In the old days, Gaelor Manghem raised an army so vast, it would take three days to see all of them march past. He took the continent of Daeren in less than two years. His armies marched into the kingdoms of Jadda, Laniveer, and Mobrin, knocking down castles and dynasties as he went. When the ash settled, Emperor Manghem was coronated at Crosswynd Castle by the remaining lords of the three kingdoms.

Thirty-three years later, when Gaelor Manghem lay on his death bed, he decreed that his eldest son would be named Emperor of Daeren, and King of Mobrin. He also decreed that his other two sons would be named kings, ruling in Laniveer and Jadda. For over fourteen hundred years, the empire stood.

228 years ago, everything changed. The Hammerfell clan in The Hills openly rebelled against the empire. Both Jadda and Mobrin were attacked by the unknown forces of Kundar, a desert people in the south. Pirates from the Finger Islands began raiding the coasts of Laniveer. Suddenly, the once glorious empire was crumbling. Other kingdoms rose up and rebelled and they fought in what is known as the great War. When the dust settled from the fighting, the Empire was no more, the Kingdoms of today forming out of the dust.

In the past decade, every Kingdom, nation, and tribe in the known world has been to war. Alliances have formed and fractured. Lands have been conquered and blood has been spilled in every corner ofDaeren.

Today War is brewing once more.

A new generation of rulers and leaders are prepared to assume control of Mobrin and Laniveer, while the old guard are not yet willing to relinquish their power to them. The gods are awakening from their long slumber and are awakening magic within mortals to prepare for the days ahead.

Mobrin is a kingdom located on the southern portion of the continent of Daeren. King Callem Kilgour is recently dead and his son, Prince Tyrel has been crowned the new King! They are rich in gold and silver and are seeking alliances. So far Prince Tyrel has two infant sons and his marriage secured an alliance with Aberdeen/Fairisle. They are fast becoming the strongest naval power in the land.

Laniveer is in northern Daeren. Their cultural and scientific contributions has been many. They have several large cities and many massive castles throughout the land. While they don't have as much gold or silver as Mobrin, their output of steel is double that of their southern neighbor. Their army is feared. They are ruled byEldwin Stewart. Whose children have reached adulthood.

Currently Kingdoms of Jadda and Laniveer are forming an alliance and are fighting tooth and nail to re-establish the old empire. The only thing standing between Mobrin and Laniveer is Jadda and the Sea. The gods are awakening and old religious fervor is awakening as the temple seeks to increase their power throughout both lands.

The Tales of Daeren are set in a time and place that would be somewhat similar to early 1390's - 1490s on Earth but without gunpowder. Please keep this in mind generally in your rp. The following tips are items that have come up during character creation and rp:

  • Modern conveniences do not exist - the public washrooms are outhouses in inns and tavern.
  • Communications between areas is relatively quick with the use of pigeons and ravens
  • Libraries are rooms in homes/castles of the very rich and noble, used for their private books; they do not lend books out and commoners are usually illiterate. Books are expensive.
  • Suspected witches are burned at the stake - often by a mob, rather than the king's justice
  • Government is a feudal system based on divine right to rule by the nobility.
  • The main story lines will center around the royal of Laniveer and Mobrin courts, with many subplots taking place in their midst.
  • Our Gods are real. Magic is real.

The staff of Tales of Daeren is aiming to have players write the story going forward - this means that every character is important. Will your character be the one to write the next chapter, to change the world?

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