the strings again as she continues the topic, easily heard yet by Eoin, but the music easily mixing with the soft conversation and obscuring it in a fashion should others come into the room. "It was a message, the dream…Like you had thought it might be from what you had heard. I should have thought of it, but usually He is more connected to sky herb then poppy in what I was taught. Perhaps because it is easier to come by in Sky Forest. Or perhaps the dream needed to be deeper." She gives a faint smile,"Not a thing I am likely to evern know. But it was the old one, stories long lost would say he is the King of the Fae themselves, creator of dreams and music. I know him by the name Lughdon. Taught of him because of my gift with music, such a gift thought to only have come from Him. " She hesitates a moment,"In the dream, even he was saddened that I had ceased to play."

Eoin nods his silent understanding at that. Being at sea again had helped him somewhat too, although if it'll ever entirely sort things is anyone's guess. Another short nod is given to the recognition of his own minor part in the process and he mutters a quiet, "glad it helped, " before quietening again to listen. Once she's done he ponders for a few moments, digesting what has been said and mulling it over in his mind before he replies, "that name I have heard. It was a long time back though and always something Aldren took more of an interest in than I." A faint smile is offered at her final words and he offers, "a deity with fine tastes then." Theres then another moment or two's consideration before he asks quietly, "you mention both poppy and herb, but have you ever had such a dream without the aid of either?"

The strings are lightly strummed over, almost a thing of second nature with the simpleness of the song and the location. "It did, as did knowing I had the support of such friends. Even if not present." Nylie nods a touch,"That I can see, Aldren has always seemed to have his own ideas on things. And I know Greenshire shares much with Sky Forest in many ways, even if it is a name that cannot be spoke in some places. " Understandable, the Old Ones were not commonly brought up with the worship of the Eight. Nylie gives a little smile at the compliment. There is time to consider the questions before she shakes her head,"I have not, though that is not to say I have head such dreams so frequently. Perhaps a few when I was young, or so I would like to think. But it is hard to tell sometimes with the dreams of the young. But I have always given thanks to Him for my gift. " She gives a small shrug,"There are none amongst the Eight whom seem to have care for such things. He worries of being forgotten and faiding, as is the way of things. If He becomes forgotten, where would the music come from? It is a thing I have thought about much since dreaming."

"Your county was founded by a branch of my family," Eoin remarks with a wry smile, "it is only natural that we two," greenshire and the sky forest that is, "are closer to each other than to any of the other four." Ah, ancient politics. "The dreams of the young are fickle indeed sometimes," he continues, "and sometimes of the not so young as well." There is pause enough only for another quick glance round before he explains, "I ask because once, years back now, I too had such a dream. Thedor though, or so I believe at any rate, but I had not had leaf or milk before hand. Nor do I recall it having been a particularly heavy night before hand." Confession over for now he considers her conundrum a while then offers, "there are none in the eitght who consider much for the sea either, yet it continues to be present. Is music something he has to continually bestow or once released into the world will it continue to grow on its own?"

"Aye, it is only natural with such common origins. " How politics have such lasting impacts. There is a touch of sadness that comes to Nylie's expression for a moment when he speaks of of fickle dream. Though it is soon being pushed away to be replaced by something calmer. "It could be different depending on the God. For worship of Lughdon often involves sky herb, and other things like that….poppy. " Nylie nods a touch, pointing out,"But those of the Finger Isles worship one outside of the Eight as well, who is of the sea. Though…that is what I have wondered….would that which has already existed continue on as it has, or would it fade in time. Or would it only be the apperance of new pieces and works that would become infrequent as He faded." She pauses a little,"Though I would hope the He would not be forgotten. "

"It is my experience," Eoin starts, his tone suggesting faint distaste, "that those of the Finger Isles care for little beyond piracy and ill gotten gains. If they do indeed have a god of the sea then I doubt very much it would be one any honest sailor would be advised to pay heed to. No, I think we're better off treating the sea as we do than taking lessons from the likes of the Rendens and their people." Moving on swiftly his tone settles once more and he notes with another small smile, "It would seem that He has not yet been forgotten in at least a third of the Kingdom, so I suspect there is hope yet."

Nylie gives a faint nod as Eoin's response to those of the Finger Isles, she knew well enough his and Aldren's feelings about those from there, particularly Avi. She was no expert on the nature of their God, certainly not to try and champion it for something an honest sailor should consider. So the matter is simply let go. Especially since she seemed to gain two Rendens as her nieces in the course of things. Fingers give those strings the slow steady pluck,"Aye, I think there is hope, simply because He is not yet forgotten. And there of those of us who might yet be able to teach of him to raise.." She pauses with a blink,"have you ever seen the stone pillars? I know in Sky Forest they are few, and only a few of us are ever hown where to find them. They are worn by the weather though."

Eoin is happy enough to let the mention of the Finger Isles drop from the conversation. He doesn't particularly like thinking about them, let along talking of them. That and he's still in the dark as to the family line of Caedmon and Wenna's second adopted stray. He can only shake his head at the question about stones though. "I have heard stories over the years, occasionally, but no, I have never seen them for myself. Grand things, or so I am told, twelve foot high or more, and a sacred place for both us and the fae." A pause as something she said kicks in and he asks in quiet excitement, "you say you have seen some?"

"Aye, they are, those yet standing. Some have broken and fallen, for the weather has gotten th ebetter of them. Evne yet the greatness of what they once were can still be seen, felt." Nylie gives a slow nod at his question, the excitement that is harboured in his tone. "Aye, I have. I was shown them when I was young, those for Lughdon and another as well for Kallishar, for the White Stag is He who protects us within the forest. And I have always hoped, even when we are sent from it." Having spent a fair bit of her life being sent near and far as it were. "The ones of the Forest are not ones to be chanced upon, I think one would get lost within the Forest if to seek them, or perhaps if intentions were true, perhaps the way would be shown."

Eoin isn't perhaps quite as surprised at Nylie having seen some of the standing stones as he would have been had she claimed to have seen one of the fae, but he still needs to take some time to come to terms with the fact that something he thought untouchable has been touched by someone sat so close. There's a blink or two before he asks, tone making it clear that he knows this is a dumb question but that he has to ask it anyway. "Could others be raised in their stead? In the same places but remade a new to last for centuries yet to come?"

There is a little smile, perhaps a bit of bemusement as Eoin digestes what she's said, lacking the uncertainty that might come in talking with most others on this. Nylie already knew Eoin shared certain habbits, beliefs that had allowed the matter to even be broached to begin with all that time ago. Nylie nods at the questions, not seeming to find them dumb,"I have been thinking about that….and thinking it possible, even if it would be an undertaking. Though, I have not been certain if….the Temple…would take it well if they found out, or even heard of such talk. "

"If you think it doable then it is something that should be considered," Eoin replies, his mind already pondering the initial logistics. "I am sure that Aldren would offer support where he could," he adds, thinking aloud, "but such works would likely remain undetected far longer in the forest than the shire." He can't speak for the Forresters at all, but then Nylie likely can. The specific mention of the temple though gets a slow nod and another glance round before he confesses, "such would not be the first action I have taken that would likely leave a zealous Enlightened reaching for a flaming torch. Nor, given the circumstances do I tjink it would be my last." All that said of course in a very quiet voice, one designed to only barely carry even as far as Nylie.

"I do think it possible. I have thought as well of seeing to smaller ones perhaps, in the way of a smaller shrine that might not be as noticable to those unknowing." Nylie nods,"I had not considered speaking ot him about it," in truth, she'd not even broached the topic with her own brother. "But if you think he would be agreeable to this, I will approach him on it. Though I do agree, the Forest is more likely to keep such secrets. " Eyebrows rise just a touch at this confession given so quietly to her. "I cannot deny I am now curious about such actions, though I do not imagine here is the place to inquire….even if you were amiable to answering of them." There is a slight smile,"Perhaps talk for another time."

Eoin gives a single short nod but then a faint word of caution, "I do think he'd be agreeable. Be careful when and how you approach him though for I must confess to not knowing how Lady Moira thinks on such things." That, and Aldren can be talkative when drunk, but Nylie already knows that much. As for the rest, another small nod is given as he agrees, "yes, perhaps another time," and certainly another place. "For now though, will you do me the honour of playing more?"

"I shall take care," agrees Nylie, it was a topic and type of worship she had been long taught to be careful about. There is a soft smile at the request, and easily answering it by doing just that….playing. Seeing to playing many a song til they have to part and be off to their business.

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