Thedor 33, 229: The Talk

The Talk
Summary: Roslin approaches Wenna to learn more about what is expected on her wedding night. NSFW!

Seriously, I cannot stress this enough. If you don't like reading about bodily functions, who penetrates what where, and how certain fluids taste, this is not the log for you. But it's too funny for me not to share.

OOC Date: 2 February 2014
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Wenna Roslin 
Royal Healer's Office
The office smells faintly of pungent herbs and the windows are uncovered to allow a lot of light in and if the weather permits they are open. At the windows there are boxes of herbs and flowers. The room itself is a decent size and it has been painted a warm light sun kissed yellow. A worn red and pink rug has been placed down on the stone floor. The focal point of the room is a massive mahogany desk. Two comfortable wood and red leather chairs sit before it and a comfortable leather chair sits at the desk. On the wall opposite of the door and away from the window there is a wall that has been dedicated at bookshelf. It is filled with scrolls, ledgers and rare books on healing. Leaning against one of the shelves is a ladder.
Thedor 33, 229

Sitting at her desk Wenna is going over written records on patients that are kept in ledgers. She is dressed plainly in a charcoal grey wool gown, a white linen apron. Her long brown hair has been braided and bound up underneath a white biggens. She frowns and then moves to close the ledger before reaching for a sheet of parchment and a vial of ink. The quill will be next. Sunlight pours through an ushuttered window and the pale blue sky can be seen. Just over the horizon there is Cri.

Roslin Kilgour is announced, and enters only when Wenna indicates the woman should to the guard making the announcement. Word has spread already of last night's events, of the three men bloodied and boar-tusked and of the Princess with them, stained with blood herself when she left the infirmary with her head high and her emotions tightly controlled. It's no surrise she's here again today, attempting to visit Ronan, who is asleep. But he'll live, and be just fine, they tell her. So she decides to handle another bit of business.
She enters wearing a brown velvet dress, embroidered with gold leaves and vines. A gold tiarra sits upon her crown of red braids, and a gold eight-pointed star hangs from her throat. No blood adorns her now. As she enters, she lowers her head in a respectful nod to Wenna. "Baroness," Roslin says, politely and professionally. "I do hope I am not disturbing, but I come seeking your assitance on a very private matter."

"Your highness." Wenna reaches for her cane after she sets aside the parchment and the ink. Using the cane she rises from where she is seated and she offers a deep curtsy. "What may I do for you?" Her tone is formal. She holds the curtsy as long as she can and then she rises from it.

Roslin folds her hands gently in front of her in a posied and practiced position. She nods once to Wenna as the woman risese. "As you are no doubt aware, I will likely be married in a few weeks." A flush crosses her cheeks as she moves to speak again about what comes next. "I had intended to speak with my mother regarding expectations for … my first day as a wife." Or night. Nights are usually more stressful. "But … well, that is impossible now, as much as I wish it were otherwise. As the royal healer, I wondered if you would consider it among your duties to appropriately inform me on what is expected of me after the ceremony and celebration." Yes, Wenna. She needs The Talk.

Wenna moves to sit herself down on a chair and she nods her head. "This is something I can do. But to start I am going to ask you if you know what man's genitals look like?" She asks her. She goes to lean her cane against her desk. "I am also going to ask you how much do you know about copulation and where babies come from?"

Roslin is flushed, an unhappy flush. This is not what she wishes to discuss, and certainly not with Wenna! It should be her mother. But then, her mother was a little too … open about things sometimes. It's a wonder what would have gotten said in that conversation. As Wenna did not invite the Princess to sit, she remains standing, casting her eyes to the floor in a moment of consideration. "I've seen my brothers running through the halls, when they were children," she explains. "I have enough of a vague conception, yes Baroness. As for the making of children, my mother has often referred to sex in the past. I am well-aware that it requires a man and a woman in a state of lust." Mother said that once about Logen and Caitlyn.

"It just requires a man to release his seed into a woman, the woman does not need to be full of lust. Sit down your Highness, we have much to discuss." Wenna bids her as she waves a hand at one of the chairs. She then begins to explain. "A man's penis is bigger than a child's and for this conversation I will also refer to it as member. When a man is full of lust he becomes aroused and the member becomes hard and erect. When he is not arroused or full of lust the member is flaccid. The size of the member depends on the man. It will look strange to you when you first see it. But, do not be frightened of it, this something many woman have seen."

Roslin nods. The stiffness in her usually graceful movements is visible as she moves to settle into the chair. She keeps her head high, her back straight. She does not, it seems, shy away from asking questions, but forces herself to meet Wenna's eyes as the conversation begins. Poor young girl - her cheeks are glowing unhappilly as if she's just drank two bottles of wine after running all day. "Flaccid," she says, tasting the word. "I've never heard it used before. I don't quite understand the meaning here. But does this … size … have any bearing on the ability to produce children?" That is, after all, the only reason to do this thing. Right? Right?!

"I want you to also know that sometimes when a man is very relaxed or just waking up he will also become erect. The size does not matter, pregnancy depends on his seed and your womb." She tells her. "When a man has reached his climax and is ready to release his seed it will come from him and from his member. The seed is wet and warm and can taste salty or sweet depending on the man. Any questions? Flacid is when the man is not erect." Wenna's voice is gentle She reaches for her quill, ink and parchment. She then draws a picture to show her the difference as she does this she asks. "Have you ridden astride?" She asks her.

Questions? Yes, Roslin's head is spinning with them. She is quiet while listening, and evne looks at the picture. The sight of it causes her to recoil back and she closes her eyes, raising a hand. She's overwealmed already! "My apologies," Roslin says, staggered. "I'm afraid I don't quite understand. What is a climax and how does he get there? And once there … I am to swallow his seed?" It makes sense, she guesses. How else does it get to the womb? Yes, it makes sense. Roslin pictures a woman sipping such a seed from a cup after a man has produced it. How else, after all? She blinks a few more times, still startled. "Yes, Baroness. When I was younger, a few times. Dreadfully uncomfortable."

"You can but for the first night he will penetrate you, if you swallow the seed you will not get pregnant it just goes into your stomach." She raises an eyebrow at her and then asks. "Have you every examined yourself?" Wenna points down at Roslin's crotch. "You have three areas, one which is attached to your bottom is called the anus and that is for excrement. The other is where you pass water and that is located in front, the one that lies between is the opening to your womb and is where he will penetrate you and where he needs to release his seed so that it can take root in your womb." She draws another picture, that is quiet accurate. She is not red but her voice remains gentle and matter of fact. From a draw her pulls out a small wooden doll and a knitted satchel that looks like the doll can go into. She put it on her desk and away from her for the time being. A climax is when the man can no longer contain his seed and is released from his body through the member."

"Certainly not," Roslin says, shifting uncomfortably. To examine oneself - why would you! Such a very strange thing. Or perhaps she has, and that burning of her cheeks is indicitive of her lie. It's hard to say, either way. But she denies it, vocally. "Why would I choose to swallow his seed if it in no way encourages pregnancy?" Roslin asks, quite seriously. She looks down at the drawing then, glancing for a few seconds before she chooses to nod and sit back into her chair, shifting uncomfortably. "And what reason would he have for containing his seed? My impression is that His Grace shall desire to have me with child as soon as possible. Containment … helps no one, as I am understanding it." She glances once more at the picture, and then she looks away. "May I trust that His Grace will be aware of which area is required for the making of children? He has commented, once, accidently, that he has known women before." Scandalous! "It was quite by accident," Roslin is quick to explain. "He did not mean for it to be overheard, I'm sure. Not by me."

"For pleasure, my dear, a woman can get worn out from childbirth and can die in childbirth, men fight battles on the field we fight a different battle. It is one to bring life into this world." She explains. "There are ways for him to pleasure you without him having to penetrate you." She tells her. "My dear, he contains his seed until his lust releases it. It is how the gods made us." She explains. "Yes, men unlike us are encouraged to release their seed when the opportunity appears. There is a reason we have bastards in the world. I would be more surprised if he had not and then I would ask why and what was stopping him." She continues to explain. "You need to know what he going to do so you do not panic. He will enter here." She points to the area on the drawing. "To help him enter you will need to open your legs for him. Before he is ready to penetrate you will also be asked to kiss him before hand and he will suckle and tease your breasts, he will look at your naked body, this is normal."

Now things have become more uncomfortable, and Roslin's shifting in her seat increases as a result. "Yes, well.." The Princess says unhappily. "From my understanding, the best way to please his Grace will be to provide him with sons. Perhaps we should focus more on how I may help release his lust, as you say. Actions done for pleasure with no hope for creating children seems wasteful, to me." And then, of course, Wenna does just that. Nudity. Breasts. Roslin doesnt particularly like the sound of either. "Is all of that….entirely necessary? Will any of it perhaps encourage the creation of sons over daughters?" After all, Roslin has never even showed her leg to a man, or done more than touch hands in a dance. Nudity and breasts are…a big step.

"It is necessary, some men enjoy the sight of woman's breast and enjoy sucking, kissing and caressing them. As I said if he enjoys other things he will tell you. Letting him look at you touch you and touch and fondle your breasts help him become aroused. It will help you as well because as he caresses and fondles you may become more than just little damp down there." She points to the diagram. "Do not worry you have accidently had an accident, your body is getting ready to except him when he penetrates you." She looks back to Roslin. "As for sons, that is for the gods to decide. Sometimes the gods bless us with children and sometimes they do not. Sometimes they give sons and other times they give daughters." Wenna says in a patient voice. "He has to penetrate you where I showed you on the picture to be able to get his seed to take root. The first time sometimes can be painful, if you rode astride more often it would be less so. When he first enters you it will be uncomfortable. You may think this is odd but the best thing you could do is to relax and allow yourself to take him in fully."

"Relax!" Roslin laughs at the prospect. Nothing at all that is being described here would be condusive to relaxation. At least, not if now is any indication - she has a stick-up-her-bum posture that any governess would glee over. "I shall thank you for your assistance and leave you in a moment to your duties, Baroness. But there is one other thing I should ask. I understand much of this depends on what he will ask of me, and that which I must do. But is there anything … any discussion, or secret, passed among women that may assist in all this that he may not be aware of? Something I ought to do?"

"Do not panic and do not be afraid to touch him when he is aroused and naked. You also may have some blood on the sheets do not panic this is normal. But if I where you do not let him penetrate you until you are wet. Your fingers or his fingers should be damp with something that is clear and like mucus, but it is not. It will be easier for you if you are and it will be easier for him. There are other things you will learn in time, but bright now we are sticking to the basics." Wenna responds back to her.

"Blood?" Roslin echoes, a little bit surprised. "Why blood? When he penetrates me … do you mean that he shall break into me? As a blade unto flesh? He shall do this every time?" Roslin turns a bit pale. That was not how she had expected it at all, but perhaps it makes sense - puncturing into her wound to lay his seed. Still, she swallows. She shall bear it! It is her duty. "I shall … take into account what you have said. To be calm and relax if I am able, and to follow his instructions carefully." That part, at least, she can do. And it gives her a bit of power over the situation.

"No, he is pushing back a membrane and a little blood comes with it. Some women lose that if they ride astride. It just shows that you have been a very proper lady." Wenna explains to her in what she hopes is a reassuring manner. "Nothing is torn and there are no blades. His penis does not become it blade. He will fit just fine inside of you." She tells her. "And to touch him and not be afraid of him or to touch him, if you wish ask him if you can touch him when he is aroused and membrane hard, so you can see for yourself there are no blades. Remember your mother had laid with your father many times. I have lain with Caedmon many times and as you can see I am very much alive and healthy."

"Of course," Roslin says after an uncomfortable moment, shifting just a little and staring into a corner of the room as she absorbs all of this information. After some time, she snaps her eyes back to Wenna. Some strength and color returns to her. "I thank you greatly for your time and instruction, Baroness. It is most appreciated. I shall surely take what you have taught me today to heart, and hope that with this instruction I may do my duties better by the Duke Crawford." She moves to rise - she's comfortable now. Pleasantries are like breathing, much easier than discussing intercourse.

"May you be well." Wenna tells her as she watches her rise. Reaching for her cane Wenna uses it to help her rise from where she was seated. She offers Roslin an awkward curtsy. "If you have questions before you leave feel free to ask them."

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