35th Sess, 229: They Prefer the Milk

They prefer the milk
Summary: Sometimes, in the chaos, details are missed.
OOC Date: 21/Mar/2014
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Nylie Eoin 
Infirmary - Darfield Castle
The rectangular room has whitewashed walls and a stone floor bare of carpet and rushes. The air smells of vinegar, soap and strong herbs. On a far fall is a line of windows that look outside of the castle. Each of the windows has a widow box filled with fresh herbs and flowers. Along the wall opposite of the windows are about twenty beds in a row. The beds are narrow and simply made of sturdy oak and rope. Each bed has a fresh canvas, straw stuffed mattress covered with heavy unbleached and dyed linen sheets, a pillow, and a blue wool blanket. Next to each bed is a small square table and a stool. One each of the narrow walls are doors leading to other rooms. One leads to the hallway, which in turn leads to the main part of the castle. Across from the main entry are two doors. One leads to the apothecary and still room, and the other leads to the Royal Physician's office.
35th Sess, 229

The infirmary was slowly becoming a little less crowded as the days continued to pass, those with smaller injuries discharged while others were allowed to continue their recovery in their assigned suites as their conditions stabilized. With more returned and fewer in the infirmary, Nylie was not about as much with such help not quite so needed, and because then Wenna could not fully know just how little rest the Kilgour woman was getting either. Not having the activities to focus her attention to now was not helping much either. It allowed Nylie's mind to return more often to the fateful night, everything that had been witnessed, heard. The breakdown that had finally occurred had least been in private, but her room looked like a war zone of its own now. Yet unable to find sleep, not desiring to be in the musical carnage that was her room, Nylie was finding herself back within the infirmary at this early hour. There was that milk and honey to check upon afterall.

Eoin has been waking sporadically through the night, never for long and never in pain though, jut as if his body is finally starting to get tired of sleeping all the time. Now is just one of those times, but in an effort not to disturb those that are blissfully unconcious he's just lying flat on his back, with his eyes closed, listening to the sounds of the sea that can be heard through the open window while all is quiet.

There is that gentle swish of Nylie's skirts as she draws near the corner where Eoin and Eldan's beds are. A pause made as she quietly takes in the man as he seems to yet be resting, unsurprising, the body did need must rest to heal. A thing that was tiring, and frustrating all at once. Though she soon slips to that window by his bed, a faint scrape perhaps heard when the saucer used for the milk is checked, that cap which had the smattering of honey.

Might actually have been dozing, for he misses the swish of the skirts a they approach. The scraping by the windowsill cuts through whatever thoughts he might have been lost in though and he turns his head in that direction. It takes a moment for his eyes to adjust to the dimness, but then the window helps with that. Watching in silence for a few moments he's forced to smile as he sees just who it is that is about, before he says in barely a whisper, "I told you they prefer milk."

There is a bit of a faint start at the whisper that comes, Nylie turning and giving a smile, her voice kept soft to not disturb others,"Aye, you did. Though I still say they enjoy a spot of honey now and again." Dressed yet in that mourning black, her hair braided back. The woman does have that tired look, at times seeming to hover upon the edge of exhaustion. "I am sorry, I did not mean, to disturb you, I could not sleep so thought to come give a look. Though if you wish for something to drink, or anything, I can see about it." Quietly making such an offering, knowing the men were sometimes a bit parched when they wake.

Eoin shakes his head enough to hopefully indicate that she did not disturb him nor does he wish a drink. It's still not anemphatic headshake though, for the dizzyness is cruel with it bites. "eeing you is never a disturbance. You should sit," he starts, keeping his voice equally low, "or my cousin will have you in here as well and then who will leave them their meal?" He shifts slightly, not fully rolling onto his side for fear of his gut, but so he can face her better without craning his neck, "what time is it?"

Nylie does drift to take the seat at his bedside when he tells her she should. A faint smile comes,"I am sure she would, she might yet if she manages to properly catch me up. " Nylie was managing to duck the woman for the most part, with more urgent cases needing attention. But sooner or later, there might be an orange spider set upon her if she wasn't careful. Silently shifting the chair to make it easier for him to see her when he shifts and rolls that bit. Her voice still kept low as she speaks,"It seemed about 3 or so in the morning."

Eoin nods slowly a the time, or approximation of it, is given. "Too early for music then. I was going to ask, when you and Beth are both free, I thought it might lighten thing a little. Hopefully though, she at least will be sleeping now." There's a faint smile there, since they both seem to be singularly failing at it.

"Just a little early, aye," agrees Nylie softly. Some hint of pain however slipping into her expression, the tiredness making it harder to keep control over what shows or does not. "It might help to lighten the mood, and I am sure Elisabeth could us the distraction as well. " There is some hesitation before Nylie says softly,"I would have to search up..an instrument though….mine…" There is some struggle to speak, a catch in her throat, sure…her attendants knew what she'd done. But…no one else. And she'd surely not spoken of it. Eventually managing to get out," are…broken."

The first signals that something's wrong are lost on Eoin, but he catches on quick enough that something is deeply wrong. Confusion hit's his features first, but is rapidly replaced by concern as he starts to pull himself more upright as she starts to falter. There's a brief pause as the dizzyness hits, but it's not so bad this time and he pushes though, using one hand to support himself and the other to reach out to her. Questions are pouring through his head, 'what happened to them?' being the foremost, but for now he keeps his mouth shut, offering comfort instead of inqusition.

Her gaze had dropped to her lap, her hands there as she tried to keep a lid on the emotions that she'd mostly kept strong armed into a corner save for that…breakdown. There had just been so much that needed to be done…she had to be strong, to see her duty done…To see what ever needed to be done for the Kingdom was done, least as she could. Then his hand is there and she blinks, her eyes darting to him, there is a shine to them, a few tears have escaped, though perhaps the late hours, the shadows helps to hide them. Or the moonlight from the window ensures they aren't. Her hand flits to take his, concern coming to see him setting up, or trying to. She tries to say something, but the breathe catches again and she keeps from another attempt, knowing she'll just end up sobbing if she does. Her hand squeezing his a bit as tears do fall.

Eoin squeezes back, although only gently, as he curses the fact that he can not simply rise and offer her shelter in his arms. Steadying himself in an approximation of a sitting position, leaning his back and side against what support he can, he offers his other arm to, for her to take as well, or for a hug, whichever she wishes. He knows he has nothing she can wipe her eyes on, bar the tunic he's been dressed in or his blanket, and that's a frustration too. Too much of a frustration in fact for he decides there and then that he has to try at least and so starts to haul himself out of the bed. "It's alright," he mutters quietly, still confused as to just what might have caused this meltdown as it seems far more than he' expect for tiredness and concern for his sake. "It's alright."

With the offer of his other arm, the movement that has brought him to be sitting up and actually trying to haul himself from the bed, Nylie is shifting from the chair to the edge of his bed. "You shouldn't…." starts to come but there is his mutterances of it being alright. But it's not. Very likely ending up in a hug with his arms having been offered so, the quiet sob that comes. A confession spilling out in quiet bursts,"I destroyed…them…all of them…Eoin…..I couldn't…bare to look at them….think to touch them again….To make the music….he so delighted in. Not with him gone. I…..broke them."

More questions pour into Eoin's head, but the remain unasked as he takes Nylie into his arms, holding her agains that sob and the heartbreak she seems to be suffering. He is, to say the least, mightily confused, but thats a secondary issue for now as he rubs his left hand gently up and down her back to try and provide reassurance. Once she's finished though, he doesn't feel all that more illuminated and so he's forced to say, "but.. I thought the rumour was wrong? That his Grace still lives?" He tries to patch together what conversations he's heard while being wake in here, specifically the time when Hadrian had been present, but finds the details fragmented so he has to ask another question, "were they attacked on the road?"

There is comfort found in the embrace, a thing that has been sorely lacking for her, the need to be strong…and few she could turn to. It made for a bad mix. It probabaly a good thing Eldan was deeply tired out and yet rested just as deeply, even such quiet sobs would surely otherwise have roused him some. His questions have her drawing back some, a hand trying to wipe some of the tears away. A hint of confusions perhaps,"Duke Aidan does….he was injured but he…" Then she blinks and her eyes widen as she stares at Eoin. "You don't……of course…you've been…oh by the Gods…Eoin…." He could perhaps see in her expression as some realization dawns on her, this questions…her own words having been misunderstood. Her hands sliding to his as she struggles to find the words, to explain. A deep breathe taken as she tries to find some ounce of strength again to do this. "Eoin….the attack in the hall, they had others, even though the Rioga got him out….they killed him…my cousin….Callem is dead, Eoin."

Eoin starts to realise just how badly he's mistaken at about the same time Nylie does. That wide eyed stare is a good hint but the invocation of the Gods in that manner is a dead give-away. He feels her hands moving to his but his brain is too busy trying to race itself to work out what he might have missed. Aidan's already been ruled out. Aldren? No, he's sure he saw him a few hour ago. Caedmon? Surely not, Wenna would have said something. Then it clicks that everyone has been wearing black, mourning black. Everyone, not just certain houses. It's still earth shattering when she say it though, the confused expression not really shifting from his face as everything just freezes once the news is broken. There are a few moments when he forgets to breathe, and then has to fight through the numbness to start again, but then he's trying to speak. The first couple of attemtps fail, but even a fool could tell he was trying to vocalise a basic denial, 'no', before he swallows, looking her straight in the eyes as he manages, "it can't be.." Uterly lost for anything else to say, do or think he leans in for another hug, although this time he has no idea if it's for her benefit or his."

A small squeeze comes from her hands after Nylie delivers that news, her eyes focused on him, watching as the confusion is worked through, as he tries to piece together what details and news he might have, who he might have seen already. The the shock that actually comes, the denial of it all. She gives a slow nod of "Aye" even as he tries to vocalize those denials. "It is…I saw…him." There were reasons she struggled, they had withdrawl to the royal suites, up where her own room was. She had seen the study…seen her cousin where he fell. A sight most had been spared. Leaning into the hug, embracing him as he tries to contend with the news she's been long struggling with.

Shock is a good word for it. Eoin starts to try and make sense of the news only to find that his brain has utterly shut down. Holding her tight for a few moments stares blankly over her shoulder at the opposite wall a he tries to comprehend before enough of his brain kicks in to tell him that she's speaking again. "I'm sorry," he mutters, "oh by the Gods Nylie I'm so sorry." He has no memory of the attack itself, has no way of knowing if there was anything he could have done but instinctively he feels like he should have done something more. Closing his eyes and giving a squeeze in the hug he can only manage yet another "I'm sorry."

His poor brain has taken a lot of abuse lately, and this was no small thing to contend with either. While he holds her tight, Nylie tries to hold to tightly, he did have injuries. Wenna would have her head if she broke her cousin even more than he was. "You couldn't have known," murmur Nylie. Perhaps chiding herself for not having seen it sooner…that he'd not know. How many others in the infirmary still didn't… Gods. "You did so much…" He'd saved her…others. It was the Rioga who should have kept her cousin alive. There was a faint squeeze in return as another hug came, offering some measure of comfort in return. There really wasn't much that could be said. Eventually she does draw a breathe and pull back a little,"I should probably let you rest some," there is concern for him in her expression. "I can stay with you yet, if you want…..and we can talk more later?" A quiet offer, seeming to mean more….once he's had time to digest the news, she'd be willing to cover the details of what happened, piece together what his mind doesn't remember.

Eoin releases Nylie somewhat reluctantly a she pulls back, but then nods awkwardly at her words, almot like he's acting automatically. His head remains down for a few breaths more before he lifts it enough to look up at her again. "Rest" he repeats slowly, "yes, I think.. " He pauses again as another "I'm sorry," makes its way past his lips before he actually manages a coherant thought and asks, "something perhaps.. for sleep?" There are teas and such about for that, and he doesn't really see himself resting for a good while without their aid. "Please though," he adds, dropping a hand to her's again, "stay, a while at least," until he's asleep again.

Nylie gives a little nod,"Aye, something to help sleep." She's going to end up with one of Wenna's spiders soon, if she doesn't get some sleep herself. A faint nod to a passing healer will see such a tea brought. Her hand gives his a squeeze,"Aye, Eoin, I'll stay awhile." Eventually helping with the tea, if needed. Before seeing him resettled to the bed, and she does stay with him, even remaining seatted to the side of his bed, lightly holding his hand til sleep would claim him. Likely for a time after.

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