Nar 20, 228: The Ransom

The Ransom
Summary: After being unhorsed in the joust tournament, Kyra meets with Symon as she poses as a representative of the Mystery Knight, to ransom her armor and horse.
OOC Date: 23/July/2013 (OOC)
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Symon Kyra 
One of the many tents at the tournament grounds.
Nar 20, 228

Symon takes the reins of his horse and starts back towards the tents, when the Squire informs him that Kyra is waiting on him. A curious look is shot at the woman, clearly reading 'YOU are the representative of the Mystery Knight?' then slowly rolls a shoulder and murmurs, "Very well. Come this way so I can get the plate off while we talk, then?" He starts moving before the question is finished, though he watches to make sure she IS coming.

When Symon greets Kyra, she studies him for a moment and as his greeting remains impersonal, she realizes he had not recognized her. Her shoulders visibly relax and she walks with him towards the tents at his comment. "Yes, I am the representative of the Mystery Knight." Not even bothering to disguise her voice as she and the lad follow along with the knight.

The comment draws Symon's attention back to Kyra's face along with a faint frown, stopping at the tent entrance to let the squire take the horse. Reaching to unbuckle the straps for the gauntlets, he shakes his head lightly, "I'm sorry, did I meet you before? Your voice is…" the comment trails off as some of the metal poundage is shed, leaving him standing there waiting for the Squire to return and help him out of the rest, "I suppose your Lord would very much like you to determine the ransom and be back to him, rather than my asking you questions, hmm?"

The question from Symon draws a startled look from Kyra since she had thought she was in the clear, but just after, he offers her a hand delivered excuse. "Yes, My Lord Sir, h would very much like me to determine the ransom and get back with him as soon as possible." Her hands lace together and the lad with her gives her an odd look, but wisely remains silent.

Symon murmurs his thanks at the Squire's return, ducking his head to step into the tent and let Kyra decide if she's going to talk from there or follow him in to a potentially embarrassing situation, "Well, then, I shouldn't delay him. He fought well and it would be a disappointment to take a warrior's tools from him. What has he offered? I take it he will not be coming to the feast the King has aid out for us all?"

When Symon steps inside the tent, Kyra shrugs and steps inside as well, not caring about the potential of embarrassment, or not realizing it in time. She gives him a number, a paltry amount, but he had just won a horse, so she was trying to lowball just a little, but it was something she could afford! Since she disliked this position, it distracted her some and she gives him a blank look. "The feast? That's for nobles… OH You wanted to know if He was going. He does not confide in me his intentions."

Symon mms softly, grunting a little as clusters of bruises are revealed under and around the undershirt when the armor is slowly removed, "Your Lord must not be doing well. What if I make him a different offer. He can have his horse and his equipment back for two things: He owes me a favor of assistance when I call for it, if he can physically render it, and he gives me your name. Surely that would be much more agreeable?"

At one of the tents, working out the ransom of the joust, Kyra is speaking to Symon as he removes his armor. Of course she is still in pain but it is everything she can do to conceal it. Mostly, she hides everything with the cloak around her shoulders and over her arms. The offer is more than fair but for some reason, Kyra hesitates. "Assistance, My Lord Sir? I think that would be agreeable. My name, however, is not his to give. Would there be another price?"

Symon lifts one brow at Kyra's answer, "Not his to give? So if I asked him for your name, you would forbid him from doing so? An interesting representative he chooses. Very well then. His word of assistance and a means to contact him. Perhaps I can convince /you/ to give me your name then, purely out of the goodness of your own heart?" It takes him a few moments to struggle into clothing behind a conveniently held-up-by-the-Squire horseblanket, to whom he murmurs thanks to before stepping back out and tying boots back onto his feet, "Do we have an arrangement then? Mystery Representative for a Mystery Knight?"

Studying him a moment, Kyra doesn't see the harm and instead of jumping right on it, she pretends to consider it. It was a much better deal than she could have even imagined! Finally, she relents and nods. "I will make the agreement for him then, and you may contact him through me. If you head south out of the town, there is a small cottage by the river, it is where I have been living. He wishes to remain unknown, a mystery, for further tournaments. As for my name," a smile plays across her lips, but it is a mysterious one. "Is it necessary?"

Symon yanks the laces tight on the last boot and rises back to his feet, stretching his recently-healed arm out a bit now that he is back to being completely unencumbered. Again, he eyes Kyra's face, the hint of a smile touching the corners of his mouth, "The more you protest revealing it, the more my curiosity gnaws at me. Did I slight you in the past? Was your husband or father in the unit with me, a pikeman?" He doesn't give her that long to respond, instead sighing and giving her a Look, "Very well. If a woman wishes to be mysterious then I cannot force her to be otherwise. The cottage by the lake. Your Lord's equipment is his to reclaim then."

As he dresses, Kyra doesn't exactly look away, though the blanket hides most of it. Self consciously, she pushes a tumble of chocolate colored curls away from her face, the spill of them a slight disarray from her helm she had been wearing. The move does actually show a freshly bandaged place on her upper arm before it's concealed once more by her cloak. "I have never been married and my father does not live here. You have not slighted me at all, I assure you." When he cedes the word spar, she offers a curtsy, polite and proper. "The cottage beside the river and thank you most humbly for your kindness." The look in her eyes, those same aquamarine color as when she was younger, reflects certain mischief, but her face remains as solemn as ever.

Symon stands there for a moment, watching Kyra's face, where she can see thoughts flying past behind those eyes. But rather than say anything else, he bows his head, "Inform him I will not forget the obligation. Good evening to you then, and I hope his fortune fares better." With that said, he seems content to let her slip away, though he looks willing to stand there and watch her go, while the Squire fetches the horse.

Able to see him putting thoughts through his mind, Kyra is unable to read exactly what they are, so the sooner she leaves the better, before he puts too many together. "I will make sure he is aware of his obligation, Sir. And he wished me to convey his congratulations to you on the win you managed to obtain, yet he feels he had you there for awhile." There's another twitch of her lips at that, the mysterious aura surrounding her again. "I look forward to you coming by then, Sir Symon Fallon." Bowing her head in farewell.

Symon murmurs softly as he hauls himself up onto the horse, "I thought he dud as well for a while there." A warmer smile spreads across his face, "But then I suppose that is why they say you should not give up until it really is all over. I will look forward to visiting, young lady I do not know the name of." Whickering at the horse, he wheels around and starts off to return to the castle.

When he responds, Kyra laughs, surprised he hadn't pressed the issue, but relieved he hadn't. He was so far out of her reach now that he had been knighted and landed… to her mind, it would only be cruel to invite him back into her life with such a gulf separating them. "I look forward to you visiting also, Sir Symon." And once he begins riding off, she watches him, wanting to call her name after him, but deciding the timing was all off. Soon. Maybe.

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