Inouv 10, 228: The Queen's visit

The Queen's visit
Summary: The Queen visits her daughter in the infirmary, to calm her down and bring some peace to the girl's heart, but it looks like the pregnant woman in the presence of the young baroness can't bring peace for little girl's thoughts.
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The rectangular room has whitewashed walls and a stone floor bare of carpet and rushes. The air smells of vinegar, soap and strong herbs. On a far fall is a line of windows that look outside of the castle. Each of the windows has a widow box filled with fresh herbs and flowers. Along the wall opposite of the windows are about twenty beds in a row. The beds are narrow and simply made of sturdy oak and rope. Each bed has a fresh canvas, straw stuffed mattress covered with heavy unbleached and dyed linen sheets, a pillow, and a blue wool blanket. Next to each bed is a small square table and a stool. One each of the narrow walls are doors leading to other rooms. One leads to the hallway, which in turn leads to the main part of the castle. Across from the main entry are two doors. One leads to the apothecary and still room, and the other leads to the Royal Physician's office.
It is day 331 of the month of Inouv, 228 2E


It is night time and the infirmary for the moment is quiet, there a few healers on staff during this time of the day and those burning the late night oil. One of the late night oil burners is Wenna. She moves out of her office and she looks exhausted. Despite that her appearance is neat as pin. Her long hair has been braided and bound up underneath a biggins. She is dressed in a plain charcoal grey wool gown and because of the hour she is walking slowly and a cane. In the beds paitents sleep and are dozing.

Caillin is sitting in her bed as a sculpture even at the night. She is not moving at all. It could look like she is not even blinking. There is a tiny piece of fabric in her pale hands. More keen eye would see that this is a tiny cloak with the blazon of hers and her husband's house, which would perfectly suit for the tiny baby. The view would be amazing, if there would be someone, who could wear it.
If the lady is not sleeping, Gaela is not too. Gaela is standing beside the young baroness. The handmaiden is brushing girl's flaxen curls, trying to gather them with the golden ribbon. Gaela is whispering something, but Caillin gives no reaction to that.

Laetitia is dressed in her nightdress, a pale green, a soft woolen cloak over her shoulders, her hair down, the Queen having woken up recently. Another who can not sleep. She is with her guards and Winifred, the guards left at the door to the infirmary, the Queen pressing in as she holds Winifreds arm, looking around to see who is around, and where her daughter is.

Wenna turns when she sees the queen and she balances herself on her cane as she offers her a stiff curtsy. "Your majesty." She rises and approaches. "You are looking much better, are you hear to seek out your daughter?" She asks her. She casts a quick look over in the direction of the bed Caillin is sitting in and looking like a frozen statue.

When Gaela sees the Queen, she quickly ofers a deep curtsy, "Your Majesty…" and withdraws from Caillin to the seat, which was never left by Gaela till the first day Caillin was brought here.

Laetitia nods her head and sighs, looking off towards Caillin and Gaela who curtseys, "Thank you, I've had a few visitors which have raised my spirits, and food has helped." A faint smile is curved for Wenna, Laetitia moving in towards her to offer a press of her hand to the woman's shoulder, "Wenna, my dear, if you curtsey again I'm going to have to have quite the talk with you. I have told you, you need not do so." Warmly said, Lae moving off then with a nod to Gaela before she carefully eases her way onto the bed Caillin is in, sitting on it with one hip, struggling a little to lay down beside her daughter without rolling out of the bed like a ball in the ocean.

There is a luagh from Wenna. "My queen, I will listen but there will be times when I slip and you are offered a curtsy. My old bones apperciate it as does my one leg." She smiles. She then goes to pretend she is busy near where Lin and Lae now rest.

Caillin is sitting as she was, drowned somewhere deep in her thoughts. The grey gaze of the young girl obviously betrays her being… somewhere else. Not here. Not in this room. It would be good, if she could just cry, but, obviously, she cried out all her tears and now almost nothings is left just something there, behind the walls of this room, maybe even behind the castles walls, behind walls, hardly understandable for the minds of people. But maybe it is more touchable, closer than anyone thinks. Whatever it is, it keeps her breathing… willingly.
The answer might be told by her fingers, pale fingers which are gently running across the black stud, which is in the blazon of her house, on that tiny cloak. When her eyes slip on that black stud in the blazon, the mad love, which was always dancing in the young baroness eyes, flashes there once more. Briefly, though, but does that.

Laetitia manages not to roll off as she lays down on the bed, one leg kicking out as she lets out a little exclamation - using the kicked out foot as a counterbalance as she snugs in against her daughter. And there she'll lay, quiet for now, letting her racing heart calm down as she watches that little cloak get caressed.

Caillin sits as she was sitting, gently running with her fingers across the stud. However, when she feels the touch of her mother, how she cuddles to her, the young baroness lets a veryquiet sigh out.

Laetitia eases up onto one elbow and lightly toys with her daughters hair, "It would have made a fine cloak for your child." Murmured softly, her gaze drifting to her daughters face, watching and studying her daughters features. However much further she doesn't press from there, content to lay there as her daughter does.

Caillin sighs again, carring that cloak near her chest, cuddling to her heart and stabbing grey eyes to mother's. Though, it is hard to say, if the girl really sees her mother, if she really hears what the Queen is saying, or Laetitia's eyes became an accidental point to rest baroness gaze.

Laetitia will simply lean in and press a kiss to her daughters forehead gently, meeting that grey gaze with her own pale blue one, faint smile upon her lips, "It warms me that you're responding so well to having your husband around. It's a good sign."Murmured, still lightly playing with her daughters hair, "And that he is around to help you so often. It's a good marriage, and you both will have children in the future, it would seem however that this child was so dear to the Gods they couldn't bear to allow it to touch the earth."

Wenna turns her head to look at the queen as she speaks and she nods her head. She says nothing at the moment, instead she just listens. Her greens do come to rest on Caillin and she nods her head. She then casts a look at her office.

The mention of the Gods, who are now fully hated by the young baroness, or the mention of the child, who baroness believes was killed by her, or the mention of the Ruthgar, who baroness loves so darely and disappointed so horribly… Something one of these reasons, or all these reasons find a way to release the tears, which were stuck somewhere for a few days.
The cry is loud and choky. The young girl releases that cloak, and raises her hands. She firmly grasps her head, as she would like to cover her ears, not to hear any of these lies how the Gods loved her child. However, her hands do not cover her ears. They are more trying to bring lots of physical pain to the girl's head, that this pain would be worse, than the one, which is resting in her heart, because there is nothing worse than to carry a mind, how you killed your own child. Though, girl's eyebrows frown in some kind of sweet way, as there would be a thought, which would stand in front of all the dark ones, and would try to bring some calm to the girl's heart. And this thought is whispered by the pale lips, "My Ruthgar…"

Well, at the very least there is a response, one the Queen is happy to see, however …emotional it is for Caillin. The Queen will softly cluck her lips, reaching up for her daughters hands, "My love, how would your Ruthgar feel with you hurting yourself so, he would be most distraught, moreso than he already is." Chided softly, the woman nodding, "Your Ruthgar …you and he need to be together, to bring another child into the world. To love each other so passionately as you do, yes?" All softly murmured, a look canted towards Wenna as she continues to speak.

Caillin shakes her head intensively, as she would be opposing to all what the Queen is saying. There will be no love as it was, after she disappointed Ruthgar so much, when he was worth of a beautiful and loving family with many children. There will be no any children anymore, one is already dead and it would be cruel to start another life, just to lose it again, if something will happen. The little head is shaken intensively, just to show the mother, that there is no hope to have the light, which was… There is no hope… And Caillin curls in the bed as a hedgehog, sobbing, crying and hugging her own head with arms, trying to hide from the whole world.

"Oh come now. I have not yet been wrong with the words I give to you, my little Caillin."The Queen soothes, not disturbed by her daughters actions, no indeed, staying where she is though she will curl into her daughter as her daughter does so, spooning her quite neatly, save for the big belly at Caillins back, "Cry it all out, my love. Its what's best for you. You need to mourn this child, it's a big loss, but there is a bright future ahead for you and your husband. More children who will brighten your smile so keenly, as you have brought smiles to my face so often." Murmured softly, the Queen content to stay there all night cuddling her daughter.

Maybe it is words from her mother's lips, or maybe it is that unborn child in her mother's belly, unborn and happy child, who will be able to see the world… Maybe this child, felt by her back, brings the thoughts for Caillin about her own mother, who did not lost the child. Likely, she remembers the woman, whose belly she touched even before the Caillin became pregnant, and now she is holding twins in her hands. Oh, and the future childs of her two brothers, which are not lost, and these common girl's for whom Caillin told many wonderful stories about how it is incredibly awesome to be the mother, and whose bellies Caillin touched, feeling how their children are kicking there… And she… So miserable mother, who so easily let the child go away… All of this makes the girl cry even more louder, even more crazy and she becomes lack of air, she becames even more pale than she was, and she hugs hersel firmly, digging the fingers to her arms. Her lips just whispers repeatedly, "Ruthgar… Ruthgar…" As the girl wouldn't want to see anyone, except him.

Laetitia isnt going to try and do anything more than she has, no, she's content, as said before, to lay here all night with her daughter. Until she goes crazy with her breathing and the Queen is calling out, "Wenna?" With concern, the Queen trying to roll over to try and get out of the bed so her daughter can be tended to. But she has a moment that every turtle does, and that's trying to roll over — maybe if she ..shimmies her backside out - oh - one foot off the bed, she's getting it. Slowly but surely.
"My Queen." Wenna moves over to help Lae. "What may I do for you?" She looks at Caillin. "I think she may need a few sips of a drink, if I can get her to drink it. She then looks back to Laetitia. "Time will heal."

Gaela stands up on her feet, when she sees, how her lady goes all crazy, tearing her arms. The handaiden does, what she was ordered to do. She forgets all the courtesy and just whispers, "Ruthgar…" And runs away to bring him here.

"Oh I know ..I know.." The Queen will murmur, belly catching on the bed as she slips off, the Queen ohing softly, feeling a kick from within, "I'm sorry my dear." Murmured down to her stomach, watching as Gaela runs off to get Ruthgar, her hand pressing to her belly as she eases away from the bed now, exhaling out deeply, "I think nothing I can do more for now …the hour is late. And …her flailing may put me at risk." Said quietly to Wenna, the Queen pressing off to lean back against a free expanse of wall, "He will be here soon."

"My queen you have done a lot, go and rest and perhaps will see you in the morning in the meantime I will see about giving her something to calm, so she does not do more harm to herself. Wenna then goes send her apprentice for the for the item needed. "I think my assessment stands."

It doen't take long and Gaela returns. In her wake follows Ruthgar, his face almost white against the red and black of his attire. He had not gone to bed yet, or he couldn't have followed the summons of his wife this swiftly.

He enters in silence, offering a bow to the queen, before his pale grey eyes shift to his wife on the bed.

And when the girl sees the image of Ruthgar in the infirmary, she calms down quickly as there was nothing happening. Her pale hands brush all the tears from her eyes, as she would be trying to hide all her emotions. However, her quick breath remains, as her slightly bleeding arms, after the girl digged with her nails into them.
That mad love, which flashed in her eyes before, comes there back again and remains for as long, as Ruthgar will be beside her. Moreover, after a long long silence, the young baroness finally will whisper to her husband, "Take me from here… I want to be in our room, without others…"

Laetitia will go as Wenna advises, nodding her head to Ruthgar without parting a smile, a look given back to her daughter. And then silently the Queen will take her leave, hands both on her belly, Winifred and her guards moving along with her to ease her back to her own rooms.

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