The Story of Butterbay

How Venan and Victoria became wed.

The Story of Butterbay
Summary: How Venan and Victoria became wed.
OOC Date: December
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Various Places in Darfield
Various Places in Darfield
Inouv, 228

Venan enters and settles down by the fire after ordering some breads and cheeses to be brought to him. "…take yer time with the food, Mistress, I've a need to warm my fingers before I could eat." He laughs, "Business been good, I hope?"

Victoria presses through the doors about ten minutes after Dastan, the Huntress with another Ranger, both dressed in colors of house Forrester. Pushing back her hood she'll gesture to the bar, murmuring what she'd like before she scopes out a table, a little dancing wiggle done as the heat from the tavern assaults her and causes her to shiver. Grimacing she'll head to a table, dropping down onto a cushioned seat with a tug of the chair outwards, her gloves yanked off and scarf pulled down as her companion assists with getting mulled wine and hot stew with bread and cheese.

Venan packs and lights his pipe while settling in by the fire with a light repast.

"…and the girls did give it a whirl.
Said Jill to her Jack, we must give it all back,
Lest he find us, that devilish churl.
But betwixt and between, with a fiendish gleam
Sought the eyes of the terror of Weston
Said Jack to his Jill, You've brought us luck, ill
By giving his name mention…"

Venan trails off as Victoria and Dastan enter. He tilts his head looking over Dastab curiously, then runs his hand across his head to smooth the Jadda style beads in his hair. He then turns his attention to Victoria and her wiggling dance, as do most right minded men in the bar, though most have the good sense to hide their attentiveness.

Venan sends a puff of smoke to play in the drafts of the fireplace as he waits for his meal.

The apple cider was as good as yesterday. Yum! Dastan watches the room, enjoying the fire for the time being, listening to the song. After a few minutes a familiar face enters the tavern along with someone he did not know. He waits for her to get settled before walking over to say hi, mug of cider still in hand. "Victoria!" He says, exclaiming. "Hi! Thanks again for the coat, it's the /best/ jacket I've ever gotten. Who's this? Wait… did I interruptsomething? I'm sorry…"

Victoria's companion comes back around, bowls tucked in one arm, mugs in the other, having refused the offer to have a barmaid serve him, "Ai' got perfectly good arms, 'ey, don't need no lady wit' burdens elsewhar doin' naught." Nudging his chin towards Victoria he'll snug up the arm with the drinks, woman reaching out as she speaks to Dastan with a chuckle, "Interrupting mid-day meal after a bloody long evening of patrol and looking for the lost - don't apologize for nothing. Come, sit, join us. It's been a long day and I'm sick of hearing Ladren here babbling."
Grunting out a laugh the burly Ranger male will set down the bowls as Victoria slides his mug to the seat beside her, the bread and cheese coming soon enough by a barmaid - Ladren only had so much room in his arms, "Who dis lad, any'ow?" Ladren asks, crouching down over his food as he begins to dig in ravenously, "Prince Dastan. And this is Ranger Ladren Muckleberry." Rising up the ranger male, spoon in his mouth, will bow hastily before dropping back down, "Oy, majesty, all dat, 'eyo. Most pleasin'." Munch munch. Victoria will curve a broad smile, her cheeks bright red from the cold outside, a hankie taken out from within her cloak before she blows into it, "Mmmm- you're welcome, Prince Dastan - can't have you freezing." Venan, at this very moment, isn't noted - the Tavern is a bustle of activity, hard to spot folks when you're not looking in the first.

Venan puffs up another cloud of sweet smelling smoke before resuming,

Said Jill to her Jack, It is courage you lack
here is no such hobgoblin.
Said Jack to his Jill, Look about and you will
Discover this cretin knows when
A crime has been done, or folks've had to much fun
And brings ruin and blame down upon them."

Venan nods appreciatively when his food arrives and sets his pipe aside as he slices up the cheese and the bread. He holds the cheese out on the end of his knife towards the fire until has it browned and is nicely melty.

Dastan does indeed take a seat across from the two rangers. His eyes widen when Victoria mentions they've been out on patrols. "Oh? Did you two have to fight any beasts, or anything else exciting?" His cider forgotten for now, he watches two two rangers intently, hanging on their every word. "Nice to meet you, Ladren. How long have you been a ranger? Victoria told me about her adventures, I'm sure you have some as well." He looks back to the man singing, tilting his head slightly. "Do you have to go out for more patrols?"

Victoria hears a familiar voice - one more pleasing to her hears, head cocking to the side as she rises up slightly from her seat to look for the source. By the time it's stopped she's found the source, lopsided smile traipsing onto her lips, "Perhaps we can fill this table yet, Prince Dastan." A moment, as she unclasps her cloak, shouldering it off to the chair behind her before she calls out, "Master Merchant, come join us, plenty of room at our table."

Waiting but a second she'll sit back down, grabbing her mulled wine and bringing it to her lips she'll take a deep drink, licking her lips as the mug is set down, her food set upon as well, "Oh, nothing nearly as exciting." Murmured by Victoria as she shakes her head, Ladren taking up the conversation, "Bein' since birth, yeh? Like any good Sky Forest folk." He talks around his food, "Might bit longer tha' miss Sky'awk 'ere tho', she's just a wee babe, old 'nuff t'be 'er da'." Nodding his head, "But ain't nah tales from evenin' last. 'ell of a snowin', jus' one los' soul, yeh? Got 'im back good. Achin' for sleep though."

Venan looks over towards Victoria when she calls out, but turns his attention back to his meal. He transfers cheese from knife to bread and takes a bite, following it with some mead. He taps out a beat with his fingers on the table near him and when his mouth is clear he sing-songs,

"A man met in Jadda, said 'I'll rough up ya mudda',
Or so I heard him to say.
He looked quite alarming, but my smile was disarming,
Or so I thought the display.
There was some discourse, as a matter of course,
Until he did finally proclaim.
'You travel with beauty, woo-hoo what a cutie!'
Thankfully, I thought just the same."

Venan holds another piece of cheese out to the fire on his knife, switching off hands and blowing on his knuckles to cool them between sips of his mead. "Be glad to join you in just a moment, Mistress, I've a bit of cheese that still needs toasting and I've found myself enjoying the comforts of a well behaved fireplace for the last few days."

Dastan looks concerned, "You lost a ranger to the snow? That's sad." He frowns, guessing that not all rangers can be as awesome as Victoria. "You're trained to be a ranger sense birth? That's so cool. I wish I could have been a ranger." It's clear the Prince has no clue what it takes to be a ranger, otherwise he would probably be singing a very different tune right now. "I've never been to the Sky Forest, it sounds wonderful." He smiles, remembering his cider, taking a drink.

Venan rises after his knuckles and cheese are nearly burnt to make his way over to the table.

Victoria will snortingly laugh at Dastans question, "A ranger to the snow? No, some young lad that decided he wanted to go and sneak to his lovers home, got lost in the snow, couldn't figure which way was what." Ladren will smirk over his bowl, wolfing it down and sucking back his drink from the wooden mug, eager to set off to his bed, "Mmmnnn- might big pleasure, yeh, Prince Dastan, I'm off t'm'bed, ain't got the steam this one 'as." Nudging Victoria he'll wink to Dastan and head on out to the blistery snow.

"It's beautiful, even in the winter." Victoria murmurs, taking time with her food as she nods to Venan as he comes around finally, "It's not all pretty stories and pie, Dastan, it's hard work. Long, hard, work."

Venan nods, "Aye, sometimes you've got to put up with merchants, dreadful useless fellows that bumble along and cause all manner of trouble." He adds to Victoria's tales of hardship. "Who's you're guest, Mistress?" He asks as he takes a seat setting his plate of breads and cheeses down.

Venan hiccups as he says 'your' causing an odd break in the word.

The door is soon enough pushed open to allow Conall to step in and avoid the cold. Pushing back his hood as he and his two guards move inside. The guards moving around into the crowd while Conall let his eyes wander. Spotting the trio and making his way towards them, pushing his hair back. "Hello. Mind if I join you all?" He asks and studies them all. Staying just a bit longer on Victoria.

Dastan waves to Ladren. "It was very nice to meet you, be careful out there!" He says, eyeing the show outside briefly. "The snow is rather dangerous, it's a bit like the sand at times. Can't really go out in a sandstorm. I wonder what's under all that sand…" He says, starting to loose himself in his own thoughts before realizing there was a new member at the table. "Oh, hello. I'm Dastan!" He says, and then /another/ person joins the table. Why are they all coming here!

Venan nods, "Hello Dastan, I'm Venan. Pleasant meeting." He looks up as Conall moves to join, "If you'll all pardon me though, I've a pressing need to see a man about a horse." He dips his head then snares his cheese and bread and downs his mead heading for the door.

Because Dastan is shiny and new! Victoria will grin to Venan as he sits, an eyebrow raising at his hiccup, "That was disturbingly cute." A look to Dastan, "Prince Dastan, sister of Princess Nima, from Jadda." She intones formally, and then Conall comes in and the woman will stiffen considerably, gesturing to a seat, "How could we say no, Prince Aberdeen, please. Sit." Grunt. She will refocus on her food, "All that beautiful green grass and forest you've been hearing about. All under that snow - Prince Aberdeen, this is Prince Dastan of Jadda." And then as Venan nods disappointment melts into the Huntresses eyes and a bit of a frown, but she will watch him go, looking back to the other two.

Venan glances at Victoria after the introduction then looks back to Dastan and in the language of Jadda says, "Welcome to our city-home, child of the god-king." His phrasing is clumsy and his accent is atrocious but the words are close enough. He then moves off .

Conall chuckles and nods, "Well that is good then. I admit that it's been a bit dull when you're not around to allow one to drink with." He offers playfully. Grinning towards DAndy and the youths. If the man looks their way he does offer a raise of his cup to the man.

Victoria's head tilts back to watch those snowballs fly, listening to the wet splats of snow, slight smile finally tugging its way onto her lips as her eyebrows raise, "Friends of yours, stranger?" Called to Dandy, the Huntress scooting her chair slightly forwards as she pushes her empty bowl away now, listening to Conall all the while only partially, a glance sent his way with a brow raise, "Oh, I'm quite sure it's hardly been dull, Prince Abderdeen. You Nobles have all sorts of past times to keep yourself busy with." Said formally, the woman's eyebrows raising up then as she slaps the table with her hands, focusing right back on Conall, "Anything else then? I've a mind to chase those children into the woods and properly thrash them with snowballs of my own."

Venan left to see a man about a horse some time ago slipping through the kitchen with a grin and wink to Eloise and some shouting from the cook that disolves into laughter and an eclamation of, "Oi, careful…I'm worse than a tied up race horse right now." The door in the kitchen bangs open and shut then quite a bit of time goes by. Eventually there is a bit of commotion coming from the kitchen again and more laughter is heard, "…Inouv take me if she had so much as a thread on her, pretty as you could please and willing as whore with a royal. Ah, but you don't want to hear me goin on about the ravishing beauties that near on ravished me. Here, the present I mentioned, spices direct from Jadda as fresh as the journey allows. Now mind that yellow one, bites like a mouthful of hornets but the woman I got it from swore by it on roasts." He emerges from the kitchen then with an armload of cheese biscuts, "Oh, and mind, someone's made off with your biscuts while you were thinking of the nymph. Just tell the Mistress to come round and collect the coppers." He then slips out from the kitchen and makes his way back into the tavern proper.

Dandy looks upon the man and the woman and can't help but grin just a tad. " ahh.. well ya see. There was a wager and they really didn't explain it as well as they should have so I might have taken a few liberties to win the bet. Granted if they were to check the pile they use for a wager they'd find it still there. As it was more fun to tease them than to actualy win.. " he pauses to sip his hot cider. " granted I never thought they'd go this far. " as he gives a ruefulsmile.

Conall chuckles and shrugs, "Perhaps." Studying Dandy now. Looking a bit curious. Grinning at her. "Yes, there was one more thing. But it can wait." He assures her, to allow her to run off if she wish. Turning to offer a wave of his hand to Venan. Then grinning at Dandy as well. "Ah, I see." Seeming a bit amused.

Victoria rises up from the table then, nodding her head once, "Perhaps I'll see you around then, Prince Aberdeen, so that you can address that last issue." Said cooly, the Huntress gathering up her cloak and gloves, a slight bow made, "Always a pleasure, Prince Aberdeen." A nod to Dandy, "Fair enough." A glance to Venan with his arm full of biscuits and she'll smirk a bit before swinging her cloak on, clasping it and settling it about properly before she strikes off across the taven, pushing the door open with her hip to get greeted by a gust of snow and wind - then she's gone.

Venan loops his free hand behind his back and bows towards Conall, the armload of biscuts preventing his other from being tucked back as well. He winks towards Victoria as she smirks at him then makes his way back to the fire with his loot.

Dandy watcehs as the woman departs, and grins. " Granted …" as there is Whoop of childish joy as can be heard as the woman exits from the children.. "hey our stuff here. " a murmer of voices.. " yeah guess he forgot to take out stuff afterall. " and Dandy grins. " or so they believe. " as he moves to a spot at the bar and sits donw to enjoy his hot cider. Watching Venan with his hoard of goodies.

Venan is positively dragonian with his horde, drawing great comfort from his treasure as the heat of the biscuts warm his tummy first from the outside, then from the interior as he consumes them with great gusto. One could almost envision the young peddler sleeping on pile of biscuts, the illusion is enhanced by the wafts of smoke rising from his nostrils as he relights and enjoys his pipe.

Conall nods slowly to Vic, "I will." He tells her. Sighing a bit as he does watch her disappear into the streets. Eyes then go back to Venan. "Seems tasty." He offers across any distance there might be. Chuckling to what Dandy offers as well. Sipping from his own cup a bit.

Eloise will most certainly come around for coppers, a towel in hand that she uses to swat at Venan before a slender hand juts out for the said coins. When they're relinquished she'll chuckle warmly, "Going to try that yellow powder tonight on the roasts .." Yes indeedy. The proprietess will then head back to the kitchen to call out, "Keep yer 'eads out of the gutter, no nymphs for you all if you burn a thing!"

Dandy grins as the kids realize their wager was still there and that he'd not taken it after all. Dandy sips his hot cider and looks to Eloise and grins softly as he tries to encompass his drink, having spent the last of his current supply of coin on it. Though after a bit his stomache rumbles and so he takes a small sip of cider in hopes it'll quell his hunger for a little while.

Venan nods to Conall, "I highly recommend you sample some of the next batch, this batch seems to have gone missing." He finishes off the crumbs and sucks on his fingers to enjoy the last of the buttery grease.

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