Theodor 3, 228: The Sweetness of Planning

A discussion of provisions for the upcoming Haravean-Kerrigan wedding.

The Sweetness of Planning
Summary: A discussion of provisions for the upcoming Haravean-Kerrigan wedding.
OOC Date: 03/01/2014 (OOC)
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Greenshire Suite
The main room for the apartments for the Greenshire family is very large but cozy and smells of herbs and flowers. The stone walls have been washed with paint; they are a soft sun-kissed yellow. On the stone floor woven rugs have been placed instead of rushes for the comfort of those staying there. In this room there is a long walnut bench; its back has been carved to show a farming scene. The bench also has comfortable cushions covered in a woven fabric with four ground colors: white, light blue, yellow-green, and pink, each print including red roses and blue flowers. It makes a lovely focal point for the room as it is sitting in front of the fire place at a comfortable distance, allowing room for more chairs near the fire. The large stone fireplace is flanked by two comfortable wooden chairs. The cushions of the chairs have been covered in a heavy light blue fabric. Before one of the chairs there is a small foot stool. Above the fireplace hang two bearded axes. They have an elaborate silver inlay, thus showing the status of the owner. The fireplace itself has an oak mantel that is heavily carved with a likeness in favor to each of the gods and goddesses of light. Sitting on the mantel are two silver candelabras holding bees wax candles. Near the fireplace in the corner there is a spinning wheel and small loom.
On the opposite side of the room near the two large windows overlooking the courtyard is a long oak table. Set around the table are matching heavy wood chairs. On the table there are two more silver candelabras. At each of the windows there are window boxes filled with herbs and flowers. On the wall near the table there is a large shield with the coat of arms of the Count's family and two ornate yew longbows inlaid with silver and gold rest beside it.
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Moira is sitting near the fire, a cup of tea sitting before her, needlework in her hands. She Looks to Shepard, "Well I sent Kayla with a note to the man since I have little liking for having all those guards traipsing about after me even if I do see the reason for it. Besides, Kayla needs a break of her own sometime - she refuses to leave my side, especially during the winter sometime. So, you shall play handmaiden, dearest brother, until her return!" giving him a fond and loving smile.

"As long as you don't expect me to start doing needlework, I suppose I can bear this burden." Shepard replies to Moira, leaning against the wall near the fireplace, grinning just a touch at Moira as she makes her demand. "Have you spoken to Aldren about taking Kayla on once you're married? It would seem a shame to separate you after so many years together, and even if married, you'll still have need of a good maid, I should think."

Kayla returns, but not alone. With her a fairly well dressed black haired man, with his eyes lowered. His attitude is one of a commoner brought before his betters. Kala says, "Master Raymond Trevens, Milady." And Ray steps slightly from the side and behind of Kayla as he followed her in. And he stands there. The concerning thing is he holds a box from his bakery. Oh yeah. He brought food.

Moira nods to Shepard, "Oh, it would be hard to keep her away, I believe she and my lord's swordmaster have an understanding," then smiles at seeing Kayla return with Master Trevens. Rising with a look towards Shepard, "Thank you, Kayla," a glance to the box. "I hope your short trip wasn't too ill timed, considering the weather," with a look at both of them. And, as for the box, he wouldn't have gotten far into the castle without having been checked and searched and vetted; but Moira will let Shepard do his brotherly thing first.

"Ah yes, Master Trevens. He who sold me that delicious chocola pie at the festival." Shepard smiles politely at Raymond's bow, inclining his head towards the man and at least going through the ceremony of accepting the box from Raymond, opening it up to see what's inside. He smiles, and inclines his head to Ray once more, beckoning for a couple servants to move a table over so he can place the box of assorted pastries and one large baker's knot on top of it, within easy reach of Moira and himself, "Thank you for your prompt arrival, Master Trevens. I am Lord Shepard Kerrigan, and this is my sister, Lady Moira. I believe my sister has some matters she would like to discuss with you regarding her impending wedding to Count Aldren Haravean." He gestures to one of the other seats, "Please, be seated…would you care for a cup of wine or tea?"

Ray surrenders the box and as it's opened and set out, the pastries include a cherry blueberry almond puff pastry

The Bakers Knot

The Chocola orange infused tart commonly called the Queens Tart.

Raymond smiles in a friendly fashon, "Thank you, Milord, cup of tea, if not a bother." He moves to have a seat, looking to Moira, "Milady, how may I be honored to assist you?" He asks, his manner friendly, but reserved, slightly

She smiles, gesturing for Ray to take a seat as she does so herself. The pastries get a very interested look before this with a "Oh, so that is the pastry everyone one has been talking about. You know how rumors are, one tries to not pay credence to them, but I see, by appearances at lesat, the tales are most true." She takes her ea cup up a gain, taking as eip and then "Master Trevens, my betrothed and I will have our ceremony soon, and of course, a feast afterwards. I had heard so muchof your work lately,I thought to speak to you about possibly having you provide the deserts for the feast - that is if you are agreeable and we can come to terms and such." If a Queen can rave about them, and her own brother, she can see taht the man must have some talent indeed. "But, something original perhaps, calling to mind my lord's house and my own.

Shepard falls silent, letting Moira handle the negotiations. It is, after all, her wedding. He does crook a finger for servants to come serve Ray the requested cup of tea. And then he just settles in with his cup of wine to watch matters unfold.

Ray nods, "Wedding feasts are wonderful." He smiles, "Just the deserts? That's fine, what is being served with the feast, and what do you, personally want to see?" He waves his hands about his head, wiggling his fingers, "You have any images in mind, Milady?"

"Well," and she will show you Haravean's crest on the wall, and Kerrigan's from his cloak. "O beleive, so far there will be some roast fowl, and a roast boar al thought /that/ I am not sure about, but it is one thing my betrothed is fond of. Something that shows the melding of two houses, like two lives, in design, if this makes sense. As to flavors, we are known for apples and cherries. Oh, I am " and she takes another sip, "…most likely not explaining myself clearly enough, am I? "

Ray smiles, "Milady I'm from Greenshire. Born, raised and trained." He shrugs, "Ashenfell apples and cherries are some of the finest to be had, oh yes." He looks at the crests, "There's always ways to blend such ingredients. Would you like a centralized piece, a singular, unique cake created for your wedding feast?" He offers, "With a selection lf lesser sweets hither and thither."

Moira considers that for a moment, and then nods. "That sounds delightful. What sort of additional treats might you suggest? At home, we had little need for such grandness, you see and while, were it a simple Kerrigan wedding at home…" trailing off for a moment. "This is a bit grander in scale, you see. And so, since I have heard so much of your talents that I simply knew, especially with Shepard having raved about your chocola tart, you would have most excellent ideas." She looks to the desserts upon the table, "Would they be much like that as well? What exactly is that Baker's Knot my brother mentioned?"

Ray looks at the box he brought and those treats, "Oh, no, that's just what was in the bakery at the moment." He waves a hand in front of his face, "These would be unique. Specially made, apples, cherries. I would like permission to send sample pastries to you to for approval or rejection, as well as examples of the cake. I can make a small cake and send it to you to taste." His manner is almost conspiratory, but very sure of himself. Brides are strange creatures, and unpredictable. He projects a surity of his knowledge on this. Nobility, weddings, intrigue? Ray cooks. This is his world the conversation is

With looks to Shepard, who is moving to look over the pastries provided and takes one of the blueberry almond tarts, taking a bite of it with a blissful look upon his face, shaking her head with a smile. "I think my brother has already given, at least of these and your talents, his approval: watching now as Shepard starts to speak with his mouth full but then stops, going to take a drink of tea.

"I am quite simple in my tastes, Master Trevens but because I love my Lord so much, I wish for this to be truly special for him. Would..would it be possible, once I get some samples, as you've said, to also have a special treat made for him that would appeal to his unique sense of humor?" As many people know, Aldren can be brash and outspoken at times, abrupt and somewhat abrasive but seemingly it balances with Moira's own quietness and calm. "Funds are of course no object in this, and so are there any other things you suggest?"

Ray tilts his head to the request, "Appeals to his unique sense of humor?" He shrugs, "I can try making anything you had in mind, certainly." He considers, "Well, the cake, the pastries.." He thinks, and seems to remember there's tea in front of him. He smiles, picks up the cup and takes a sip, eyes focused on some point in the air as he thinks, "I don't think so, Milady, though if I might. Yourself, Milady, do you prefer a rich sweet or a light one, fruit or chocola?"

"For myself, while I do love chocola dearly, after a rich meal with all the wines and such that will be served, my own preference is something light and with fruit, something that balances and cleanses the palate after such a wealth of tastes from earlier." She takes another sip of her tea, watching Shepard take another pastry with a "What? Someone has to taste test them, right?" look on his face. "My lord has a dog, a most disingenuous beast who simply chews on everything he can sink his teeth into. But, he is a dearly loved companion of my lord. So I was thinking, as a special treat, perhaps I will have sent to him the night before, something that might hearken to that?"

Ray looks to Shepard, and nods to the knot, "The Bakers Knot is a bread enjoyed with an ale or beer, and it's not sweet, but it has shown to be popular." He shrugs, then looks to Moira, and listens. As she finishes, he smiles, "I can take a pastry crust and fill it with anything you like, then bake it, but the trick is I can make a glaze that when applied.." He shrugs and says, simply, "Makes it look like a soupbone." He nods, "Tiny one, but it looke like a little soupbone." He nods.

Moira's hands go to cover her lips, as a wide smile fills her face, "Oh that would be quite amusing I think. And, I do think my lord might enjoy it. A last I hope so. Well, Master Trevens, if we do go about this, how much notice would you need? The guest list is not quite finished yet and," she lowers her voice for a moment, "Also, I do have hopes that Her Majesty and one of her daughters will appear. But, I cannot verify that as a fact of course. Their schedules are their own yet, one has hopes.

Ray smiles, nodding, and shrugs, "Oh, I do hope so. The Queen." He grins, then turns serious, "Ah, well, there's preparations I can make to be more ready once the other final details are known, I'd say a days notice. I don't have any other special orders at the moment."

"And so, Master Trevens, if you will send me some of your delights, or I can even make the trip into town if it would be easier for you, I'd hate to have the weather damage any of your treats, then we can finalize any arrangements at that time, to include where it will be held and such. And, of course, should everything turnout as I am sure it will, you will have, if I may be bold enough to say this before hand, the Countess of Haravean's recommendation - at least after the ceremony is held. WHile not as grand as Her Majesty's I think that,and your obvious skills, be an excellent thing."

Ray nods, deeply, a sitting bow, "Milady, you do me great honor in this charge and it will be my honor to fulfill your needs, my enjoyment to delight the guests, and my delight to be a part of this wedding." He looks up, "I can send my work here, Milady. I wish to take up as little of your precious time as I can. Madness comes before a wedding. You will recieve what I hope will ease your concerns about the sweets at the feast."

"I must apologize for not having come to visit you myself; but, the weather keeps me inside lately, While I enjoy being out of doors, there has been so much to plan and arrange. And, I'm sure, Kayla enjoyed visiting your shop as well. Would you care for some more tea? It is a specialty of Ashenfell, apple blossom tea which I quite enjoy. Will you need an escort back as well? I can arrange for that, if you wish?" she takes a moment to sip her tea before adding, after a moment, "Which part of Greenshire do you hail from, Master Trevens, if you do not mind my asking? I am surprised, whatever part, they let a man of your talents and skills, escape them.

Ray smiles, lowering his head taking his tea and sipping briefly at the compliment, "Small farm along the southern expanses. Took to cooking, and met up with some of the farmers shipping to Stormvale. I came here to ply my trade and recieve and send out food from Greenshire." He shrugs, "The Bakery is my work though. Milady, you of all have reason to not come about a bakery, as busy as you are. I need no escort, Milady, thank you though."

"If you are sure then, as a fellow of Greenshire, it would not do should something untoward happen to you. But I do not think anything will, you know unsettled some things are now, even if it is during winter and things have settled somewhat." How are you finding the city thus far, Master Trevens? I myself while enjoying it, do miss the expanses of Greenshire and can barely wait for the spring to return to see some more. Perhaps, I might speak to my lord and see if he might be able to offer you some assistance. But, " she sighs deeply, " it is growing late and I do have some few things to take care of. Perhaps, we will talk more before the wedding."

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