Nar 24, 229:Their Fates were Sealed

Their Fates were Sealed
Summary: A group find themselves on the beach when seals and diresharks meet!
OOC Date: 25/July/2014 (OOC)
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Darfield Beach - City of Stormvale
The rocks by the docks give way to sand, a tannish brown in color, that lines the beach front. The beach goes for several miles in either direction at low tide, the docks a midpoint in their length. There are several coves and inlets to be found along the way. However, when the tide is up, some parts of the beach become impassable. In several areas, a fire pit has been set up, with logs and boulders around for seating. Seaweed drifts to the shore, and the tide leaves driftwood and other debris, along with small sea critters, in tide pools that can only be found when the tide is out.
Nar 24, 229 2E

It was a hot summer's day and the sky is clear as far as the eye can see. The late afternoon sun is but a lone blazing galleon floating in a sea of azure it slowly makes it way towards the next horizon. The air is humid and it taste of salt and sand and it is starting to cool off. Large rocks rise out of the sandy landscape marring it. The tide is out this time of the day but still ocean waves roll in reaching for the land and sound like human heartbeat. Playing on the rocks and basking in the light of the slowly fading sun seals have gathered. They call out to one another and few dive into the mater looking for food. Seaweed and kelp have washed ashore along shells. Seagulls and other sea birds search for morsels along the beach. The itself is not devoid of human life as it is cooler here and many a person seeking to find relief from constant baking sun in the city have come here. Men and woman alike have stripped down until they are more comfortable but they are still covered. Some walk along the water's edge and few who are brave and know how to swim have moved out into the water where they have no choice but to swim or tread. A few others are trying their hand at riding the waves into the shore.

Wandering along the edge of the high tide mark where the ocean deposited seaweed tangled around shells and driftwood, Lilja strolls alongside with her husband. Her eyes are cast mostly to her feet, using the last rays of the sun to search for treasures in the tangled briney strands. The work of the day has left her hair still a littls salty at the temples, though it's loosened it's hold on her skin. Her gown, though, is fresh and clean, of an apple green with a sodden hem that attests to some wading in the waves earlier. She stoops down, her fingers pushing aside a clump to pull up a perfect halfmoon of white that she turns to show her husband upon straightening.

There's a ship waiting for the Duke of Lakeshire on the docks. That's the outside reason for their venture down to the beach, though perhaps some who would know him more intimately than that would question his particular route to the said docks. On foot, since the Manor is just up the street, Aidan is striding along the boardwalk, looking toward a pointed group of rocks that currently play home to seals. He has knights with him and a ranger, since it wasn't necessarily safe to walk in Darfield with his son as master of arms and the known break in that relationship. He looks over toward Kaylee, "So it would seem that Sir Kierne went to Laniveer without you…" considering Kierne was up there and this part was still here, shrugging his shoulders, "If he's wise as I know he is, he'll make it back quickly. Then I will truly need your assistance." A glance over toward Cian and Cadel, though pointedly Cian, "So you two best enjoy your honeymoon a little longer." There's no smile on his face though his tone is warm, considering.

Cian walks to a side of Aidan in armour and the tabard of a Knight of the lake over all. His gaze is generally outward looking for attack until he hears the words of the Duke about Kierne and glances over to his wife the Ranger curiously and back to the Duke. There is certainly a question on his lips but he holds it in for now. The comment about the honeymoon at least gets a nods, "Yes sir, we will endeavor to make the most of it while we can." So serious though there is a softening of his look towards Kaylee before looking over to his brother to see if any problems on his side before looking back to his quadrant as he takes to his guard duty of the Duke.

Cadel follows with the others, looking out at the people and nods a little as he listens. A brief grin offered to Cian, and a shake of his head. No problems here. He looks back to his area to watch now, keeping silent for now.

Everard will smile as he looks at the item she shows him and examins it a bit. "Ah, that will work great." he says holding the bucket he carries over to her so she can place it into it. He continues the slow walk though he sees more appear to be showing up to the beach now wondering if they had missed "Near to dinner time I think." he looks over to his wife to see what she thinks about this idea.

Kaylee is indeed following along, a curious look sent to Aidan at the bit on Kierne and she lifts a brow slightly at this. "I see. When did he go?" Because that is truly news to her. Or you know getting married could have messed with her mind a bit. "Of course sir, any assistance that ye need." The Ranger ponders this for a few moments, before sending a look to Cian, whom gets a warm smile and a wink? Yes she did just wink at the knight. Of course they will endeavor in it, well at that too. "Thank ye sir." She is dressed in her normal leathers, bow and quiver at her back for easy to reach if needs be.

There's a soft clink as Lilja lowers the shell into the bucket with some others already found. "I was thinking maybe we could set those two amber pieces of glass we found into two of the goblets for the Baron and Baroness Kilgour. Just to make them the 'honored goblets', you think?" She glances up towards her husband as they walk, nodding at the suggestion of dinner. "I put a couple potatoes in the coals before we left, they should be done by now."

"Now I hope that you two being married will not distract from your duties," Aidan offers to them, implying that maybe the had been, considering the Kincaid knight went on alone (and probably with some along for escorts), "My brother will be sore if his son does not come back with his head still mounted on his shoulders." He looks over at Kaylee, "A week or two ago, I'm told." Right around their marriage. For now he simply shakes his head, "I need you to organize the rangers in West Lake. There has been too much upset since…" he doesn't need to say it, "You know very well. I have heard there's been some desertions from it. You'll need to put an end to that. And this nonsense with the eclipse hasn't helped."

There a light picks up and it moves along the beach carrying the sound of the waves. Sunlight plays across the water and it can be seen that seals can be seen swimming and surfing the waves. They bark and play with each other. It is about that time that a woman with pale skin and dark eyes pops her head up from the surface of the water. She is studying those on the shore with keen curiosity. Seals pop their head up next to her then the disappear beneath the surf.

"Of course not your grace. You need but ask on us and we will be at your call. Kierne spoke of leaving, but no request was received to join him." Cian says taking the implication. "We are ever at your service your Grace." His jaw tightens at the discussion of the rangers and he looks away. He has had to watch his wife deal with the rangers and tend to her after those dealings. "People get frightened by what they do not understand. The two I had to deal with, it was merely to go check on their familes."

"Ah, that was a great idea potatoes sound wonderful." Everard says smiling towards his wife though he pauses in his walk as he isnt sure he's seeing correctly "What's that." he will point towards the figure in the water turning back to Lilja to see if she sees the same thing.

Since he was watching towards the water, Cadel blinks as that figure pops her head up from the water. "What the… do you see that?" he offers to the others, pointing out there.

Kaylee frowns as she hears when Kierne left, she was not told If so things could have been what, changed? A glance is sent to Cian for a moment before she lowers her gaze in thought as they move along. "Being married will not distract us from our duties, I assure ye on that. If I would have known of such plans I would have gladly went with him." She says with a firm tone while sending a glance back to Aidan. "I've been dealing with some of the Rangers that are here. I mean to get the rest in order as soon as possible of course." She knows one deserter that caused a problem with her that left her getting stitches in the end so by Cian no less. At the question from Cadel she turns to look over to him and then towards the water where he is looking towards. "See what?" Seems no she did not see it.

Aidan frowns a little, "Perhaps he is young and stupid afterall…" this to the matter of Kierne, which seems to trail off as the others speak around him. He simply continues to move onward, until their pointed remarks about seeing something attracts his attention. His gaze settles on the spot where the people start to point, eyes widening a little, "Well now, she better not be rising from the depths…" though what he means by that is unknown.

The eclipse has had Lilja a bit on edge the last few days, and her turn towards the water is apprehensive. When she turns to see what Everard points out, however, she relaxes to see that he's just pointing to a woman swimming in the water. "She's probably cooler than we are. Eight knows there are days when I wish I could jump out of the shop into the water and cool off."

The words from his brother, have Cian placing a hand to his hilt as his dark eyes scan the beach to seek what was seen. Seeing but a woman at the shoreline he relaxes somewhat but keeps hand on hilt reminded of his duty here and steps in closer to the duke.

The woman with the pale skin, dark hair and eyes dives back underneath the surface of the water, as another seal appears to bob on the surface. The Sun continues to float lazily into the horizon. Two seagulls squabble over a crab that has washed ashore, each one holding on to it with its beak. Another seagull approaches and adds his voice to the rising tensions. The waves continue to wash against the shore and by the rocks the woman bobs up to the surface again. She moves with grace to scramble up the rocks. Her form is free from world restraints. Her body looks like it had been craved from alabaster. Her dark hair falls down to her waist. With those same graceful movements she goes to sit upon the rock and she watches. A young seal pup yawns and wakes and slithers over to her to rest his head up on her lap.

"Rising from the depths, Your Grace?" Cadel asks, sounding a bit confused, before he looks back to the woman as she dives back. "Hmmm…" A bit of a frown as he looks between the others, then back out there.

"MY word! Scandalous!" exhales a woman with a child, "Simply improper!" She squeals and grabs her child by the arm to move -away- from that ludeness.

Aidan shakes his head at Cian's ask, his hand rubbing at his forehead, "No. No, my mind is just playing tricks on me. Although that is a fair trick just risen from the sea." He smirks and nods them forward, "She's probably some brothel maid gone to clean herself. Come, we need to meet with this captain before he heads back to Halvard."

"Perhaps.." Kaylee murmurs to the bit on Kierne, though it bothers her to say the least. She worries for him, he is her friend after all. Still her attention is off on the waters, blinking as she watches the woman come from the water and move to setle upon the rocks. She blinks a few moments, a brow lifting as she curious once more. "I'm surprized a wild seal would be so close to her.."

As the woman rises up and leaves the ocean, Lilja blinks, then reddens. "Well, not going swimming like /that/," she tells Everard. "Do you think she lost her clothes…" her sympathetic wondering comes to an abrupt halt when the seal lays his head in her lap. "Ev, she's not natural…" she murmurs, taking a hold of his hand and edging slightly behind him.

The woman strokes the seal cubs head and she smiles. Her dark eyes study those on the shore again. Another seal comes to rest at her feet.

She's really beginning to hate silence. Once more, as it was the day of the eclipse, it isn't the noises, but the lack thereof that cause the hairs on the back of Lilja's neck to stand up. Her grip on Everard's arm tightens, and she starts backing away from the ocean and towards the town. "Something's out there," she whispers hoarsely, her mouth almost too dry to speak from fear. She doesn't take her eyes from the water as she tries to edge backwards and pull her husband with her.

Aidan seems to have spared no further thought on the matter of the nude woman. Let the city watch deal with it if there are complaints - they were in a rougher part of town after all, so it is simply none of his business, as she did not appear out of order by any means. He walks on, fully intending to continue their way toward the docks when there's something wrong. He pauses, looks around, and then jams a finger into his ear, as if to unblock it. A brow lifts up as he turns to look toward the sky, then back at the waves, where moments before the noise caused a rush.

Cadel follows after the Duke, and similarily comes to a stop as things seem to go silent. Looking to Aidan again, he raises an eyebrow. 'What shall we do?' he mouths, if the Duke looks in his direction, one hand moving to his sword, just in case.

The young man will back up along with Lilja. Everard agrees that something isnt quite right with what's going on though he is getting "Like what?" he asks softely though he trusts her judgement and so will move a bit away further with her.

Kaylee is quiet as she watches the water for a few moments, she frowns as she lets her hand pull her bow from her shoulder along with a hand gripping an arrow. Something isn't right that is for certain. "Something is not right…" She murmurs out faintly whiel her gaze drifts towards the the gulls, everything has grown silent for her and her gaze flicks around slowly while the arrow rests within her hand gripped tightly.

The woman rises from where she seated her eyes narrow. She lets out a seal bark and dives into the water. In the water a few other of the seals follow her.

Cadel blinks as he sees the woman dive into the water again. While a part of him relaxes, the hand doesn't leave the hilt of his sword now.

Lilja is doing some serious backpedaling, now, at the bark from the woman. "Eight preserve us," she murmurs as she tugs at her husband. "I don't want to find out what it is."

Kaylee keeps hold of her bow while her gaze flicks over the water all the while. Something isn't fully right.. At least that is what she feels at the moment.

Everard moves along with the other quickly away from the water line. He places himself between her and the ocean if there is danger he would rather himself be in harms way then her and moves away still "Did you see or hear something?" he asks curiously wanting to know what danger is that they face.

A hot evening, and it would appear that the Priest of Nar has decided to d what many already have decided; find their way to the beach for some cooler air. She walks along, her long flowing white robes and unrestrained blond hair catching the sea breeze and flowing behind her. She is unaware of anything going on, as she has just arrived, but begins to make her way at least closer to those gathered.

"Did that woman just bark?" Cian asks his compatriots as closes ranks around Aidan. He glances to Kaylee as he hears her words. Not quite drawing steel as yet but there is something uncanny happening that much he can work out and there has been too much uncanny lately for his laking. He glances towards the wave coming into the shore as if can see something. No direct threat per se, but he will not leave Aidan's side just now in case.

Kaylee gaze is settled on the water, her arrow lowering to rest upon the bow, string not pulled back just yet. "Get Duke Aidan back." Is murmured out to Cian and Cadel. There is something in the water, something moving and she swallow slightly as there is a bit of fear running across her back at the moment.

Nodding a bit as he hears Kaylee's words, frowning. "What's that in the water…" Another brief pause, before he looks around. "Everyone, get back…" Called out louder. Possibly, it's not needed, but one should be on the safe side, right?

"It's coming closer," Lilja tells Everard urgently, her eyes still on the water as she slithers and scuttles backwards across the drier sand. Any search for sea treasures on the shore has been forgotten. "Let's go home."

Those that are in the water hear the call to get out and the look. Their eyes go wide and they make hast to get away from the looming shadow. The larger seals are now diving off the rocks and the smaller ones and cubs are getting out of the water and onto the rock.

The commotion has now caught the Priestess' attention, and rather then turn around, curiosity has caused her to walk closer; at least closer to those who are gathered on the beach. Her eyes go directly to the water, not leaving it, trying her best to deduce what is causing the disturbance.

The shadow goes after something in the water. Its fin cutting deeply into the waves. Definately not something to show a kids or let them keep as a pet.

Kaylee watches as the fin that is going through the water, to the point that she has moved to the beach to make sure that it doesn't come out of course! There is a pause as her gaze turns to the seals that area all over the place and the ones getting out of the water rather quickly.

Cian watches as his wife moves closer to the beach and of course that moment of hesitation between defending the Duke or her, instead he keeps to duty. Still so much uncertain but he draws his weapon now as he closes in front of the Duke to move him away from the shoreline. "Everyone out of the water!" He calls out at least.

"What the…" Looking a bit unsure of what to do now, Cadel looks back towards his brother. "Keep him safe," he says, before he steps forward a bit, preparing to draw his sword now. Not quite going into the water at the moment, he just makes sure to be the line in front of his brother, for the defense now.

Kadlin remains somewhat back from the water, much like the rest have chosen to do. Her eyes narrow at the ocean, searching for the "creature" that has seemed to cause such a distrubance." Slowly she begins to walk closer, approaching Kaylee, but not yet saying a word.

Other scramble to get out of the water. There is some panic on the beach and all but the older seals are out of the water. One of the seals leaps out of the water to get away from the dark thing and the dark shape follows it. The creature is huge with mouth full of teeth and head at comes into a what can only be described as arrow shape. Its hudge maw snaps and misses at the seal. The both go back under the water.

As the huge maw becomes visible over the water, Lilja lets out a scream that may do more for clearing the water than any commands from the knights assembled. She pulls backwards, then finally turns towards the village to run.

Other scramble to get out of the water. There is some panic on the beach and all but the older seals are out of the water. One of the seals leaps out of the water to get away from the dark thing and the dark shape follows it. The creature is huge with mouth full of teeth and head at comes into a what can only be described as arrow shape. Its hudge maw snaps and misses at the seal. The both go back under the water. (repose)

Cian is surely conflicted, but Cadel takes the choice out of his hand as he moves forward to assist Kaylee leaving the Knight no choice but to stand and ensure Aidan is protected, or at least is protected from himself and his damned curiosity. "What is it?!" He calls out, "Stay away from the shoreline…"

Never one to back away or succomb to her fear, the Priestess remains on the beach, approaching those who have chosen to stay closer to the shorline and softly murmurs, "I dpn't think it can come upon land; tho I certainly am not willing to test such a theory."

"What the…" Cadel begins, before he grimaces, "Never knew a shark could be that big." There's a few moments as he considers something, before he draws his sword, stepping forward towards the shoreline now.

As his wife and his brother move closer to the shoreline, Cian grinds his teeth in agitation as he watches them then turns his gaze to the sharklike creature in the water, "Where is the woman that was there before…" He calls out before looking to the other guards from Lakeshire and motioning them to move Aidan further up the beach.

This time when the creature emerges out of the water as it continues to chase the seals it snaps its huge maw at a seal and it gets it. The seal screams and the creature pulls it down into the water swallowing it whole. The sun continues its slow decent in the heavens. On the rocks a few other seals join those that are already there.

Cadel comes to a stop as he watches the shark creature now. "Can't you just be reasonable and leave this area?" he mutters, looking out at where the thing last went back under now. He is standing not too far away from the water, looking out there, sword in hand.

Crazy nudist or not, the woman who they witnessed early should be saved. He is held by his dut, "Cadel, the woman is still in the water…over there!" He calls out and points to the shadow swimming with the seals, taking a step in that direction before looking to the other guards with them to stay with the Duke.

She is in now position to fight this beast, but the Priestess of Nar has yet to leave those who seem willig to confront the denizen of the deep. Her steps seem to slowly follow Cadel, as he seems the most eager, drawing a small dagger from her belt tie and pressing the flat side to the palm of her hand.

The water appears to be red. As the creature tears into another seal. The waves rolled and crash upon the shore bringing in parts of the seals before they are pulled back out to sea. There is a soft glow of grey in the water, or perhaps it is the sun.

Aidan doesn't seem to have a trace of fear upon him. He is simply observing as a curious mind would, eyebrows lifting ever so slightly as one of the seals becomes a dinner for the thing in the water.

Cadel moves all over towards the edge of the water, standing there, ready to attack the creature if it comes up again. Nodding a bit as he hears Cian's words, he looks around for that woman from the water earlier.

Kadlin watches Cadel as he enters the water, taking the small balde in her hand and drawing the tip across her palm, the smallest drop of blood rising to the surface. A few small words are murmured to herself and she makes a sign of two crossed swords in the middle of her forhead with her index finger with the offered blood, "Guide him Lord Nar!." These words are heard.

"It is what we call a shark, feeding as animals do, though it is curious that it has come this far in. However, being the seals are what it feeds on, it is not too surprising," Aidan sounds a little tired, at first he was willing to allow the knights to react and to aid the woman, but now he is becoming agitated by it, as shows by the tightness of his lips. "If you want your brother to live," this is said to Cian, "tell him not to dive in. This is madness. You do not fish with a sword…" he looks over at Cian, "You hunt with a spear, or a net, or a hook. Your brother has neither of these." He grunts, "Nor does it appear she needs his help."

Cian looks back to Aidan with a surprised look, "A woman swims with sharks.." He says in shock at his Duke's response to their actions and looks back to his Brother. "Can you see her Brother? See if you can get her attention…Be careful!" He calls out clearly stressed at seeing his brother so close to the shark in the water.

Moving out into the water now, Cadel's expression is one of determination. Spotting the shark out there as he gets a bit further out, he readies the blade in his hand, and as the creature starts moving towards him, he drives the weapon into it. Only focused on the task at hand now.

There is thrashing and the creature tries to bit what just bit him. He is about to bite Cadel and Cadle feel something shove him out of the way. There is a blur of white and dark, then grey in the water near him. The water churns and the waves and currents tug at him.

She stands on the shore, her robes and blond hair blowing in the sea breeze as her attention remains on the man in the water in the midst of battle. She still eems to be mutering softly to herself, the words are barely audible, but they seem to be repetitive, a chant of sorts, over and over again. The Priestess of Nar doing her best to lend a hand to the man in the midst of war.

Aidan looks sharply over at Cian, then back over at Cadel, "He's endangering himself for what… a crazed woman?" And this is where the Duke will start to press on, muttering to himself, "Knights.." and goes on with or without the escort.

Blinking a bit as he starts moving out of the way only to have the water push him away and tug on him, Cadel tries readying his sword for another attack now, if whatever it is that tugs at him lets him do so.

Aidan departs and Cian ensures his other guards go with him. Crazy or not, he can't leave this woman, nor his family to face things alone. He moves towards the beach to help his brother as the water churns around him. His sword is drawn as he approaches the water's edge though a hand is extended to his brother should he wish to take it.

Cadel's attack doesn't seem quite that good this time, and it misses. He hasn't noticed the hand from his brother yet, as he keeps his attention on his enemy in the water.

There is concern on her face now as she notices the man miss; kicking her slippers off her feet and walking to the edge of the sea where the water reaches her feet with the crashing waves. She is still murmuring, watching the battle before her and focused on her task at hand; how she feels she can assist.

The is more shifting and there is a blur as seal, dire shark and humans collide. There is more movement and there is blood in the water. The smell of blood and salt fill the air and prayers to Nar are said on the shore. Soon the beast is dead and the knights are lucky they were not drowned. The seals move away as soon as the creature is dead and the seals on the rocks then move away a large one pokes his head out of the water and barks.

The battle rages on, andthe Priestess of Nar does not stop her murmured words. As it is clear the shark lies dead, the young woman falls to her knees on the sand and through labored breathing murmurs her thanks to her special chosen Lord.

As the battle with the creature rage on, and soon is over, Cadel starts stumbling back to the shore. He's bloodied, he's tired and of course he's soaked, but manages to get a bit into the sand, before he falls over now. Letting out a few deep breaths as he does.

Cian's lessons with Kaylee seems to have paid off as he swims out to help his brother defeat the sire shark. The woman forgotten for now as he helps his brother back to shore should the blood tempt more sharks to the beach. "I do not want to tell dad that a fish took his son…he would not be impressed." He tries to joke, though there is strain in his voice as he looks over his brother for his own wounds. He notes the woman dropping to the sand. "You ok miss?"

She is visibly shaking, as if she is cold. However, how could she possibly be cold on an evening like this? The wind continues to blow her hair about wildly as she slowly raises her head to meet the gaze of the enquiring man, "I…I…I am fine. Or I will be." She offers a reassuring smile and clenches her cut hand tightly, "It would do you both well to offer your thanks to Lord Nar." She says nothing more and lowers her head, exhaling softly. She seems fine, but seemingly choosing to gain some strength back before standing.

Cadel gasps for breath a few times now, shaking his head now. "That's why I needed you to stay back…" He trails off, before he adds, "But thanks…" Nodding a bit as he hears the woman's words now, he offers her a brief smile. "Thank you…" Going quiet as he works his way back to his feet.

Cian looks over his brother and moves to help him standing and motions for someone to help the Priestess, "Probably should get you both looked at proper and in better light." He looks out over the water to see if the crazy Nudist was still there, though at least content that no other shark fins are visible.

Kadlin raises her head and exhales once more, taking a long breath before speaking, "A long time ago…some story. Women…and seals. Like they change. " She shrugs once, " I am uncertain…but I think your woman is not coming back to shore."

"I'll be fine, just need a dri…" Cadel trails off as he hears Kadlin's words, "What?"

Kadlin shakes her head once, trying to recall it, but she is still vague, "Some sailor. A rhyme. The woman dove into the sea, a barking cry returned to me." She shrugs once more, "He was drunk. "

Cian's gaze takes in the pelt where the woman was and then to Kadlin's words with a similar look of confusion as his brother. "She…was..a seal?" He asks with a note of skepticsm in his voice though he looks at the pelt again trying to make sense of the evidence mixed with the words. He glances over to the abandoned pelt, "Kaylee, can you make sense of this?" It is like a seal had lost its skin like a snake, a full pelt without a seal inside. Surely there must be a better explanation then seal women.

Kaylee had made sure Aidan was well out of any harms way, not by choice by the time she comes back mind you. She is moving towards where Cian and Cadel are, blinking as she catches some of the conversation at hand. As for the pelt she moves a hand to take hold of it, looking it over curiosly. "This was what was left?" She is looking over the skin rather closely to check for anything that may be a clue.

Cadel nods a bit slowly, staying quiet for now. Looking around carefully, before he steps a bit further back from the water now.

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