Alisair 20, 228:The Riverview Anniversary

The Inn celebrates 100 years!
{Alasair 20, 228:The Riverview Anniversary]

The Riverview Anniversary
Summary: Ross Galbraith and his daughter, Daelina, have invited the town to help celebrate 100 years of being in business.
OOC Date: 08/09/2013 (OOC)
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West Road (outside the Riverview, City of Stormvale
This road winds to the west, following along the coast of the Great Sea until the coast turns north. Then the road continues west towards Weston, with a crossroad heading south to Lakeshire. It's wide enough for two carts to pass by each other, with a little care. Just off the bridge, a little resting spot has grown, with a nice beach fronting the river, a grassy area for picnics, and several firepits set up and ready for use. It's such a good spot to stop, not quite all the way to Stormvale, that several enterprising merchants have set up small booths here, and one has even built an inn. The Great River Bridge can be seen to the east.

[Daelina, Solara, Robben, Caedmon, Allyn, Blian, Laine, Solnora, Khaleel, Inika, Conall, Vilidio]

The SET:

Fluttering torches are planted in the ground at intervals lighting the area fully. A large fire, carefully tended by staff from the Inn, turns a side of beef slowly on a spit. Along ropes set up surrounding this area, are all the banners of all the Houses in the Kingdom, set higher amongst all these, of course, is the banner of the Royal House.

Preparation for any eventuality has always been a hallmark of the Riverview Inn - never knowing who may grace their establishment. Set on a platform, placed directly beneath the banner of the Royal House, sits a tabl eon a raised platform with a row of chairs behind it. Two of those chairs, those //directly/ beneath said banner, are raised only slightly higher. The finest of servingware and eating utensils, the best flagons and goblets that can be offered by the Inn, perhaps in anticipation of the arrival of special guests. Baskets of bread, containers of honey, small salt cellars placed every two place settings along with fragrant beeswax candles for additional lighting.

Along the sides, below the salt as it were, are two longer rows of trestle tables, set in a similar fashion. And while those tables may not have the finest, in no ways is there any less attention to detail and preparation, or excellence in service. Perhaps only tallow candles, but still fragran. Throughout the course of dining and entertainment, servers will deftly offer to each table the best the Inn has to offer.

Bowls of lemon scented water are constantly refreshed at each table through out the evening along with clothes to dry the hands.

Ross Galbraith, a hale and hearty man nearing his 60th birthday, with broad shoulders, deep brown eyes and the same reddish brown hair Daelina has, greets one and all as they arrive in a booming voice, filled with laughter.

Well. Solara is not /that/ noble. But she is here, with her guards and maid, all /still/ in Ruxton colours thank you very much. She comes strolling along, a vision in red and black, hair flame coloured in the light of the torches, bound up properly but not covered over. She smiles at the Innkeeper, his booming voice known to most, including Solara. Her maid carries what might be a harp case, though it could also just be an odd embroidery basket, and Solara herself has a package in hand.

Moving over not too far behind Solara, Robben looks around at the people present at the moment. Unable to hold back a smile as he looks around, the Heir to the Ruxton House looks back in the direction he came from every now and then, before he looks to the people present again.

After stabling his horse, Caedmon joins the line of people already crowding to enter the area where the festivities will commence. He could use his status to advance to the front of the line, but he does not. Instead, he waits his turn patiently. When the time comes, the man bows to the innkeeper as if the proprietor himself were some great noble. "Master Galbraith," he greets, clasping the man's hand firmly and shaking it. "You honor the town greatly by allowing us to share in this auspicious occasion. Your family has served the community faithfully through 100 years, in good times and bad. For that, we offer our gratitude, and our hope that the Riverview Inn will endure for another 100 years, and well beyond that."

Daelina is standing by her father's side, more than happy to enjoy and share in her father's moment of triumph. Her own smile is as bright as Ross' even if her voice will never near the booming, carrying capacity of the large man. Everyone is greeted - with smiles and dignity and respect. Granted, not everyone is visually recognized perhaps, but there are obvious signs of purpose and stature. Ross offers a dignified salute and proper bow, "My Lord, you honor us with your presence an your good wishes. It is always a privilege and honor to serve."

Solara waits her turn as well, pausing to offer a Curtsey to the innkeeper, following Caedmon's lovely speech. "A pleasure," she says. "And thank you for hosting this fine event for everyone. It is most kind of you." She glances to her brother, tilting her head briefly as if inviting him to join her, and shorten the line by one. "I hope you will acccept this small gift," she adds, holding the package in her arms out. "I trust that it will be of use here at the inn."

Daelina glances at Solara as Ross accepts the gift so graciously offered, with abow and a lok of faint surprise. "My Lady, Iam beyond pleased, of course. Truly, truly, a most unexpected honor. My words fail me, save that you are truly as lovely as you are gracious." A moment's indecision passes over Ross' face, clearly pondering whether he should open this now or not.

Having changed after his patrol shift Allyn decided to go check out the party going on at the inn, though he knew he was a bit late for it, but then again, better late than never, right? His arm still bandaged as he glances around to see who might be gathered for the get together, but keeping an eye out ofor other things.

Robben waits for a few moments longer, before he moves over to join Solara, offering her a grin. "Hey, Sunshine," he greets her, before he offers a polite nod to the innkeeper. "I'm glad to see an Inn being ran this well for generations. Thank you, and your family, for doing so."

Weaving in and out of the crowd is Blian. His clothes are a seemingly newer and he has his usual jovial look. He makes his way near the tables and helps himself. Now he looks about for prey. His eyes fall to Solara…then he thinks better of it and continues to window shop. Spotting Daelina he approaches, "My lady," he says as he bows with a sly grin, "Wonderful, simply wonderful. Mayhaps I can perform in your honor to thank you." He has that mischiveous grin he carries so well as he looks to the little auburn haired girl.

Ross, and by extension, Daelina both glow in the thanks and the praise. Ross offer, "My Lord," proper respects again offered "ANything worth doing is worth doing well, and in the hopes that it will be lasting legacy to pass on thru the ages," glancing at Daelina. "And someday, I hope to do the same."

Daelina, cathcing sight of the Bard, almost blushes, glancing back towards the town a moment, then giving sideways glance at her father. "I.." clearing her throat for a moment, wearing her usual warm smile, "I'd be msot delighted, good Bard. Truly."

At this time, a server from the roasting spit comes over and mumurs in his ear. Ross shakes his head and makes his apolgies, leaving Daelina alone to go stomping in that direction, to strand discussing something at great length with them.

Should Ross decide to open the package, he will find a wall hanging tapestry, delicately embroidered and stitched, with the image of a forest on it, a falcon flying above and a river to the background. It is large enough to be well displayed, but small enough that it will make a good centerpiece or a decoration somewhere in a private room as required. "You may open itn ow if you wish, or wait to open it at a later time. I know that you will be quite busy," Solara says to Ross. And then she grins at Robben. "Perhaps we can go find a seat?" Especially as Ross gets called away.

Allyn smiles as he glances around and then heads over towards Daelina, "Good day, and congratulations on the Inn being open so long" he gives bows to the others, "good day my lords, my ladies, and bard. Hope everything is going well so far, no problems or trouble?" he raises an eyebrow "Enough watch around to keep things safe, or should I go change back into uniform?"

Caedmon turns slightly to watch Solara and Robben when they greet the innkeeper, and she presents her gift. The chancellor smiles warmly at the generous gesture. Then he passes onward but stops when he catches sight of the bard whom he has seen a few times. "Master!" he greets. "I hope that you come prepared to play music fit for dancing. I have a feeling that on such a festive occasion, you will find yourself running through more lively reels and jigs than slow ballads." He grins. "We certainly could use the merriment."

WHen Ross or Daelina, by proxy, does open the package, she eyes the wall hanging, and a soft, warmer smile. "Oh, my Lady, we will treasure this always and place it in a place of honor on the Inn's walls. And indeed, it will be placed where one and all can see it, carefully tended for as long as it is there.

Robben nods at Solara, offering her a grin in return. "Sounds like an excellent idea, finding seats," he offers to his sister, before he adds, "That was quite locely done," he offers to her again, as he sees what the gift was.

Solara's cheeks go a tad pink, at the compliments to her work. Which it seems she's finished in time for the event, even with the help of a certain prince who shall remain nameless. As she notes Blian is there, her smile grows. She moves over near to Caedmon, and settles into a seat. "Lord Caedmon, a good eve to you," she greets politely. "I do hope we shall get to dance. I always look forward to that."

And Solara tugs her brother along with her.

Allyn wanders over to find himself a seat and he smiles to Solara, "Good evening my lady Ruxton." he bows to Robben too and then Caedmon as well "My lord." He then continues on his way to a seat and sits down. "I wonder if Laine will complain about me not wearing armor while off duty too." he chuckles some to himself.

Robben lets himself be tugged, offering a polite nod to Caedmon as well, "Lord Caedmon. Enjoying the evening?" he asks, before pausing a bit at the mention of dancing. "I think I will pass on the dancing tonight," he offers, with a brief shrug, as he looks around at the other people present as well.

And when people begin to sit and take their places, the following will begin to be served: A broth, delicately flavored with spices and bits of chicken, followed by offerings of scallions, boiled carrots, lettuce, turnips, nuts, herbs; then an array of cheeses, next green vegetables and the meat courses: poultry, an the beef on the spit. When you're all replete,the the sweets course…but more on that later.

Caedmon settles into a seat and inclines his head to Solara and then Robben. "Good even, Lord and Lady Ruxton," he greets. "That was a fine gift that you presented, lady, truly an honor that the inn should treasure for generations." Then he notes, "I did warn the bard that he would need quick fingers tonight. People will want to celebrate with lively jigs and reels. Do you know if Prince Conall will be joining us for the celebration?" He notices Allyn passing, and greets the man with a nod and a warm smile. He happens to catch the remark about armor, and chuckles. "I certainly hope that he will not demerit you for that, master. A man should have some times of leisure."

Laine is on duty, but he not only promised Daelina he would stop by one day, but he couldn't not stop in when they were celebrating. That means he is uniform when he approaches the festivities. He nods to those he knows, giving a bow as well to Solara, Robben, and Caedmon. He spots Allyn and begins heading towards his brother, completely unaware that his name has already been taken in vain.

Solara pouts at Robben. "What, not even with me?" she asks, sounding quite sad. Though she stiffens at Caedmon's question, giving an effortless shrug. "I cannot say. I haven't seen him today." So there. Maybe their families are happy about this betrothal, but Solara is not. Conall might be in for trouble in paradise. She settles as the first course is served, concentrating on the delicious meal. And not Prince. Conall. Aberdeen.

Solara gives Caedmon a slight smile. It's not /him/ she's upset with. "Thank you for the compliment, my Lord. You are most kind," she adds, after a moment.

Allyn nods to Caedmon, "You are probably right my lord, but after the events of the other night, well, I wouldn't be surprised. I'll be getting some armor soon though, so he wont have to worry too much longer." he glances at his arm a moment, "Besides, I did take a bit of a risk as usual. I don't want to cause him to die by his heart stopping or something like that. Brothers tend to worry a bit much about their younger siblings I suppose. I should just listen to him and be more cautious/" yeah like that will happen, he then sees Laine approach, "Hey Captain, seems things are all clear around here." he then eyes the food as it's served and starts with the soup, though he picks most of the vegetables out of it, escept for the ones he actually likes.

Solnora sees that she has arrived just in time. And, look! Her favorite Watch Captain is there as well. She smiles, making her way toward Laine. Mercifully for him, she doesn't have her son with her this time. The boy is at home with his sisters, sporting an eyepatch of his own and trying to use his play sword on the shop cats.

Daelina moves about quickly now, checking at each table, making sure that things are all as they should be. At the appropriate time, Ross himself takes a tray of the finest cuts off the spitted meat, bearing it to the head table. Daeina catches sight of Solnora and nods to her,t aking the time to catch her for a brief moment to thank her for the wine and ale deliveries before she watches her cast off after Laine, all sails set.

Laine is the only Watch Captain, so could easily be everyone's favorite. He walks up to Allyn, "Good to know that all is well. I hope you are not causing any trouble." He then looks to Caedmon, "My Lord, he's not giving you any trouble is he?" Solnora's approach is noted and Laine gives her a nod, "Mistress, I hope you are well this evening.

Robben chuckles as he listens at the moment, leaning back a bit in his seat. "Yes, how is Prince Conall doing, sister? I haven't seen him since before the announcement was made…" A brief pause, before he adds, "Oh, and I might dance with you, should you want, but that's it. Family only…"

When the broth arrives, Caedmon takes his spoon and stirs it gently. He gives his attention to Salara and her words, and then nods. "If he does not, then you will have at least one dance if you will honor me." Then he looks to Laine when the captain arrives and worries about his brother. "Him? Trouble?" Caedmon wonders and chuckles. "Indeed not. In fact, we were discussing his need for armor. If your budget for the watch is tight and armor is scarce, I believe that we can do something to resolve the problem." He looks to Allyn and advises, "Speak to the royal blacksmith. Tell him what you need, and explain that he is to charge the cost to me. I will not have a member of the watch standing duty without some protection."

Solnora smiles to Laine. "I am, I trust you are as well." Her smile falters a bit as she sees Allyn. She gives the man a look generally reserved for mothers looking at disappointing children. Still, there is nobility about, so she'll hold her tongue. For now. As Daelina stops by, she gives the younger woman a bright smile. "Of course! It's not a party without good spirits!

Allyn smiles to Caedemon, "Ah, his highness Prince Tyrel has already sent me to the blacksmith to get some armor made on his gold.. but thank you. It is just that I have a problem with metal armor. It is hard to fight without a weapon in such armor. I am looking for something lighter, though for tournaments I probably will get something heavier. I am really looking for something leather or something that gives me freedom of movement, for when I need it. Are there any decent leathercrafters around town that you know of?. Plus metal plate is kind of loud and not good for getting placed unnoticed." he grins some, "Yeah I know, big men don't go unnoticed, but still." he chuckles and picks through more vegetables to get to meat. "Captain, want my vegetables?" he asks Laine.

"I should be honoured to dance with both of you," Solara says with a bright smile for Caedmon, and then her brother. "If we can persuade the bard to play, that is. If I must bring out my harp, I fear I will frighten all the patrons away, and not be able to dance for playing." She gives Robben a glare then for the second question about Conall. "I cannot say. I believe he is unhappy with the situation," is all she says softly. She smiles at the passing Daelina, briefly, and then turn to her meal.

Laine straightens a little more at Caedmon's words, a bit more tension entering his frame and any hint of smile leaving his features, "Thank you for your offer my Lord, but the Watch budget is fine. Your generosity is noted and appreciated." He then turns to Allyn, "No thank you. I should get back on patrol. I only wanted to stop in." Another nod is given to Solnora, "Good to hear Mistress. Pardon me for leaving, but the Watch's work is never done." He gives a nod to Daelina, "Mistress, congratulations on your anniversary. I shall stop in another time. I apologize for being unable to stay." With that the man offers a bow to Caedmon, Solara and Robben, "Good evening to you all." He then turns and begins making his way back through the crowd, checking the placement of on duty watch as he goes. He pauses to speak to one of the Watch members before heading off.

Daelina busily continues fluttering about, checking to see that all is as it should be. Yes, food is being passed around, wines and ales being served, everyone seems to be enjoying themselvse. She looks at her Papa and smiles, wishing out loud that Mama could be here to see and share it with him….and her.

"Unhappy?" Robben trails off there, going quiet again as he shakes his head, "Nevermind. Let's just enjoy this evening, shall we?"

Allyn glances at Laine, "You should at leasst stay and eat something. You probably haven't eaten all day if I know you." he eyes Laine for a few moments, "It's not good to go all day without eatting you know."

"Please, captain, do not take my offer as a mark agains your management," Caedmon says to Laine. "I know keenly that the recent fire left the city's resources in a strain. I simply wish to do my part to help." Then he smiles at Allyn's polite response to the offer, and then the question of leatherwork. "There are two in the city whom I would recommend highly for all manner of leather-work for man or horse," he answers. "One is three doors down from the Bard's Tale. The other is at the dock. I suspect that you will find either of them quite satisfactory to your needs, sir." When he has finished speaking to the two men of the watch, he looks down the table to Solara, having just overheard her comment about Conall. His expression mirror's Robben's question, but the chancellor merely nods. "Indeed, this is a time to cast cares aside. When the bard is ready, I would be delighted to dance with you, lady." He sees Daelina checking on their table, and he urges. "That includes you, mistress. Find some time in this evening for a dance with someone. Most of all, this is a celebration for you and your family."

Before Laine is able to leave, one of the Inn's attendants goes to him, and speaks with him quietly when he is free. And when done, will turn around and go back to his duties.

Daelina goes to stand by her father again, taking the moment, the hug him.

Laine seems to hear Caedmon's words, in part because he is stopped by a member of Daelina's staff. He nods and says something back to the attendant, before turning back to Caedmon, "Your assistance is appreciated, but again at present not needed. If that changes I will let you know My Lord." The words do not seem to do anything to loosen the tension in the Captain's frame. He turns to Allyn and simply looks at him for a moment, debating what words to speak. A multitude of responses seem to flash into the Captain's brain and apparently none of them are good. Perhaps it was not all Caedmon's words that brought on the Captain's tense posture. Finally Laine shakes his head and simply turns and heads off, apparently chosing to say nothing… and chosing not to eat at the moment either.

Allyn nods to Caedmon as he tells him about the leathermakers in the city, "Thank you my lord, I will go see them soon then and see if they can fit me and see what options I may have." he looks after Laine as he leaves frowning a little, but seeing maybe he's not in that good a mood right now, he doesn't push it though even though he kind of pushed Allyn when he was in a bad mood before the fight with the cat the other night. He just sighs a little bit, and goes back to the food, picking through the vegetables that he doesn't like, which are most of them, but he does take a few bites just to satisfy anyone who might think about scolding him to eat them.

Solnora watches Laine leave, then turns to Allyn frowning deeply. If an employee had shamed her as Allyn's actions have shamed the Captain, she'd fire them on the spot. It can only be worse when it is family causing the conflict. She turns away, smiling softly when she sees Daelina and her father.

Solara eyes the bard briefly, and then she looks at her brother. "The food here is delicious, is it not?" She glances over to include Caedmon, if he's not too busy chatting with others. "Perhaps so, that had been my intent, truthfully. Though I am finding it a bit difficult to remain my usual cheery self." She stirs her food briefly, but is no longer eating.

For those who've finished dining, or simply wish to just partake of them, a variety of sweet cakes from the Chocola Emporium, fresh fruits, more cheese and a light bready roll dusted with honey and sprinkled with chopped nuts. Ross continues moving about now as well, now that the spit is well in hand and Daelina takes a moment to sit at a table, near the spit wathching her father.

"It's quite nice food. Reminds me of that one place back home, what was it called again…" Robben offers, before he smiles to Solara. "I'm sure you'll be your cheery self again in no time, Solara.

Caedmon eat more of his meal while others are busy. Unlike some of the guests, however, he is not a ravenous eater, especially when he has seen hints of discontent from Solara. He pushes his plate aside, finally. When a server offers a goblet of wine, he shakes his head. "Thank you, no," he answers. Then he glances to the Lady Ruxton and he offers, "Perhaps a dance will help, if we can find that bard." He looks around for the man with the golden lute.

As folks finish eating Blian returns with his guitarra, having briefly left earlier. He begins to tune and when he seems satisfied he begins by stomping his foot and hammering out a rhythm. With a booming voice he begins,

Summer is coming and Cri is shining

NEw born babes can be heard to whining!

Now his fingers move deftly and his instrument soars,

Fields be plowed, fields be tilled!

Woman be merry, Woman be willed!

Some begin to sing along, others go arm and arm, twirling with delight whilst some stomp too. The crowd has leant themselves and the tune is loud.

Gather round, one and all,

Drink is poured and merriment calls!

He now moves into the chorus and most are singing along now.

We may laugh and we may sing

Love thy neighboor love thy kin!

He is all smiles now as the song moves forward and he demonstrates some antics in the form of rushing crescendos.

Daelina Listens, smiling. It is a masterful performance, a touch different than one she'd heard before. And with a glance at the head table, perhaps it has to do with present company. Yes, that could be it.

Solara glances at Caedmon, and she smiles, shrugging delicately. "Are you sure you wish to test your toes against my dancing skills?" she teases gently. "I could certainly give it my best, though it seems we might be dancing a bit more energetically than usual."

When Solara asks about the dance, implying some reservations about her skill, he inclines his head to her. "I will be glad to ask the bard for a slow tune if it would put you at ease, Lady Solara," he offers. "Whether the dance is fast or slow, I would be greatly honored to share it with you."
<OOC> Caedmon says, "That's mine."

Solara smiles, giving Caedmon a happier look. "You are most kind," she tells him. A glance at her brother, and then, "If I dance with Lord Caedmon first, you will still dance with me, yes?"

Khaleel is all about supporting other businesses, especially when they, in turn, can help support his and the Emporium did supply some wonderful sweets for the night. It is all about advertising and word of mouth. He approaches the party, arm around his wife's waist. As he arrives he looks around and lets out a most put upon sign, though humour sparkles in his eyes as he looks at his wife, "I suppose, dear wife, you are going to force me to dance at some point in this." Not that Khaleel is a bad dancer, or that he minds, but he must make a show of protest after all. How can he be the stern, aloof business man if he does not… of course he may be the only one who believes he has the reputation he thinks he has, but still.

Daelina smiles still, watching everyone dancing and then, with a wicked and impish grin, goes to drag her father, protesting all the way, out to dance. "Yes, you will, Papa. You promised" offering that dimpled grin. And thus, they dance. Perhaps not expertly or with an excess of grace, but with enjoyment.

Inika leans in against her husband, amusement flickering across her face as he protests before they even get to the dance. "Well, of course I will," she agrees with him. "I love to dance with you. And after all, how often is it we can spare some time away from the children and the Emporium?" She grins before she leans up to give him a small kiss on the cheek. What reputation, Khal? And then she calls out, "Mistress Daelina, thank you for inviting us. It is very good to see such an excellent party."

Daelina looks over from the dance area, circling it with her beloved Papa. "Thank you, Mistress Inika" and then squeals breathlessly as Ross takes her on a swift turn around the dance area. "See, I knew you'd enjoy yourself, Papa."

Caedmon pushes his chair back from the table and takes a step toward Solara and Robben. With a bow to the lord, he offers, "if your meal has dampened your spirit for the dance, lord, and if your lady sister will accept, I would be pleased to dance with her for more than a single tune. Her smile is a joy to behold. If something has dampened it, I wish to revive it if possible."

When the tune ends Blian seamlessly begins another. With a show of grace he quickly inverts the instrument and plays the intro with his three-fingered hand, then flips it back to use his full hand to finger the chords,

Cows in the field and pigs in their sty,
A drunkard in the tavern and Cri in the sky

Where oh where may that young lass be
Please don't say that she has left me

Stars in the sky and wind in the trees
Lovers loving and drinking their mead

Where oh where can that youbg lass be
Please don't say that she has left me.

When he chops the chorus he switches the instrument back to hammer it with his bad hand then back to his other to strum the chords each time. The song is a bit slower than the last, but not much. He looks to Daelina when she enters with her father and throws a wink if and when her wandering eyes find him.

Solara glances at her brother, and then she gets to her feet. "I'd be honoured to dance with you, Lord Caedmon," she says, seeming to have come to a conclusion. "It should be fun." And she takes his arm when it's offered, to begin dancing. There's a toss of her head, and a bright laugh, and weren't there rumours about Solara and Caedmon not so long ago? Oh dear.

As Daelina and Ross take more turns about dancing, her eye does catch sight of the wink and she makes a slight mistep. Loking up at her papa, "No, Papa, I'm alright. Something just distracted me for a moment."

Khaleel looks down at Inika, amusement still plain in his eyes, "My wife, whatever shall I do with you. I have a reputation to maintain." Again, likely he is the only one who thinks so. And really, with the amusement plain on his face it is clear he does not mind. He gives a nod to Daelina, "Yes Mistress, I do thank you for inviting us. Congratulations on the anniversary of your family's inn." When the slow song starts, Khaleel takes hold of Inika and pulls her close, placing a kiss on her forehead before spinning her off onto the dance floor and pulling her back in to fluidly move with the music. His wife is more skilled at dance, but Khaleel can hold his own. As he moves he leans down a bit to speak to his wife, "You know our children would be scandalized if they could see us thus." Well who wants to see their parents being all lovey dovey?

Coming along soon enough Conall hums on a tone as he comes to the spot for the dancing and music. Just looking around at the goings on. Keeping a bit to the side for the time being.

Inika chuckles softly, well aware of the look on her husband's face. And she's not surprised as he whirls her out on the dance floor, letting her laughter ring out, just before they start into the slower steps of the romantic song that the bard brings to the table. At Khaleel's words, she chuckles softly. "They likely would, though they will soon realize they did not really come from the cabbage patch."

When Solara abruptly makes the decision for her brother, Caedmon bows to her. With a warm smile, he offers his arm. He finds the bard, and calls toward the performer, "Master, if you please, something slow and graceful, befitting the delightful lady with whom I have the pleasure to dance." He inclines his head to indicate Solara to the bard. Once Blian has received the request. the chancellor nods and leads the Solara into the dancing area. He turns to face her, and offers his right hand, ready to glide with her to the slow and graceful beat of the new tune.

WIth Caedmon's words, Daelina and father drift away from the dance floor, turning to watch.

Solara smiles, a bit of her usual flair coming to her as she moves gracefully to the dance floor with Caedmon. "Thank you, good bard," she calls out to Blian, and then she curtseys to Caedmon, before she takes the offered hand, and starts into the steps of the dance. Conall's presence not even noticed, as her gaze is on Caedmon's face.

Khaleel does not stutter in his steps at his wife's words, nor does he step on her feet, "Oh you are cruel my wife, but I will have you know that my babies will not be gaining that knowledge until they are least 30… maybe 40." Overprotective father much? Maybe a bit. "I might allow them to date around then as well, but I make no promises." Yes most fathers may be into marrying off their daughters starting at about 16 or so, but Khaleel doesn't sound like he will be one of those."

When the song has finished and the Request is made Blian obliges. He tunes the lower fifth strund down and begins elegantly plucking a soft yet strained version of the favorite *Duendarry*, a famous song from his home of coonkeep. The instrumental takes a turn and he flows through some of his higher scales, his fingers crawling like the famed orange spiders as he weaves back into the theme of the song. Once here and there a flick of his glance is thrown to the inn keepers daughter, his wicked little grin always there. When he is finished a nod for Caedmon hoping it was appropriate before he heads in need of a drink. Sess be damned he needs one!

Inika's smile at her husband is full of love, warmth, amusement and even pride. Oh, and maybe even a touch of - wait until I get you in private, Mister. But- she dances well, and the quick stepping song is one that she is familiar with, falling into the steps with a flair and a lack of inhibition that comes along with being married with two children and a husband who is not afraid to dance. "Oh come now, my husband, surely not before they are fifty" she teases.

Daelina watches, along with her father, the others dancing, taking a brief respite - even snagging a piece of cheese to nibble on while she does. Ross takes the moment to quaff a bit of ale, enough to quench the thirst but no more.

Khaleel has to laugh at Inika's words, as he continues to move across the dance floor, "Fifty might be good, especially for Meggan. I might be a little more lax for Kenrik and allow him to leave home at 40… maybe 45. Actually I may never allow Meggan to leave home… or date for that matter." The poor child. Despite Khaleel's protests he seems quite relaxed while dancing. The couple may have had difficulties in their early marriage but now they seem quite comfortable with each other, and Khaleel is clearly besotted with his wife.

Once the song begins, Caedmon smiles and leads Solara through step after gliding step, with the ease of a stream rolling leisurely along its course. His eyes meet hers. He smiles warmly and he murmurs a few words to her. When their steps take them near the bard, he nods his assurance to the young man. When the song ends with a magnificent flourish, he is first to call, "Well done!"

Robben has been keeping quiet for a while, but gets to his feet now. Looking around, before he offers a quiet smile in Solara's direction, he quietly slips out of the area, to head back to the castle and check on his wife and kids now.
Caedmon mutters to Solara, "… that… hoped… sunshine."

Daelina claps from her seat, smile bright, as she watches the two dance. And, even the Bard gets a smile for his accompaniment.

Accepting nods and thanks Blian slings the instrument to his back and finds a cup. When the appropriate amount of wine has been consumed quickly he refills and heads to the proprietor. "Much thanks. Wonderful evening for it too." He says happily as he looks up to the sky. "Blian. I've stayed here a night or two but have never been graced with an introduction. He flashes a look to Daelina to indicate he does not seem to know her either.

Ross rises to greet the bard, "Well met, good Bard, and most welcome for coming here tonight. A happy time it is when music can grace any festivity. This is my daughter, Daelina."

Daelina glances at Blian, while her father speaks noting that supposed unknowing look. Oh, the Gods are gonna get you for lying. But, well and good, she'll tag along in this game for a moment. "Well met, as well, good bard. I'm sorry we seemed to have missed seeing you on one of your vists. Do forgive us." *smile*

Solara's cheeks go pink at Caedmon's compliment. She smiles though, and then curtseys again. Her gaze goes to the bard and she calls out, "WEll done indeed, thank you!" Conall's presence, however short, is not noticed. "My Lord Caedmon, thank you," she manages. "It is always a pleasure to dance with you." She's not opposed to dancing with him again, because it's easy. Her guards and maid are there, looking bored. "Though I should not monopolize you too much. You should go dance with Mistress Daelina, for she certainly could use the company of such a chivalrous and noble man, for a dance."

Inika laughs again, quite amused. "I am sure our children will have something to say about that," she observes. "Though I certainly will not gainsay you on that one. Except I might point out - " her words go far softer as she leans over to whisper in her husband's ear, taking advantage of the slower second song and her height, a few inches more than most women boast.

"Well met. Both of you." Though the words are meant more for the girl. He smiles and offers a sweeping mock bow. When hed does he backs into some passerby and the collide with each other.
Inika mutters to Khaleel, "… should… be… house with… at…"

Strolling through is an older man with red robes and a hood pulled over his face. He approaches near the Keeper and his daughterr when Blian takes a step back and they collide. His hood comes down revealing an old weathered face and yellow teeth. "Watch it!" He shouts loudly before he shows a frusterated look to Ross. hE shrugs and sulks away blending into the crowd and dissapearing as quick as he emerged.

Daelina puts a hand to her mouth, hiding a laugh. It's not polite to laugh at another's misfortune. Ross' eyes glance to see if all involved in mini collision are ok and, as thigns seem fine. she settles back.

Caedmon bows to Solara when they part at the end of the dance. "The pleasure was entirely mine, Lady. I believe that you underestimated your dancing." He glances toward the bard, and finding the young man apparently plying his charms to win favor from the innkeeper's daughter, Caedmon smiles and shrugs. "You are most kind, lady, but I suspect that she would prefer someone younger than me." Then he offers, "If you wish, I will bring you some refreshment while you consider whether you would like to dance again." Again, he turns toward the bard when the stranger objects loudly and rudely.

Khaleel arches a brow at Inika, a hint of blush overtaking his features at her whisper. He does chuckle though at her words, "You are most wise my wife…. most wise. I could definitely be swayed to your opinion." As usual actually. Of course it isn't as if Khaleel would actually prevent his children from dating until fifty, but while they are young he can say it. He guides his wife off the dance floor with the break in music, leading her to a seat, "I will bring you something to drink my wife." He gives Inika a kiss on the cheek and sets off for refreshments.

Solara smiles at Caedmon, her head ducking briefly. "Of course I would like another dance, my lord," she says. Her attention too goes to the stranger and the bard at the small altercation, but she relaxes as it seems everyone is okay and nothing further is going to happen. "But it does seem that our musician is taking a break, so perhaps some refreshments would be in order indeed. Thank you."

"Good bard, if we could impose upon you to again play for those who wish to dance…" Ross says, "I would be most grateful." Daelina glances at her father, then back to the Bard.

When the man screams the bard rolls his fist, yet makes no sudden move, By Sess, he looks a hundred. When he slithers away Blian relaxes a bit and says, "Yys yes, it will be my pleasure. Sometimes I wsh that someone else could take the reigns so's I might enjoy a dance with a pretty young girl." He smiles now indicating Daelina and then sips. When he has finished he opens his stance so that others may hear but remains close to them as he begins to tune.

Inika's smile is wide and expansive. Now who could blame her? She settles into a seat, tilting her head to recieve that kiss from her husband. "Of couse," she says. "And thank you. Something not too sweet, yes?" She looks thoughtful as she relaxes into the seat, glancing around to see who is where and what they are doing. Now her attention goes to Daelina with a smile and a wave. But she does not interrupt, since there appears to be a conversation going on there.

Conall does watch the people dancing. While he seem a bit tired and keeping to the side he is able to see who all the people around are. Those he has met that is.

Servers would go up to Connal as say that he's more than welcome to join any table. And that he's free to partake of any of the food there is.

After he escorts Solara back to her table, Caedmon leaves in search of a sweet treat and a drink for her. On his way, he sees Inika and pauses to greet her and her husband. "I wish to congratulate you on the success of your business, master and mistress," he says, bowing to both of them. "It seems to have become one of the most popular attractions in the city, and in a very short time. Your success is surely evidence of your hard work and perseverance."

Ross takes the opportunity to go check on the spit area. Now that the meat is done, leftovers being st up for delivery to some who perhaps could not attend this evening, he checks to make sure the fire is well and truly out. A precaution that is always foremost on the mind of any Galbraith. Fire is not their friend in some circumstances.

Given a rest for a moment, Solara glances at her harp, but she'd rather continue dancing. And she's not all that sure whe wants to chance her own musical talent, such as it is, in such a public place. So, she does not ask for the harp, but turns her attention to watching the rest of the people enjoying the party.

Khaleel returns with a glass of wine for his wife and one for himself. He hands Inika her wine before quickly downing his own. He then gives his wife a smile, eyes twinkling slightly before he leans down and swoops her up in his arms, being careful to not spill her drink too much, "Come wife, let us take advantage of the babysitter." He gives a nod to those assembled before he strides out with Inika in his arms.

Conall does nod and smile to the servers. Moving around a bit. "My lady. Have you had fun?" Conall asks as he draws by near Solara. Just smiling sweetly. "I would offer to dance, if you wish. Though first I do need to greet the hosts I believe." He says before looking around to try and find those hosts to make his way over.

Inika is somewhat startled to be picked up like she's no bigger than Meggan. But she still has her wine, so she calls out, "I'll return the glass later, Daelina." And then she is carried off. Who says married people have no fun?

Ross Galbraith would still be over by the soon to be completey put out fire pit and Daelina would be at the end of one table, takng a moment to bite on another bit of cheese. With a smile, she looks towards Inika "As you wish, Mistress Inika. When you are able…" watching her get carried of in her husband's arms.

When Ross leaves Blian takes this chance to woo Daelina. He begins a song and seems to sing it more to her than the crowd, not brazenly, but it is obvious.

Ladies I've known but never so fair
Now she is the only that I wish to eye
When she is near I havent a care
Without her at my side I would surely die

For in all the lands and all the towns
A prettier girl was never around

In all years and all my time
A cuter lass I have yet to find

Ladies I've known bett never so fair
Now she is the only that I wish to eye
When she is near I havent a care
Without her at my side I would surely die

She sings like a bird and walks like a queen
Flowers bloom when she is near it would seem

She brings joy to my heart and a smile to my lips
She warms a room with a laugh she is quick

Ladies I've known bett never so fair
Now she is the only that I wish to eye
When she is near I havent a care
Without her at my side I would surely die

He offers another warm smile as she nibbles and his honey soaked voice repeats the chorus one last time.

Caedmon is carrying a small plate with a pastry, and a similarly small cup, heading back to Solara's table when he sees Conall. He bows to the prince and greets, "Welcome, your highness." He looks to Solara and explains, "The lady was uncertain about whether you would be here, but I am glad to see that you arrived before the festivities concluded." He nods toward the area where some servers are still ready to bring food to people. "The innkeeper and his daughter provided a wonderful feast, with the help of the owners of the Chocola Emporium down the street." He glances to the plate and cup. Then he concludes, "If you will excuse me, I should deliver these to Lady Solara." Again, he bows before continuing to the table to place plate and cup before the Lady of Ruxton.

Solara sort of blinks as Conall arrives as if by magic. Her cheeks go a bit pink, and then she says quietly, "Of course, your highness, if you wish." She looks for Caedmon, giving him a sort of confused look. "Lord Caedmon was kind enough to get refrehments." And then Caedmon returns and that gets a brighter smile from Solara. "Thank you, my lord," she says, warmth in her voice. "Prince Conall has asked me to dance," she adds, almost apologetically.

Oh, and on the way, Inika also waves at Caedmon. "Thank you, my Lord," she calls out in passing.

Well now, that was an interesting song, as Daelina starts to blush, putting her hands in her lap. "That was very nice, good Bard. Quite different than your music the other day. I …..thank you.

Conall smiles and nods to Caedmon and Solara both. "Such is a good thing. And indeed, I was." He says and bows. "I am glad you both have been enjoying the feast and so forth. And I assures you, lady Solara. If you prefer sitting here and talking you are free to do so." He assures her, not wishing to force her. "As I said though. I should greet the hosts briefly." Applauding the song with a grin. First moving to Ross to offer a brief talk with him. "I am arriving a little late but this is quite the event. Thank you for hosting it." He offers and smiles. "It is too bad that I missed those that had helped out." He says and smiles. Before he'll try to make his way around to Daelina. Though if possible he will try to keep close enough to continue any conversation with Caedmon and Solara if they wish.

Ross, bowing deeply and offering a salute, would say "It is of no matter, Your Highness. That you were here, was more than honor enough." continuing whatever conversation with him the Prince was having before Connal moves off in another direction.

Daelina is still in her spot watching the last of the dance and playing of the Bard.

"Oh," Solara says, not quite sure how to respond for a moment. She even looks at Caedmon as if asking him what she should do. She sips at the drink she has, taking advantage of Conall's greeting the hosts to have a drink. "Your highness, I do love to dance," she says, after a moment. It's something he already knows, no doubt, since he has danced with Solara previously. She then looks over at the bard to see if he is going to play another one?

Another wink for the inn-keepers daughter as Blian finishes. "I may be in need of another drink, I confess." He says smiling. Then, he retrieves said drink and returns, "It seems another is in order." He motions to said guest who have grown idel. Draining his cup he rushes into a song about a righteous king while he stomps out a beat for himself again. The wine is gettting to him now as his eyes are a bit glazed and he seems all too happy.

Caedmon says, "Then by all means, I think that you should accept, lady," Caedmon urges Solara. "I'm sure that his highness would enjoy your company even more than I did when we danced. I am glad to see you enjoying the evening again." He bows to her, and smiles warmly. "Gather the roses while they bloom, lady," he adds."

"Then by all means, I think that you should accept, lady," Caedmon urges Solara. "I'm sure that his highness would enjoy your company even more than I did when we danced. I am glad to see you enjoying the evening again." He bows to her, and smiles warmly. "Gather the roses while they bloom, lady," he adds.

Conall chuckles and smiles to Ross. "Well all is well then." He says and grins. Then to Solara. "That I am aware of my lady." He assures her. Smiling sweetly. "I just would not wish to interupt any current conversation or such." He says, bowing his head to Caedmon. Continuing just a bit but keeping near Solara and Caedmon. Offering a bow to Daelina as he is close enough. "If I am not mistaken you are also one of the hosts, right?" Not wanting to have her confused with someone else.

Daelina rises to her feet, dipping in an immediate curtsy. "I am, Your Highness. Master Galbraith is my father."

Solara bites her lower lip, as she watches Conall now, not quite sure what he is meaning. "You are not interrupting," she offers after a moment. She takes another sip of the drink, glances at the pastry but cannot bring herself to eat at the moment. Caedmon's words get her blue eyes to look his way and then gets to her feet, with a smile for the Voice of the king. "Yes, you are right, I suppose. Thank you." She gets to her feet, turning to watch Conall now.

Conall smiles and bows to Daelina, "Ah good then. And thank you. It has been quite a nice event. Even if I am arriving a bit late. Although apologies. I believe it is time I enjoy it some more." Turning to Solara and smiles. "Good then." Bowing to her before reaching out his hand to take hers and lead her to dance.

Blian continues the song, allmost urging folks to dance. Some do, it is japish song he spins into now. Not the type that requires a partner. Between verses he leans to Daelina, "Would'nt you grace the floor with your steps?" He soffers a little smile before he returns to the chorus.

Solara lets Conall take her hand, and she heads to the dance floor with him. She waits a moment to see how the music goes, before she offers Conall a proper curtsey and then moves to start dancing. While she is a touch nervous, her enjoyment of dancing is real, and her gaze is on Conall, in much the same way it was previously on Caedmon. Well, except there is a bit of wariness with Conall which was not there for Caed.

When the next song starts, and Conall returns to claim Solara for a dance, Caedmon stops a passing server to request a goblet, which the server soon brings to him. The chancellor settles into a chair and watches. He cradles the goblet in his hands but does not drink any of its contents.

Daelina would rise, after glance at her father. "I do not understand this dance, I'm sorry. The music is lively though, and I do enjoy your playing.

When he has finished he looks to the yound girl, a look of failure on his face. She clearly has not had enough wine! Ha asks her, "do you have a favorite?"
<OOC> Blian says, "that was me."

That is most likely true, since not once during the evening, while taking care of things, has anyone seen Daalina drink anything. What a horror! :)

Conall does dance with Solara and he does enjoy it as well. Focusing on her for now. "I am glad that you have had a good time." He offers, trying to calm her. "I am grateful for lord Caedmon for keeping you company." He says with a smile.

Solara smiles, dancing along with each step. She doesn't even miss one when Conall mentions Caedmon. "He is a wonderful dancer," she says, and then seems to catch herself. "Much as you are, your highness. She turns in time to the music, moving this way and that, this step and that, but always returning to Conall. "And yes, I have very much had a good time, thank you. Mistress Daelina and Master Ross have done a remarkable job."

Caedmon continues to sit and watch the others. He taps his foot occasionally to the lively tune, and for a moment, he focuses his attention on the bard who plays expertly. He smiles when he sees Conall and Solara whirling around the dance-floor. He raises the goblet but lowers it without taking a sip. Again, he watches the bard and then the innkeeper's daughter who seems to have decided to watch rather than to dance.

Conall smiles and nods, "So are you. And indeed, they have been good hosts." He says as he moves with her. "It would be nice to find another moment to talk as well." He offers to her. "I admit that I haven't had too much time lately to run around. I just thought that I should come here. Especially when hearing of those that would be around." He says and smiles still.

As the song comes to an end, so too does the dancing. And Solara's laugh lightly fills the area. "I'm certain we are all glad you are here, Your Highness," she says. "Though I should go back to the castle now. My brother had escorted me, and he left a while ago to go check on Aemy and the infants." She leaves that hanging, letting him decide what he's going to do. "Thank you for the dance, your Highness."

Daaelina continues to watch the Bard. She would have danced, when he'd mentioned it before but seh really didnt understand what kind of dance he was talking about. Taking a seat, she continues to watch everyone to make sure things are going a well as they are suppoed to be going.

Conall smiles and nods, "Then do let me escort you, my lady. It would be unresponsible by me to allow a lady to wander all alone." He says and smiles. Giving a bow to her and kisses the back of her hand. Finally looking to the bard to bow and thank him for the song.

With the celebration beginning to fade, Caedmon stands from the chair where he has sat. He returns the untouched goblet to a server, and then heads to where Ross, Daelina, and the bard are. along the way, he fishes in a pouch on his belt. He bows to the innkeeper and his daughter. "Master, mistress," he says, "others have thanked you already, but on behalf of my family, I wish to offer our thanks as well." Then he bows to the bard, and says, "You played splendidly, master. You have my special thanks." Then he reaches to press a coin into the bard's hand - a handsome tip for the evening's work. Having delivered his thanks and tributes, he turns to head for the exit.

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